How To Know If A Man Likes You Based On His Sign

Dating is complicated. The last thing you need is to get stuck playing a guessing game just to figure out if a guy is really interested in you. Luckily, when you understand a few basic elements of each sign of the Zodiac, you can easily figure out if a guy is into you. And with the many years of experience I have in Astrology, and especially Relationship Astrology, I’ll try to make the big question of whether he likes you or not much easier for you.

The secret is always in his sign. The stars can guide you to understand if the signals your love interest is showing are sincere or if he just wants to be friends. Here are the best ways to know if a guy likes you based on his sign.


Aries men are impulsive and courageous. They are known for being opinionated and always speaking their minds. But Aries also has a sensitive side in love. They try to hide their vulnerability.

This is why an Aries guy will blurt out the first thing that comes to his mind in almost every scenario. Love is the one exception. He won’t let you know how he feels by telling you about his desire for you, but he’ll show you in ways that are clear as day if you know what signs to look for.

An Aries guy will try to impress you when he likes you. He’ll brag about his physical feats of strength or show off his muscles. He’ll talk about his workout and will tell you all about the trials and tribulations he’s endured.

When he does this, he’s not complaining. He’s trying to win your heart. He’ll also do things for you. He’ll act like your Knight in Shining Armor. An Aries man will rush in to solve your problems when he likes you.


Taurus is tough to read. He can seem romantic, sentimental, and flirty, but then sets hard lines and boundaries. He can be aloof and affectionate almost at the same time. But even Taurus leaves clues to his true intentions.

Taurus men take a subtle approach to show their interest in love. A Taurus guy who likes you will find seemingly innocent reasons to touch you. He’ll put a hand on your shoulder, touch your hair, or take your hand in his as he’s talking to you.

He’ll want to hug you when he sees you as well. Though men born under this sign are not the most passionate, they’ll drop affectionate hints when they like you.

A Taurus man who likes you will also compliment your appearance. He’ll notice when you style your hair in a different way. He’ll mention that he likes the dress you’re wearing or that your jewelry accentuates your eyes.

Taurus men can be gentlemen and so they don’t want to be too obtuse in love. He’ll patiently wait for you so that he can walk you to your car after work. He’ll make excuses or find reasons to drop by your home or visit you at work.


Gemini men are witty, clever, and amusing. They are intellectual and never at a loss for words. Yet men born under this sign don’t always express their romantic desires directly.

When a Gemini guy is interested in you, he’ll act like a friend but he’ll want to be your shadow. He’s usually social. But when he likes you, he’ll want to go places with you alone rather than in groups.

A Gemini guy who likes you will also try to impress you by flirting with you and making corny jokes. He’ll text you with awkward messages just to have a reason to connect.

Men born under this sign become boyish and charming when they like someone. They’ll also become embarrassed easily as they only want to put on a good show and impress you. Gemini men also like to tease lightheartedly when they like someone.


It’s much easier to tell when a Cancer man likes you. Though men born under this sign can hide behind their defenses like the crab retreating into his shell, they also can’t conceal their feelings.

He’ll make eye contact when you talk, listen to your feelings, and always be there for you when you’re having a rough day. A Cancer man who likes you will bring you food. He’ll show up at your home or work with specialty baked goods or his own secret recipe.

He’ll invite you over for dinner and insist you need to eat more. A Cancer man who likes you tries to nurture you both emotionally and physically.

Cancer men who have an interest in someone will treat them like family. That is to say, Cancer will act like a worrywart and dote on you. He’ll make sure you’re feeling well-rested and well-fed.


When Leo likes you, he will go out of his way to show you. He may not talk about his vulnerable and sensitive feelings but he will buy you expensive gifts. He’ll court you in grandiose ways. He’ll make a scene so everyone will know he’s interested in you.

He’ll take you to the best places for dinner and a night of dancing. A Leo man will try to show off for you as well. He’ll want to make it clear that he’s the best guy and has no competition.

Leo isn’t shy about showing it when he’s interested in someone. He would rather make his desires clear so that he won’t risk losing you to anyone else. He’ll try to come to your rescue and will show you off to his friends. A Leo man who is interested in you wants to be seen as heroic and brave. He may do careless things around you to get you to pay attention to him.


When a Virgo man likes you, he keeps his desires subdued. His style is subtle and lowkey. Virgo will give you unsolicited advice when he likes you. You may not know if he is criticizing you or trying to hit on you.

Virgo men aren’t overly romantic. He’ll act more like a friend. He’ll be patient, sweet, and attentive. He’ll check in with you every morning and evening. He may lack passion but he makes up for it in gentle kindness.

He’ll make healthy meals for you and recommend books that you can read. He’ll try to show you how to make your life easier and more efficient. A Virgo man who likes you will also try to do things to be helpful. He’ll repair things or offer suggestions so that you can improve your routines and health.

Virgo men may even nag when they like you. Though this behavior is annoying and unflattering, it is his way of showing you he cares. He does this to try to let you know he wants what is best for you.


Libra men are definitely romantic. They go out of their way to show love and affection. While a Libra man may not speak his mind and let you know his sensitive emotions, he will tell you he is interested in you in many ways.

He’ll flirt excessively. A Libra man will also blush easily when he talks to you. He may make subtle romantic comments and then try to play it off as if he was kidding. He’ll act bashful and even slightly silly.

He’ll give you gifts, write poetry, compliment your appearance and find reasons to be extra affectionate when he likes you. Libra men are indecisive so don’t be surprised if he acts playful and fun one day and then shuts down. Men born under this sign can be slow to commit but will demonstrate their attraction early on.


Scorpio likes to keep secrets, but if you understand how a guy born under this sign thinks, you’ll see there’s no secret at all to understanding his signs of attraction. Scorpio will hover around you at a slight distance.

You won’t know if it’s a coincidence or not at first. You’ll just see Scorpio showing up again and again. It’s no coincidence, by the way, it’s how Scorpio shows you he likes you. He may low-key stalk you when he’s interested.

He’ll study your social media profiles and randomly show up at places he knows you frequent. Scorpio will exude sexual appeal but also tries to remain an enigma. He’ll show you he cares by taking an interest in you and asking you lots of questions.

You may even feel like he’s interrogating you. Ironically, when you ask him questions in return, he’ll deflect. He’ll avoid giving you direct answers. Scorpio is likely to make it clear he is interested in you in covert and subtle ways.


Sagittarius is gregarious and likes to have fun. When a Sagittarius guy likes you, he’ll spend more time talking to you at a party than with anyone else. This takes tremendous effort on his part. Sagittarius acts casual when he likes someone.

You may think he’s just being friendly. But men born under this sign like to socialize’ If he’s sticking around and talking to only you for long periods of time, it’s a sign he’s interested in you.

You can also tell a Sagittarius guy likes you when he responds to your text messages right away. Usually, men born under this sign are distractible. They’re busy and have so much going on they easily overlook texts. But when he’s responsive and continually texts you first it’s a good sign.

Sagittarius is carefree and values his independence. When he starts to put his own desires on the back burner to spend more time with you, it’s a good sign he’s falling for you.


Capricorn men show they are interested in unusual ways. They aren’t romantic. Instead of gestures of affection and passion, Capricorn will pay for dinner. He’ll give you gifts. He’ll spend money, even a small amount, on you.

This sign is known to be frugal. He won’t part with his hard-earned money unless he really likes someone. If he talks to you about his career goals, it’s also a good sign.

Capricorn is traditional and doesn’t come on strong in relationships. He doesn’t know how to flirt and may make awkward attempts that are more endearing than anything else.

Capricorn takes everything seriously. When he likes you, a man born under this sign is likely to show you by treating you like he feels responsible for you. He’ll do practical things to make you feel comfortable and protected.

He’ll let you borrow his umbrella, he’ll recommend you get a first aid kit for your car, and he may even try to encourage you to install a security system in your home. Capricorn men are interested in making sure you are safe and secure and he’ll show his feelings by doing things to make you feel protected.


Aquarius is full of surprises. This shocking, erratic, and rebellious sign is known to be confusing in love, and this is intentional. They want to stay a step ahead of the game and conceal their feelings.

Aquarius will show you they like you by texting you random information and trivia. They’ll flirt and tease you as well. Men born under this sign come on strong at first and sometimes burn out or get cold feet.

He’ll start showing interest in your hobbies. He’ll invite you to share in his unusual interests as well. He may even invite you to events. He’ll act like he just wants to be friends at first but the more you spend time with him, the more you’ll see his romantic, flirty, playful side come through.

But Aquarius can also act unpredictably. He may pick fights with you and argue for seemingly no reason as a way to keep your attention when he likes you.


Men born under this sign become shy and bashful when they have a crush on you. A Pisces guy will flirt with you and blush at the same time. He may also compliment you. He’ll go out of his way to cheer you up.

Pisces will tell you what he thinks you want to hear when he’s trying to show interest. He’ll want to get on your good side. If he suddenly stops contradicting you and agrees with everything you say, chances are he likes you.

He’ll talk about his interests in spirituality. He may even tell you about his dreams. You’ll get small glimpses of his desire for you before he becomes more assertive. When you see early signs a Pisces is interested in you, it’s important to show him you are receptive. He’s extremely sensitive and can shut down if he doesn’t think you share his feelings.

What To Do Now?

Now that you understand the way each of the zodiac signs shows you they are interested in you, you won’t have to worry about miscommunications. You’ll know right away when the man you’ve had your eye on is into you, and not just being polite or friendly. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you found this info useful for uncovering your special guy’s feelings.

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