Inside the Love Astrology of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

What does it take to make a marriage long and strong? Astrology has plenty to teach us about it! Find out the real story behind the astrological compatibility of the iconic heartthrob John Travolta and his late wife and true love, Kelly Preston, with my latest celebrity relationship analysis!

When it comes to celebrity love, it’s often speculated that one party is marrying for money or fame. 

But that’s not always the case. 

In some instances, love and chemistry trump all, even in death. And as a relationship astrologer, I know astrology has a lot to do with that. 

When it comes to the celebrated love of actor and all-around entertainer John Travolta and his late wife, the beloved Kelly Preston, I believe they had a holistic and timeless love. 

Although there was speculation that their marriage wasn’t always Hollywood’s picture of perfection, John and Kelly stood by each other until the very end. 

If you’ve ever seen their shared films The Experts and Battlefield Earth, you can’t deny their on- and off-screen connection. 

So what was it about John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s synastry (love compatibility) that made them such a good match? 

Was it the strong mental connection between their Aquarius and Libra Suns that brought them together? Was it the unspoken passion and love of their Venus in water signs (Scorpio and Pisces) that made them fall in love? 

After looking deeper into their birth charts and reading their love compatibility, I see that there are many indicators from the stars that made this relationship special. 

To understand their shared chemistry better, let’s take a deeper look at John and Kelly as individuals. 

John Travolta Birth Chart Overview

John Travolta Birth Chart Overview

Whether or not you’re a fan of Grease, Pulp Fiction, or Saturday Night Fever, you know who John Travolta is!

If you’re like me, you were mesmerized by his smooth voice, piercing blue eyes, and dark wavy hair. 

Born on February 18, 1954, in Englewood, New Jersey, John Travolta’s birth chart captures his persistent rise to fame, strong familial ties, and even the death of his late wife, Kelly Preston, and former love Diana Hyland. Both women tragically died from breast cancer. 

As an emotional Cancer Ascendant, rebellious Aquarius Sun, and thoughtful Virgo Moon, John Travolta is what you would call a simple yet complicated guy. He’s a little bit all over the place. 

Growing up, his mother and siblings were a central part of his life, showcasing the devotion to family and heritage that comes with his Cancer Ascendant. 

John and his five siblings—Joey, Ellen, Ann, Margaret, and Sam Travolta—would channel their mother’s love for acting, theater, and drama, and would all become actors. 

However, with his rebellious Aquarius Sun placed on the cusp of his seventh and eighth house, John would eventually rise above the traditionalism and heritage that comes from his Irish nature and take a chance on the path less traveled. 

At the tender age of 17, John dropped out of school and relocated across town. This bold Aquarian-like move would eventually land him his first role with a touring company featuring the musical production of Grease and Broadway tour of Over Here! 

Although Aquarius is typically associated with intellectualism and sociability, Aquarius is very creative and theatrical too. As the opposite sign of Leo, Aquarius takes its unique talents to a global stage and typically takes a more activist stance on personal matters. 

As one of America’s favorite singers, dancers, actors, and pilots, John was influenced by his Aquarius Sun’s activism and diversity through the unconventional religion of Scientology, which he pledged his loyalty to at a very young age in 1975. 

When it comes to love and relationships, John Travolta’s Aquarius Sun is most attracted to bright, open-minded, and self-expressive women. His Sun is intrigued by those who can captivate and uplift his mind. 

Interestingly, John’s second-house Virgo Moon keeps his innovative Aquarius Sun focused and his Cancer Ascendant grounded. John Travolta is an emotional, security-driven person. 

As an astrologer, I believe his second-house Virgo Moon has deep ties to his strong working-class family. It also highlights his connection to his Catholic community and Irish family heritage growing up. 

In terms of love, John’s Virgo Moon is attracted to a secure and emotionally mature woman. He is a loyal servant to his family and will work hard to provide a luxurious lifestyle in his later years. 

On the other hand, with a stubborn Aquarius Moon and sometimes over-the-top Cancer Ascendant, John can be a stubborn and emotionally detached workaholic. This placement clashes with his Mercury and Venus in Pisces (Virgo’s opposite sign), which may cause some chaos and tension in his relationships and home life. 

With Venus, the planet of love and romance, placed in his eighth house of Pisces, John is a mysterious and intense lover. The eighth house deals with Scorpio and Pisces is the sign of selflessness, so he is very giving and even fanatical. 

Because of this placement, John will often choose lovers and partners who need his help.

Despite the independence and detachment needed from his Aquarius Sun, John is still extremely codependent and at times, fearfully controlling in relationships. 

However, when this energy is delivered maturely, profound and unbound love can form. But this love takes time to evolve. 

Because the eighth house also rules death and intimate partners, John’s birth chart showcases an emotional loss regarding love. 

Combined with his twelfth house Uranus in Cancer, it makes tragic sense that John would experience unexpected death in his life, especially with women or children. I believe this may have foreshadowed the unexpected and controversial loss of his and Kelly’s son, Jett; his late wife, Kelly Preston; and his former love Diana, who was also an Aquarius Sun. 

Kelly Preston Birth Chart Overview

Kelly Preston Birth Chart Overview

If I could choose three words to describe Kelly Preston, they would be beautiful, intelligent, and fun! 

As an American model, actress, and spokeswoman, Kelly Preston will always be considered one of America’s most sorely missed sweethearts. 

Not only from her hit roles in Cat in the Hat, Jack Frost, Holy Man, and Jerry Maguire, Kelly Preston was an American sensation. 

Before her rise to fame, Kelly lived a life that many dream of. Born on October 13, 1962, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kelly was raised on an island and also lived in countries such as Iraq and Australia. 

Although this may seem unusual for some, I’ve found that this lifestyle is common to Libra-dominant women. As a cardinal air sign, Libras are cultured and inquisitive. They enjoy spending time in new environments with new people.

When she moved back to Hawaii, she attended school with former President Barack Obama. After graduation, she studied theater and drama in California. 

As a beautiful Libra Sun and Libra Moon, Kelly was known for her natural charm and charisma.

Kelly’s love for beauty, modeling, and film came from her strong Venusian nature. With a Libra Sun, Libra Moon, and Mercury in Libra, she was destined to a life of social lavishness. 

Starring in movies, television shows, and music videos and being the spokeswoman for Neutrogena, Kelly Preston was always easy on the eyes and the heart. She knew how to win a man and an audience over. 

Because Libra rules the seventh house of relationships and marriage, she was also known for her love affairs with several celebrity men. 

As a Libra Sun, Kelly was attracted to men who were good looking, well-spoken, connected, and intellectual. Marriage for Kelly was about love but also a rise in status or achievement. She wanted a strong partner who could help her achieve greater success in life. 

On the other hand, with Kelly’s Moon in Libra, her emotional stability also came from her relationships with others. She had a hard time being alone.

When she was in a relationship, Kelly’s Libra Moon inspired her to be more social and put herself out there. Her Libra Moon was satisfied by romantic displays of love and affection. She enjoyed thoughtful conversations and hand-written letters—a hopeless romantic to the core. 

With Kelly’s Venus in Scorpio, she was a passionate and deeply sexual lover. As the ruler of the underworld and all things involving the reproductive system, Scorpio is known for its alluring and mysterious aura. Because of this, Kelly was most attracted to men who were sensual and complex.

When you combine the energies of Kelly’s Venus in Scorpio and Libra Sun and Moon, you find a woman that was very romantic, possessive, and easily attached. 

However, with her Mars in Leo, she was a busy woman always on the move. I believe this placement helped her move on from fellow actors, famous playboys, and ex-lovers George Clooney and Charlie Sheen. 

Kelly’s Mars in Leo also showcases her natural gift in the entertainment industry. She was discovered as a model and commercial actress when she was only 16 years old. 

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Sun Sign Love Compatibility


In astrology, Sun Sign compatibility is based on how well the couple’s external personalities work together. This relates to their overall desires and meaning in life.

Based on John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s Sun Signs, I would say they were very compatible.

Both born in signs of air (Aquarius and Libra), John and Kelly were of the same element. Therefore, they had a natural instant mental connection, helping them to feel like fast friends when they first met. 

Because of this, they shared similar external personalities and had an easy way of working together. They connected over common interests and a unified philosophy for life.

As an Aquarius Sun, John’s intellectual and innovative nature inspired Kelly’s self-conscious Libra Sun to be more vibrant and self-expressive. He encouraged her to take the lead in her career and personal goals. 

At the same time, Kelly’s social and cultural Libra Sun motivated John to be a diplomat and use his wealth and status for a higher purpose. She encouraged him to be more involved with the greater world. 

What I found interesting about John and Kelly’s Sun Sign synastry is their shared values of family, spirituality, and success. Because air signs tend to value independence more than anything, they had a natural respect for each other’s lives. 

Their mission as a couple was to inspire others to live life authentically and humbly. They were avid lovers of language and learning. 

If I had to find a weak spot in their Sun sign compatibility, it would be the difference in their modalities, which in astrology means how they respond to what life throws at them. 

Although they are both air signs (Libra and Aquarius), John’s Aquarius Sun expresses itself through a fixed modality, meaning he is naturally grounded, focused, and stubborn. He likes to stay attached to his perspectives and ideas. 

On the other hand, Kelly’s Libra Sun expressed itself through a cardinal modality, meaning she was naturally enthusiastic, impulsive, and quick-thinking. She liked to move from one idea and perspective to the next. 

Because of the differences in their modalities, they may have found themselves arguing a lot or subconsciously challenging each other’s objectives. 

To avoid this, Kelly would’ve needed to be more independent and self-reassuring. As a Libra, she was more codependent than John, and this difference may have turned them both off. Still, the pair made their differences work.

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston Moon Sign Compatibility

In relationships, the Moon symbolizes how each partner connects and relates to an emotional plane. It highlights their subconscious and internal needs.

Based on John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s compatibility, I would say that their Moons challenged each other.

John’s second-house Virgo Moon is more analytical and security-driven, while Kelly’s Libra Moon is more relationship- and aesthetics-driven. This probably brought a world of emotional drama when their moons were challenged or imbalanced. 

Although John’s Virgo Moon often felt responsible or misunderstood by Kelly’s talkative nature, Kelly’s Libra Moon reminded John that it’s okay to be yourself and do what you love. She helped him lighten up and come out of his emotional shell. 

If I could’ve given John and Kelly advice based on their moon signs, I would’ve said, “Learn to fall in love with your differences.” And I believe they did.

For example, if Kelly felt that John was being a recluse and focusing too much on work and money, she could have planned a date night out. Don’t ask him to come out. Bring him out. Make it easy for him to enjoy. 

At the same time, if John found Kelly’s Libra nature to be scattered and emotionally unstable, I would’ve suggested he sit with her and talk through her problems together. Don’t isolate her or neglect her feelings.

Despite their challenges—and because of their strengths—John and Kelly lived a full and happy life together until her untimely death. I believe they would have enjoyed many more loving years together had she survived.

If after reading this you’re wondering about your love life and whether you and your partner or compatible, take my free love compatibility quiz to see if you and your partner are the perfect match!

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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