What Turns A Woman Off Based On Her Zodiac Sign

As women, we all have our likes and our dislikes when it comes to dating. We know what we want and how we want it, as well as that one little thing that turns us off completely when dealing with a man.

And these opinions vary vastly from woman to woman depending on her sign. Have you ever wondered why your Aries sister doesn’t like a man who is too square and routine-orientated, or why your Pisces friend isn’t into that very practical, down-to-earth guy?

We all have our turn-ons and turn-offs, and it’s easy to point them out when looking at Astrology. Continue reading to see why some men do it for you, and why you want to run as far away as possible from others!

Aries Turn-Offs

You’re a woman of action, Aries. You love to live impulsively and see where the day takes you, and if there is an adventure calling your name, you go out and grab it! You have so much energy at your disposal, and need constant stimulation, or else you get very bored.

One thing that really turns you off from a guy is someone who is lazy and lacks any kind of spontaneity. You can’t think of anything worse than having to follow a well thought out plan and live life according to a routine.

Even when a guy is just being polite and asks to see you well in advance, you might start to feel a couple of pangs of cringe. You might wonder why he couldn’t just call you up at the last minute and give you something spontaneous and exciting to work with.

Some women would consider last minute plans rude or see it as an afterthought, but for you it is thrilling! Most of the time you’re too busy to make plans, anyway.

Therefore, a man who is lazy doesn’t do it for you either, you want to know the guy you are with has an exciting life, because there is no way you could be happy with someone who is happy to sit on the couch doing nothing in his spare time.

Taurus Turn-Offs

As a Taurus woman, you’re practical, sensible, and you love your creature comforts. Living a life in which you feel safe and secure is of utmost importance to you, and if there is a bit of luxury thrown into the mix, even better!

Quality of life is high on your list of priorities, and this is why dating a man who isn’t financially stable is a big no-no for you! You need to know that the man you are with is able to take care of you, and won’t put you under any unnecessary financial stress.

You’re by no means a gold-digger, you work hard for what you have and therefore, it is important for you that your partner does as well. You’ve been in too many situations where you have taken in birds with broken wings and taken on too much financial responsibility in the relationship.

I would be over it as well! You deserve to be spoiled by a man, and at the very least someone who knows how to take care of himself. It’s not nice to be with someone who threatens the security and stability of your life.

Money isn’t everything, but it says a lot about a man, especially whether or not he is dependable and someone you can rely upon. Because one of the most important elements of a relationship to you is knowing that you’re safe with the man you are with, you’re not keen on nasty surprises.

Gemini Turn-Offs

You’ve heard it again and again, but communication and mental stimulation are so important to you, Gemini. Gaining facts and knowledge is almost all you care about, because you want to be informed and know that you’re making the right decisions in life. And the only way you can do this is through learning and experience.

If you were dating a guy who couldn’t keep up with you intellectually, or didn’t know how to communicate with you, it would be a massive turn-off. You absolutely have to be able to bounce off your ideas with your partner, and if he isn’t giving you anything back, you’re out of there!

You cannot handle when someone doesn’t know how to be direct and tell you what they need from you. Yes, you’re very intelligent, but that doesn’t mean you’re a mind reader. You have to be with someone who knows how to share what they are thinking.

He also can’t be someone who just talks, but doesn’t say anything of substance. Nothing annoys you more than someone who thinks they know a lot, but all they do is talk utter nonsense.

The right guy for you is someone who has something valuable to say, someone who you can learn from. Intelligence is a big turn on for you, and you refuse to settle for anything less.

Cancer Turn-Offs

Being a Cancer means you’re one of the most sensitive and caring women around. You love nurturing and taking care of the people you care most about. The emotional bonds you create in your relationships are far more important to you than anything else.

You care deeply, and this is why it is such a big turn-off when you’re confronted with a man who isn’t kind and gentle, especially to your feelings. You’re well aware of your sensitivity, you don’t need someone pointing this out to you every second or telling you to suck it up.

In fact, your sensitivity is probably your greatest strength in your life. People come to you whenever they need emotional support or understanding, so it’s very annoying when some guy sees this as a weakness, because it really isn’t.

Yes, you love helping people, but it isn’t easy and you realize what a big responsibility it is to try to help people when they are going through a hard time. So, it’s no fun when the guy you are seeing doesn’t recognize how important it is to you.

I would be turned off as well if the person I was seeing made unkind comments or didn’t take your sensitivity into account. You deserve way better than someone who shuns you or doesn’t understand your gifts.

Leo Turn-Offs

Lights, camera, action! Leo, you just love being in the spotlight with your warm and vivacious personality. People love being around you because of your positive and bright personality, and it’s no secret you adore being the center of attention.

This is why it’s a big, big turn off when a guy plays the jealousy card and tries to control you! Jealousy is the most unattractive thing ever in a man. You won’t stand for it or make yourself smaller just because your greatness threatens a man, or he feels intimidated by all the attention you get from others.

Especially if he accuses you of being unfaithful. Frankly, you find this quite insulting because you’re probably one of the most loyal and dependable women out there. Yes, you like attention, but when you commit to someone that you’re really serious about, you would never even think of letting your eyes wander.

Your love and relationship are something you hold with pride, and they are something that you want to protect. So, it’s a big no-no if a partner gets jealous and accuses you of being a cheater. This is a sure way for you to walk straight out of the door.

You hate it when someone questions your loyalty, especially when you have so much trust and faith in them. It just makes you wonder if his accusations weren’t built from guilt, and it’s perhaps him who has something to hide.

Virgo Turn-Offs

Hygiene and cleanliness are everything to you, Virgo, and you relate to the world through your senses. You like everything to be neat, clean, and tidy. Everything has its specific place, and you absolutely hate having to deal with a mess.

So, when you realize that the guy you are dating doesn’t have the best hygiene or personal care practices, it’s an utter turn-off. Nothing is grosser to you than smelling his dirty sheets or realizing he hasn’t showered in a couple of days.

Personal care is very, very important to you. It shows you that the person you are with takes pride in himself, but also has respect for you and cares what you think about him. Because let’s be honest, someone who doesn’t take care of himself, sure doesn’t know how to take care of you.

You love purifying and cleansing, so if your partner’s unsanitary habits get in the way of that, your whole equilibrium falls out of balance and it’s very possible for you to start feeling quite unsettled and anxious. This goes way deeper for you than a simple turn off. Cleanliness is as important to you as breathing.

There is no way you could ever be with someone who didn’t understand this, or at the very least try to respect it.

Libra Turn-Offs

One of your greatest qualities is that you love peace and harmony, and you have the ability to be diplomatic in any situation you find yourself in. It’s easy for you to be graceful and charming, even in the most trying situations.

So, it’s a big turnoff for you when your partner refuses to compromise in your relationship. Just and fairness is extremely important to you because you find it easy to see a different point of view, so you can feel quite disheartened when someone doesn’t extend you the same kind of grace.

You need to be with someone who is happy to debate and discuss whatever problems are coming up in your relationship, while still wanting to find common ground with you. If you’re willing to bend over backwards for your partner, it should only be fair that they do the same.

Compromise doesn’t exist without communication, and if your partner doesn’t know how to talk or express their feelings, it’s just as big a turn off for you. You love to chat and discuss your ideas with your man, and if he’s always going MIA, you’ll start to wonder what is the point in being with him.

Without open lines of communication, there is no way you’ll be able to achieve the peace and harmony you’re always striving for. So, if the man you’re seeing can’t talk, there really is no point, is there?

Scorpio Turn-Offs

You’re extremely secretive and private, Scorpio. You keep your cards very, very tight to your chest and make sure not to reveal too much to anyone. It’s important for you to have an air of mystery and allure about you, you would just hate it if anyone saw right through you.

This is why it takes you a very long time to open up to anyone. They need to go through an extensive round of tests before you would ever even consider opening up enough to reveal some of your secrets.

The man in your life especially needs to earn your loyalty. He needs to show you that he’s dependable and reliable before he can ever be privy to any of your secrets. One way to really turn you off and make you really upset is someone who doesn’t respect your privacy.

You despise it when people know things about you without your consent. You just don’t want people talking about you behind your back, or finding out information about you which you weren’t comfortable sharing.

If you were ever to hear that the man you were with was sharing any part of your relationship with others, you might get a fit! This is certainly not okay with you, and a definite big no-no. You want to keep certain things private for a reason, so dating a partner that doesn’t value this will never work for you.

Sagittarius Turn-Offs

Your sense of adventure is astounding, Sagittarius. The world is truly your oyster, and you’re excited to explore and experience every little nook and cranny the world has to offer. You have big ideas, and an enormous appetite for discovery.

You’re extremely open-minded, and you will try anything at least once. That is the only way you’ll know if you like something or not. You prefer to judge things according to your lived experience, not through your preconceived ideas about it.

This is why it really gets on your nerves when the man you are dating is narrow-minded and judgmental. It is such a turn-off for you! You really dislike it when someone makes up their mind about something way before they have even tried it. This is just not okay with you.

You need to be with someone who is keen to go on adventures with you, someone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone and experience life to the fullest. It would never work for you to be with someone who doesn’t like new experiences.

Someone who is curious and excited to expand their knowledge is really the perfect person for you. You’re not made for a life of domesticity, you need constant thrill and adventure to feel like you’re living out your purpose, so being with someone who doesn’t feel the same is just going to hold you back from being who you need to be!

Capricorn Turn-Offs

You’re going places, Capricorn. You have so much determination to reach your goals and get where you need to go. You’re constantly striving for something better, to reach the next level and have the ultimate authority over your own life.

You work so hard and keep piling responsibility after responsibility on your shoulders, hoping to achieve your goals quicker. You’re no stranger to sacrifice and understand the importance of putting your hard work ahead of having a good time. This is the only way you’re going to get where you need to be.

So, your biggest turn-off has to be a man who is lazy and has no greater ambition for his life. You want someone with goals, and is making the steps to make his dream a reality, not someone who is satisfied with the bare minimum. This would just never work for you.

You want to feel inspired and motivated by your partner, not like you’re the one who is solely carrying the load of responsibility in the relationship. It’s really important for you that your partner is going somewhere in his life. It just wouldn’t work for you if you were involved with a slacker.

Hard-work and willpower are such a big turn on for you. You want to be in a power couple, and feel like a true equal with your man. There are things you want to do in your life, and being lazy isn’t one of them.

Aquarius Turn-Offs

You have a truly unique personality and perspective on life, Aquarius. You view the world through an unconventional lens, plus you’re incredibly cool and happen to impress every single person you meet with your wit and intelligence.

You have big ideas and follow your own instincts. It’s really important for you to take your own path in life and be a true individual. You’d much rather be a leader than a follower, and this is why you’re such a profound innovator.
So, dating someone who doesn’t know who they are or have interesting things to say is a major no-no in your book. You want to be stimulated intellectually by your partner and be with someone who is authentic and truly themselves and not following what everyone else does.

It just wouldn’t work for you to be with a man who isn’t interesting or creative. There needs to be some substance to your partner, someone who wants to change the world with you by helping humanity in some way. Someone who isn’t satisfied by the status quo. You want to stand out, and you want your partner to be cool to do this with you.

Authenticity and individuality are so important in your life, and the only way for you to feel like you can truly be yourself is to surround yourself with unique individuals.

Pisces Turn-Offs

Pisces, you’re really one of a kind with your fantastical and whimsical ways. Your imagination is so vivid and full of creativity. You see the world through a unique perspective and think like no one else you know.

There is something really romantic about you, you try to see the best in people and live a life of idealism. This is why you’re so sensitive and full of empathy, because you see things in people that others will overlook.

Dealing with not only your emotions, but as well as the emotions of others, can be really exhausting. You need a lot of alone time to rest and recuperate, and when your partner can’t seem to understand this, it’s an enormous turn-off.

You need a lot of alone time to recharge your batteries and face the world once again. You can’t handle it when someone wants to be around you all the time, and won’t give you a moment to rest and deal with your emotions.

You certainly love affection and feeling loved, but not at the cost of your sanity. It would be impossible for you to be with someone you wanted to be with you 24/7. You attract enough neediness and people who need your support in your day-to-day life, so it feels a bit much when your partner is unwilling to give you a break either.

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it interesting to know that one person’s dislike is another person’s love? We are all different, and no one thing could make everyone happy. It’s extremely important to know what the things are that turn you off in a man.

This can help you recognize the red flags you need to avoid when you first start dating someone. Knowing what you like can help you get clear about what you need from a relationship, and the things you’re unwilling to compromise about.

It’s very good to have standards, and to stick to them, especially when it comes to dating. Because if you don’t, you’ll only be left feeling miserable, and like your needs aren’t being met by your man.

What is your sign and your biggest turn on when it comes to the man you are dating? I’m so curious to find out about the things you love, so please let me know down in the comment section below.

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