The 6 Best And Worst Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman

Leo women are some of the boldest and brightest people in the entire Zodiac. To be around them means to feel uplifted and full of light.

The fire sign women in general are the change-makers of the Zodiac. Leo women specifically are willing to be the boss if needed while also having huge, generous hearts. They make great friends and wonderful partners.

In the interest of personal growth, some women want to learn more about their best and worst traits. As a Leo woman, what should you be capitalizing on? What should you downplay? What needs to be tweaked just a little?

I’m Anna Kovach, your friend and Relationship Astrologer. I have worked with many incredible Leo women, and I have noticed a few points where they shine and where they tend to fall flat.

I’m so grateful and excited to help you better understand yourself or the Leo woman in your life. Without further ado, let’s dive into all of the best and worst traits of the Leo woman.

The Best Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman


Best Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman

Leo women are ruled by the bright and shiny Sun. This makes them generally upbeat and. I mean, vitamin D tends to make all of us a little cheerier… imagine being the human version of the Sun itself!

The Leo woman is incredibly easy to get along with due to their positive demeanor. You’ll notice that they are those women who are attempting to cheer up anyone who is sad or sullen around them. They don’t want anyone raining on their parade, and they’re always willing to help.

If you need a burst of bright, yellow-colored energy then the Leo is your gal!


Best Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman

Consider all that the Sun provides us. It sustains our plant life, keeps our water cycle going, and fills us with warmth and vitamin D. The Leo is much like this, openly giving to the people around them. They feel like a warm hug or a present when they walk into the room.

Leos give with their whole heart, and they know that more is coming where that came from. They have faith in their ability to replace what they give away, so being generous to others is a no-brainer in their minds.

Leos happen to give amazing presents since there is no way that they would allow someone else to out-give them!

Star Quality

Leo Woman Best Personality Traits

Leos are magnetic beings. Just like the Sun in the sky, they’re impossible to ignore. Leo women especially give off this feline elegance that others simply can’t help but gawk at. They’re always the star of the show, no matter where they go.

Leo placements are extremely common in celebrities, in fact. They draw eyes onto them without even meaning to. A Leo woman probably wouldn’t complain about this at all, since they feel best when they’re in the limelight.

The Worst Personality Traits Of A Leo Woman


Leo Woman Bad Traits

Just like how pride is important to lions in the wild, it’s also an integral trait in Leo women. They know their worth and expect others to be able to see it. This is not necessarily a bad thing until their ego gets involved… which is often.

Leo women are actually rather sensitive though they’d never allow others to see their bruised egos. They’ll laugh off a critique from someone else but inside, they might be plagued by it all day long.

You may find yourself walking on eggshells around a Leo who has been insulted. They are likely to bite back when they are put on the spot. They become defensive rather quickly because of how easily hurt they can be.


Leo Woman Worst Traits

Leo women are easily some of the biggest drama queens to exist. I remember working with another healer with prominent Leo placements who blew everything out of proportion. I remember it being so difficult to get on with my work when she was catastrophizing the situation.

Leos tend to paint a picture of their struggles. For example, the gentle talking to they received on the job becomes the story of the “huge blowout” that she and her boss had at work. Others around Leo learn to take their stories with a grain of salt over time.

Leo just wants to be seen as a hero, which is why they often inflate the troubles that they overcome so that they can be the big star. After a while, the charm can wear off for those around them.


Worst Traits Of A Leo Woman

Leos are very much the Queens of their scene, wherever that may be. They don’t tolerate being treated like anything less than royalty. This is fun for them, but to everyone, else it can become rather old.

Leos could be the ones complaining about minor infractions at a restaurant because they believe they deserve service that is above and beyond the norm. They could act genuinely offended if their queries aren’t automatically rectified as well!

Leo women should work on letting things slide off their backs and be satisfied with less in favor of keeping the peace.

Wrapping Up

Leos, are you still with me? I hope so! Even though you have some flaws (hey, who doesn’t?), your positives are also equally difficult to ignore. You are incredibly strong and enigmatic.

We all have to work with our downfalls, and out of all the signs, I know you’ve got incredible confidence to overcome what isn’t working for you.

I know some Leo women might have come here to learn more about how they operate in a relationship…

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Yes,we want to be treated like a queen, but we are open books too,hunest,and lots of people take advantage of us.
    Its really hurts,,,we not wish bad to nobody,,,

    1. Oh yes! We cannot take Critacism. Beware if you do our silence is dangerous working out when is the right time to attack and pounce. They feel the fire in there eyes growing. It don’t matter how long we do because we always get to payback some time . 😊

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