What It Is Like To Date A Guy Based On His Zodiac Sign
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What It Is Like To Date A Guy Based On His Zodiac Sign

What are each of these zodiac signs like when you date them? Here are a few pointers for each to help give you a good idea of what it is like to date a guy based on his zodiac sign. That way you’ll know what you are getting yourself into by dating them.

Dating An Aries Man…

It will never be dull while dating an Aries guy. He’s full of action and adventure typically. He’s into sports and doing physical activities. That also means he likes to go be outside often.

If you’re an outdoors girl; you’ve got nothing to worry about. You two will likely always have a good time together. Are you into sports? He’ll absolutely LOVE you. There is nothing better than having a “guy’s girl”.

He will on occasion want you to show your feminine side though as well. Dress up, wear makeup, and look like a Playboy centerfold. Even if you’re only doing it for intimate times; it’ll make him feel well balanced and enthusiastic.

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Dating A Taurus Man…

Taurus zodiac sign

Dating this guy is like having some of the best you’ve ever had. I mean that in every sense. He will take you to the best restaurants in town because he is a connoisseur of delicious foods. The sex is fantastic also!

He’s also into doing outdoor activities that include hiking, biking, rock climbing, or just doing anything that involves nature. He’s a humanitarian and it’s not uncommon for this guy to have several pets.

He may even take up a job that will allow him to be around animals such as zookeeper or possibly own his own pet store. If you date him; you’ll need to accept his love for all animals.

He is a very loving soul who may not tell you how he feels that often but he will always find amazing ways to show you. Find out more about him in the “Taurus Man Secrets” guide.

Dating A Gemini Man…

The Gemini man is a lot of fun and a bucket of laughs typically. You’ll never have a dull moment when you’re with him. The only thing is; when will that be? He’s slow with dating as he’s in no hurry to commit.

He is social so it’s not unusual for him to want to have you on his arm for a night on the town. Be sure to always keep conversation full of zest and appeal. If he starts to feel bored around you; he’ll back away.

You’ll also need to be aware that you’ll never know what mood he may be in at any given time. So you’ll have to be spontaneous and able to go with the flow. He’s often random.

The Gemini man is an enigma and interesting. To read more about this ever-changing guy; check out my guide “Gemini Man Secrets”.

Dating A Cancer Man…

Cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer man is very charming. It’s hard not to like him as he has this charisma that just oozes out of him. Even when he’s only being nice; people mistake it as him flirting. He’s that good naturally.

While you’re dating him; you’ll notice that he does tend to have some mood swings from time to time since he is emotionally driven. As long as you don’t get on his case too much; you’ll probably be fine.

He’s super sensitive and saying one wrong word could send him into a frenzy. Outside of this; he’s really fun to be around, do stuff with and have intimacy with. He’s caring, sharing, and loves to spend time with the woman he’s into.

He may gift you with some wonderful flowers or treats. It’s also likely he’ll want to be physically affectionate with you quite often. He can say he cares but he also wants to show you.

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Dating A Leo Man…

The Leo man is one that will try to do what he can to make you feel happy. When you’re happy; you’re likely to show adoration toward him and that’s ultimately what he is after.

He wants to be the one to plan the dates and call the shots. He will no doubt; plan very fun things to do and is athletic. He may want to take you to go do some outdoor activities.

Leo man wants every opportunity to show you how smart he is, how sexy he is, and how wonderfully he’ll treat you. He just asks that you treat him like the King that he is and he’ll gladly treat you like his Queen.

He’s very affectionate and expects the woman he’s dating to also be this way. He will want to hold hands or kiss in public. This is more of a display to make sure everyone understands you’re with him.

Dating A Virgo Man…

Virgo zodiac sign

This guy is a caretaker and perfectionist all rolled into one. Sometimes he seems critical and other times he seems like the most wonderful guy in the world. If you can get past his nitpicking, he will show you a good life.

Virgo guy is actually very simple in terms of being with. He likes doing the typical movie and dinner night. He may even bring you a gift here and there to show you that he thinks of you.

Also, he’s very much the type to settle down with in terms of getting married, having children, and a happy home life. He’s actually really good at knowing what you want before you do. He’s one or two steps ahead of you.

If you want the guy that will actually last and lead to a wonderful partnership to last a lifetime; this is the guy. Read more about him in my “Virgo Man Secrets” guide.

Dating A Libra Man…

The Libra man will romance you. He’ll take you someplace he sees as special. Once you’re able to talk to each other and continue dating; he’ll still want to take you out to his favorite bars or restaurants.

This guy loves to eat and he looks for some of the best cuisines around town. He also doesn’t mind cooking for you sometimes, though he’d love it if you cooked for him sometimes.

He will enjoy taking you to historical landmarks, museums, or other places with a great culture. He’s likely well-traveled and highly intellectual with many interests. You’ll never be bored with this guy.

Libra men are very good looking and tend to have charisma oozing out of their pores. It’s very hard to resist his charm. He’s a super nice guy and this often translates to flirt as he is one of the biggest flirts out there.

Dating A Scorpio Man…

what it is like to date a guy based on his zodiac sign

This guy is normally scorching hot. I mean; almost all the Scorpio men out there look like they stepped out of a GQ magazine. He will make you feel very flushed and want to fall on your face.

Just simply being in his presence gives off that vibe of “the most interesting man in the world” commercial. He really does draw people to him with little to no effort. Dating him will make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster of steam.

He will make you hot and turn you on to lengths you didn’t know you had. He will talk to you about many important issues and want to take you out to show you off. You should never be bored around a Scorpio guy. Unless he’s working; he pays attention to the girl he likes.

Find out more about who the Scorpio guy is and what he wants via my guide called “Scorpio Man Secrets”.

Dating A Sagittarius Man…

Are you ready for some big adventures and trips? If so then the Sagittarius man is the right guy for you. He tries to always be on the move and if he isn’t; he’s studying about places or passions he has.

His head will often be in the clouds and will want to have a soft, sensitive, romantic love life. He can seem as though he’s flighty but honestly; when he finds the right woman; he will settle down.

He wants to go do lots of outdoors activities and be around nature as much as possible. Just like the Taurus; he can be seen doing things to help nature or animals.

He can at times be very blunt with his thoughts or feelings. Try not to be alarmed. He isn’t trying to hurt your feelings or freak you out. He’s just outspoken and wants you to know what is on his mind.

Dating A Capricorn Man…

what it is like to date a guy based on his zodiac sign

This guy spends a great amount of time intellectualizing everything. This includes your relationship with him. He wants to make sure the two of you are on the same page. It may include dates such as attending seminars for self-improvement.

He’s always trying to achieve greatness. He’s driven and he’ll want a partner who is similar in this way. Dating him will be relatively calm and relaxed as long as you’re doing upkeep on yourself and your life.

He enjoys spending many quiet nights in at home with his lady love. He’s happy just reading to each other, watching educational videos or relaxing and being goofy in his own way.

He is the guy that wants to build a home and family with the woman he loves. With him; you can expect a “home” environment that can be built into a meaningful relationship. Though he can be demanding; patience will win the day.

Dating An Aquarius Man…

This man likes to find really fun and exciting things to do. He needs stimulation in whatever he does or he will get bored. Boredom isn’t something he does. He will do what he needs to in order to maintain his excitement.

He likes to do things that involve a bit of risk. It wouldn’t be at all shocking if he were to suggest you two going skydiving, rock climbing, or something similar. If you aren’t into these things; you’ll still do well if you can provide him with mystique.

He will want to play the game of getting to know you and the less you tell him the better. He would like to get to know you over time instead of you giving it all away up front.

There are other qualities of the Aquarius man you may want to know about though. In fact, it may help you to check out the “Aquarius Man Secrets” guide.

Dating A Pisces Man…

what it is like to date a guy based on his zodiac sign

This is one of the most romantic guys of the zodiac. He wants to show you how sensitive and caring he is. He’ll want to lure you to him. He’s already beautiful so he’s got that going for him,

You’ll instantly be attracted to this guy as he is quite striking. They have eyes that will just make you swoon. You won’t be able to help yourself. Once you start talking to him; you realize how dreamy he is.

Somehow he can read you like a book and knows what you need or want without you telling him anything. This is both intellectually as well as physically. He will be sensitive to what you require.

This guy seeks his soul mate. The time you spend with him will be romantic and feel like it’s out of a movie. He makes love seem so wonderful and amazing. Just be careful how you talk to him as he gets hurt easily.

These are some really great guys to choose from. If you’re already dating one of them then you know what he’s capable of on the surface. If you’ve just started to date one of them; it’s important to know that this is just based on their sun sign alone.

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