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What Type Of Woman He Wants To Marry Based On His Sign

Are you his type of woman? Does he like you enough to eventually ask you to marry him? Believe it or not, this depends a lot on his zodiac sign. Read on to find out what type of woman he wants to marry based on his sign.

Who An Aries Man Wants To Marry

It takes a long time for an Aries man to commit. It will probably take a bit longer before he decides he is ready to marry. He’s looking for a specific type of woman and he wants to be sure that who he chooses will live up to it.

He has a rather romantic view of the wife he’d like. She has to be good looking, kind, intelligent, and high moral standards. This is something important to remember if you’re trying to capture an Aries’ heart.

He has no problem hopping into bed with a sultry goddess. However; when he wants to settle down; he’ll likely want the woman who is in no hurry at all to dive into sex. It may seem like a double standard but he’s specific in what he wants.

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Who A Taurus Man Wants To Marry

Taurus zodiac sign

The Taurus man will hold out and take his time to make sure that the woman he chooses to be with will be stable and dependable. He will take a while to form a serious relationship.

This also means he’ll take awhile before he actually decides to marry his lady love. You will absolutely have to bend over backward to prove to him that you’re not going to up and leave him at any point.

As odd as it may sound; he also wants the relationship/marriage to look good on the surface for other people. He cares what other people think as far as what they see when they look at you two.

At home, he wants to be comfortable, drama free and fed a delicious dinner. You may want to learn to cook if you don’t know how. Check out other things that make him want to marry you in the “Taurus Man Secrets”.

Who A Gemini Man Wants To Marry

The Gemini man seeks lots of freedom and wants to experience excitement in his life. He’s very slow to commit in the first place because he likes keeping his options open and maintaining freedom.

If he does manage to commit to someone; he’ll expect them to provide him with a stream of excitement within the partnership. He’ll also want the partner to give him time to spend doing his own thing.

As a wife, he’ll want you to understand that he has mood swings and that at times; he can seem a bit indecisive or flaky. Boredom is intolerable to you need to keep things interesting.

He wants a wife that will give him the trust he wants. Even if he makes eyes with the waitress; he’s not going to bed with her. He wants you and chose you. Learn more about this complicated guy in my “Gemini Man Secrets”.

Who A Cancer Man Wants To Marry

Cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer man can go either way. He can either dive quickly into a relationship if he thinks you’re the one or he’ll want to take his time and let things cultivate.

If there was any sign that is highly marriageable it is this guy. Though he may have some flings and fun; he is ultimately still always on the lookout for his Queen that he can marry and have children with.

What you may not know is that he actually wants to be taken care of. He loves to take care of his lady love and his children but he secretly wants to also have tender loving care. He wants a wife that can intuitively pick up on that and lift him up.

He will always be analyzing and watching to see what you will do in any situation to see how you will hand it on a caring level.

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Who A Leo Man Wants To Marry

The Leo man is typically very confident in himself. However; he still seeks approval and adoration from others. He expects this in anyone he dates and especially when he becomes more committed.

If you manage to secure this guy and want to marry him; he will expect that you respect his sense of ego and be there to reassure him whenever he feels that he needs it. Watch him and you’ll know.

He wants a wife that will always show him that she’s there for him no matter what hard times they may go through. He seeks stability and support from his wife/partner.

He believes that he is the King in the marriage and if you want to keep the peace; you’ll try not to argue with his ideas or goals. He wants a Queen, not an argumentative girlfriend. He needs a woman that will allow him to have the lead.

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Who A Virgo Man Wants To Marry

Virgo zodiac sign

The Virgo man seeks out the perfect woman. We all know there is no such thing but he’s looking for her anyway. He thinks that he is perfection and so he is looking for a woman who will match him.

If you’ve managed to get a Virgo in a serious relationship and are wondering what he’s looking for in a wife; the first thing to remember is tidiness and keeping herself nice and neat.

He absolutely cannot stand a slob and will not tolerate laziness. He’s a man that is driven by success and expects his wife to be the same way. He wants a woman who will cut him some slack when he becomes a bit too critical or picky.

Since he tends to be high anxiety; he’ll want a wife that knows how to keep him calm and reassure him that everything will be alright. Learn more about this guy via the “Virgo Man Secrets”.

Who A Libra Man Wants To Marry

The Libra man is another slow mover but mostly because he’s indecisive. He takes his time making choices and this includes relationships. He’ll date a woman for quite a while before he’ll take it up to the next level.

If she is able to get a serious commitment out of him; she can expect to wait awhile before he feels sure and comfortable enough to want to marry her. Even then; he’ll still be careful.

He will want a woman that isn’t going to push him into making a decision before he’s actually ready. This causes stress and drama that he won’t like at all. If you push; he may make the wrong choice.

This guy is a very nice man. So he needs a woman who will respect him and not take advantage of his kindness. He has a tendency to allow people to take too much from him. Learn more about your Libra man by clicking here.

Who A Scorpio Man Wants To Marry

Scorpio zodiac sign

The Scorpio takes commitment very seriously. Whether he got into a relationship quickly or if he took his time to make certain; he stands by his commitment and expects his lady to do the same for him.

The woman he marries will have to first prove to him that she’s going to be loyal and stick around for him whether times are fantastic or they’re awful. Sticking together through thick and thin is imperative for him.

He won’t want his woman to be a pushover so if she feels something is wrong or doesn’t agree with him; he wants her to stand up for herself. He isn’t into “doormat” types of women.

Just be careful when you do stand up for yourself with him though. Disagreeing and proving a point is Ok but if you’re doing it just to be disagreeable or embarrass him; it won’t work. Check out more in the “Scorpio Man Secrets” guide.

Who A Sagittarius Man Wants To Marry

The Sagittarius man is big on justice and standing up for those with no voice. He is humanitarian and really wants to make sure things in life are fair and that people are treated well.

He will seek this out in the partner he plans to settle down with as well. He isn’t into lying and he certainly doesn’t like people who do lie. Tell him the truth; always. If you plan to marry him; your integrity will have to be in place for the best.

Try not to be too emotionally needy. The wife of a Sagittarius man will need to be independent and spend healthy time with her husband and healthy time with herself or others.

While he’ll want his wife to go on adventures with him sometimes; he’ll also want to still do some things by himself. His wife will need to be accepting of this and give him encouragement. Learn more about your Sagittarius man by clicking here.

Who A Capricorn Man Wants To Marry

Capricorn zodiac sign

The Capricorn man is quite particular and he’s also a caretaker to his family or woman he loves. He’s stable, loyal, and will do what he has to in order to make sure that his wife and/or kids have everything they need.

He’s a driven man who always tries to achieve success. He may want to work a bit too much at times so he’ll require a wife that will either let him know when it’s too much or allow him space and time to do what he feels he needs to.

This will show him support and by knowing that his wife is there for him through his pursuit of success will make him feel very supported and loved. He also wants to be respected as a provider.

He also wants a woman who will keep herself tidy as well as the home and/or children in the future. He’s a bit particular when it comes to cleanliness. If you want to find out more about your Capricorn man, then you need to read my new book called Capricorn Man Secrets.

Who An Aquarius Man Wants To Marry

The Aquarius guy is another one that seeks personal freedom while having a commitment. He knows that may be hard to achieve and so he’ll sacrifice relationships in order to keep his freedom.

He will take his time and make absolutely certain that the person he’s giving up his freedom for is worth it. If a lady has managed to secure this guy; she’ll need to make sure to keep things exciting for him.

As a wife; she will need to be sure that life between her and her Aquarius man never gets boring. She’ll also allow him to have free time when he feels he needs to be alone.

He also prefers that his wife not be needy or clingy. This would make him feel tied down or closed in. Neither of these options will keep him long term. Take a look at more regarding this guy in “Aquarius Man Secrets”.

Who A Pisces Man Wants To Marry

Pisces zodiac sign

This is one of the nicest men of the zodiac. He’s also very sensitive and sometimes gets used by people who want to take advantage of everything he can do for them. He wants a partner that will see his value and give him respect.

He wants to be treated the way he would treat his lady. Be careful with confrontation as he seems to not deal well with this. If you make him feel pressured; he cracks.

If he cracks; he’ll leave. He is aware that he has some quirks and can sometimes be hard to deal with emotionally. He needs a wife that will understand this about him and be accepting and loving.

He seeks a loving touch and respect for life with him. He’ll make a wonderful husband and father to future children. He wants a love that will last the test of time.

All of these men have a capability of being good husbands. Some are better at it than others but any have potential. If you want to know more… get your Free copy of my Zodiac Seduction Cheat Sheet below.

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