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How To Start A Conversation With A Guy (Based On His Sign)

If you’re like most women, you spend time fantasizing about the perfect thing to say to your person of interest, only to stumble when you finally get the opportunity.

Starting a conversation can be awkward, especially when you’re trying to capture the interest of someone new. But when you understand astrology, you’ll see there are fool-proof ways to get a man’s attention and keep the conversation flowing based on his sign.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep the interest of your guy without getting into common blunders.


Aries men are direct. They get irritated with small talk. When you want to strike up a conversation with an Aries guy, lead with the most interesting topic. Get his attention early on.

Don’t be afraid of coming across as too bold. Aries men need a bit of drama or they tune you out. Make a splash right off the bat when you start a conversation with an Aries man.

You can also keep his attention by leading with a joke or dramatic statement. Just be careful not to make jokes at his expense. Aries men are more sensitive than they let on. Dramatic statements or compliments work well, too.

Get his attention by acknowledging his muscles. Open the conversation with, “Hello, you must be a personal trainer? I’ve been looking for someone to work with…”

Don’t be shy. Confidence and flattery go a long way with Aries men.


Taurus men are practical. They prefer conversation starters that are sensible. Don’t approach a Taurus man with a bold proposition. They are far more modest than daring Aries.

Ask a Taurus man for help fixing something. They love conversations that begin with a focus on useful information. Tell them about a new article you’re reading that pertains to business, career, or investments.

Ask for their advice on these topics as well. Never lead with controversy when you first approach a Taurus man. Instead, strike up a conversation about food, the economy, work, or investments.

If he’s a complete stranger, ask for directions to a specific type of restaurant. Pretend you have to pick up a gift for a friend and ask for his recommendation on good wine or elegant place to grab dinner.

Taurus men are gourmet connoisseurs and love to show off their expertise. If the Taurus man of interest is a colleague, strike up a conversation with a lighthearted comment about something that happened at the office. If he’s a friend, start the conversation with a comment about the price of groceries or gas, or tell him you’re thinking of investing and ask if he recommends a good book to get you started.


Out of all the zodiac signs, Gemini is among the easiest to start a conversation with. They love to talk. Geminis talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. They love learning from people and can be chatty.

You can’t go wrong if you bring up a movie you just saw or a book you’re reading. Prepare to listen, once you get Gemini started, they don’t stop. They can talk for hours.

You can also ask for their recommendation for a good book, movie, or new show to binge on streaming. Geminis love to talk about travel and gadgets as well. Start a conversation by telling him your phone could use an upgrade but you don’t know what kind of replacement to look into.

Ask about travel and get his opinion on the best way to get to a destination of interest. People born under the sign of twins love to share information. You can also start a conversation by telling him some interesting facts you just learned. This is particularly helpful if you know him well enough to know a few of his interests.


Cancer men are sensitive and shy at first. Yet they are also very friendly. You can engage a Cancer man if you start with small talk. Men born under this sign need a gentle approach to come out of their shells.

Ask him about a recipe, or favorite restaurant. Food is a great starter topic because Cancer men are typically good cooks. Tell him how you’re overdue for a trip to the beach, the ocean, and family vacations are another favorite conversation topic for men born under this sign.

When all else fails, ask about his family or pets. Talk to him about your home. Either an interest in buying a new home or making upgrades to your current home. Cancers are homebodies who get excited when people talk about family and home. They love domestic matters.

If you don’t know him well, stick to neutral pleasant topics. Mention a family-friendly movie you recently saw or make a joke to take the edge off and brighten the mood.


You can approach a Leo man about almost any topic. They love attention. If you want to start a conversation with a man born under this sign, appeal to his authority and ask for his expertise on a topic of interest.

One of the best conversation starters for Leo can be compliments as well. Tell him he looks like a celebrity or movie star. Play it up, as if you almost thought you ran into someone famous.

You can also get Leo’s attention by asking about his interests and identity. Ask if he’s from a popular city or travel destination. Even if he’s not, he’ll be flattered that you thought he was so cosmopolitan.

Ask his opinion on a show to see. Talk to him about theater, music, and the arts. People born under this sign are natural leaders. Tell him about a problem you’re having and let him give you ample potential solutions. Leos love to be the hero.


Virgo men can be picky when it comes to random conversations. If you’re not careful, you may lose his attention right away. Your best bet with Virgo is to bring up a problem or question that requires an in-depth response.

Don’t ask anything too obvious. He’s so practical, he may just tell you to Google the response. Ask for help with something he alone can assist you with. Let him know you’re having second thoughts about your doctor and looking for a new healthcare provider but would love a recommendation based on his experience.

Ask about his gardening techniques. Tell him you’ve tried everything and you can’t find a humane way to keep the groundhogs from eating your garden. Mention you want to start living sustainably and want to plan a garden for the coming season.

Men born under the sign of Virgo love being helpful. They offer their assistance when it comes to practical topics. They enjoy helping you organize, clean and change your diet. Ask about the best tools for cleaning or household projects. Mention an interest in trying a juice diet or raw Keto and ask his opinion.


Libra men seem shy but they are friendly and helpful. The best way to start a conversation with someone born under this sign is to make it seem like you are including them in an existing conversation. They love balance and will be flattered that you went out of your way to encourage them to join in.

You can also ask their opinion about the arts, music, poetry or writing. They are interested in fairness and justice, so bring up current events. Just tread lightly on controversial topics unless you know him well.

Libras have a great eye for beauty. Talk to them about fashion and decorating. They are sensual and know the best restaurants in town. Ask for their opinion on a place to take your parents for their anniversary.


Scorpio men are often guarded. If you approach them to ask a personal question, you’ll get a rebuke in response unless you know them well. When you approach a Scorpio man for the first time, ask them about their edgy or unusual interests. They often wear jewelry or have a distinct style.

Ask what the symbol on their tattoos or jewelry signifies. You can also ask this sign for a cigarette (if you smoke) or mention looking for a good liquor store, they know the best places in town.

Scorpios are sexually charged. Bring up taboo topics but don’t pry into their personal lives. They love to talk about money and power. They also enjoy being the authority on different subjects.

You can get a Scorpio to open up if you strike up a conversation using wit and sarcasm. Tell a joke or complain about a celebrity or politician. They love criticizing people in power.


Sagittarius men are easy to talk to. You can strike up a conversation using a variety of topics. The harder part is keeping their attention. Never let a conversation drag with this sign.

Approach a Sagittarius man to talk about philosophical and spiritual subjects. Ask if he’s read a book that is making the rounds pertaining to past lives, meditation, or sociology. Talk about places you’ve traveled to or want to visit.

Ask about his travel experience or seek his opinion on the best airline to use. Sagittarius men love to explore the world and can be great storytellers. Ask open-ended questions and let him tell you all about his adventures.

You can also get his interest if you bring up a problem you’ve noticed in the community, not a personal problem. Sagittarius men love to take on social issues and are often a wealth of knowledge when it comes to problem-solving.


Capricorn men are easy to talk to. They are great listeners once you distract them from their work. They love to talk about work and money. Bring up a career issue and ask for their advice.

If you’re in the market for a new job, let a Capricorn man know. He’ll talk about his experience with job searches or with hiring people. They love to share their wisdom and expertise regarding practical matters.

You can skip the small talk with Capricorn but always approach him by asking if he has a few minutes to spare. Capricorn men are very time conscious. They don’t like to be interrupted when they are focused.

They also have excellent boundaries. Approach a Capricorn man seeking advice regarding how to deal with a difficult family situation. They love offering solutions to restore harmony.


Aquarius men are open-minded and willing to talk about anything you can think of. They can be shocking and respond well if you bring up taboo and surprising topics. Talk to them about politics, conspiracy theories, and current events.

Ask their recommendations on new technologies or cryptocurrency. They enjoy talking about futuristic things as well. Talk about ideas for inventions you wish were available. Comment on an idea for innovation to existing technology.

Men born under this sign also enjoy talking about science fiction books and movies. Mention a show you’re watching in this genre or recommend a movie or book you think he’ll like. If he’s already familiar with it, ask his opinion.

Bring up a celebrity scandal or conspiracy theory and ask his opinion on it. Let him surprise you. Aquarius men love to take conversations in directions you never expected.


Pisces men can be introverted, and women often think they’re hard to approach. This isn’t the case. The fact is, Pisces men are often in their own little world. Ask what they’re thinking about or comment that they seem lost in thought. You can easily get them to open up if you validate their feelings.

Approach Pisces men to talk about the occult and spirituality. Bring up a dream you had and ask their thoughts on interpreting it. Mention a new Tarot deck you saw and ask if they’ve heard of it.

You can also start a conversation with Pisces by talking about a band coming to town or even bringing up an astrological transit. Ask their opinion on what is happening in the sky, Pisces men are often familiar with these things.

What To Do Next?

As you can see, every sign is distinct. You don’t want to approach an Aquarius the same way you start a conversation with a Cancer man. You need to keep each sign’s unique personality in mind when you approach them.

As a Relationship Astrologer with decades of experience, I’ve helped women around the world find lasting love. Every romance starts somewhere. That initial conversation is priceless. It’s your only chance to make a first impression.

Of course, there’s more to a relationship than the first conversation, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Through my services and consultations, I help women like you build communication and attraction skills to find the man they’ve been looking for. Check my website if you are interested in learning more, and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions! 🙂

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