The Ultimate Guide To Aries Woman Sexuality

Hello, my feisty Aries goddess! Being an Aries woman is an amazing blessing to be. You’re definitely a firecracker and know exactly what you want out of life, and absolutely no one is going to stop you from getting what you want!

And this is especially true in the bedroom. You are one of the Zodiac’s most enthusiastic about sex, and you love to have a lot of it. There is a lot of energy coursing through your body and one of the best ways to release it is through your sexuality.

You’re extremely enthusiastic in the bedroom and you love to explore your sexuality beneath the sheets. You are quite open-minded when it comes to sex and you are keen to try anything new – you simply love novelty when it comes to your bedroom antics, this increases your excitement.

These are just some of the things I would describe your sexuality as, so if you’re looking to understand yourself and your sexuality better then continue reading to find out more. Your desires in the bedroom need to be acknowledged!

What Does An Aries Woman Like In The Bedroom?

Passion! Everything about your sexuality is about passion. If there is no passion then you simply get bored. You need that fire and that energy to really get you going. You’re definitely not someone who likes to wait for sex, when you want it, you want it now!

And when you get into the bedroom you like there to be a lot of fireworks. You don’t mind making noise, breaking furniture, and going hard. Passion and enthusiasm are really all you need to feel turned on sexually.

You need a lot of sex, and don’t mind a quickie as long as there isn’t too much time between them! But you actually prefer a marathon type of lovemaking – a long night full of passion with all the bells and whistles.

You also love playing with your imagination, and would not enjoy being with a partner who is a bit bland and likes to do the same thing day in and day out. No, you need excitement and adventure to spice things up.

Sex needs to feel like an escape for you! A moment in which you can get out of your head and then into your body. The sign of Aries does rule the head after all, so you need a lot of physicality to calm down your anxiety, be that exercise or a good romp in the bedroom.

What Turns An Aries Woman On In The Bedroom?

Aries Woman Likes In Bed

You love to have an enthusiastic lover who adores you. You want your partner to absolutely love every single moment with you and to sing your praises each time you have sex. One of your favorite things to hear is “OMG, that was AMAZING.” You need to know that you are the best!

It is good to remember that the sign of Aries is the FIRST sign in the Zodiac, which means your sign really likes novelty. So, if your partner says to you “I have never felt like this before,” or “this is the first time I tried this with someone,” you likely get a jolt of excitement and energy. You want to come first – no pun intended!

You love being showered with compliments, being told how amazing and out of this world you are. You want to know that what you do helps someone else feel good. Your warrior spirit needs to know that what you are doing is right.

You can be dominant and submissive; it is easy for you to swing both ways and you enjoy being able to play with both sides of your personality. It just depends on your mood and what you are looking for at that moment.

Sometimes you like taking the reins and being in the power position, dominating your partner, and other times you enjoy taking on a more submissive role, letting someone else do all the work.

It is really important for you to be able to be honest with the person you are sleeping with. You live by integrity and it isn’t easy for you to lie, even if that means sparing someone else’s feelings. If something isn’t feeling good for you in the bedroom, you want to be able to let your partner know.

In fact, you can be quite bossy and you aren’t afraid of saying when a position isn’t working for you. You want to have the most amazing time, so why not say what you want and need in that situation? And a partner who takes that on board will really turn you on!

You also enjoy when things get a little kinky and don’t mind indulging in some role play or BDSM. It is all about finding what kink works best for you and your partner. But dressing up is definitely high on your list of fantasies. I mean, it is always fun to play with reality for a bit by pretending to be someone else. So go for it!

What Turns An Aries Woman Off In The Bedroom?

Aries Female In Bed

One thing you really dislike in the bedroom is a man who follows a set routine when it comes to sex. You hate a lazy lover! You want someone who is full of adventure and isn’t afraid to try out something new.

It is so boring when a guy follows the same set of moves at the same time every single day. This is definitely not what you signed up for. Where is the fire? Where is the passion? This is exactly what you need!

You also really don’t like it when a guy gives you no feedback and is quiet as a mouse in the middle of sex. Seriously? How can you tell if he is turned on or not if he doesn’t even make a peep?

You love it so much when you get verbal affirmation that he is enjoying himself, even if it is just a moan coming through. You need something to know that he is having a good time, otherwise what is the point even? You feel more turned on when you know your partner is turned on!

Also, having a partner that just rolls over and falls asleep afterward really isn’t for you. After sex, you feel like you can be your most vulnerable, and this is when you want to connect with your man. You love pillow talk and going through your favorite moments from your lovemaking session.

You definitely have a jealous side, Aries. And you find it really off-putting when your man mentions one of his ex-lovers in your presence. In your head you should be the only person that exists for him, remember, you like to be number one!

Is An Aries Woman Good In Bed?

Is An Aries Woman Good In Bed

Absolutely! You love sex, and enthusiasm is half of the work in my opinion, plus you are extremely passionate and are open to trying out new things. Also, it isn’t often that you will turn down sex. You just love it so much.

This is a massive bonus for any man you are with. The only downside of this might be that you actually have a greater sexual appetite than your partner. I hear this often from my Aries ladies – their partners just can’t keep up!

If you’re feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom then don’t be shy to get yourself some toys. This is definitely an amazing way to spice up things between you and your partner and you can always help yourself out if you need to.

You’re extremely loyal, so it isn’t like you will look to be sexually satisfied in the arms of another, but it would be good for you to communicate with your man if you feel like there are areas in which you both could improve.

Who knows? He might have a kink that he is dying to try out, and you should let him know that you are always up for anything. So, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you!

Who Is An Aries Woman Sexually Compatible With?

An Aries woman is definitely most sexually compatible with other fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries (even though two Aries might have to put up a fight about who is the best, and who comes first, if you know what I mean?).

With other fire signs, Aries is likely to enjoy quite passionate sex and have a lot of fun together. They can depend on their communication skills to express what they both need. Fire signs enjoy pleasure a lot, so the sex is likely to be rather hedonistic and indulgent as well.

You will also get along great with the air signs, like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These sings usually have quite an open mind about things, and aren’t afraid to explore new avenues with their Aries woman.

Air signs are also usually quite versatile and will know exactly how to keep things interesting for their Aries, who needs a lot of novelty to stay excited! An air sign will know how to get an Aries to keep coming back for more.

Sex with an earth sign wouldn’t be bad either, but Aries will probably get quite tired of Taurus’ love of routine and laziness after a while. And Aries will definitely get turned off by Virgo’s love of order. Where is the fun if they can’t get messy together?

Capricorn would be Aries best bet with an earth sign. Both these horned beasts are speaking the same language. Capricorn really knows how to get down and dirty and isn’t afraid to test their own limits, something an Aries woman loves!

Sex with the water signs isn’t ideal. Aries is too much of a straight shooter and the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are a little too sensitive and might take things too personally. But, with a little work sex with a Scorpio can be a lot of fun for an Aries.

Scorpio is ruled by the same planet as Aries, Mars. This gives them both so much passion and drive. This connection will likely prove to be quite intense and energetic. There will definitely be some fireworks between these two!

In Conclusion

An Aries woman is such a unique creature. You walk through this world with a unique purpose and aren’t afraid to go after what you want. Your warrior spirit is so sexy and you definitely know how to turn heads with your bold attitude.

You absolutely love sex, which makes you an extremely desirable partner for any man. Sex is really important in your relationships, and without it, the chances of it crumbling are quite apparent.

You need the physical connection with a partner to feel like you can really get intimate and be yourself with him. Sex really opens up your heart to someone and you feel like you can truly get to know the person you are with when you have fun in the bedroom.

You aren’t the type of woman to first wait to get to know someone and then have sex. You actually prefer to first have sex and then get to know someone. There is nothing wrong with that, just remember to protect your heart and know what you are getting yourself into first.

All in all, don’t forget how amazing you are and that sleeping with you is an incredible privilege! You are a fantastic person and you deserve to have the love and sex life you have always been dreaming of.

I have designed this guide to help you get exactly the relationship you have always wanted. If you’re looking for an answer to help you get the love life you deserve, then look no further than my Aires Love Secrets guide. You will be blown away by all the tips I get to share with you!

Wishing you the most amazing life.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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