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Astro Reasons of Brangelina Divorce – What Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s Synastry Tells About Their Compatibility

The year: 2004. The topic: Brad Pitt divorcing Jennifer Aniston, allegedly in pursuit of Angelina Jolie. It was one of the hottest stories in the world at the time and EVERYONE was paying attention! 

The theme of contention and drama would continue for over a decade with this couple and the world simply couldn’t stop watching it all go down! 

Despite this, the couple appeared solid and happy for much of their time together. They adopted and gave birth to children together, vacationed together, and dealt with a media firestorm all with grace… well, as much grace as anyone in their position is capable of! 

So, what happened to Brangelina? What made these two fall apart? 

Normally it would be hard to say, but with the power of Astrology we can get the dirty deets on the true nature of this couple’s relationship… and lack thereof. 

A Taboo Trist At Work

The relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina was been riddled with insinuations of infidelity – it doesn’t seem to help that their relationship almost certainly began on a sketchy note. 

Their synastry (relationship chart) indicates where the details of how they fell in love lie… and the chart sure has something to say here! 

To find out how Brad and Angie fell in love we first look to their Venus placements. This is the ultimate indicator of romantic attraction! 

Brad has his Venus in the sign of structure and advancement, Capricorn. This indicates that he is a hard-working lover, who likely expresses his romantic inclinations in how he provides for his partner.

His Venus is located in Angelina’s sixth house of work, indicating that it was while performing daily work activities that the two of them fell in love. 

This makes sense since it is alleged that these two met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Angelina’s Venus is in the opposing sign of Cancer. This is a super sweet placement that indicates that Angelina is a mothering sort of lover. 

Angelina is likely someone who communicates her love through her home. Providing beautiful, comfy, and cozy living environments for Pitt was likely how she assured him of her love. 

Her Venus is located in his eighth house of taboo and scandal. It seems to be that Brad really did prefer Angie over Jennifer Aniston… while he was married to Jen! 

To me this is a crystal-clear sign that the drama surrounding the beginning of Angelina and Brad’s relationship was based in something real. The media wasn’t fishing when they reported on this wild love triangle! 

As it turns out, Angelina won Brad’s heart at the end of the day. At least for a while. 

Brad and Angelina’s Sun Sign Compatibility

Brad and Angelina’s Sun Sign Compatibility 

Brad and Angelina were able to make their relationship shine bright for a little over ten years… not a bad run in Hollywood time! But what would have made their fire burn out?

We can deduce what led to the ultimate disbanding of the marriage by looking at the Sun sign synastry between these two. 

The Sun is the willpower and driving force behind a person. It is the reason that someone gets out of bed in the morning and their “why” behind the things they do. 

With this in mind, there are many things we can infer about the relationship between Brad and Angie (good, bad, and ugly) based on where their Sun signs lie! 

The bold personality of Brad Pitt likely has something to do with his vivacious Sagittarius Sun, symbolized by the Archer. 

Sagittarius is the world traveler of the Zodiac; their minds are open to anyone from any culture. What a worldly placement for Mr. Pitt! 

He likely considers the world on a wide and broad scale… in other words, he is always seeing the forest more than the trees. Paying attention to the little details isn’t his speed. 

This could mean that he is thinking about bigger themes in life like ethics, beliefs, and different sorts of general life approaches. 

Angelina on the other hand, has a Sun represented by the opposite sign to Sagittarius, Gemini. This is where things get sticky, because this could be good or bad overall for these two. 

Gemini is the talker of the Zodiac – they love to communicate. They are ruled by quicksilver Mercury, the fastest planet that we consider in Astrology! 

Mercury rules mental practicalities and is detail oriented. Since Mercury moves at lightening speed, her can assume that so does the mind of Angelina. 

She’s no dummy! But her downfall could be getting too caught up in all the minutiae of life which could cause anxiety. 

The signs of Sagittarius and Gemini have a relationship that can be interpreted in more than one way. They are what are known as sister signs, meaning they have a similar goal but different ways of getting there. 

This means that Brangelina is looking for the same thing: knowledge! These signs want to know all there is to know about the world… but hang on ladies, because it isn’t that simple, I’m afraid. 

Brad wants to seek knowledge by getting a bird’s eye view of the situation and life in general. He is glancing more towards overarching themes in life to get his sense of direction. 

Angelina on the other hand, is looking for knowledge by overturning every stone and looking around every corner. She doesn’t jive with a vast overview; she wants the details! 

This can cause frustration at the end of the day. Angelina may believe that Brad needs to be more practical and grounded in life while Brad thinks Angelina should loosen up! 

I can see how their similar goal of learning could have kept them going fast and furious for a good while, but I have a suspicion that eventually they couldn’t compromise with each other through their radically different approaches. 

Despite this, I know that coming to that conclusion wasn’t easy for them, since their Sun placements in one another’s houses indicate true love. 

Brad’s Sagittarius Sun sits in Angelina’s house of romance. This means that he experienced her in a lighthearted, fun, and easy romantic relationship from the get go. 

This is also a strong indicator of having children together, and that was one potential that became a reality rather quickly. 

Angelina’s Sun sits in Brad’s house of partnership and marriage. No wonder the two of them tried for so long to make this work! 

At the end of the day, it appears that their positive placements were not enough to keep the two of them on course to a life long love. Their differences won the day which really bummed the rest of us out! 

Brad and Angelina’s Moon Sign Compatibility

Brad and Angelina’s Moon Sign Compatibility

Despite the fact that their Sun signs were feeling some contention, I think that the biggest nail in their relationship’s coffin was in their Moon signs. 

In my own opinion, the most important indicator of long-term happiness in a relationship is within the Moon sign compatibility. 

The Moon is emotion and what makes us feel safe. As a Relationship Astrologer, I cannot stress enough the significance of these factors in a romantic relationship! 

Brad Pitt is the owner of a responsible and dutiful Capricorn moon. This makes him ready to approach emotions with reverence and seriousness. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is a planet of stability and restraint. His emotions are not free to flow where they want to go, and as a result he can get his panties in a twist when there is too much frivolity going on. 

Angelina Jolie has a feisty and passionate Aries moon. This means she feels her emotions in rapid succession, and they rise and fall in the blink of an eye. 

This moon is ruled by Mars, a planet of quickness, passion, and impulse. Her emotions are likely free of restraint and I would bet that she has a temper like you wouldn’t believe!

What does this mean for the two of them? 

Brad and Angelina’s moon have what is known as a square relationship in Astrology. This is no bueno for solid, long term compatibility since the square is an indicator of deep tension. 

Brad’s calculating Capricorn moon is not going to understand Angelina’s impulsive Aries sensibilities. In fact, he may feel threatened by her lack of emotional control. 

Angelina likely wants Brad to just loosen his death grip on his emotions and just say what he feels! She would prefer someone with a bit more fire in how they deal with their love. 

This is a contentious place the two of them find themselves in with their moons. 

On top of that, the two of them have their moons in distinctly non-romantic houses in one another’s charts… believe me, I wish I had better news to deliver! 

Brad’s moon is in Angelina’s sixth house of work, routine, and drudgery along with his Capricorn Venus. While it does indicate that while they originally worked together sparks flew, this would not have lasted once the cameras stopped rolling on their film. 

Talking to Angie about his emotions feels like a drag to Brad. It’s like a chore that he has to perform out of obligation. Yowch! That certainly would not have made Angie feel valued and important! 

Meanwhile, Angie’s Moon sits in Brad’s fourth house of family. This does indicate that the two of them are compatible as family members… but for romance it isn’t so great. 

I could see these two being able to cohabitate successfully and raising kids together was likely one thing that kept them stable for as long as they were. 

Despite this, the fourth house is not necessarily a lighthearted place. It indicates what’s going on beneath the surface and the roots of problems. 

With Angie’s explosive Aries moon in Brad’s fourth house, she likely harbored a lot of anger towards Brad, perhaps for betraying the foundations of their marriage in some way… I’ll let you interpret that one as you will! 

I believe that the two of them tried hard to make it work which almost makes it sadder to see them fail to bring their love back together. 

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I think that anyone who read about Brangelina had hope that the two of them would last. They’re two gorgeous people who had the world captivated by their love story! 

All the hopes and wishes in the world couldn’t overcome the reality of the situation… there was just two much between them that wasn’t easy. 

Their Sun signs had them trying to reach the same goal but in ways the other just couldn’t wrap their head around, while the Moon had them fighting to understand the emotions of the other. 

Although some conflict between couples is healthy as it forces them to stay present in the relationship to make it work, it seems the differences were just as irreconcilable as they reported on the divorce papers. 

Oh, Brangelina, how we loved reading about the love and the kids and the celebrity mythos you created around your gorgeous family! 

You can bet I’ll be scanning the headlines to see which sign either of them ends up pairing with next! My beloved readers, you’ll of course be the first to know what I find when it happens! 

Are you a Gemini woman with a Sagittarius man? How’s it going for you? Have you found it any easier than Brangelina to overcome any differences? We’re all dying to know, so let us in on it down below in the comments! 

Want to find out if a Sagittarius man is your true love match? Take my quiz here to see if you can handle the truth! 

Wishing you all the Luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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