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How To Rebuild Intimacy In A Marriage, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Hey, my lovely ladies! As you can all attest to, relationships take a lot of hard work – and some days are better than others. And if you have been with your partner for a very long time, things can sometimes get quite boring.

Things just don’t stay the same, which can be really heartbreaking if you let it get to you. And you shouldn’t because there are always ways you can improve the intimacy you have in a relationship.

The first step is to realize that there are going to be good times and there are also going to be bad times. It takes a lot of emotional maturity not to let the bad times keep you down. Remember, you don’t feel the same way day in and day out, so you can’t expect your marriage to be the same every day either.

We all have our good days as well as our bad days, but what can you do when you feel like the intimacy in your marriage has gone? Well, there is a lot you can do, and the first step is recognizing that you and your partner might have a problem.

This is where I come in; I have written this article with all of my Astrological knowledge to help you and your husband get back to each other once again. Scroll down to his sign to figure out how you can rebuild the intimacy between you two again.

A little tip: make sure to read his Sun, Moon, and Venus sign to give you the best overall plan on how to combat the issues the two of you are facing. Hopefully, with my help, you will be able to turn this challenging time around.


The most important thing for an Aries man is honesty and a partner who is direct with him. If you want to fix your problems with your Aries man then you need to be straightforward with him and let him know how you feel.

I am sure you have noticed over the years that he doesn’t hide how he feels and is always upfront with what is going on with him. He doesn’t feel the need to filter himself and often just acts out on his impulses.

You know he has a fighting spirit, so he isn’t afraid to fight for the relationship and the love the two of you share, but perhaps you need to show him how passionate and excited you still are to be with him.

An Aries man needs that passion – he needs that excitement to feel alive. Show him that you still want him and that he is a priority in your life. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you had some fun in the bedroom. Spice things up by playing out one of his dream fantasies.


Your Taurus man is driven by security and sensuality in his life. He has a deep desire to feel comfortable and stable. Anything else just makes him feel off balance and out of sync. He does not cope well with any upheavals, and you may have noticed that when things get difficult in his life he will dig in his heels and shut down completely.

And when he gets in one of those moods, you can try anything and everything, but it is like speaking to a rock. The best way to overcome this is to provide a sense of security and stability in his life. Make him realize that although things are crazy in his life right now, that you are going nowhere.

He needs reassurance, he needs to know that he is loved and cared for. When he feels ignored or unimportant, he tends to shut down and be non-responsive. He has a real resistance to change, so getting him to work on the issues the two of you share might be quite difficult.

All you can really do is love him and support him and let him know that you will always be there for him. This is all he needs to be content in his relationship.


For a Gemini man to feel really loved and understood, he needs a good amount of communication in his relationship. Out of all the signs, Gemini is the one that needs an intellectual connection to form an emotional bond.

There is a side to him that can seem quite moody because one moment he feels like this, and the next moment he feels like that; it can be a lot to keep up with and quite exhausting to be his partner because he is always intellectualizing his feelings.

One of the best things for you to do if you want to work on your intimacy with your man is to always be willing to have a conversation and communicate what you are feeling. He values openness and honesty.

He needs to be able to express himself to you in some way or another as well. It is so important for him to have an intellectual energy outlet, so giving him the space to talk about whatever it is he is going through is imperative to your relationship. If a Gemini man cannot express himself, he cannot be himself.

There is a part of him that can be quite indecisive and fickle, so if you can be a rock to him and a little more decisive it can help him through his confusion. It won’t hurt if you can keep up with his wit and banter as well.

You must work on keeping things exciting and interesting for him to feel like he is intellectually and emotionally fulfilled in the relationship.


A Cancer man is quite a sensitive soul, however, if he feels like there is a lack of emotional support or empathy on behalf of his partner, he can shut down completely and crawl back into his shell. His whole life is about experiencing deep intimacy and vulnerability, so when it is missing from his marriage, he can feel quite upset about it.

Home and security are of utmost importance to this man, and he needs this sense of emotional security to feel like he can be truly intimate with his partner. If the foundations of your relationship feel a little shaky then you need to amp up the home-loving nurturing vibes.

Let your Cancer man know how much he means to you and make sure to spend some quality time with him at home. Suggest cooking a meal together and then snuggling up and watching a film together. The two of you must spend some quality one-on-one time together.

This guy needs you to be steady and create an environment in which you both can thrive. Let him take care of you and nurture you, but also be willing to do the same for him when he needs you as well.

It is his role to feel like a protector, a nurturer, and a healer. Give him the space to step into his highly emotional and intuitive powers.


Your husband is one of the warmest and cheerful fellas around, but as you probably know he can get quite dramatic at times – especially when things don’t go according to his plan. He really likes things to go his way because he enjoys being in control as he has a good idea about how he would like his life to be.

So, it can be rather frustrating when the intimacy in the relationship takes a dip. The thing is your Leo man needs to be the center of attention, he wants to be admired and loved by his wife all of the time.

Unfortunately, that just isn’t always viable because you are a woman with a full and healthy life. It would be impossible for you to always be at his beck and call. The best way for you to help rebuild the intimacy in your marriage is to schedule special occasions.

Your Leo man loves a bit of glitz and glamour, so when the two of you do something together make sure it is extra special. Make an event out of it! Sometimes he just wants to be faffed over and his ego needs a good amount of stroking.

Always let him know how amazing you think he is and remember to shower him with love, affection, and attention when you can.


Your husband is a sweetheart. He is one of those practical, helpful, and humble types. Plus, he is really intelligent and rational. Basically, he has everything going for him – but there is a side to him that can feel quite cold and detached.

When he gets into one of these moods, it can be rather difficult to cultivate a feeling of intimacy with him because it may feel like he is judging you or criticizing you at every turn – after all, his life purpose is seeking perfection and this can be quite hard to live up to.

Your husband might find it hard to be vulnerable, and see vulnerability as messy or something he needs to clean up and fix, however, because he does so well with structure and enjoys improving on the thing that he perceives as broken, it won’t be hard to get him to work on your relationship.

He responds really well to routine, so scheduling a special time to figure out your problems to work on the relationship will appeal to him. He is likely to come up with some master plan and do all the research on how to create better intimacy in a marriage.

All you need to do is to plant a seed in his head and he will fly with it. He has the determination to work on whatever is important to you and the relationship.


Your Libra man is a wonderful creature to be around and married with. He values peace and harmony above everything else, however, he hates confrontation and doesn’t like dealing with icky emotions. He would much rather sweep it all under the rug and hope that everything just fixes itself.

Unfortunately, in a relationship, it is so important to be able to face the difficult stuff because without working on the harder aspects the two of you can’t fully reach true vulnerability and intimacy. Your husband just wants to be liked but doesn’t realize how much his avoidance can bother you.

The thing is, your Libra man tends to be rather indecisive, he doesn’t always know what he wants and that is why you may feel a lack of action and decision-making on his side. One minute he wants to do one thing, the next another, so the lack of consistency in his actions can be rather frustrating.

In truth is, he is indecisive because he struggles to deal with how he can make others happy, but still make himself happy as well. What he needs from you is to let him know that you love and accept him just the way he is. Sometimes he struggles with self-acceptance and that is why he tries so hard to please others.


The depths a Scorpio man tends to feel are quite astounding, but this can often lead to him having really high expectations in his marriage. He wants everything to be super intense all of the time, but he forgets to remember that not everyone needs to feel the same level of intensity.

He needs a lot of passion to keep the intimacy going in his life. He tends to go from one extreme to the next and is totally emotionally fearless. There is no depth he is unwilling to explore; he wants to experience everything.

It might not always be your cup of tea, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to dip your toes into some of his darker interests. What can I say is that the taboo, the forbidden, and the mysterious really does it for your Scorpio man, and it would mean the world to him if you become more open to exploring these things with him.

He is interested in transformation and healing. Ultimately, he just wants to grow, and especially grow with his partner. So being a lot more open-minded could do the trick to help the two of you regain intimacy in your marriage.

Know your boundaries, but also don’t be afraid to test your limits.


As you may know, your Sagittarius man can be quite a wild character. He is rather restless, freedom-loving, and outspoken. The best thing about being with him is he is always ready for an adventure and he is endlessly optimistic. He believes in the good of everyone.

However, he tends to keep things surface level as he never sticks around long enough to truly develop a strong bond with someone. He may struggle with intimacy and depth as he is always on the run looking for something new to entertain him.

Being married to a Sagittarius man can be really exciting because he is always taking you off on some adventure. The best way for you to rebuild the intimacy in your relationship is to always be open-minded and have a willingness to join him on his journeys.

Be open to trying something new with him by trying out some new exercise modality or by going traveling with him. He is endlessly curious and wants to soak up as much knowledge about the world as he can.

But it wouldn’t hurt for you to also show him that staying rooted and sticking in one place is an adventure in itself. Be a source of groundedness and rootedness for his restless spirit.


You may have married your Capricorn husband for his dependable and traditional nature; however, he is a master at controlling his emotions and not that fond of displays of affection and intimacy. There are probably times where it feels like you are talking to a brick wall.

He tends to avoid displays of passion because he sees them as rather inappropriate. This doesn’t mean your Capricorn husband is incapable of showing love and affection, it just means that it may take a lot longer for him to warm up to the idea.

Throughout your marriage, this will be something the two of you need to work on. You may experience times where you require tenderness, but your Capricorn man might be quite busy and distracted with work that his affections turn cold.

The best thing for you to do is to not take this personally. His whole life is about his career and achieving, and he doesn’t do this for selfish reasons because being married gives him the purpose of wanting to provide and take care of his family.

You can show him it is okay to be soft by teaching him the value of relaxing and taking time out. Be sure to be appreciative of him and everything he does for you. Don’t take him for granted and make sure he knows how much you care for him.


Being married to an Aquarius must be fun and exciting. These men tend to be unconventional and rebellious, and this gives them the tendency to be quite detached and removed from all emotion. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel anything because he does, he just chooses not to pay too much attention to his emotions.

Because he is such a rebel, he might put himself into situations that cause conflict because he knows a bit of upheaval may lead to an awakening of sorts, but this behavior can be rather jarring if you are looking to create a feeling of peace and harmony in the home and in your marriage.

At the end of the day, this guy is purely looking for excitement and something that makes him feel alive. This is why it is so important for you to encourage him to follow his dreams, be creative and follow his purpose in life, or else he might channel that energy into something quite destructive.

The best way to rebuild intimacy with your Aquarius man is to encourage his eccentricity and to give him the space to explore and rebel in a healthy way. He needs to be involved in his community and help humanity in some way.

When all of these external boxes are ticked, he is more likely to be content at home. You will always be in a good position as long as you don’t try to stifle his individuality and freedom.


Being married to a Pisces man can be a wonderful thing. These gentlemen are compassionate and extremely loving. They know a thing or two about how to keep the romance alive in a relationship, however, there is a side to him that can be quite emotional and sensitive, sometimes in the extreme.

He is so intuitive so he will often know how you are feeling even before you do, so if you’re wondering how to rebuild the intimacy with your Pisces man you can just ask him what would be best for the relationship.

He will be able to feel into it and intuitively know what the two of you need. This is why it is so important for you to encourage his sensitivity and let him know that he possesses a real gift that you deeply appreciate.

It is more likely that he can teach you a thing or two about gentleness and presence in a relationship. Be open to learning from him because he has wisdom and deep access to the Universal love to help the two of you have the most amazing relationship.

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One Last Thing

I think it is amazing that you are so open to learning and understanding what your husband needs in the relationship. It shows a real commitment that you are reading up on how to make him happy.

Just promise me that you won’t forget about yourself and your own needs throughout the process.

What is your husband’s sign and what problems are you facing in your relationship? Please leave me a comment in the section below! This will give me insight into what articles you would all like me to write in the future.

Plus, I really appreciate hearing from all my readers.

And, if you are one of those women who want to spice up their love life with the addition of dirty talk, longing to hear certain words or phrases whispered, moaned, growled, or simply uttered, but just plain doesn’t know how to get started, here is my guide, “27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Him On.”

If you are looking for more ways you can improve your relationship and your marriage then please don’t hesitate to take a look at the link.

>> What’s his Zodiac sign?

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


4 thoughts on “How To Rebuild Intimacy In A Marriage, Based On His Zodiac Sign

  1. You are soo amazing I’m soo suprise! Last night I have a dream that we were somewhere u think at church,He was sleeping laying her head on my shoulders, later on a lady came a kiss her while laying on my shoulder I didn’t say anything, he just woke up and tell the lady to stay away from us and kissed me and tell me HE LOVES ME ??

    1. Hi Martha!

      Awww saying that to you about your dream means he got jealous. That’s a great sign! I’m so glad my article helped give you some insight. You deserve nothing but the best. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  2. Hi Anna, I love your information and it has helped my relationship in that I can now understand my Capricorn man’s actions and ways much better.. We are best friends as well as lovers .. He tells me often how beautiful I am and how sexy I am to him.. How do I get my very traditional thinking Capricorn man to be more open to experimenting sexually.. To keep our sex life exciting.. I’ve tried talking about it .. Dressing in very sexy clothes in private and gave him oral sex which he says he’s never had done.. He of course loved it yet does not reciprocate or return the pleasure to me.. How do I get him to open up sexually?? I am very passionate as I am a Sagittarius and want more fore play and Zest in the bedroom that just missionary sex.. Please advise??

    1. Hi Marcia Smith!

      Wonderful sweetheart! I’m so glad that it’s helped you to understand your Capricorn more. Being best friends is a huge thing and if you’re lucky enough to have that then hang onto him. Capricorn men need coaxing and convincing. Tell him what you want and what you would like for him to do. If you don’t tell him then he’ll never do it as he doesn’t see there is any sort of issue. Be very open and tell him what you crave from him. You can do it! I wish you all the very best!

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