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The Astrology of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen – The Secrets to 37 Years of Marriage!

One may not suspect that Keith Richards, co-band leader of the Rolling Stones, would be one to settle down with any one person for too long. After all, he is a rock legend who admits to his fair share of partying. 

Despite this, on his birthday, December 18th, 1983, he married model and actress Patti Hansen and they have remained married ever since, for 37 years. 

Their marriage has remained low key throughout the years with there not being much scandal to report. 

As a relationship astrologer, I can see how these two have been able to last so long. 

Keith has a wild Sagittarius Sun while Patti owns a dreamy Pisces Sun and this makes for a very unique combination between them. 

To better understand how these two get along with one another, let’s take a peek at their individual charts to see who they each are as people. 

Overview of Keith Richards’ Birth Chart

Overview of Keith Richards’ Birth Chart

Keith Richards was a kid who had trouble functioning in a normal school environment. So, when he met Mick Jagger in school they escaped with music, and thus the Rolling Stones were born. 

Born on December 18th, 1943 in Dartford, England, Keith Richards is a spontaneous Sagittarius Sun, thoughtful Virgo Moon, and edgy Scorpio Rising. 

In astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and the last fire sign of the Zodiac.  

The sun represents your essential essence, your energy, and your willpower. Keith would be seen as a huge personality, one that cannot be easily ignored. A Sagittarius is a freedom loving being who needs to be able to stretch their legs in life whether that means broadening their mental perspective or taking a journey.

The Sun is placed in Keith’s second house of resources and values. This would indicate that Keith gets a lot of his motivation from the prospect of material gains. No doubt this part of him has shown up strongly since he has a net worth of $350 million. 

Because Jupiter is the ruler of his Sun sign, this indicates that he is a blessed being who has a lot of luck on his side. He himself has noted that with the number of substances he has indulged in that he is lucky to be alive. 

When it comes to relationships, I’ve found that Sagittarius Suns need a lot of freedom and trust from their partners

Because his Sun is in the second house, he would be a partner who would show his love largely through helping his partner feel secure in all way, including financially. 

On top of this, Keith’s Rising sign has a lot to say about what he is like in a relationship. He is a Scorpio Rising which indicates that he is a shrewd and intense person who could have a slightly unsettling vibe to be around. 

The Rising sign determines that his Chart Ruler (planet with increased meaning in the birth chart) is Mars in the seventh house (using traditional astrology as opposed to modern which would put his Chart Ruler as Pluto).

Mars is the planet that shows what we stand up for and protect in life. The seventh house is the house of one-on-one relationships. 

This indicates that Keith Richards is one whose core nature would have him fighting to keep those he is close to and whom he partners with safe. Although, another way to read that is that he stands against his partners. 

I imagine that both are true for him depending on the situation. 

His Sun and Rising sign have Keith sounding invincible, but his Moon sign will show us where he is more vulnerable. He has a Virgo Moon which indicates a careful, studious nature. 

The Moon is in his ninth house of philosophy and optimism. So, despite the fact that I can see how Keith would exhibit signs of anxiety, I am betting that this fact is mitigated by the overall positive energy of the ninth house. 

When Venus, the planet of love, is in a water sign like Scorpio it can indicate a love nature driven by emotions. In Keith’s case, the love should be intensely strong otherwise he may not consider it worth his time! 

I have found that people with Venus in Scorpio need to feel completely committed to in order to keep a sense of romance alive.  

With Venus in his twelfth house of hidden things and endings, Keith may find his greatest romances in the ruins of another relationship.  

Overview of Patti Hansen’s Birth Chart

Overview of Patti Hansen’s Birth Chart

When I saw Patti’s chart, it wasn’t immediately obvious why she and Keith had lasted for so long

Patti was discovered as a 16-year-old at an ice cream stand. She began modeling at that time and met Keith Richards at 23. 

Born on March 17, 1956, in Staten Island, New York, she is a Pisces Sun and a Gemini Moon.  

In astrology, Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac. It is represented by mutable water, meaning it goes with the flow rather than constantly seeking or staying fixed in one direction. 

As a Pisces Sun, Patti has a quiet, introspective, and spiritual nature. Pisces are known for flexibility in how they portray themselves, and so modeling would have been a great career choice for her as well. 

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the sign of the Zodiac that can feel a bit lost and scattered at times. They sometimes have a difficult time fitting in to this material world because Pisces just don’t value the material like they do the Spiritual. 

Pisces women are also known as creative, kind, and empathetic to the suffering of others. 

In addition, Patti’s Moon is sitting in the verbally inclined air sign of Gemini. This would indicate that she needs her social desires met in order to feel comfortable, stable, and safe. 

Gemini is a sign which connects people to each other. Gemini is an excellent messenger as well, always spreading relevant (and irrelevant!) information wherever they go. 

Patti’s Moon would stimulate her to connect and communicate with others on most any subject. She just feels comfortable when she is being social. 

Her love interest would have to be open to long talks and going deep into the emotions of one another. 

With Jessica’s Venus (what she loves), and Mars (how she loves), both in earth signs, Patti is a stable and sensible lover.

With Patti’s Venus in the sign of Taurus, Patti needs to have a lover whom she appreciates aesthetically. She has a healthy way of loving since her Venus feels right at home in the sign of Taurus. 

Both Venus and Taurus are stimulated by beauty and luxurious comfort as well as bodily pleasure.  

Patti would also need a partner who can provide for her. Her love language is very much along the gift giving route, and when she feels secure financially, she is able to love more fully. 

Her Mars is also in a comfortable spot since it is placed in the sign of Capricorn. This is where Mars can really shine in a functional way. This indicates that she may enjoy power plays in bed as well as desiring an authority figure in the bedroom. 

Overview of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen’s Synastry

Overview of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen’s Synastry

These two lovers have kept their lives separate from the public for the most part. We don’t know an awful lot about how they interact with one another. 

Lucky for us we can infer a lot of information based on their Astrological compatibility. 

Keith is a Sagittarius Sun while Patti is a Pisces Sun. These two signs do not get along very well on paper. 

Sagittarius can be bold and loud and is fully in the experience of this world, while Pisces is often soft spoken, reserved, and their head is nearly always in the clouds. 

Despite this, the Astrology is showing that there is a lot more to their love than what the Sun signs show. 

Their Moon signs are in positive relation to one another. Keith’s Moon is Virgo and Patti’s is Gemini, and these signs understand one another because they are both ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. 

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen’s Sun Sign Compatibility

One may not peg these two as being compatible right off the bat. 

Consider that Keith has been a rock star for decades and Patti has been a woman of refined appeal for just as long. 

Because Sagittarius (Keith) and Pisces (Patti) have a difficult time getting along, these two may occasionally come upon their disagreements. 

As a Sagittarius Sun, Keith values large, expansive experiences which are focused in the now. He enjoys large displays, huge gestures, and drama.  

Patti, however, is a sensitive Pisces. Pisces have soft underbellies and they can be hurt by the harshness of the Sagittarius. 

In their relationship, Keith is more open-minded and progressive, and he will need to be more patient when sharing his ideas with Patti. 

Pisces is delicate and so Keith may be put out when he needs to tone down around Patti in order to preserve her feelings and sensitivities. 

One way I could actually see these two connecting is through their mutual desire for Spiritual experiences. Pisces has a natural affinity for that which goes beyond the physical senses while Sagittarians are connected to religion and gurus. 

Finding common ground through the esoteric may be a way that these two can connect. 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I believe that these two need to be able to reconcile their differences. They each will have aspects the other person doesn’t understand, but if they give each other the space to be who they are anyways, this can still work. 

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Keith Richards and Patti Hansen Moon Sign Compatibility

The Moon signs are the most important aspect within a relationship. They describe our emotions as well as what makes us feel at home. 

As a Virgo (Keith) and Gemini (Patti) Moon, these two have Moon signs that understand one another. 

These two signs, Virgo and Gemini, are ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. 

As a result, I would bet that these two have an excellent way of expressing themselves to one another. 

Virgo Moons are represented by the sixth house of the Zodiac, and this is the house of daily routine and daily work. Keith feels most comfortable being productive and useful.

Patti’s Gemini moon, on the other hand, is represented by the third house in the Zodiac, which is associated with talking and sharing ideas as well as writing. The third house is also where the Moon is most comfortable since it has to do with repetitive actions and cycles.  

She feels her best when she is able to freely communicate with those around her. She is likely good at saying comforting words. 

When you bring the Gemini Moon and Virgo Moon together, you have two people who absolutely love living everyday life together. This is a couple who I am not sure could withstand a long time apart because their daily rituals and habits are so connecting for them. 

These two would genuinely enjoy doing the same thing every day together, fitting the stereotype of the “old married couple” extremely well. 

They find joy with one another every day, and this is a huge buoy to their love. 

The Moon sign compatibility of Keith and Patti is likely one of the reasons their relationship has been able to stay solid over nearly 40 years of marriage. Despite what their Sun signs indicate, these two have a solid emotional base to go off of and this has provided them with a long-lasting stability. 

I would give this pair a 7 out of 10 in general astrological compatibility.

If these two can remember to honor their differences and play on their strengths then you will see them last years longer together.

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Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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