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Inside the Love Astrology of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

Love Astrology of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

What does it take to make a marriage long and strong? Astrology has plenty to teach us about it! Find out the real story behind the astrological compatibility of the iconic director Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw with my latest celebrity relationship analysis!

When Steven Spielberg chose to produce and expand the Indiana Jones franchise with Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Doom in 1984, he couldn’t have known it would lead him to meet his future wife, Kate Capshaw, and mark the beginning of a love that has lasted nearly three decades—and counting!

For water-based Scorpio Kate and fire-based Sagittarius Steven, their signs are not of the same element. Often signs of fire and water do not work well together, but that’s only when one or both signs are unfocused. 

As fixed water signs, Scorpio women like Kate tend to be emotionally possessive, intuitive, and determined in love. Steven, on the other hand, is a mutable fire sign. Sagittarius tends to be emotionally fluid, free-spirited, and independent in love. 

When you put this Scorpio and Sagittarius pair together, you get an adventurous, spiritual, and devoted love match. 

With Kate’s public conversion to Judaism, Steven’s chosen religion, and Steven’s commitment to being a hands-on husband and father, it’s clear that the long-time couple is more than willing to make their subtle differences work. 

To fully understand the astrology behind Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw’s iconic love, let’s first explore their individual and shared birth charts. 

Overview of Steven Spielberg’s Birth Chart

Steven Spielberg's Birth Chart

If I had to choose five terms to describe the birth chart of Steven Spielberg, I choose strategic, focused, family-oriented, spontaneous, and instinctual. 

Born on December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Steven Spielberg is a pioneering Sagittarius Sun, loyal Cancer ascendant, and soul-seeking Scorpio Moon. 

As one of the world’s most renowned film directors, producers, and screenwriters, Steven Spielberg is an authentic representation of an authoritative Sagittarius Sun. 

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, Sagittarius Suns are born with the desire to achieve and excel. 

Associated with higher learning, elevated consciousness, and art, the seeking Archer will never feel that his aim is too high. And with Steven’s Sun in the late degrees of Sagittarius, he exemplifies these characteristics through and through. 

From his critically acclaimed film Jaws, one of most successful blockbusters, to co-founding the legendary DreamWorks Pictures, Steven Spielberg showcases his never-ending reach for making the next big thing. 

Based on his birth chart, Steven’s Sagittarius Sun is in his sixth house of work and routine. This creates a driven personality and consistent work-life balance to be mastered strategically over time. 

Instead of racing to move up the career ladder, those born with a sixth house Sun will take a slow and methodical approach. They will earn their stripes through hard work and merit, not good luck and favor. 

On the other hand, Steven’s rising sign (his core nature) is in water-based Cancer. Cancer risings are domestic and sincere individuals who will go above and beyond to create a legacy and safe space to support their family. 

With seven kids between him and his wife, Kate Capshaw, it’s no surprise that Steven’s Cancer rising would naturally inspire a large family. 

In contrast, his first marriage and relationship with actress Amy Irving failed. 

As the opposite sign of ambitious and wealth-driven Capricorn, Cancers are emotionally attached to their finances and work. Cancer risings like Steven will be fully committed to their work until they feel financially secure, and then they will completely switch their focus to raising a family. 

So, when Steven met Amy in 1976, he was in the height of his career and wasn’t yet secure in who he was as a man or as a professional. Because of his inability to commit to being a hands-on husband, his relationship with Amy was one of the most costly celebrity divorces in history. 

But it wasn’t because Steven didn’t want a family; it was purely because his prophetic Sagittarius Sun was always reminding him that he needed to focus on the work he was here to do. 

And with his Cancer rising craving the emotional security that comes with the feeling of success, it was destiny that caused him to end one marriage and find someone who understood his love of work, someone like Kate Capshaw. 

I believe Steven’s obsession with film comes from his extremist Scorpio Moon. 

In astrology, Scorpios are represented by the fixed element of water. Scorpio Moons are magnetic, curious, and powerful individuals who possess strong intuition and appreciation for the supernatural. 

If you look at the context of many of Steven’s films, you’ll notice his recurring theme of supernaturalism.

From the giant shark in Jaws to world-saving robots in Transformers, aliens in Men in Black, and groundbreaking extra-terrestrial film E.T., Steven Spielberg does everything on an intense level. He doesn’t know what simple means. 

Overview of Kate Capshaw’s Birth Chart

Overview of Kate Capshaw’s Birth Chart 

Famous for her role as Willie Scott in her career-spawning film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Kate Capshaw is what I would consider a class act.

Born on November 3, 1953, in Fort Worth, Texas, Kate Capshaw is a stunning Scorpio Sun, peaceful Libra Moon, and nurturing Cancer rising.  

As a Scorpio Sun, Kate Capshaw has an intense yet quiet and magnetizing personality. 

Being the eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio represents self-development and spiritual transformation. Scorpios are always rebirthing themselves. 

It’s interesting that it was only after Kate’s devastating divorce to her first husband, Robert Capshaw, that she decided to move to New York City and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. 

Another transformation in Kate’s life came when she met Steven Spielberg on the set of the Indiana Jones film. Shortly after she met Steven (a devout Jew) and instinctively knew he was her soulmate, Kate decided to rebirth herself (again) and convert to Judaism. 

What I love about Kate’s chart is that her rising sign (like her Sun) is also water-based. With her Sun in Scorpio (a fixed water sign) and rising in Cancer (a cardinal water sign), Kate Capshaw is what I would call a water woman. 

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve learned that water-dominant women tend to have a natural caring and empathic nature. 

I’ve also realized that because the water sign’s ultimate desire is to connect and feel, they are subconsciously drawn to the passion and excitement that comes with dating a fire sign. 

At the same time, Kate’s Moon sign (emotional nature) is in Libra. In astrology, Libras are represented by the seventh house. Libra rules relationships, marriage, and fairness. 

When the Moon is placed in the airy sign of Libra, it signifies someone who finds emotional balance through relationships. 

Kate’s Libra moon is in her fourth house of family and home. When the moon is in the fourth house, this represents someone who cares deeply about their family, heritage, and home. 

As a mother of seven, I believe Kate’s Libra moon speaks to her love and mature outlook as a well-rounded mother. 

Instead of succumbing to the self-destructive habits that are associated with the Scorpio Sun, Kate’s Libra Moon (the peacemaker) and Cancer rising (the mother), influenced her decision to retire as an actress and become a full-time homemaker and mom. 

With Steven’s rising also being in Cancer, Steven will appreciate Kate’s decision to be the caretaker while he provides a life of luxury and comfort for their family. 

When it comes to the type of love Kate desires and characteristics of the man she was most likely to fall for, we look to Kate’s Mars and Venus signs, which are both in Libra. 

Because Libra is a cardinal air sign—which means Libras are naturally intellectual, innovative, and pioneering thinkers—Kate Capshaw fell in love with a man who is charismatic and brilliant. 

She wanted a man who is talented, stylish, and good with words. 

Overall, Kate Capshaw’s birth chart perfectly captures her warm and charming spirit. As a strong, independent, and graceful woman, she struck Steven and knocked him off his feet. 

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw Synastry

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw Synastry 

When it comes to the synastry of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, I would say they are a true love match. 

Although their sun signs, Scorpio and Sagittarius, can be a challenging match, other factors in Steven and Kate’s charts bring harmony and balance to their thirty-year marriage. 

One factor that I find revealing is the couple’s shared rising sign. 

In relationships, the rising sign represents each partner’s overall relationship values. It signifies how they will respond to the trials and tribulations that come with ordinary life.

With Kate and Steven’s rising signs both in Cancer, they share strong values of family, legacy, and emotional stability. They also value their privacy. 

Naturally, you may assume that a same-sign relationship pairing could get rather boring pretty quickly. However, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of getting tired of each other, being with a partner who shares your rising sign reveals more about your own personality and core nature.

It means that you have an unspoken understanding of who your partner is and what they want from the relationship. I believe this is what happened when Steven met Kate. 

Rather than feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by Stevens’s record-breaking success, Kate decided to build a legacy with him. They didn’t see the logic or long-term stability of continuing to raise their families apart. 

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw Sun Sign Compatibility

It’s no secret that Scorpio and Sagittarius aren’t typically the best of friends. But as a powerful and long-lasting Scorpio and Sagittarius couple, Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg buck the trend. 

With Kate’s intense and sometimes shadowy Scorpio nature, Steven’s upbeat, go-with-the-flow Sagittarius attitude doesn’t know how to deal.

As a sensitive fixed water sign, Kate can sometimes feel overwhelmed by Steven’s outgoing personality.   To work through these issues, I believe Steven must learn to control his spontaneous and off-the-wall impulses. 

As a mutable fire sign, he is always moving from one idea to the next, often frustrating Kate’s organized Scorpio nature when he leaves things unfinished. On the positive side, Steven’s rebellious Sagittarius Sun will encourage introspective Kate to come out of her head and heart and live a little. 

As the ninth sign of adventure, exploration, and long-distance travel, Steven exposes Kate to foreign destinations and experiences. He helps Kate live her best, most youthful life. 

While Steven’s fire Sun ignites Kate’s passions, Kate’s fixed water calms his wild flames. Instead of getting lost in the infinite possibilities of life and work, she reminds Steven that the most important part of life is creating memories with those you love. 

Do they have their share of problems? Of course. What couple doesn’t? But what I advise for these two soulmates is to spend the rest of their days doing more of what they love. 

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Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw Moon Sign Compatibility

In relationships, the Moon sign compatibility reading tells us how well the couple connects on an emotional level. It represents what’s happening with their romantic chemistry behind the scenes. 

Steven Spielberg is a Scorpio Moon, and Kate Capshaw is a Libra Moon. Just like their Sun signs (Scorpio and Sagittarius), their moons are one Zodiac sign apart. 

In astrology, signs that are one sign apart will naturally challenge each other. But again, in their case, their unique differences can act as a blessing as much as a curse. 

For example, Scorpio moons have an intense emotional nature. As a fixed water sign, they need time to process their feelings on an internal level before they share them aloud. 

Libra moons, however, are naturally intellectual creatures. As a cardinal air sign, they enjoy bouncing their ideas off their spouse. They don’t like spending time alone. They work better as a team. 

Because of this, Steven will have to openly communicate his feelings with Kate; otherwise, she will feel neglected and shut out of his life. At the same time, Kate must learn how to be more independent if she doesn’t want to push Steven away. 

Although Steven is intrigued by Kate’s bright mind, her talkative air sign nature may overwhelm his sensitive water sign. 

 On the bright side, Steven’s persistent fixed nature will bring consistency to Kate’s occasional emotional instability. In return, Kate’s fair-mindedness will soften and balance Steven’s competitive attitude. 

Overall, I believe Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg are the perfect example of the idea that opposites can attract. 

With their shared Cancer rising and diverse Suns and Moons, Kate and Steven have what it takes to rise above life’s obstacles and beat the odds. Their thirty-year high-profile marriage is a testament to that. 

Based on Steven and Kate’s synastry, I would give their overall love compatibility an 8 out of 10. 

As two intelligent individuals with a desire to learn and explore the hidden wonders of the world, the astrology behind Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg indicates a true love match.

If you resonate with Kate and Steven, or if you’re interested in uncovering the synastry between you and your love, take my free relationship compatibility quiz to see how well you and your partner are matched. 

Did anything about this couple’s compatibility surprise you? Who are your favorite celeb couples? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach 

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