What To Expect From The Total Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

Hello, my dears! It’s a good day to be here with you, especially when we have such an interesting topic to dive into.

My readers inspire so much of my research because they ask questions voraciously! For your curiosity, I will never be able to thank you enough.

I’ve been getting some questions on Solar Eclipses and with the upcoming Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th, I felt it was the perfect sign to tackle this energy!

I’ve been getting questions like: “Anna, what do I do during a Solar Eclipse? What is the energy of a Solar Eclipse? What should I expect from a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius?”

I know that your collective intuition is buzzing, because this Eclipse is one that could allow you extra luck.

What a powerful alignment on its way to us, ladies… It’s a good thing that you’re here, because I have a feeling that you’re going to appreciate the information I’ve got for you.

Let’s talk about what a Solar Eclipse means and then tackle how it manifests in joyful Sagittarius!

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

Total Solar Eclipse December 2021

You likely have an idea of what an Eclipse is, but in case you were out of school that day, let me refresh your memory.

A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon, and Earth all align in a row, the Moon being in the middle. This blacks out the Sun where the Moon crosses in front of it, at least from our angle on Earth.

So, what does a Solar Eclipse mean spiritually? Well, I’ve learned that it means a whole lot. Very little will draw an Astrologer out of her shell like a heated discussion on the effects of an Eclipse!

I look at the elements involved. We have the Sun which represents our ego and consciousness. This is the part of the collective self that we put on display. This is also considered a masculine energy.

The Moon is represented by feminine energy. It’s the hidden part of ourselves. The Moon represents what makes us feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

When the feminine Moon blacks out the masculine Sun, you can expect a union of energies.

All of a sudden, our hidden instincts, thoughts, and emotions are out for others to see. Events arrange themselves in such a way that we feel we must make our more primal urges public.

This is a period that is fueled by inner desires that have been given energy to manifest in the world. We can be a bit messy together around this time, saying things that we don’t normally say and eschewing societal norms in favor of defending our sense of safety.

You could say that your experience during a Solar Eclipse depends heavily upon your inner state. This is an opportunity to jump-start your personal story arc. This is a peak moment and it’s your time to be the main character of your story.

What Does A Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Mean?

Since a Solar Eclipse can only happen on a New Moon, it means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign during every single Solar Eclipse.

This means that it’s double the Sagittarius energy, ushering in not only the energy of the Sun and Moon but also, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that brings optimism and adventure. Sagittarius likes freedom and traveling long distances. And even if they can’t physically get away, they tend to love to drift off into a good book instead.

Sagittarius is lots of fun and tends to be a clown, despite being philosophical and ethical. They are bluntly honest which can put some people off from them.

During an Eclipse in Sagittarius, we can expect an influx of situations that beg us to tell the truth. This is a period to ask yourself what truths you’ve been suppressing within you and what needs to come out.

Sagittarius is broad-minded and has a good sense of direction. You or those around you could find yourself shifting into the right passion, or “following your arrow.”

You might also realize that happiness doesn’t lie in the specific area you imagined. You or those around you might find yourselves opening your minds to new sources of joy and abundance.
Since Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) is happy in the sign of Pisces, I expect that any honesty will go over relatively smoothly.

Many consider the Solar Eclipse to be a ‘portal’ to another reality, and I think a lot of us can note a shift after an Eclipse occurs. With an Eclipse in Sagittarius, this is a potential portal to new understanding, expansion, and adventure.

What Should You Do During A Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius?

When a Solar Eclipse is in the sky, it’s rarer energy than a Full or New Moon. It’s a period where you can shift into a reality that better suits your spiritual path if you channel your intentions.

Now, I want to preface this part of the Solar Eclipse discussion with a warning.

You MUST make sure your energy is pure and that it aligns with what makes you feel secure and with your essential sense of self. If you have any reservations or malintent, it WILL be magnified and visible.

This is why I suggest that you follow a few steps to get really clear on what you’d like to manifest on a Solar Eclipse. It involves getting honest with yourself on the reality you’re actually searching for.


Before you even think about manifesting, I recommend that you take some time to get yourself centered. Meditation is the tool that I recommend to really settle into the energy.

Since the ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are aligning, creating a smooth flow of understanding, if you’re willing to open up and try.

It’s hard to reach alignment when bombarded with stimulation from all sides. If you want your future moments to be filled with peace, then find some silence in the moment now.

During a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, meditation allows you to embrace the energy of the moment. When we find that sense of nothingness, then all of a sudden, we can embody the energy around us.

If you meditate during this period, it’s a good idea to focus on concepts of abundance and gratitude, as well as freedom.

You could come away from a deeply meditative experience with understanding. Sagittarius rules understanding, as opposed to knowing.

You may find that old trauma suddenly makes more sense in the grand picture, allowing for healing.


I suggest that right after you meditate you open up your journal and start jotting down your thoughts. I recommend that you keep the energy of nonjudgement from the meditation with you as you write to ensure that you are unaffected by self-criticism during the process.

While journaling apps are useful (I, myself have one downloaded), I do recommend using old-fashioned pen and paper for this one. It assists in grounding you into your authentic self. Sometimes it’s hard to access that part of you when you also see notifications left and right!

Journaling allows you to be as truthful as possible with yourself, thus aligning your intentions.

I use journaling as an inner litmus test for myself. If I write an affirmation and I don’t like how it feels to write that affirmation then I might question if that is really an energy that I need in my life.

Sagittarius rules publishing and news, which encompasses journaling. This is surely a method to invite the positive energy of jovial Sagittarius into your life.

Since your emotions are far more obvious around this time, you should take advantage of the opportunity to purge the toxins you’ve been carrying around.

Now that your mind is clear and you’ve been able to address some emotions that might have come up during the meditation, it’s time to sit with what you’ve been presented with.

Allow the feeling to remain with you if it feels right. It’s okay to continue feeling any emotion that this Eclipse has made more apparent.

Perhaps you’re just more peaceful after being made aware of the emotions that were floating beneath the surface.

Either way, it’s a good idea to become comfortable with this version of you that better understands your past and your future.

Give yourself still and silt moments if needed, or simply let your experience go and embrace who you’ve become because of it.

Mindfully Manifest

With the caveat that some Astrologers question if manifesting on an Eclipse is a good idea, I want to make it clear that I do not see an issue with it as long as you are coming from an authentic place.

Any energy that you’re putting out there will come back to you. That means everything! With the Moon and Sun making a quincunx to Uranus during this time, your desires may not come in the form you expect.

You must be okay with the fact that your desires belong to the Universe once you put them out there and it is its to manifest as it pleases.

Your energy fuels the manifestation, so ensure that it’s energy that you want more of. You’re always manifesting, so your natural manifestations during the Eclipse are defined by your energy at the time and how you feel.

This is why it’s important to get into a high vibe, kind, and generous zone while the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius rolls around.

If you are manifesting for the wrong reasons, you’ll know it when your manifestation hits you like a truck in a not-so-pleasant way.

So, I highly recommend that you focus on what you want to grow. Sagittarius is all about expansion, so you can rest assured that your intentions will be tripled when they come back into your life.

However, if your intent is pure and you have learned to integrate into an authentic energy through the practices I mentioned, then you’re bound to be blessed unexpectedly and bountifully.

Release Completely

Now the work is over. You’ve delved deep into your emotional energy of the moment, found alignment, and sat with the feelings. You purged the bad and worked on catching a high vibe during the Eclipse.

Now, you ride that wave and watch it all come back to you.

Remember, this is not your manifestation anymore. This belongs to the Eclipse! You’ll get back everything you put out and then some.

The joy that comes from relaxing your grip on your manifestations is like ecstasy. When you have full trust that your desires are yours then they move into your life with even more speed.

Wrapping Up

The upcoming Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a mixed bag of ecstatic energy that could go in any direction. It is bound to be a turning point for most of us… and those of us who are in on the energies can take full advantage of it.

You can expect incredible blessings IF you are honest with yourself and others. A desire for understanding over knowing is a key to making the most out of your manifestations.

We kick off a new cycle of changes with the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius… I suggest you run confidently in the direction of your wildest dreams!

Since ‘understanding’ is the keyword of this Solar Eclipse, I had to show you one more resource that can assist you in finding the answers to the questions your soul is asking…

It’s incredible the things that Astrology can assist with… finances, relationships, health, and aspirations.

I intend to live in the energy of this Eclipse by delving into my VIP Consultations with readers like you. My readers and I have stumbled upon some rare moments of appreciation for the true meaning of events and patterns.

Together, we learn to capitalize on your Astrological strengths to shift into the energy you desire.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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