The Best Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend (Based On His Sign)

If you want to impress the man in your life on a holiday, birthday, or special occasion, get him a gift based on his Astrological sign. If you’ve ever given your man a gift only to have him seem less-than-impressed, you know how important this can be. You don’t want to risk ending up in that awkward moment when he thanks you, but looks like he can’t wait to get home and hide the gift he just received. My clients often ask me if taking his Astrological sign into consideration when buying him a gift helps pick the best present, and I can safely say that considering his Astrological sign will save you from those awkward moments of disappointment. Continue reading if you want to find out how to pick the best possible gift for your special man! 


Aries men are active, assertive, and ambitious. They love to show off their strength and challenge themselves. Ideal gifts for Aries are gifts that help him stay in shape. New hiking shoes or workout gear are ideal for Aries.

Men born under this sign also love to show their individuality. Any gift you give to Aries will impress him even more if it is personalized in some way.


Taurus men are all about luxury and comfort. They need to feel pampered. Ideal gifts for Taurus men include gift certificates for a massage, shaving kits, works of art, and gifts that make him feel physically comfortable. Gifts like cozy sweaters or other clothing that is practical and comfortable.

Taurus men also enjoy a good meal and often indulge in their favorite beverages. Make a good impression by treating him to organic meals or gift certificates to his favorite restaurant or high-end grocery store. His favorite wine is also a good gift for Taurus men.


Gemini men are clever and witty. They love to learn new things. Ideal gifts for a Gemini man include books in almost any genre but especially books that teach him something. He will also enjoy books or programs that teach him to speak different languages.

Gemini men are also into pop culture and trivia, so games or collector’s items that feature their favorite bands, shows, movies, and so forth will impress a Gemini man. They also love to learn so you can surprise a Gemini man by enrolling him in a class or online course on a subject he’s interested in as a gift for men born under this sign.


If your boyfriend is a Cancer man, there are so many ways to find a gift that will melt his heart. Cancer men are focused on family and they’re also homebodies. They’re affectionate, sensitive, and loving. Cancer guys truly appreciate gifts that come from the heart and help him feel comfortable.

Ideal gifts for a Cancer man include sentimental decorations that he can display in his home. Anything that makes him feel comfortable at home or reminds him of his family is great for a Cancer man. They also usually enjoy being in or near water, so tickets to a water park, gifts that make them think of the ocean, or beach gear work well. Always family conscious, you can win his heart by giving him a gift he can enjoy with his family as well.


Leo men are proud, courageous, bold, and dramatic. They love to feel appreciated. Give Leo a gift that shows him you understand him as an individual. Some ideal gift ideas for Leo include tickets to the theater to see his favorite musical or performance. Leo also enjoys gifts that make him feel like a King.

Treat him to a dinner out at his favorite place. Give him gifts that make him feel pampered. Organic foods, gourmet chocolates, and jewelry are examples of this. Anything customized with his name, initials, sign, or otherwise tailored to reflect his unique personality are ideal as well.


Virgo men are practical and efficient. They love gifts that have a useful purpose. Gifts that help him keep things organized and clean are ideal. They also love gifts that inspire healthy lifestyles as this is one of their interests.

Virgo men love schedule books, planners, and even organizing totes for their cars. Anything that helps them keep their spaces clean, neat, and orderly is ideal for Virgo men. They also love cooking and gardening gadgets that help them become more efficient.


Libra men are sensitive, artistic, charming, and sweet. Ideal gifts for men born under this sign include tickets to concerts and performances he enjoys. He’ll also love works of art, especially pieces created by indie artists. This helps him enjoy art while also giving indie artists a fair chance in the marketplace.

Libra men also enjoy gifts related to literature. His favorite books or collectible books by literary greats make a good gift for Libra men.


Scorpio men are intense, powerful, and mysterious. If you want to impress a Scorpio man, give him a gift that speaks to his interests in the occult and taboo. A personalized flask, utility pocketknife, or jewelry with esoteric symbols appeal to him.

He also enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries, so tickets to a murder-mystery dinner theater production speak to his interests. He may enjoy books related to conspiracy theories and mysterious events as well.


Men born under this sign are jovial and philosophical. They love to travel and learn about different cultures. Ideal gifts include gear that makes travel more comfortable like luggage. He’ll also enjoy the gift of travel, tickets for a weekend bus trip, plane fare to an exciting place, and so forth.

He also enjoys gifts that help him learn about new places and cultures, so books about history, philosophy, cultural studies, and religion appeal to him. Sagittarius men are concerned with justice and fairness, so avoid gifts that appropriate or exploit different cultures.


Capricorn men are practical and traditional. Ideal gifts for men born under this sign include gifts related to history and their heritage. A framed family crest, subscription to a genealogy service, or books or movies about historic events are ideal.

Capricorn men are also serious about business and career. Gifts that help him succeed in his career are always appreciated. He’ll enjoy books that inspire him to win in his career or grow his business.


Men born under the sign of Aquarius are eccentric and shocking. They love to be different and want to stand out from the crowd. Men born under this sign love gifts that involve new technologies and cutting-edge trends. Gifts such as new technological devices or subscriptions to apps that help him explore his many interests are appreciated. He’ll also enjoy 3D printers or supplies, or even a drone.

Innovative Aquarius guys also enjoy gifts that encourage them to explore their unusual ideas. Books or documentaries related to his esoteric interests and unconventional spiritual or occult interests will also work for him.


Pisces men are artistic, sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive. Their ideal gifts include books or films about the psychic phenomenon. He’ll also appreciate a gift certificate to visit a psychic. Gifts that help him develop his own psychic abilities appeal to him as well.

Your Pisces guy may also enjoy art supplies or subscriptions to sheet music websites if he is a musician. With a Pisces man, you can’t go wrong with a gift you make for him because he appreciates the sentiment and personal touch.

Now that you understand the ideal gift for your man based on his sign, don’t go for the cookie-cutter trends. Personalize your special gift for the guy in your life based on his astrological nature. Feel free to let me know how he liked his gift in the comments below. 

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