How He Shows He Is In Love Based On His Zodiac Sign

Are you in a relationship with a new guy and you aren’t really sure how he potentially shows how he feels? Here is a bit of information for you to help you figure out how each man potentially shows a woman he’s falling for her.

How An Aries Man Shows His Love

The Aries man is a very strong guy and it can be hard to read his feelings. He doesn’t like to show everyone what is going on inside of him. He’s too tough to let most people in.

Once he starts to fall in love though; he starts to open up and share with you his feelings on things. It may take him a bit of time to completely open up but he’ll continue to let things squeeze out one by one.

He will become very protective of you and want to keep you safe at all costs. Rather than tell you he loves you; he’s one that will rather show you. There is value in you seeing it than hearing it.

If you feel you need to hear it; you can discuss it with him. However; if you can go without hearing it; he’ll show you plenty. Read more about him in the Aries Man Secrets.

How A Taurus Man Shows His Love

Taurus zodiac sign

This is another guy that is rather tough and will take his time in choosing the right partner. He too; doesn’t like to speak up much. He’d rather give you the proof of what he feels deep inside.

He’ll do this by taking care of you, fixing your car, checking up on you to make sure your bills are paid, and being there when you need advice. He wants to show you that he’s there for you.

By doing this, he is letting you know that his care for you runs deep. He will prove to you that he makes a very stable relationship if you are interested. If you’ve been dating for awhile; you’ll notice the subtle ways he shows affection.

Taurus men are hearty and will be the rock you need in times of happiness, struggle, sadness, or whatever else you may go through. Check out more in the Taurus Man Secrets.

How A Gemini Man Shows His Love

If a Gemini man starts falling in love with you; he’ll start bringing gifts, his affection will increase, and he’ll talk to you a lot. Not just about mundane things but things that are important to him.

He basically lets you in more. He isn’t good at hiding his feelings so he’ll likely tell you when he’s falling for you. He may also straight out say “I love you”. He will probably spend more time with you as well.

When Gemini men figure out that the woman they are with is the one they want to marry; they won’t hold back. They will go ahead and take the plunge and ask. He’s slow to begin a relationship but once he gets into it; he’s “all in”.

The Gemini man is an interesting one. If you’d like to know more about him; you may want to read the “Gemini Man Secrets”.

How A Cancer Man Shows His Love

Cancer zodiac sign

This guy is very sensitive and caring. When he feels that he’s found the right person; he’ll absolutely show it and say it. He wants to find the ultimate partner that will be a great wife and mother to his future children.

He will adorn you with everything he can afford. Anything you want; he’ll do whatever he can to make it happen. It’s highly probable that he will actually tell you what he is feeling and when.

He only stays partially in his shell when he’s afraid. Once he’s confident that he’s got the partner that will fulfill his desires; he doesn’t hold back.

He may say things like “I love this about you” or “I adore when you do this”. These are just a couple of things they can possibly say that are leading up to the big three words that you’re looking for.

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How A Leo Man Shows His Love

This guy likes to be the center of attention and take the lead whenever possible. He’ll likely want to be the one to say the three words first. How can you tell he’s even feeling that?

Well, he’ll want to spend more time with you, have more sex, and generally be closer to each other. He’ll want to take you on trips, adventures, and drag you to all his social events.

He’ll also be ready to take you home to meet his family. Leo isn’t one to hide how he’s feeling from the woman he loves unless she’s not showing signs that she’s feeling the same way.

So if you are ready for him to say it; you may want to show him how YOU feel so that he knows for sure that it’s a good time to go ahead and let it out. He’ll tell you when he’s ready.

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How A Virgo Man Shows His Love

Virgo zodiac sign

This guy is a bit complicated because he’s so picky. However; if he’s really into you or falling for you then he will absolutely pay more attention to you. He will give you more affection and treat you well.

He’ll take you to more romantic places to try to swoon you. He will want to give you the moon if he can. You’ll feel like a princess by the way he treats you. He may send you cards, chocolates, or whatever you love.

He will do whatever he needs to in order to ensure that your relationship becomes more serious. That also means he’ll want to talk to you about being exclusive or taking the next step.

This man can also become protective in order to keep you safe. He wants to be the man in the relationship. To figure more out about him, you should check out the Virgo Man Secrets.

How A Libra Man Shows His Love

The Libra man is a little hard to read. He’s very slow to get into a relationship and when he does; he remains careful. It will take him a good long while before he feels comfortable enough to tell you he loves you.

He will tell you though when he feels the time is right. He will call you more, text you more, take you out to eat at nice places and increase his dating pattern. He will give you more of his time.

When he starts to give you more of his time; it means he’s into you enough to become more serious or he’s successfully falling for you. He will look at you in such a way that you’ll just FEEL his heart.

He doesn’t say it often in his life but once he falls, he is for sure that he is in love and will just verbally let it out to you. By clicking here you’ll learn much more about your Libra man.

How A Scorpio Man Shows His Love

Scorpio zodiac sign

This man is very sensitive and steamy. He’s one to be physical and involved rather quickly. So when he falls in love; he will feel that much more deeply. He’ll show you his sensitivity more often.

He will want to spend much more time with you. He’ll want to meet his family and close friends. In fact; when he falls in love, he will want you to be part of his family. As he sees it, you ARE family.

The Scorpio man will also become jealous and possessive when he’s in love. He feels that you belong to him and how dare anyone else flirts with you. Even if you don’t flirt back; he’ll still be unhappy about it.

Learn more about the Scorpio’s fiery habits; take a look at the “Scorpio Man Secrets”. It never hurts to know where you’re at in his heart and where you may be going.

How A Sagittarius Man Shows His Love

When a Sagittarius man is in love; he is transparent. He will absolutely act like a school kid that just got handed a bucket of candy. He will treat you as though you are his world.

He will temporarily put off trips and adventures to try to build a life with you. He may still do some of both but he’ll also cancel some in order to spend time with you. That’s how he shows love.

He absolutely has no trouble telling you how he feels verbally. He’ll pick the right moment and just say it. Otherwise; he smiles at you all the time, laughs, makes you laugh, and just seems extremely happy.

His life focus will be more about you and less about his career, adventures, and conquering the world. So if you aren’t sure, these hints should give you a good idea if he’s in love with you. Find out more about your Sagittarius man by clicking here.

How A Capricorn Man Shows His Love

Capricorn zodiac sign

Typically the Capricorn man comes off as emotionless or cold. He does that to prevent himself from being hurt. When he falls in love with someone; he begins to let the walls come down.

Little by little, you’ll actually see him open up and talk to you about his inner feelings. He’ll share with you what he feels and what type of future he sees with you.

He will always be there for you when you need him. He’s solid as a rock to the woman he loves. Whatever you need; he’ll be there to help you with it. He may not be very emotional but he will take care of you.

If he asks you to move in; this may be his way of telling you he loves you. Otherwise, he may actually come out and tell you when he feels it. It just may take him awhile.

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How An Aquarius Man Shows His Love

This guy is super independent. So if he starts to give you more of his time and attention; he’s falling for you. He takes a long time to get started in a relationship because he doesn’t want to give up his personal freedom.

When he’s in love; he won’t hesitate to give you his time, affection, and care. He is a humanitarian so he will for sure show you and tell you how he feels. He isn’t likely to withhold the information from you for a long time.

If he calls you more, texts you more, or makes plans with you more; he’s falling for you for sure. No one but family, friends, and the woman he loves can have this type of attention.

The Aquarius man will make it very obvious how he feels for you. It may take him a bit but just be patient. For more information about him, take a look at Aquarius Man Secrets.

How A Pisces Man Shows His Love

Pisces zodiac sign

The dreamy man of the zodiac will be more romantic than he normally is when he’s in love. He will include you in his dreams and aspirations in life. He’ll also become self-sacrificing.

He wants to make you happy and that will ultimately make him happy. He’s likely to put you up on a pedestal. This man will be proud of his lady love and will want to show her off to the world.

Sure he’s fantastic in bed but when he’s in love; he’ll show you that much more care and attention. Remember, giving you all that you desire is his goal in life for the most part.

Pisces men are optimistic about what love can be. It’ll be up to you to make sure it stays that way. If you hurt him; it may mess up his view on what true love it and can be. Be careful!

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