April 2022 Full Moon – How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

Hello darlings, and happy Full Moon! This year, the April Pink Moon is full of energy, both supportive and potentially disruptive to our lives. If you’re a veteran of my site though, you know that half the battle is knowing what to expect and prepare for. So, when we talk about the energy behind high energy transits like this Full Moon, it’s with the thought “knowledge is power” in mind.

This month, April 2022, is seeing a Full Moon in the sign of Libra, represented by the scales. Libra is obviously the sign most concerned with finding balance in the Zodiac.

Understanding any Full Moon takes understanding the nature of the Full Moon as a transit and the sign that the Full Moon is in – in this case, Libra.

The Full Moon is a culmination of energy. It’s the combined efforts of two different cycles: the last New Moon in Libra (about six months ago) and the last New Moon period (which was in Aries on April 1st, 2022).

Any manifestations or projects that you began six months ago are now coming to full bloom. If you and someone else began to show interest in one another six months ago, for example, now the two of you may be ready to make the bond official.

If you had thoughts about beginning a project or otherwise taking initiative at the beginning of this month, you may see elements begin to fall into place around you by the time the Full Moon in Libra swings by.

The Full Moon is an ideal time for making progress or finishing up on projects and relationships that have already begun. For example, if you recently expressed to someone that you’re crushing on them or vice versa, the Full Moon can be an ideal time to go on your first date.

The Full Moon in Libra emphasizes harmony and cooperation above all else. Libra is a sign typically associated with partnership, so yes, this Full Moon can have clear relations to your own relationship or can impact any prospective relationships.

The Full Moon, as stated, represents things coming to completion or taking a step from initiating action to making further progress on it.

This Full Moon can symbolize a period where you’re seeing profound growth and change within a relationship of some variety. For many signs, this means a romantic partnership, but keep in mind that Libra can represent two parties who are opposed to one another, meaning that conflict actually can arise.

This normally peaceful Full Moon is complicated by a square to Pluto at the same time. Pluto represents a breakdown of the old systems and ways of being into something new. Destruction is necessary to embrace the energies you’re meant to be done with in order to grow the energies you need more of. Of course, that doesn’t mean that this transit is painless though!

This alignment can indicate drama, underhandedness, manipulation, and gaslighting within partnerships, either from you to another or another to you. It can also simply mean an event takes place or comes to light that changes the context of a relationship. This will affect some signs in a more pronounced way than others.

Now, there is also helpful energy at play, so don’t panic. The Full Moon is also forming a trine to Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn isn’t typically considered soft energy, and this is no exception. However, a trine from the Moon to Saturn can make it easy to assimilate your authority and channel it to where it needs to go.

So, if someone in your life is indeed pulling underhanded tactics to influence you, the energy of the Moon and Saturn combined gives you a chance to call out the bullshit of someone else and to make an executive decision about what needs to be done next.

If tension has been building for a couple of weeks within a relationship, you can expect that tension to be broken. This could be from a mature airing of feelings or someone’s internal bubble exploding all over another. The key is how you handle this energy.

Let’s get into how this unique combination of energies is likely to affect you, your partner, and others in your life. Find your sign below to get a taste of what all of this means for you.


Aries, if you’re in a romantic partnership then hunker down and hold on for dear life, because this transit could affect the two of you in pronounced and notable ways. Libra falls into the house of partnerships, the house it’s most commonly associated with. This means that the emphasis I introduced initially is amplified.

Your partner could well be triggering childhood traumas for you during this time. Many Aries were raised in households full of conflict which is why they sometimes react defensively to others. Your partner’s actions could bring up old fears and reactions, which can be like shaking up a bottle of soda until it bursts.

The Full Moon in Libra can also be a culmination of love within a relationship. You may be more selfless and willing to compromise with others than usual. You and your partner can actually lean into more mature and dedicated energy with the help of Saturn. And if your partner is simply too much for you to handle right now, friendships will be your anchor through this period.


Taurus, Libra lands within your house of work, and so a Full Moon in this sign will affect you most strongly on the job and when taking care of your body as well as when you’re doing chores and keeping things spic and span. Depending on your profession, this Full Moon can have serious impacts. If you work one on one with others, you’ll feel it dramatically.

If a project at work has been putting pressure on you, you’ll feel a break in pressure around this time. As well, if you’ve been stressed, either your fears come true or they are relieved. Workplace drama can indeed run rampant during this time as well.

Injury while working could be a possibility. Try taking it easy at the gym. You’ve got nothing to prove, so don’t push the limits right now lest your body rebel against you. Make sure you keep any and all health appointments. You may experience stomach issues around this time.


Gemini, this transit is a bit easier for you than a lot of other signs this week. This is because the Full Moon in the fifth house takes the edge off of any negative effects, but if you have children then you could still feel the effects robustly. Your kids may be having a meltdown or two or perhaps you have a meltdown as a result of your kids.

The influence of Pluto on the Full Moon in Libra in your fifth house could easily indicate rather intense sexual flings. I’d ensure that you’re using ample protection if you’re hooking up with someone because Pluto in this position could indicate an unwanted pregnancy.

If you’re in an established relationship then this transit gets less dramatic. You and your partner could find yourself rekindling your old passion for one another. Scheduling a date around this time could have some profoundly positive effects on your relationship.


Cancer, the Moon is your ruler, so any Full Moon is always going to be obvious within your life unless it’s in an especially innocuous position. Well, this one is in an especially sensitive spot within your chart, the fourth house of home and family, which happen to be themes close to your own heart.

These transits can make you feel like you must suffer in silence. You have a lot of deep emotions that are related to things from your past, and as such, you’re reliving and magnifying these feelings through this Full Moon. Unpleasant past experiences can show their ugly faces due to the harsh relationship with Pluto.

You and your partner could actually be moving in together or talking about it around this time. A positive trine from your ruler to Saturn is an indicator of solidifying bonds in the realm of the home and family. While I don’t think I’d recommend meeting a partner’s family or vice versa, it is an ideal time to think about setting down roots together.


Leo, the Full Moon is opposing your own chart ruler, the Sun (which is the definition of a Full Moon). This means that you could feel like the events going on right now are totally incompatible with your ability to handle the events. As a result, your inner tension and mental anxiety could be through the roof.

Your thoughts could well feel like your worst enemy right now. You’d very much like to feel free and like you are not held down by anything, but your mind is keeping you on lockdown and maybe you’re paralyzed by your own anxieties. Pluto and the Moon will do that to you when they get together!

You could also find this to be a time when your chronic anxiety presents enough for you to feel motivated to take action. Sometimes it takes a strong trigger to make necessary changes, but this is a new opportunity to take control of your life and no longer be beholden to others for your mental stability.


Virgo, the Full Moon in Libra falls within your second house of resources, and this can affect your inherent sense of stability when it comes to paying bills, keeping up with home/car repairs, and generally any exchange of money. This can be a sensitive transit if you’ve already been struggling with paying bills.

Your partner could either be a help or a hindrance to your financial situation right now. Your partnership could be straining under the weight of financial burden, and this transit activates a solution or resolution to the financial problems. Pluto can represent the debt and wealth of another, so you may end up receiving a loan that you’re expected to pay back.

This could also be a transit that has you and your partner taking back control of your financial health. Deferring to the advice of someone more experienced can be a way to get on track financially. Feeling in control of your finances could become easier after the energy of Pluto breaks the tension surrounding this Full Moon.


Libra, this transit is especially sensitive for you since this Full Moon is in your own sign. The Full Moon here indicates that your partnership or sense of partnership has been a growing concern or focus for you. You could find that parts of yourself are incompatible with your idea of partnership as it has existed.

Two weeks ago, you might have felt a hint of upset with your partner, and this Full Moon has given you no choice but to unpack all that you’ve been holding in. You’re nonconfrontational by nature, but even you have your breaking point. If your partner or someone close to you has been pushing your buttons, then you may overflow with any obscured emotions within you.

This is a period to take authority over your life in general. You’re capable of easily asserting yourself emotionally. You may find yourself taking responsibility for emotions that you weren’t able to contain in a way that you wanted around this time as well.


Scorpio, this transit manifests within a water house, meaning that for you, emotions are running deep. The Full Moon sheds light on the themes of wherever it is, so for you, this could mean a new awareness of things that you’ve hidden or brushed under the rug. This can lead to some harsh realizations about what’s been hiding in the shadows waiting to be addressed.

Bringing up things that aren’t easy to speak about is difficult. A breakdown of your emotional views can be present during this time. Scorpio, you’re used to being the Phoenix of the Zodiac, rising from the ashes multiple times over your life. While a simple Full Moon doesn’t have to mean a full resurrection, it can indeed assist you in retiring old ways of processing emotion.

Taking control of that which you’ve been ignoring is key right now. Relationships in general can elicit heavy emotions. Letting go of people who no longer serve you might be a theme of this transit.


Sagittarius, you’re one sign who will skate through this transit a bit more easily than others. This is due to the Moon’s location within your house of friendship and gifts received. This represents light shed upon blessings in your life and a welcoming of new blessings.

This is a house of friends, so if there has been any tension within the friend group, it could be released naturally or by taking care of the feeling head-on through a confrontation of some kind. This ultimately still manifests in a positive way due to the nature of the house being so positive.

Sagittarius, you can expect something that feels like a gift to come your way, though it may be rather transformative in nature. This means it may not be comfortable, but ultimately it could benefit you in tangible ways to take the plunge.


Capricorn, the Full Moon in Libra falls within your house of career, publicity, and accomplishment. When this happens, it’s a time when you’re being seen by others. Perhaps your relationship with someone is finally going public or a business deal of some kind is benefiting you even more than you’d previously imagined.

As a result, this can obviously put some eyes on you and whether that’s good or bad depends on what it is they’re looking at you for. A breakdown of your old reputation could be in play. What you believed others knew you for could effectively be broken down into a whole new way of being understood by others in the world.

Capricorn, you could also take control of the narrative about your life, since your planetary ruler is making a positive trine to this Full Moon, which represents becoming aware of how you can incorporate emotions regarding partnerships and how you’d like to be perceived.


Aquarius, the Full Moon in Libra is generally positive for you since this lands in a house of good fortune, expansion, and luck. The Full Moon is shedding light upon your house of travel and philosophy, so the question is, what are you willing to learn? The way this transit goes is dependent upon your answer to that question.

The Full Moon in Libra is likely awakening a part of you that wants to explore. Perhaps the influence of Pluto has you burning down ties to places that once held you down. So, instead of finding a home where you’re at, you could find one someplace else.

The fact that Saturn is forming a positive trine to the Moon enables you to use your emotions to guide you to ideas, places, and people that vibe better with who you are. As a result, you’re more likely to find joy in places that you didn’t expect.


Pisces, the Full Moon in Libra lands within your house of secrets, taboo, and renewal. The Full Moon here will shed light on that which was being hidden from you, or you could spill the beans on something that you would have preferred to keep private.

Pluto forming a square to the Moon here could mean an intense psychological shift. You could find that baggage that has been holding you down has suddenly evaporated away. This can easily be a period of high stress if you’re not prepared for old ways of existing to be taken away from you in some sense of the word.

This transit could assist you in owning up to secrets that you’ve kept from others. But the good thing is, taking responsibility for that which you haven’t been forthcoming about is likely going to go smoothly overall. Saturn’s involvement means that being responsible here is likely to be rewarded.

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, the nature of this Full Moon could get a bit intense as you may have gleaned! Luckily, the movements of the Moon are speedy by nature. These effects manifest in about a day and move along. The ripple effects could linger, but the intensity of the moment is just that…momentary.

If you read the description for your sign and are biting your nails to nubs now, I encourage you not to fret too much. Not only do I know that you’re a bad babe who is going to move through this transit like the boss you are, but I can also offer assistance in a couple of different ways.

Being given a helping hand to understand transits like these is so important in my opinion. Man, how I wish someone would have been there for me when I was just sorting through transits like these!

To pay it forward, I offer one on one meetings with readers who sign up right here. This is to help clarify energy and to parse out exactly how this Full Moon sits in your own chart.

But if you’re seeking to understand these transits on your own to the best of your understanding, then I have a resource for you as well.

I’ve been tracking the movements of the Moon and studying the works of other talented Astrologers for long enough that I have compiled what I’ve come across all in one place.

In my Moon guide, you can read about the meaning of the placements of the Moon and what it means for your own sign, and how it could manifest within your life. I highly encourage anyone with a curiosity about this subject to take a peek!

>> Full Moon Guide: How To Manifest Your Goals And Aspirations

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Oh no! You don’t suggest meeting a Cancers family tomorrow and guess what I’m supposed to do ! Meet 2 of his 3 kids! I was already anxious about it!

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Each situation is unique honey. If he wants you to meet his family then go ahead and do it. It might be a good thing for you two. Horoscopes resonate with some where it doesn’t with others. Your Moon plays a role too so you should look at your Moon sign to factor things in. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  2. Hi Anna…I always enjoy reading your emails, thank you! I would have to disagree with what you said about an Aries growing up in a home of conflict. Fortunately, that was not the case for me. I have tried in the past to have a one-on-one session with you but received an email from one of your assistants that you are no longer doing this service. I will continue looking forward to your emails!

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