Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Combination

The Unpredictable And Progressive Lover

There is a special type of insight you can gauge from someone based on their Sun and Moon signs. These two planetary lights are the givers of life to our personalities and each and every one of us has our own unique code.

Being an Aries Sun and Aquarius Moon is your special trademark in the world. You are a one-of-a-kind individual. Want to know what makes you special and unique?

The Sun is what rules your ego and is in charge of your personality. It is who you are at your core. It is your consciousness and the will in which you take on the world. The Sun is your driving force and motivator. It is who you are when everything else is stripped back.

The Moon rules your innermost emotions and feelings. The way you respond to life is thanks to your Moon sign. It is the position that determines the type of habits you form and how you connect to others on a deeper level.

Knowing these two positions in your chart on anyone else’s in your life can be a gamechanger to the understanding you have of yourself or someone in your life. So, if you are interested in learning more about yourself if you are an Aries Sun and Aquarius Moon, then please keep on reading.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Combination In A Nutshell:

  • Positives: Friendly, original, unexpected, enthusiastic, progressive
  • Negatives: Selfish, dramatic, self-obsessed, detached, aloof
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who can give you the freedom and space to be yourself.

The Sun In Aries

As an Aries, there is a fieriness and ferocity to your nature that can only be described by having a ruling planet like Mars. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, but it is also the planet that governs our motivations and drives in life. So, it makes sense that you would have an incredible thirst for life.

Everything you do is bold and brave, and it usually takes a lot of courage to be such a pioneering spirit. You know how to initiate and follow your instincts to achieve your goals. There is a certain fearlessness about you; you just forge ahead. When you want something in life absolutely nothing is going to stop you from getting it.

You are a leader, and your confidence seems effortless, albeit a little naive at times. You have a fighting spirit, but it is really important that you find a positive outlet for your energy because you have the tendency to go towards aggression.

Your straightforwardness and honesty are a breath of fresh air and you never pretend to be something you are not. You have a tendency to look before you leap, so learning to be cautious can be rather beneficial in your life.

The Moon In Aquarius

Your emotions aren’t at the forefront like some other signs. In fact, you have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat detached and aloof at times. You find it kind of difficult to access your emotions and find it easier rationalizing them away.

You are super intelligent and have the ability to logically analyze your emotions and thus, try to fix the things that you perceive to be causing the problems in your environment. Whenever there is a solution, you feel like you’re on top of your emotions.

Emotionally, this can make it quite tricky for you to connect with the man you are in a relationship with – basically because you know how to think most of your troubles away. This can make it challenging for you to realize that you actually need to soften and be vulnerable.

You take care of yourself for the most part, but when you find a partner who is just as interested in partaking in humanitarian causes you might feel like you have hit the jackpot! Supporting and bettering the community at large is a really big deal to you. You want to be with a partner who is just as passionate about changing the world as you are.

You need to be able to connect with him on an intellectual level. Talking and discussing topics you are passionate about is really important for you. If you don’t feel like a man is on the same intellectual page as you, well then, he can forget it!

You’re an unconventional goddess. Most people don’t really know how to make sense of you because you are so detached and aloof! It can actually be quite hard for others to figure out whether you like them or not!

You’re passionate about a lot of things, but romantic relationships don’t always do it for you. It is more important for you to find success in supporting the world in some fun, inspiring, and innovative way.

However, having a strong friendship basis with your partner can arouse feelings that look something like passion. As long as your man gives you free rein and doesn’t try to control your eccentricities and radical nature, the two of you will do fine together.

It is imperative to your happiness that you can be yourself without judgment and not try to change who you are as a person. Autonomy and free choice are the recipes to success for you in a relationship.

What Makes An Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Combination Special?

You are totally unexpected as a person. People might think they know exactly who you are, but then you turn around and surprise them in a wonderful way. One moment you might appear to be the most selfish person on earth, but then you reveal your truly altruistic intentions and all is well once again.

It is true that you want to make your mark on the world, but you aren’t the type of person who wants to hurt others in the process. You do believe in fairness, after all.

You are an original and inventive thinker. A true pioneer and someone who can really push humanity forward with your brilliant ideas and exuberant energy. You have the spirit of a leader but also know when to follow and be part of a team.

You are someone who can recognize the big picture and think of all kinds of solutions to remedy the issue. The way you see things truly has a way of inspiring the world because your ideas usually lead to improvement.

You care deeply about social issues and know that there is something you can do to make the world a better place. It might be hard for some to swallow your ideas, but this is just because they don’t have your vision and are stuck in the past.

Your uniqueness is your talent and you should never shy away from this gift you have been given. You are a non-conformist, so don’t even try to fit in with the rest of the world because this will simply leave you feeling unhappy.

You have the slight tendency to get a bit more excited about new ideas and starting projects than actually ever finishing them. But a set routine is all you really need to counterbalance this issue.

You might resist this concept though because a life with set rules feels totally stifling to you. You need to be able to work in an environment in which you can exercise freedom and follow your own rules, otherwise, you will be incredibly unhappy. Taking initiative and following your own instinct is always going to yield the best results for yourself.

Your mind is razor-sharp and you love it when someone can challenge you intellectually. It can be hard for you to meet someone like this because you already see the world from such an odd perspective.

But when you find someone with whom you can have a healthy and stimulating rapport, it certainly electrifies you. You’re a mold-breaker, and you expect the people in your life to be involved in all kinds of exciting endeavors.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Woman

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

There is something really sexy and magnetic about you. You are a woman who turns heads with your allure. You carry a certain strength and men know not to mess with you, or else they will get into big trouble!

You aren’t someone who holds back your opinions, you simply say what you think and move on with it. You are a forward thinker and the way you see the world is often quite progressive and even at times, controversial.

Although you might seem quite open-minded, in actual fact, you are quite stubborn and attached to your ideals. When you believe in something, you believe in it full-heartedly.

You pride yourself on your independence and cannot understand why any woman would ever be okay with depending on a man to take care of her. You need to be free and with someone who understands your need for independence.

Adventure is always calling your name and you will never back down from an opportunity to experience life to the fullest. You love it when you can find something to give all your energy to with passion.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Man

There is something totally sexy about this man. He has a strength and intelligence that makes him irresistible to most women. Who doesn’t love brains and brawn?

He knows he is hot stuff and that his personality and charm are highly desirable, but this can also give him an air of arrogance and dominance that might be slightly off-putting to some. It would be good for him to learn to be a bit more humble because he just ends up pushing people away.

If you are dating a man with this Sun and Moon combination, you may experience him being quite detached and aloof. You will quickly come to realize that he has a hard time dealing with emotions and prefers to over-intellectualize them than actually deal with what he is feeling.

He has the potential to be a more compassionate person, but he will need to work really hard at opening himself up to being more vulnerable.

For all his faults, he definitely has wonderful qualities. He is totally inspiring and exciting to be around. He is incredibly loyal and doesn’t believe in hurting others. He makes a wonderful leader and his enthusiasm can often be infectious.

Although he might struggle to give up his independence, he doesn’t mind making this sacrifice for the right woman.

What Are Some Of The Weaknesses Of An Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Combination?

There is a side of you that can be quite selfish and demanding. You might see yourself as altruistic and well-intentioned, but it may just come across as totally selfish, especially if others have to make major sacrifices for your vision.

You can easily detach yourself from the world, but this means you might overlook the feelings of others and, by doing this, be rather hurtful because you over-rationalize emotions instead of allowing people to feel them.

You also tend to get quite impatient and stroppy when things don’t go your way. If you can learn to be more compassionate and understanding then you might not push so many people away.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Combination In Relationships

You get along really well with people, especially when you find yourself in a group scenario. You find a variety of people quite fascinating, but struggle to zone in on one special person.

Because of this detached way you view your relationships you might find yourself being the object of attraction to many suitors. They can’t quite figure you out and this is what makes you so fascinating.

You aren’t the most romantic person; you feel a lot more comfortable amongst your friends where you get enough intellectual stimulation with the added benefit of companionship. So, whenever you enter a relationship, it tends to be a big deal.

And those few times you actually find someone that makes you feel totally infatuated, somehow you have the knack of changing that connection into a friendship. You are the queen of friend-zoning and you should probably become more aware of that.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon In Bed

You have a really interesting approach to sex. When you’re having it, you are totally absorbed and obsessed with it. You love the highs of connecting with someone and having fun in the bedroom.

And when you aren’t having it, you don’t even think about it that much. You have a way of totally detaching yourself from your physical desires. It is certainly an on and off button for you.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Career

You are a revolutionary and whatever you do seems to change the world for the better. You have great ideas and the way you see things is rather profound and forward-thinking.

You thrive when you get to be your own boss and make your own rules. A world of freelance is best suited to your desires for freedom in your lifestyle. You are a bit of a maverick and will certainly find a way to carry the world forward with your progressive ideas about the world.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Money

You are quite detached when it comes to money. It really isn’t something that motivates you in life. All you truly care about is your ideas and how you can implement your progressive ideas to make the world a better place.

Of course, you appreciate the freedom that money can afford you, but other than that, you have no real interest in it and probably wish you could live in a world where it wasn’t necessary to have.

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Friendships

Your friendships and social contracts are exceptionally important to you. You love getting to know people and connecting with them on a deeper level. You find people totally fascinating and love learning about their quirks.

However, there are times when you tend to be quite selfish and motivated by your own self-interest that you end up pushing so many potential friendships away with your strong opinions and stubbornness to change.

But it is easy for you to engage with others especially when you turn on the wit and the charm you have inside of you. You just need to remember that you aren’t the only person who exists in the world!

Aries Sun And Aquarius Moon Celebrities

Innovative and inspiring Victoria Beckham happens to have this Sun and Moon combination. This woman certainly has ambition and incredible ideas. She has reinvented herself so many times over the decades, and here she is still going strong.

One can hardly believe she was once such a big pop icon, but now she is running a successful fashion and makeup brand. This woman is certainly forward-thinking and knows how to get what she deserves!

Wrapping Up

I hope there is something you have learned about yourself or someone you love in this article. You are so special and unique, don’t forget that! Knowing who you are can make the biggest difference in you finding the right person for you to be in a relationship with.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your love life? Then why not book a VIP consultation with me? I know you won’t regret it!

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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