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Key Thing He Needs ​To Fully Commit, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Hello, my gorgeous ladies! I hope you are doing well and living your best life! As you all know, each and every single one of us is unique and we all like different things, especially when it comes to what we find attractive in a man. 

So, it just makes sense that men have a certain “type” as well. And a lot of this definitely has to do with your man’s Astrology. There is a lot you can learn about what a man will find attractive and what he needs to fully commit if you look at his natal chart.

Especially if you take a look at his Moon Sign or his Venus sign, because these two planets represent the feminine and what he needs to feel loved and appreciated in a relationship. So, if you are looking to figure out what your man needs in order to fully commit, then keep on reading!

Make sure to look at his Sun, Moon, and Venus sign to give you a fuller picture of what he actually needs to fully commit. It is so amazing that you are taking the time to understand him better, and I am sure this will lead to a really happy relationship for you both. 

He Is Aries

An Aries man is bold, courageous, and brave, and for him to be really happy in a relationship he needs a lot of freedom and independence to do what he wants, and go on all the adventures he could ever desire. 

Of course, it is even better when he can be with a woman who has an adventurous spirit as well, because he really values excitement when it comes to love and romance. Unfortunately, he has a bit of a negative side that can get bored quite quickly. 

This guy needs some action and a woman who can keep him interested for long periods of time. There is a tendency for him to get into dramatic relationships because he needs that drama to feel like he is fighting for something. 

Remember, Aries has the warrior archetype, so he needs to feel like he needs to fight for the love he wants. Your role is to be an amazing woman who is worth fighting for. Cultivate an interesting life for yourself, and always keep him on his toes. 

And remember to adore him and put him first. An Aries man loves to be number one and a priority to the woman he is in a relationship with. 

He Is Taurus

For a Taurus man to commit to a woman it is pretty straightforward. He has two basic needs and that is the feeling of safety and security in his relationship. If your Taurus man feels even a little bit of hesitancy from your side, he is likely to be doubtful of your commitment. 

He wants to know that the woman he is with is in it 100% with him. This man craves stability and reliability in his life and he expects this of his life partner. This is the type of man who wants to settle down and commit, but he won’t do it if he feels like you are unreliable or unsure of him.

This man knows what he wants in life and he won’t settle for anything less. He is so stubborn with his vision for his life and he won’t back down from what he feels he deserves. It is also good to note that he does not do well with change. 

If you want to be with him then you need to accept him for who he is, don’t try and change him because it isn’t going to work well for you. All you really need to do to keep your Taurus man happy is to love him and support him no matter what. 

If he knows that you are loyal to him and that you will always have his back, he will make you the happiest woman in the world.

He Is Gemini

All a Gemini man craves is variety because they tend to get bored quite easily. As long as he is with a woman who knows how to stimulate his mind, then he should be happy. A Gemini man doesn’t care much for surface-level stuff, he wants to be with someone who can teach him something about the world. 

He wants to be able to change and grow with the partner he is with, so he needs a woman who is adaptable and versatile, someone who doesn’t mind switching things up and being flexible when the time calls for it. 

And all of this leads to needing a woman to be able to communicate really well. Communication is everything for a Gemini man. He needs to know that he can talk and have important discussions with the woman he committing his life to. 

Just remember that commitment does not come easy to a man like Gemini. These guys are always looking for something new and exciting to keep them interested and that is why you need to be flexible and versatile if you want to be with a Gemini man. 

Nothing is ever going to stay the same with him, so if you are someone who likes excitement and novelty then a Gemini man is definitely your best bet.

He Is Cancer

Getting a Cancer man to commit to you shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. These guys are built to be in committed, long-term relationships. They also have such a sweet and sensitive side to them, that it is easy to see why someone would fall in love with them.

All you really have to do is show him how empathetic you are by showing him love and affection. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in how important family is to you and that you would like to build something long-lasting with him. 

But remember, you can’t just say all of the right things, you have to believe them as well because this kind of commitment needs authenticity. A Cancer man may still be a little cautious though, and this is because he is afraid of getting hurt. 

He needs to know that his heart is secure with you and that you are going to give him the stability he craves in a relationship. Once you have ticked all of his boxes, he will surely be quite ready to commit to you. 

Shower him with love and sweetness because that is all he truly needs. 

He Is Leo

If there is one man that loves romance then it has to be your Leo guy. He is a real charmer and knows how to sweet-talk his way into any woman’s heart. He is a super passionate guy and he gives his all in a relationship. Leo man is 100% committed.

What he needs, is a woman who is going to adore him and isn’t afraid of romance. He is quite traditional in his approach to love and needs to be with a woman who won’t get shy when he sweeps her off her feet. So, hee wants to be with someone who can be receptive to his advances and wants the fairytale romance. 

Adoration is really important to a Leo man. He needs to feel like his partner is so in love with him and that she treats him like royalty. But he also wants her to be strong and proud, so she can’t be too into him that her world revolves around him.

So, the best way to get him to commit to you is to show him that you are really into him, but that you also have a life separate from him. You need to be interesting for him to remain interested. He is the type of guy who wants to be in a power couple, so you definitely have to have something going for yourself. 

Admire him, but don’t just jump when he snaps his fingers.

He Is Virgo

Your Virgo man is quite a serious guy. He is dedicated and really reliable and thoroughly enjoys having a routine and being able to work hard. His mind is pretty incredible as he is likely one of the smartest people you will ever meet. 

For him to commit to a relationship he needs quite a few of his boxes ticked. He needs a woman who is well put together, someone who is loyal and kind, as well as someone sharp enough to keep up with his intellect. 

This guy has incredibly high standards and whatever he does in life is to inch closer and closer to perfection. He wants to be with a woman who isn’t afraid to put in the work to make a relationship successful.

He innately knows that anything worth something is worth working hard for, but he doesn’t want to be the only party putting his all into the relationship. Therefore, he needs to know that the woman he is dating is worth the commitment. 

Show him that you’re serious and committed to making a successful relationship with him.

He Is Libra

If there is one guy who likes being in a relationship, then it is your Libra guy. Nothing fulfills a Libra man more than being partnered up in a happy relationship. Their life just seems so much more interesting when they can share it with someone else. 

To get a Libra man to commit to you, you really need to be fun, sociable, cultured, and smart. No one is cooler than a Libra man. He is always in the know about the latest trends and up to date with current events and he needs a woman who can be on his level. 

Intelligence is really important to him. He needs to be able to have a rational conversation with his lady because compromise is the key to a successful relationship in his opinion. And being able to compromise means you need to be quite rational. 

He is also not very interested in drama, in fact, he hates it. He thrives in peaceful and harmonious situations and will run away pretty quickly if it seems like a relationship is going to cause him a lot of stress. 

The key to getting him to commit to you is to be relaxed and easygoing. 

He Is Scorpio

Scorpio men are for sure the most mysterious guys in the Zodiac, but would you believe me when I say that they actually love being in relationships? These guys thrive on commitment and thoroughly enjoy being in love with a woman. 

The biggest thing for a Scorpio man is knowing that his partner is reliable. He needs to know that he can depend on his lady because loyalty is really, really important to your Scorpio guy. He has a suspicious nature and he can’t help but question people’s motives.

So, if you want him to commit to you then you need to show him how dependable and committed you are to the relationship first. This is a relationship that likely needs to grow quite slowly because your Scorpio man needs time to build trust. 

He is actually quite sensitive and he has been hurt in his life before, and that is likely why he is so cautious. So just take things slow with him and don’t push him into anything he isn’t ready for. 

If you keep showing up and expressing your love and care he will want to commit to you!

He Is Sagittarius

It is really easy to fall in love with a Sagittarius man; he is so sexy, so smart, and so full of adventure. He is a man worth knowing, but he is also quite difficult to pin down to get him to commit to a relationship. 

The important thing to remember about him is that his philosophy in life is to be free and independent. He is a wanderer and he is always on the lookout for his next adventure, so serious relationships come second best to him. 

If you want a Sagittarius man to commit to you, then you are going to have to bend to his lifestyle by being more flexible and adaptable. You can’t give him any rules because he is definitely not going to listen to them. 

All he really wants in life is to have the space to do what he wants when he wants to, and he needs to be with a woman who understands that that is part of who he is. Don’t try to change him because it isn’t going to work.

Give him the space he needs and he’ll soon realize that he can’t live without you. 

He Is Capricorn

Having a Capricorn man commit to you is much like the other Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. This guy wants to know that you are all in and not wasting his time. He has a real sense of duty, so anything that distracts him from his responsibilities needs to be worth it. 

Also, he needs to feel like THE MAN in the relationship and wants to be in his masculinity and be the provider in the relationship. He needs to have the space to be able to take care of you because he is quite traditional. 

It gives him a sense of purpose when he knows a woman is looking to him to provide. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job and become dependent on him. It just means that you need to allow him to feel like a man whenever he can. 

It would also be useful for you to be a supportive force in his life and make a lot of effort in the care that you give him. He is a lot more sensitive than it might first appear, so it would be good for you to be his emotional rock in times of need. 

Make him feel like a man and he is yours!

He Is Aquarius

An Aquarius man will usually live up to his reputation of being a little quirky and unusual. This guy thrives off of being an independent future-minded thinker. He doesn’t want to be what anyone expects from him and he will always go against the grain. 

This can make it quite hard for him to want to commit to someone because this is an expectation that he feels society has put on his shoulders, and he will never do what everyone else wants him to do. 

So, if you want this strange character to commit to you then your best bet is to have NO expectations of him whatsoever. Don’t put any pressure on him, and don’t force him into a relationship because this is the easiest way to send him running. 

The best thing you can do is just be yourself, let him see that you embrace his weird and wonderful self and you are happy to give him the space he needs to grow. There is a side to him that enjoys stability and routine, so all you have to do is give him time to come around. 

Give him the space to breathe and do his own thing, and he will always be happy.

He Is Pisces

Sweet and sensitive Pisces just loves being in love. These deeply caring men really enjoy being in relationships and tend to get caught up in all of the romance of it all. They love to feel the exquisite bliss of being in love with a woman. 

It doesn’t take much to get a Pisces man to commit to you, but they sometimes do struggle with staying committed because they tend to go with the flow and change their mind at a moment’s notice, but luckily this doesn’t happen all too often.

To get a Pisces man to commit to you it is important that you are kind, generous, and have a lot of empathy. This is bound to be quite an emotionally charged relationship so the two of you must connect on a deep soul level.

This guy is seeking a woman who also wants to experience growth, understanding, and unity in the relationship. He is quite a spiritual person, so an element of deeper connection will always be really important to him. 

Be open with your heart with him, and he will be open with his. 

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My Final Wishes For You

Every single man and every single woman have unique blueprints that they want in their love lives and we all need different things to keep us happy in our relationships. This is why it is so important to know what drives the person you are in a relationship with. 

This can give you such a deep and meaningful understanding of them and help you to love them more fully. I think it is amazing that you have taken so much time and investment to figure out how you can have the happiest relationship for you and your man. 

It just shows what a special woman you are, but there are ways that you can up your knowledge, even more, to help you get the love life you have always been dreaming of.

I only have a few more spots left for my VIP consultation service. Please don’t hesitate to book a slot to get the dream relationship you have always wanted. 

>> You can book it right here!

What is your man’s sign and where are the two of you at in the relationship right now? Please leave me a comment in the section below. I am so curious to hear what you have to say and if anything from this article resonated with you. 

Wishing you all the love in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

14 thoughts on “Key Thing He Needs ​To Fully Commit, Based On His Zodiac Sign

  1. Was vwry passionate with a saggitarian, capricorn my self. But he suddenly kind of dissapears. We had been talking of travelling together, and were very physical

  2. My boyfriend now is a Pisces, and you described him perfectly; my ex-husband, however, was also a Pisces and your description of a Pisces Man didn’t fit my ex at all. I didn’t find him sensitive, caring, or empathic at all, and found him way too private and quiet a person for me. Being a Gemini, I’m outgoing and sociable and love social gatherings (my ex-husband did not). My boyfriend now is the same as me. And I wonder why I didn’t find him sooner in my life rather than in my 60’s! Thank you for your astrology answers today; it helped me tremendously feel better about my decision to work out my relationship with my current Pisces man. Keep up the good job!

  3. Hi my guy is a Sagittarius, we have been seeing each other a while now but we are not in a relationship. That’s the way he likes it, so I can totally resonate with your article when you say he likes his space and doesn’t want to be tied down. I know he is not seeing anyone else and his visits are more frequent, so I guess that’s the way it is for now. Any advice would be most helpful on how to work with this, I’m a Virgo by the way.

  4. I think my crush has a very interesting compination on his birth chart. He has sun in Cancer, moon in Leo and venus in Gemini…

  5. He is an Aquarius and I’m a Pisces. It’s been four months and 15 days. Going strong. He definitely quirky and weird but I love that about him. We have our difference, but that’s what makes us work. He doesn’t enjoy his space and I give it to him, I’ll do my own thing when he wants time alone. We’re happy and in love.

    1. Hi Nicole!

      I’m glad that you don’t let your differences pull you apart. Everyone has differences and it’s up to them whether they want to accept these things about the other person or not. I’m glad you are seeing him for who he is. That’s fantastic and so glad to hear you are in love. Wishing the best.

  6. How well would any of this translate to a woman. Particularly a Virgo or Scorpio woman.
    I am a Gemini/lunar Aquarius/Scorpio rising woman.

  7. Anna thankyou for all the info but am so confused because I’m an Aries and always ended up with bad boys and most of my relationships I ended fast but my last one was good for about 10 years he got so abusive though I had to divorce him. Anyways I am 44 and finally starting seeing a Good real man and he just wants to be friends with benefits it feels like he is in love with me as I am him but he won’t admitted it he does this hot cold and distance game all the time. He is a pisces so what do you think I should do ? I have followed every advice I could find but he still won’t admit how he really feels or move forward at all and I really don’t want to lose the only man that’s ever really been a good real man. I just know if I give up and walk away I will attract the bad boys again I had thought I finally got lucky but this making me feel like I’m not good enough for him he says its him not me…but really if it’s not me you would think he would bend over backwards to make it about me being a pisces……

    1. Hi Crystal,

      This combination makes for a union full of friction and misunderstanding. Pisces man is ruled by Neptune and Aries woman is ruled by Mars. You take action and want to seize the moment while he wants to take a deeper look and dream about the possibilities. You two are very different in different ways which can create huge communication problems. If you want to last you both have to work for it really hard. You will have to ground him by doing less day dreaming and taking more action instead. Eventually he will form close bonds so don’t worry about getting him to commit. He will slowly get there.

      Best of luck to you both!

  8. Hi i am juggling 4 guys that i find interesting in, i am a Pisces

    so help i do not know which to choose

    they all have something that peaks my interest.

    They are a Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Virgo,

    Libra, but i keep day dare dreaming about my ex Cancer,

    as well Capricorn is older by 1 year and so is Cancer by 3 years older then me

    never thought this would happen at my age

    1. Dear Fernande Soucie,

      If we compare only Sun signs, Cancer and Scorpio are best match for a Pisces woman.
      Out of these four you mentioned, I would say you get along well with Capricorn and Virgo.
      Of course, Moon sign and Rising sign matter, so if you happen to know those, that would be helpful to determine the best match for you.

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