Essentials For Navigating Relationships, Based On Your Lunar Nodes

The Nodes are extremely interesting points in Astrology. They can clearly point out your destiny and show you where your soul wants to journey to. The North Node represents your potential, your future, highest self. This is the energy you need to grow into and it takes quite a while for you to get comfortable with that aspect of yourself.

And then there is the South Node which represents your past, your karma, and the baggage you carry around with you, from this life, but also from your past lives. It is the debts you need to pay in this life. It’s also the behaviors and crutch we fall back on because we are comfortable with this version of ourselves, but it is these behaviors that we need to grow out of.

The Lunar Nodes play a significant role in Astrology, but especially in relationships. It can show what we need from love and a partner and how compatible our life journeys are with that special someone.

If you’re interested in finding out more about your Lunar Nodes and how they affect your relationships then please keep on reading to find out more:

Aries North Node

As a woman with the North Node in Aries, you might feel this extreme pressure and responsibility to keep your partner happy in the relationship you share with him. Anything that goes wrong between the two of you, you tend to blame yourself.

However, this is totally unfair and it is time that you realize that it takes two to tango, and it isn’t your sole responsibility to create harmony in the union. Remember, in a relationship, there are two people co-creating their experience together. It isn’t fair for you to think that you always have to be nice and compromise in your relationships.

I know that you have this irrational fear that you might not be worthy of love if you don’t make everyone else in your life happy. I want you to understand that you can’t earn love because love is supposed to be unconditional.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you can only make yourself happy and it is unfair for you to be responsible for your partner’s happiness. You might think that if you put your partner’s happiness ahead of your own that they will reciprocate this, but this never tends to be the case.
You need to work on your independence and self-identity outside of the relationship and not care so much about what others think. Get some hobbies, work on your self-love and self-worth, and be selfish at times. You need to!

Taurus North Node

Relationships are a big part of your life and you feel happiest when you are coupled up with someone special. This means you place great emphasis on your romantic connections and how this correlates to your worth. Sometimes you might feel unlovable because you are single, but this is definitely not the case.

Of course, being in a relationship may make you feel like you have more security in the world and because of this, you might stay in unhealthy relationships for far longer than you should. One of your biggest fears is being on your own because it makes you feel insecure and a little unstable.

This feeling can be so severe for you that you feel like you need to be in a union for survival. Being in a bad relationship often feels more comforting to you than being in a position where you are single. But this can be quite taxing for you and your partner because you place so much of your worth on how much attention you receive from them.

You’ll do anything for your partner just so that you become indispensable to them, just so that they won’t leave you and break up with you. This often means that you allow things that overstep your boundaries and you end up giving so much more than you actually should, and sometimes this can lead to resentments from your side.

You might put up a front that you don’t need anything or anyone because you don’t want to seem weak, but often you feel totally misused and underappreciated, even if it is you who is allowing this type of behavior.

You need to learn to maintain healthy boundaries and stop giving so much of yourself because this just leads to toxic attachments. You need to reconnect to your self-worth and see beyond what you mean outside of a romantic relationship.

Gemini North Node

In relationships, there may be times when you feel extremely alienated because you have such big ideas and thoughts you want to share with the world. But because very few people are on your intellectual level it can be hard for others to understand what you are saying or where you are coming from.

And this is quite the paradox because one of your greatest fears in life is being misunderstood. This is why you may feel the need to constantly prove to others what you are saying. You have to show people that you are right, and this can be really frustrating for both parties.

Sometimes you wear your intelligence as a mask because, in actuality, you are quite afraid of emotional intimacy and connecting to someone on a deeper level. Connecting on an intellectual level feels a lot safer and more familiar to you.

This is why you tend to have such a strong independent streak within you. You might think that maintaining your freedom and mystery makes you a more attractive partner, but this just proves that you have your defenses up and are afraid of letting people meet the core of who you are. You are deeply afraid of being vulnerable and actually having to feel your emotions.

You need to let go and allow people in, give them the opportunity to get to know you and even to teach you something because you definitely know a lot less than what you might think. Allow your partners in and be more vulnerable.

Cancer North Node

Control is a really big deal to you and you have a great fear of losing it in your relationships. This is why you tend to hold on quite tight to the person you are romantically involved with. This stems from suspicion and not really trusting others, to be completely honest with you. For some reason, you always think that people have ulterior motives.

This makes it really hard for people to get closer to you because you always have a wall of defense up. You have an expectation that your partner is eventually going to mess up and hurt you and this is why you prefer to keep men at a very safe distance – far away from you. You just don’t feel comfortable letting people in.

In your opinion, vulnerability is a major weakness. You just hate having to depend on anyone else because people always end up disappointing you. This makes you fiercely independent but it also hinders you from truly experiencing the beauty of what a relationship can really be like if you just would allow yourself to soften up. You just don’t feel comfortable having someone else take care of you.

The interesting thing is that deep down you are actually incredibly sensitive and this is why you tend to push people away because you don’t want to get hurt or have your feelings be invalidated by your partner.

The thing you need to learn is to let go of that need to control everything and just learn to let things flow by letting people in. Be okay with feeling your emotions and don’t be so afraid of being vulnerable. This is the key for you to experience the relationship of your dreams.

Leo North Node

You absolutely adore being in a relationship because you love being adored, but you have major insecurity in believing you are not good enough. For some reason you believe that other people are a lot more special than you are, so you do whatever you possibly can to stick out from the crowd to get the attention you desire.

You tend to go out of your way to act in a way that isn’t necessarily authentic to who you are just to get approval and praise from others. This happens because you feel you need to please others in order to be lovable. You might even dim your light a bit so as to make others feel comfortable accepting you.

What ends up happening is that you constantly give and give, but you just never get the same kind of treatment in return. This is when you start to get calculating in your relationships because instead of following your heart in love, you just end up rationalizing and going with what you think is best.

This is why you always end up feeling rather unsatisfied in your partnerships because you might intellectually believe someone is the best kind of partner for you, but actually, they don’t speak to your soul. What a pity!

You need to learn to listen to your heart, even if it goes against what everyone else thinks. Remember that you don’t need to fit in to be loved and that you can create the relationship you desire if you just listen to your own heart and stop doing what you think will please others.

Virgo North Node

You are one of those lovely people who have a tendency to put your man first in your relationships. This is because your predominant love language is acts of service. You want to please your partner by always being available to their needs and you’re afraid of what might happen if you said no.

You just keep giving and have a real problem with putting boundaries in place, but this just ends up making you feel unhappy and unsatisfied in your relationship. It is really taxing to give and give with no return at all.

The truth is, you’re afraid of putting your guard down and allowing your partner to see your vulnerabilities. You would much prefer him to think you’re the strong, stable, and capable one in the relationship, but the truth is, you also have needs. Because you’re so afraid of getting hurt, you end up getting hurt anyway because you don’t let others see your soft side.

This is because somewhere you have learned that if you care about someone that it means you need to sacrifice a part of yourself for them in order to be loved. Of course, this is just not the truth at all, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t believe it to be the truth.

You just want everything to be perfect in your relationship and this makes you quite sensitive to negative feedback. You put such a large standard on yourself that it can be more painful for you to be criticized than for someone else.

You feel like a failure when something goes wrong in your relationship and that it is all your fault. It is important that you learn your own limits and understand that not everything is your responsibility, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, and that constructive criticism doesn’t have to be so destructive to you personally. All yourself to make mistakes and be okay with it.

Libra North Node

You’re independent like no one else. In fact, you seem to be a lot happier on your own than being with someone who is constantly dragging you down. Your autonomy is something you hold dear to your heart and it would be really painful to you if you ever lost that freedom. This is why you tend to stay away from relationships.

But the truth really is, you’re quite afraid of getting close to someone. The last thing you want is to feel hurt after truly trusting someone with your heart. This is quite scary to you and the last thing you want in your life. True intimacy is terrifying to you.

This is probably why you place such a great emphasis on physical attraction. You tend to believe that you are only worthy of love when you look a certain way. Only if you wear the right clothes or have the perfect body will you find someone who sees that you are worthy of love.

All these little things are a way of pushing people away from getting to see how amazing you truly are. The pursuit of perfection stands in the way of you and your relationships. But who wants a relationship that is focused so heavily on the shallowness of appearances?

You also feel that you can only truly depend on yourself, so what exactly is the point in finding a partner? You hate having to depend on someone else for support or love. It makes you feel totally out of control.

You are hyper-aware of yourself and fiercely follow what you want to do; this can alienate you from actually meeting someone and making a valuable connection because you make it seem that you are perfectly happy on your own, but the truth is you are just scared. You need to learn to stop self-sabotaging, stop being so self-focused, and open yourself up to truly getting to know others.

Scorpio North Node

You can be incredibly controlling and possessive in your relationships. You kind of want to own your partner because you’re afraid that he might leave you if you give him too much freedom or space.

You can’t stand it when your partner acts in a way that you don’t expect. You like to know where you stand at all times and when anyone goes out of the scope of your expectations, you tend to really freak out and this is when you revert to being even more controlling than usual.

This all stems from a real fear you have of intimacy and being vulnerable with someone you love. You so desperately want a relationship, but you do everything that actually pushes real love and intimacy away from you. It is like you never truly let others get to know you for who you are, unfortunately.

You just feel so much safer when you are the person in your relationship who is more in control of everything. You might think that if you truly allow yourself to trust someone then somehow, they will betray you or abandon you. This is really scary for you to imagine. Nothing terrifies you more than loving someone and having them hurt you in some way – you can’t think of anything more painful than this.

This is why you create such an ideal image of the perfect partner because it is easier to say someone doesn’t meet your standards than to actually allow someone into your heart. This really protects you from truly being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be loved.

You need to learn to accept that others have their own will and there is nothing you can do about it. Stop being so stubborn and let others see the true you. This is when love can actually enter and when you can truly experience freedom.

Sagittarius North Node

There are many hidden depths to your personality, but for some or other reason you seem to be under a misconception that if you keep your personality light and breezy, your partner will always be happy to be with you and by your side.

You have a deep fear of being left and abandoned in your relationship and this is why you cultivate a false persona that you may feel is more palatable for a partner to accept. But the truth is, you’re never being true to yourself in any case, so it isn’t as if your man is leaving you because of your true personality.

But until you truly learn the lesson of being yourself you seem to think that your optimism and positivity will somehow make you more attractive and likable. Your issues of abandonment tend to be quite intense for you. You fear not hearing from your partner because you equate constant communication with love.

If you don’t hear from your partner, you start getting anxious and think that they are no longer interested in you. And then you might incessantly start calling or texting them to hear where he is. But the truth is, sometimes people just need space to be on their own with their own thoughts, and this includes you.

It is important that you let go of “toxic positivity” and realize that there is nothing wrong with feeling negative emotions. In fact, it can help you get closer to someone to experience true intimacy if you share what you really feel.

What you need to do is find a way to get out of your head and stop overanalyzing things so much and instead listen to your intuition and cultivate a strong spiritual practice and awareness. This will help you a lot to feel more centered and balanced in your relationships.

Capricorn North Node

Your whole life revolves around feeling true security in your relationships. If you feel like you can’t trust someone, it tends to make you really insecure and unhappy. This is because you have a great fear of instability in your life. Have you ever wondered why you struggle to trust people? This is probably why.

But unfortunately, not being able to trust people ends up blocking you from getting to know someone on a deeper, more intimate level. This is why you tend not to take any risks when it comes to love; you would rather just play it safe than truly put your heart on the line. But what kind of life is that?

This is why you enjoy it when others need you and depend on you because it makes you feel worthy and that if you do enough for them that they will never abandon you. You want people to need you because it gives you a semblance of security in your life.

Unfortunately, all of these actions just block you from allowing others to see the real you, someone who is timid and afraid of taking control of their own life. You give way too much of your personal power to others. If you start to stick up for yourself, things might actually start shifting for you.

You can overcome all of these fears by allowing yourself to be more adventurous and spontaneous; go with the flow now and again. It is okay to not always have a plan to follow. You don’t always have to be in control and it is unnecessary for others to always depend on you. But the biggest thing you need to learn is that others aren’t responsible for your emotions, only you are. When you make this shift you will notice yourself becoming a happier person.

Aquarius North Node

You can’t help it, but you seem to have a deep fear of not being good enough, especially when it comes to your relationships. But unfortunately, because of this, you find it easy to blame others for your misgivings and heartbreaks. You’re one of those people who like to find a scapegoat to blame for all your problems.

You tend to get quite upset when you see that your partner doesn’t give you the admiration and love that you think you deserve. You can’t understand why he can’t notice how special you are and why he never comments on it. So, when you don’t get this attention, it makes you feel quite empty and unloved.

You are very particular about the way you wish to be loved. This means you actually have impossible standards for someone to live up to and because of this, you tend to push men away because they seem to never be able to satisfy you properly.

Through experiencing this again and again throughout your life, you may start to think that you can’t depend on men and that the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. This is unfortunate because you truly love people and enjoy building connections.

Unfortunately, no one is an island, and we need others to support us. You can’t do everything on your own, even if you think you can. You need to learn that everyone is special in their own way and that someone doesn’t have to be totally “out there” or unique to be worthy of your love. Be open to seeing the big picture and allow yourself to be surprised by others.

Pisces North Node

There is no one who is more regimented and serious in their relationships quite like you. You want everything to go according to your plan and because of this, you tend to be rather controlling. Not allowing your man any semblance of freedom, even though he probably desperately wants to go rogue.

This controlling behavior actually just stems from your own insecurities of feeling like you are not good enough to be loved in a relationship. Everything has to be set up in a particular way for you to experience the joys of a relationship.

You believe that there is a right way of doing things and that if your man doesn’t act the way in which you want him to, then he might be unworthy of your love. You’re extremely critical of others and rarely give them any wiggle room.

This is because you believe that if you don’t control your surroundings that something bad is going to happen to your relationship. This really blocks you from getting close to someone and allowing yourself to be loved truly. So, every time you feel disappointed and don’t practice forgiveness, you just end up pushing someone lovely away.

You need to learn to recognize that many of the behaviors you partake in are actually quite self-sabotaging. Your lesson is to learn that there are different ways of responding to what happens to you and that sometimes it is totally okay and necessary to lose control. It doesn’t make you less lovable. Learn to be in the flow and allow love in.

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Understanding Your Natal Chart

Reading this article, I am sure you must have realized how important it is to know what and where your Nodes are in your chart. This is why I always say it is so invaluable to know what your Natal Chart is.

It can unlock so many secrets and doors of opportunities for you because you get to know yourself on such a deeper level. This gives you power and authority over your life because you know exactly who you are and where you are going.

I cannot stress how much I recommend having your Natal Chart read. It will change your life and equip you with so much knowledge about yourself, but not only that, you will understand the people in your life on such a deeper and more intimate level.

I hope this article was somehow meaningful to you, and that you understand more about yourself and your Nodal signs now.

You are now better equipped to take on your life and the challenges that come your way because you know exactly where you need to be headed.

Remember to embrace your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and always be open to growth and expansion.

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