Moon In Pisces Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul emerges into the sea of everlasting. Pisces rulership is the time of the year when nature seems to be completely dead, yet with the fast activity underneath the surface. The rulers of Pisces are the planets Jupiter and Neptune. And in this sign of deep oceans and cosmic forces, Jupiter has its water quality. This is why a Moon in Pisces feels free to flow and to get lost without any self-control.

A Moon in Pisces woman will often seem totally confusing to all other people than herself. She will “flow” through life, wanting one thing and then doing another, meaning one thing, and then saying or doing the opposite. In her mind, everything will be very logical, and she will surely be surprised when others can’t follow her thoughts.

The Meaning Of Moon In Pisces

The sign of Pisces belongs to the water element, and this is the area where everything ends in our realm and begins in some other worlds. The deepest depths of the ocean or the endlessness of the cosmos are seen through this sign. As well as everything related to isolation, insights, incredible scientific research or true healing, and monk’s type of spirituality will be seen here. Additionally, everything connected to addiction or different expressions, like in changed states of mind will be the symbolism of Fish.

If we notice that the Moon rules over the sign of Cancer, which also belongs to the water element, we will see that the Moon feels great in Pisces. In Astrology, a Moon in Pisces is seen as the second-best position for Moon in general, after its placement in Taurus. However, be aware of the fact that this is a great position for the Moon, and this can mean that the Moon now has unlimited freedom. And this freedom can lead to liberation or destruction if other planets create negative aspects toward the Moon.

And in general terms, this is why a Moon placement in Pisces can be an incredible blessing or an incredible curse. Besides the fact that Pisces is a dual sign, this blessing/curse can be combined and often is.

Is Pisces Moon Toxic Or Unreliable?

A Moon in Pisces is far from being toxic for all people around it, except for the individual with this placement. For a Moon in Pisces person, as said above, this position can be blessed or cursed, or both at the same time. However, the person itself won’t have any issues with it.

The Moon represents the mind, besides our deepest emotions and our connection with the mother or motherly figure. And for someone born with a Moon who emerged into this Piscean ocean, things will have the perfect order.

However, they will have a certain type of logic, which other people will find hard to understand or to cope with. A Moon in Pisces person will always possess a particular kind of mystery, sensuality, and “magic” around them. And many other people will fall for their charm.

Then the “toxic” part sneaks into that relationship. So, a Pisces Moon could appear to be “toxic” for some people. But then again, if this person is not your blood family, then you have every right to move on and forget about them completely.

When it comes to being reliable or unreliable, the right answer is yes-no-maybe. And in general terms, everything around the sign of Pisces will dance between opposite values. Yes, this person can be horribly unreliable in any situation.

This is someone who will sleep through an important date or business meeting, time will be a very stretchy term in their mind, and also all legal documents, keys, clothes… And in some extreme cases, they could forget about the position of their home or where they have left the cat or the child. With a Pisces Moon, precision and agreements are just distant ideals. Sometimes reachable, but more often not.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Pisces

When a Moon is in Pisces, no matter if you have this position in your natal chart or not, you can use those two and a half days per month as the wonderful time frame to rest and relax and recuperate your energy. Also, those days are so perfect for isolation, a time frame spent in prayer, meditation, thorough scientific research, sailing, diving, or expressing yourself through arts.

This will be especially important if this Moon in Pisces takes place in your sixth or twelfth house when you might get the instant need to leave your current issues and resolve, and just float above all harsh events.

If this transit happens in your first or seventh house, then you might be indecisive regarding your partnership. And the best thing to do is to wait until the better moment comes. If the same Moon in Pisces happens in your second or eighth house, think about getting two income streams or investing in two or even a number of business projects.

If the same transit takes place in your third or ninth house, then this is perfect timing to visit your temple of worship, listen to a spiritual person and ponder upon philosophical themes. If a Moon in Pisces happens in your fourth or tenth house, then this is the moment to become a teacher to your children or family or to act as an instructor in your working place. And if this particular transit takes place in your fifth or eleventh house, then you should socialize with educated people and foreigners.

How Moon In Pisces Shows In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Pisces personality traits will be all about inspiration and deep sadness. I won’t say “destruction,” because Pisces is not so destructive or dramatic as Scorpio can be, for instance. No, this woman will rather sink during her negative phases and drown in the sea of misery or alcohol.

However, when she is in a positive mood, then she will be easily inspired to start great inner adventures or travel overseas, write a symphony, discover the new medicine for an incurable disease, sing the most beautiful song of all time, paint the apartment or the cathedral inside and out, and preach about the incoming spiritual kingdom.

In some moments, she will be so precise and so disciplined that all people around her won’t believe their eyes. If she is into bookkeeping as her career – and Pisces Moon women can surprisingly and often deal with this profession – then she will be extremely careful with all numbers and legal procedures. Alas, the moment she turns her head from bookkeeping tasks, she won’t be able to remember what she wanted to cook for lunch today… And where is that fridge placed, for heaven’s sake?

People will often have strange thoughts about her, questioning themselves is that woman present in this world right now, how can she become dement at an early age, or what is she doing because five minutes before she promised the opposite thing. Yes, she could be hard to cope with, and she will have hard times coping with “real” world obligations, but at the same time, she will have a pure heart and always positive intentions.

What Does A Pisces Moon Woman Look Like?

A Moon In Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman will always look a bit different than the rest of her environment. While she is at a young age, she will love romantic and girly fashion. And to be honest, she will always have that glimpse of vulnerability and femininity, no matter how determined and strong she is inside. However, when she starts puberty, she will try to find her unique style.

She will love all mystical, mysterious types of clothing, and she will somehow always incline toward oriental types of garments and ornaments. Those delicate pieces of jewelry, a multitude of colors, shiny things, pearly shades, everything will catch her eye, and everything will become amazingly seductive.

She will stray away from sporting types of clothes, and street fashion will be the last thing on her mind. And shoes… She will simply adore shoes, in all colors, shapes, and with obligatory ornaments. In a way, that will suit her perfectly, even when all her friends have different tastes. She will love violet, purple, all shades of blue and green, and white.

Also, if her Jupiter is also strong in the natal chart, she will have the tendency to dress up like a nun or a Buddhist monk, feeling that this type of spiritual “uniform” suits her the best while she is working on some project.

In most cases, she will have lighter eyes and hair, and her skin will be pale and you could almost see through it. The smaller upper body and the bigger bottom and thighs will often portray her as a mermaid, and in a way, she will be one.

A Moon In Pisces Woman In Love

Moon In Pisces Woman In Love

Please have in mind that when we fall in love, how we give or how we receive pleasure, and what we really like or dislike in others, all those traits are seen through Venus and Mars because those two planets govern our hormones and therefore, dictate our feelings about something or someone. But, since the Moon is the greatest controller of hormonal fluctuations and the foundation of our souls, especially when female charts are concerned, then its role can’t be neglected.

A Pisces woman in love will look more confused than she usually is. She will go through enormous emotional disruptions, building castles in the air, “knowing” that another person is their soul mate even though they haven’t met yet, not to mention that they haven’t started to date or have any meaningful relationship at all.

She will be in her head all the time, constructing the life two of them have, their family, home, traveling experiences, fights that never happened… Everything. She will live through everything and she will “know” or better to say feel everything for certain, especially when nothing happened yet.

This wide and deep imagination will be her innate artistic talent, and if she recognizes this skill, she could capitalize it through writing novels, songs, or creating paintings or films. In reality, this ability will just fog her perspective about any person and bring in more confusion.

If a relationship actually starts, she will create a world of illusion around her partner made out of her expectations and how love should look like. And even if her partner shows the opposite behavior, she will cover it with more illusions during the initial phases of attraction.

Later on, when this attraction wears up a bit, confronted with the behavior she doesn’t like, words she doesn’t want to hear, or anything else, she will defend her inner world with: “I don’t know what happened to you, you were a completely different person before” or, “where is the magic?” In any case, even when times are good, and her relationship functions well, she will be able to ruin it with her sudden mood swings, bursts of anger, or sadness.

And in general, her partner will have to be aware that she has a dual nature, and arm themselves with huge amounts of patience. Just remember, due to Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of Pisces, all artistic expression exists, including soap operas.

A Moon In Pisces Woman In Bed

Moon In Pisces Woman In Bed

For any individual, the planet Mars will be the first one to check on when it comes to sexuality. This planet will determine the “action” drive, passion, and durability. However, besides Mars, Venus will play a significant role, too, because this planet will show how we please others and how others should please us. But since the Moon is a person’s soul and their deepest intentions, surely it will play a huge role, especially for women who are more emotion-driven in intimacy than men.

The Moon in Pisces woman will be very sensual and sensitive in sex. She will love everything before and after sex itself, the atmosphere, scents, lights, colors, especially music, and then the act itself. The ruler of her sexuality is the planet Venus, as the eighth area looking from Pisces. And therefore, the position of her natal Venus and possible aspects between Venus and the Moon will play a crucial role.

She will be a very gentle lover. She will reach orgasm not because some “mechanics” are involved, but by simply observing her lover and their passion toward her. That will be her basic aphrodisiac. And while the setting around intimacy is fine by her standards, she will show passion. But if those conditions change, and she lacks a certain type of romantic environment, she will cool down radically.

A Moon In Pisces Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

A Moon In Pisces Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Pisces woman will surely possess at least two extraordinary talents. She will be able to observe and notice something anyone else can’t dream about. A Moon in Pisces woman will have incredible ears, intuition, insights, and she could become a Nobel prize winner for science, create breakthroughs in medicine, or become a one-of-a-kind diver or astronaut.

Don’t forget that a Moon in Pisces woman can be incredibly talented with Tarot card readings because she has an unbeatable ability to channel messages from other realms. Also, she is an exquisite storyteller, someone who can grab your attention and move to unbelievable worlds of fantasy.

And she is always so good and with pure intentions. She will never hurt anyone, no matter how hurt she is. And she is not capable of planning any sort of revenge or evil thing.

A Moon In Pisces Woman’s Negative Traits

When it comes to negative traits, a Pisces Moon woman can be incredibly depressed or depressive when she is in her negative phase. Her sorrow will be so deep that she can drown in it or she can drown anyone who comes closer to her in those moments.

On the other hand, she can be so dependable on others that this trait will become legendary. She could be so skilled and talented, and exist in the highest worlds of science and fine arts, and yet she won’t be able to cross the street without having someone to take her over on the other side. Her mood will dictate her unreliable behavior, and you will never know what is happening in her mind.

And a Moon in Pisces woman can be really hard to cope with if she emerges in some ideology or spiritual teachings because she won’t let anyone else preach anything different than her beliefs or the current interests.

Moon In Pisces Compatibility

Pisces will have the best compatibility with a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Virgo. Both of them will feel the confusing power of attraction, and Virgo will admire Pisces for their artistic expression, while Pisces will seek structure in Virgo.

The Moon in Pisces will also get along very well with all water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and another Pisces. Those bonds will be based on non-verbal communication, free emotional flow, and devotion.

Also, Moon in Pisces will make a great match with all those who have significant points of planets in earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. With those signs, the love will be based on silent support and endless trust.

The worst compatibility for a Pisces Moon is seen with air and fire signs, Gemini and Sagittarius the most. A Pisces Moon person will seem too slow, lost, or confusing and living in imaginary worlds to those two signs, and for a Pisces Moon, Gemini will seem too fast, too verbal, and oriented toward shallow values, while Sagittarius will be seen like someone too educated, but sarcastic and realistic, and therefore, very dangerous.

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Moon In Pisces Celebrities

Moon in Pisces celebrities are always different from all other signs of the Zodiac circles. They all combine this “magical” Moon with other planetary placements creating a unique story each time, and showing their lucid minds and dreams about a better, more beautiful world.

Michelle Obama is a name known all over the world. We first heard about her when she became the First Lady of the United States. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 17, 1964. Her natal Sun is in Capricorn, and her Moon is in Pisces. Her Ascendant, or Rising sign, is in Taurus, and her MC, or the highest point, is in Capricorn (according to some trusted sources, since her birth time is uncertain). And yes, she was known as the premier First Lady of African-American origin, but she is also known for her sharp intelligence, amazing fashion style and beauty, and also her attorney career, and her dedication to improve, educate and protect.

And of course, we come to the mesmerizing Coco Chanel. She was born in Saumur, France, on August 19, 1883. Her natal Sun is placed in Leo, her Moon is in Pisces, her Ascendant is in Sagittarius, and MC is in Libra. She rebelled against the fashion standards of her time, striving to make the style easily accessible, simple, yet elegant on any occasion. Through her clothes, women became free and ready to take a stance in the man’s world. And although she had several hard legal battles to keep her company, she succeeded and even today Chanel is a big and respectable name all over the world.

And perhaps you are so young that you don’t know the story of Grace Kelly, but now you will hear it and surely be surprised. This Hollywood actress and a real Princess of Monaco was born in Philadelphia, on November 12, 1929. Her natal Sun is in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces. And her rising sign is in Scorpio, while her MC is in Leo. You see, how destined she was to become the real ruler. Right from the beginning of her acting career, she was different, since her beauty and style were so delicate and so “royal.” Shortly after she received the Academy award, she met Prince Rainier from Monaco and became his wife. And of course, she was known as a wonderful princess loved by the whole world. Unfortunately, her life ended one night in a car accident.

Audrey Hepburn is our huge star. She was born in Ixelles, Belgium, on May 4, 1929. Her natal Sun is in Taurus, her Moon is in Pisces. And her Rising sign is in Aquarius, while her MC is in Sagittarius. From an early age, she pursued a career as a ballerina. However, her dreams couldn’t be accomplished. But by providence, this world lost one ballerina and gained the world-known actress, humanitarian, and why not, timeless beauty and fashion model.

Don’t forget that there are so many famous Pisces Moon ladies, and they are all beautiful and at the same time unique, like Winona Ryder, Cindy Crawford, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kesha, and so many more. Their strength is not seen but felt through sensuality and artistic expression.

A Moon in Pisces woman is truly mystical and sensual, and her whole life and purpose will revolve around other realms. However, if you have this placement, you have to know that it’s not just the Moon that will color your personality traits, but the whole natal chart with all its aspects and planetary positions will give the proper image of you, your past, present and future events. Moreover, a thorough reading will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and help you to get the best outcome of any situation.

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Wishing you all love and light.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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