Far From The Shallow – The Astrology Behind Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Unclaimed Romance

In October 2018, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga took the world by storm when they performed side by side in one of the buzziest movies of that year, A Star Is Born. The two of them had critics swooning over the on-screen chemistry between Jack and Ally, and they had some fans wondering if the romance on screen bled into their real-life relationship. 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I often see relationships like Gaga and Cooper’s and can’t help myself from digging into what the stars say about their connection. And the stars were talking to me loud and clear when I looked into the relationship between the two of them!

I’m personally fascinated by the on-screen (and maybe off-screen) sparks between Gaga and Cooper. The two of them are both incredibly talented, and they’re certainly predisposed to be fascinated by each other, as we’ll soon see. 

Now, just based on Sun signs, things seem a little rocky… since Bradley is a steadfast Capricorn Sun, and Lady Gaga is an impulsive Aries Sun. These are not naturally complementary signs and their methods stress one another out!

What many people don’t realize though, is that Sun signs are only one part of the story, and the position of their Suns is actually more beneficial than it seems at first glance. 

I’m certainly unsurprised by the way their relationship appears to play out in their synastry with one another, and I cannot wait to dive into their relationship chart with you! But before we do that, let’s take a peek at each one’s chart to get a sense for how they act as individuals. 

Overview of Bradley Cooper’s Birth Chart

Bradley Cooper’s Birth Chart 
Credit: https://www.astro.com/

Bradley Cooper is best known for his work as an actor, both on stage and off. He has a Tony Award and has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, after all. He is known primarily for his role in The Hangover series, lending his voice to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Rocket Raccoon, and of course as Jack in A Star Is Born

Born January 5, 1975 in Abington Township, Pennsylvania, Bradley Cooper was going to join the military initially (or become a ninja) but in his mid to late 20s he had an abrupt turn of fate when he scored a role on Sex and the City. He was bitten by the acting bug and was hooked, luckily for all of us!

Bradley is a hard-working Capricorn Sun, charming Libra Moon, and bold Sagittarius Rising. These three elements are the blueprint for Cooper’s personality, and they say a lot about how he acts in a relationship and the type of person he values in partnerships. 

As a Capricorn Sun, Cooper is all about climbing the ladder of success – wherever it takes him. He may not be quick about it, but the thing about Capricorns is that they end up dominating the world at some point or another! 

When it comes to relationships, Capricorn Suns are practical. They aren’t making future plans with those that they know just won’t be there forever and they only say what they mean. This means that unless they are in it full throttle, their partners aren’t seeing a ton of goopy displays of affection. 

On the bright side, Capricorn Suns tend to be totally committed to their relationship. They don’t play games, and so they mean what they say. He’s a total provider so these guys will typically be happy to support you in any way possible. 

Bradley’s Sun is in his first house, which is a total superstar-potential type of placement. It means that by just being himself his charisma comes through with ease. In addition, he is highly motivating to those around him since his presence seems to unlock potential in others. It’s a placement that has people flocking to him like flies. 

Bradley’s Sagittarius Rising speaks to his ability to stay optimistic no matter what comes his way. Sagittarians have so much faith in themselves that they tend to succeed in any venture just based on sheer dumb luck alone! 

A Sagittarius might casually dip into a new medium and accidentally make something great, right off the bat. Consider that A Star Is Born was his very first directorial credit and you’ll see what I mean. Seems that there is something more than beginner’s luck going on here!

Perhaps the placement that makes him so naturally swoon-worthy is his Libra Moon. Libra is the sign of balance, so it is no surprise that these people tend to have some of the most naturally symmetrical and beautiful faces in the world. 

This also is a placement that often has him yearning for partnership. Libra placements are some of the best partners because they adore the feeling of being near their lover. Bradley Cooper’s romantic endeavors are likely inspired because Bradley’s Libra Moon makes him feel safer with a partner. 

Overview of Lady Gaga’s Birth Chart

Lady Gaga’s Birth Chart 
Credit: https://www.astro.com/

So many people know that Lady Gaga’s accomplishments speak for themselves in many ways. This Queen of pop and techno has no less than eleven Grammy awards, and she is the first woman ever to win a Grammy, BAFTA, Academy, and Golden Globe Award in one year (coincidentally, the year A Star Is Born was released).

Born March 28, 1986 in Manhattan, New York, Gaga is a feisty Aries Sun, transformative Scorpio Moon, and an expressive Gemini Rising. This combination makes her absolutely fierce in all that she does and she will not be silenced (and who would ever want her not making noise, honestly). 

Aries Sun women are absolute powerhouses of ambition. They roar with the flames of Mars and they are absolutely unstoppable once they put their minds to something. Their passion is a trait that most people wish they had, and every moment feels palpably alive to an Aries!

In a romantic relationship, Aries like things hot and heavy – no bones about it. She’s protective of her partner, and will gladly fight the world for them. The Aries woman needs a rich and varied sex life, as well as plenty of sparks flying at every moment. Anything less will leave them yawning. 

Just like so many other celebrities, her Sun is in her eleventh house. The eleventh house is the house of gifts and friends, so it should be no surprise that not only is Gaga ‘gifted,’ but she is also seems to have charmed circumstances that continually lead her to greater success! This also would account for her numerous social justice campaigns since the eleventh house also rules activism. 

Gaga is a Gemini Rising, which I think speaks to the way she loves. Since Gemini rules words and expression, Gaga is definitely gushing to her lover in plain English about how much she adores him (or her). She thinks that smart people are the bomb, and so she will be turned on by a partner who has their nose in a book. 

Her Scorpio Moon makes her a dynamic but also enigmatic lover. I credit her Moon placement for her habit of transforming her whole persona far more often than one would expect! She loves shock and awe – and that’s what she’ll get. 

Her lovers will find that her Scorpio Moon makes her absolutely smoldering in bed. She has both Mars ruled signs in her Big Three (Sun, Moon, Rising) and this means that her needs in the bedroom are likely astronomical, but oh so worth it!

The Synastry of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Synastry
Credit: https://www.astro.com/

Watch as I dive in… to the synastry chart of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper! These two have some steamy synastry that I cannot wait to tell you all about. 

Fans picked up on their compatibility straight through the screen, and I can see why because overall, I adore the relationship story that I am getting from these two!

Of course, there is the issue of Bradley’s Capricorn Sun and Gaga’s Aries Sun. These two signs have what is known as a square relationship, which basically means that they don’t quite understand how the other operates. There is an element of stress to the pairing. 

Capricorn Suns (Bradley) have a desire to stick to one thing and take their sweet time making it work. They know that true power is something gathered up a little bit at a time. Aries (Gaga) on the other hand, want what they want and they want it now! If they can’t have it, they will happily move on to the next most available substitute. 

In love, the Capricorn is practical, and can have some issues really getting into the moment and being spontaneous. This is problematic for the Aries Sun (not to mention Gaga’s Scorpio Moon) because Gaga would rather have the type of love that sweeps her off her feet but keeps her on her toes at the same time!

All is not lost though, because of where their Suns fall in one another’s chart, and this is more important than the sign of the Suns in many cases! 

Both Bradley and Gaga’s Suns fall into important houses in the chart of the other. Cooper’s Sun lands right in Gaga’s house of partnership, spurring a desire for the two of them to be co-conspirators in some way, especially romantically. 

Gaga’s Sun is sitting pretty in Cooper’s fourth house of family and roots, making Bradley and Gaga feel like they’ve known each other for far longer than their timelines indicate! They have a built-in sense of intimacy. 

Bradley and Gaga’s Moon signs are also competing in some ways, since Bradley’s Libra Moon craves peaceful and even keeled relationships full of soft, tender kisses, while Gaga’s Scorpio Moon has her craving something a little more hard core and rock and roll. She wants to be pushed to her limits! 

Now, again, don’t take this as a death sentence, because the house location can mend almost any ill that the conflicting signs can inflict.

Gaga’s Moon is in Cooper’s eleventh house of friends and gifts, and this is an excellent placement for warm feelings between the two. Even better though is Cooper’s Libra Moon in Gaga’s house of romantic relationships, and this is what I think fans were picking up on when they saw the on-screen sizzle!

Gaga and Cooper also have complementary Rising signs, which assists them in understanding the other while propelling the other to reach their greatest potential. 

Gaga’s Gemini Rising is excellent for showing where broad-minded Cooper can best apply his grand ideas, and Cooper’s Sagittarius Rising likely allowed him to see potential in Gaga where she didn’t even see it in herself. 

The two of them have different but related ways of approaching life, but it makes things fresh. I have noticed that relationships that are so easy that neither partner needs to exert effort end up fizzling in many cases, due to the complacency that the partners have over time. 

I don’t see Gaga and Cooper ever falling into this trap because they have a little tension in the right places (good for Gaga’s desire for just a touch of conflict) and ease in different places. The two of them would have to do some work, however, their complementary placements make the effort worth it. 

I give this couple an 8 out of 10, because their planets are just too perfectly placed in one another’s chart! A point was docked for their conflicting signs in some places, but their chemistry won the day. 

I know that technically these two aren’t dating, but I would advise that they give it a whirl (if they haven’t already where the public can’t see them). These two would do a great job of motivating the other and making the other feel totally safe. 

Are you an Aries woman dating a Capricorn man? What are some things that you’ve noticed? Let me and the rest of us know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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