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Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio 2022 – What Does It Mean For Your Sign?

Perhaps you’ve heard Astrologers talk about the coming Lunar Eclipse or the Solar-Lunar Eclipse cycles, and wondered what all the fuss was about. While this phenomenon occurs anywhere from three to seven times per year, an Eclipse is not a rare event, but it is nevertheless significant.

In fact, ancient people used to fear the Eclipse cycle as a time of great upheaval. But while Eclipses definitely bring the energy that triggers dramatic shifts, there’s nothing to fear if you understand how to ride these cosmic tides and maximize the impact for the best.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon in which the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned so that the Earth is passing between the Moon and the Sun.

Solar Eclipses, on the other hand, occur during New Moons when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same degree of a Zodiac sign and the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.

Solar Eclipses are said to activate dramatic events while Lunar Eclipses are the time in which the impact of this activation is likely to be felt on a deeper level or realized through our experiences with others.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses also occur along an axis between two Zodiac signs that oppose each other, bringing up the lessons of this opposition again and again. This pattern follows throughout each Eclipse.

One of the reasons Eclipses are so powerful is because they also activate the Lunar Nodes. The North and South Nodes are points in the Moon’s elliptic journey that represent what we are Karmically meant to do.

The South Node represents the Karmic lessons we bring with us from past incarnations. The North Node represents the pull of destiny toward our future fate. Eclipses then are about evolution, growth, and finding the balance we need by encompassing the lessons of the opposing signs in which the Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur during a cycle that can last two years.

So, although the next Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio occurs on May 16, 2022, what is stirred and revealed at this time will harken back to November of 2021, as this was the time of the partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Think back to what dramatic changes were set into motion at this time. What transpires in mid-May is a continuation of this process and a deepening of the related lessons.

In general, the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse cycle speaks to what you work to build or create in your life and what you value as well as understanding your power and embracing needed transformation. While this can apply to career and home, it is also likely to apply to romance and sexuality.

Scorpio is never subtle, so this energy is likely to be exceptionally dramatic. Though it may seem sinister, this Eclipse is helping you to let go of obstructions in your way so that you can focus on and evolve to reach your destiny.

Whatever doors open or close during this time are meant to be – try not to resist what is inevitable. Use this time to clear clutter and distractions.

Though everyone is impacted by this energy, the other fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius will feel it the most. You’ll also be impacted by this Lunar Eclipse if your Moon or North Node falls in the sign of Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius.

Here’s a look at how this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will impact you based on your Zodiac sign.


Aries, you are used to maneuvering through the world in dynamic and powerful ways. As a natural leader, there is nothing you can’t accomplish through your willpower and determination.

Though these traits help you succeed, during this Lunar Eclipse, you may be challenged to slow down and roll with changes that you may otherwise want to fight against. When you reach a dead-end, step back and re-evaluate your plan. You’re likely to miss the bigger picture and become focused on specific aspects of your goals.

Try to remain grounded now and look to your spiritual beliefs to help you align with higher ideals and your larger calling.

You may end up getting exactly what you want even if you don’t get it through the channels you were expecting. Avoid power struggles with others. This can be a frustrating time for you in work and your career but don’t let your temper get the better of you.


Expect dramatic surprises in your love life, Taurus, and don’t make assumptions now. A loved one may need to clear the air with a message that is hard to hear.

Try to be receptive and avoid reacting out of jealousy or fear. What may seem like a harsh wake-up call may be exactly what you needed to get on the right path.

Be careful not to overindulge in your favorite guilty pleasures now, this is not the time to make risky investments.

You may have to change course with regards to a plan involving romance and finances, and yours is a sign that does not like change, especially when you’re not in control of how things will shape up.

Part of the lesson for you now is to let go and accept a path that is not what you had in mind but will work out for the better for you.


Gemini, your friendships and relationships with peers may be shaken up by this Eclipse.

You are likely to learn something shocking and dramatic about a friend that can shift how you perceive them. Try not to make assumptions; this is a time to build understanding rather than seeing only barriers.

Your interests and hobbies may also become intensely influenced by a new obsession. Try not to lose perspective when it comes to evaluating what is truly the most important thing. You could end up chasing windmills or becoming engrossed in activities that take you away from other priorities now.

Be careful with splurging on friends and hobbies now as well, as this can be a time of uncomfortable reckonings when it comes to your budget.


A dramatic shift in a relationship can change how you see a love interest but also in how you see yourself. If you’ve been carrying illusions now, they are likely to be revealed for the fantasies they are, whereas the truth may leave you feeling unsettled at first.

However, this is a good time for spiritual work like meditation and building your psychic awareness. A surprise revelation may leave you saying, “I knew that all along but doubted myself.”

Don’t be hard on yourself, but do pay attention to the lessons that this cycle brings. Your intuition is helping you to grow and become more confident in yourself.

You may be compelled to change your role in relationships by shifting your boundaries. What may seem like a loss at first will reveal itself to be a great blessing as deeper understanding comes with breaking through illusions and seeing the truth.


This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio triggers you particularly hard, Leo because your sign is also a fixed sign.

You may feel like changes are rattling you, forcing you to confront a secret that has been buried in your subconscious. You are being asked to embrace lessons about what you truly value and to get to the heart of the matter, you may need to see your past priorities in a new light.

Your love and sex life may be disrupted because of confidence issues that arise. This is not usually the case for you, but taking the time to question why your confidence is shaken now is essential.

If you’ve built an image on things that are changeable or don’t reflect your authentic self, then this is a time to confront this illusion so that you can come to embrace your true beauty and strengths.


Watch your budget during this Eclipse, Virgo. You are typically a cautious spender; however, this cycle may dredge up insecurities that leave you reaching for material solutions to emotional discomfort. If you try to spend your way to feeling better, it won’t work.

The goal now is to sit with new revelations that are brought to light, especially when it comes to your work and career path. What you thought was important may be shown to be immaterial. However, if you pay attention now, you’ll be guided toward a new path.

This is an important time for transformation for you. You can learn ways to truly make the impact you want to make, especially through your work, if you can sit with the changes that are brought to the surface now.


This Eclipse may cause friction and drama among your friends and closest connections. You may feel as if others aren’t really listening and hearing you now, Libra, but the truth is that you are being challenged to be persistent about your message.

By embracing your true power, you may discover a mission related to your communication and vision. Don’t back down or abandon hope – you can get an important point across and bring healing and understanding to those around you but you’ll need to expand your understanding of how to appeal to others’ sense of motivation.

Try to avoid gossip now, the tension is already high. Instead, focus on bringing people together and nurturing your network and relationships.


This Lunar Eclipse in your sign will dredge up situations and conflicts from your past that you may wish to continue to ignore but must face, Scorpio. Your home life may be hectic now as this shift in energy hits close to home impacting your finances, relationships, and connection to family members.

You may feel uncomfortable not having control over a situation that transpires now but you can work through this challenge if you avoid jumping to conclusions. Acting out of fear and jealousy will not help you now. Avoid trying to manipulate a situation beyond your control.

You may need to accept a situation impacting your work and finances that is not what you expected it to be, yet this is an important time for empowerment, growth, and transformation.

Letting go and embracing deeper lessons from this conflict will help you succeed in the long run.


It takes more than a disruptive Eclipse to get you down, Sagittarius. Yours is an ever-optimistic sign and this will come in handy now because the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio may lead you to confront some hidden secrets or hard truths about a love interest, affair, or your prospects when it comes to a pleasurable hobby or interest you usually look forward to.

You may have gotten ahead of yourself and now may learn that you’ve got to retrace your steps and put a little more legwork into accomplishing an important goal or attaining a much-sought desire. It’s worth the work, Sagittarius, so try not to get discouraged now.

Though you are passionate and determined, you may start to feel burned out or question your own gifts and special talents. But this is an important time for self-discovery, so don’t let superficial wins or losses be the measure of who you are and what you are capable of.


This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio may wreak havoc on your sense of stability. Order and efficiency are important to you but you may have to get into the messy, nebulous, mystical energy of transformation in order to unlock your true power now.

Just doing more of the same thing is not going to be enough. Change is inevitable, even if it makes you feel like you’re losing control.

This is an ideal time to allow for a change of pace and focus on your work and health routines. A shocking wake-up call may lead you to finally accept some changes that you’ve been resistant to make previously.

This is not a time to fight against the current. Growth is on the horizon.


Aquarius, your nerves may be raw and frazzled now, as this Eclipse impacts your relationships with a partner or love interest.

You may have to contend with new epiphanies that come to the surface now. There is no use hiding from the truth, even if the truth makes things more complicated. A relationship is tested to the limits now and if the door is closing, don’t fight to keep it open.

Surprising changes can also help you to get a better handle on your finances and you may need to rebuild a foundation that has recently been destabilized.

Though it’s easier for you to give up and sabotage yourself, it’s best to stick to your goals, even if your strategies need to change.


Your gift for going with the flow will prove useful now, dear Pisces. This is an ideal time for you to embrace spiritual awakenings and insights that help you to rise above the chaos that may seem to surround you.

Others may be showing an intense and demanding side of their nature now, and it’s up to you to preserve your boundaries regardless of the empathy you feel for others.

Your love life can take a surprising turn and this may lead you to recognize your own need to speak up for yourself and honor your truth.

Don’t let others dominate or control you emotionally or psychologically. Be clear about who you are and what you need.

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Final Thoughts

Though the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings a different gift for each of us individually, one thing is for certain: we will not be the same after this shift!

If you’re wondering how this Eclipse will impact your love life, as well as how it will trigger your Lunar Nodes or natal planets, I am eager to answer your burning questions in a one-on-one consultation. 

We’ll dive deeper and explore how this Eclipse will shape your personal destiny. And digging deep is what Scorpio energy is all about!

Sending you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio 2022 – What Does It Mean For Your Sign?

  1. Hi Anna,

    Where were you 5 years ago with this information? Emoji
    Let me tell you my story, I know it doesn’t matter now because even with your advice, I lost my Capricorn manEmoji

    I am married in an open relationship, so my husband and I have the liberty to date or go out with other people. So I met my Capricorn man in 2016 and we started with flirts and outings to just hang out and have fun. Prior to us starting to hang out he was aware of some things in my past that had to do with other men (I was a little wild in my 20’s), but back then he didn’t care because never in a thousand years would we have known something will ever happen between us. Well our relationship started so awesome, we hit it off so quickly. I mean the chemistry and connection was like no other that I’ve had before, not even with my husband (he is an Aquarius). Then my Capricorn man started to become jealous, possessive, questioning everything I did, snooping through my social media etc. (oh and not to mention extra prideful). I would always get upset at his insecurity, especially because I gave him no reason to be so and I am very loyal person (I am a Scorpio) and we always ended up in arguments. He always told me that only reassuring him will he be calm, but of course me not knowing so much about Capricorn men, I would get upset and tell him why in the world did I have to reassure him all the time, that he needed to trust me period, just like I trusted him. I did find out he sure is shy and very emotional, he actually did open up to me immediately. He was the first to say ‘I love you’ and actually got teary eyed when we got into arguments because I wanted to end the relationship, thing I am not used to with other men. From the get go, he knew his place, obviously knowing I am married and still wanted a relationship with me, but then later on in the relationship, he kept saying he didn’t like the fact that he knew I had sex with my husband, that he wanted me all just for him. That also brought problems to our relationship and continued with the ‘reassure me’ deal. He also was always assuming things that were not there, especially because of me being in an open marriage, he thought I would keep going out with other men. He was already having trouble accepting that he had to share me with my husband. The person I met and the person I started the relationship with, totally different. Only with me he could actually be affectionate, emotional and sensitive. He would tell me he had always been cold with all his other relationships, that he could not do with them what he did with me, demonstrating his affectionate side and show vulnerability. Only with me he could do that and I know that his love for me was so strong. I say ‘WAS’ just because I have not had contact with him since September 2021 and last time I spoke to him he told me that he did not hate me, but was very disappointed in me for all the stuff that went on with us and especially for me moving out of the state. He stayed in California and I moved up North. I truly love him and I think if I had known all this info about Capricorn men, I would have most definitely taken another approach with him. I would have most definitely reassured him every single time he needed it and I would have been more considerate of his feelings etc. I love him dearly and miss him terribly!! I cannot stop thinking about him, he is on my mind daily and constantly. I thought that by being so far it would be easy to forget, but on the contrary, its like my love for him grows with each passing day. It is sad that all this love must go to waste. We only get to live once and we have to live without each other, it is just so sad. It saddens me to think that he has forgotten me and that all that love he once felt for me has vanished. I feel an emptiness in my heart, I feel as if I am hollow with out him in my life. There are nights where I cry myself to sleep thinking of what could have been if I had known all this info and the approach I would have taken then if I had had this information. I wish I wish I wish….its for fools. I lost him and that is that. I have to learn to live without him

    1. Hi Mara!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. I love hearing what happens for everyone individually. I’m sure some of my clients will love this information as well. I’m sorry that things panned out the way they did. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason and that may mean that there is someone else who is actually meant for you and if you had known how to hold onto your Capricorn then it may have been a VERY different path. I truly wish you all the very best sweetheart. You deserve to be happy!

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