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Everything You Need to Know About Numerology And How it Can Change Your Love Life

An Introduction to Numerology

Numerology, like Astrology, can be traced back to ancient times. Babylonians are said to have invented this system, and various connections between numbers and mystical wisdom have also been prevalent in Egypt and Greece.

Though various systems have their own specific nuances and interpretations, modern Numerology holds some consistent beliefs that are still used by spiritual seekers today.

One of the most common ways that Numerology is applied is to add the digits in your complete birthday to come up with your Life Path Number. So, for instance, if you were born on May 3, 1992, you would add 5+3+1+9+9+2=29. But in devising the Life Path number, digits, you would then add both the digits 2 and 9 which give you 11. In most cases, all numbers are added until you have single digits. The few exceptions to this are the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which are considered Master Numbers and have special meanings.

So, although 29 reduces to 11, if your life path number is something such as 30, you would then add 3+0 and come up with 3 as the actual Life Path number. Each number has special meaning and significance that can help you understand personality traits as well as destiny and life purpose.

There is so much to unveil when it comes to Life Path numbers and their influence on your love and life – so keep reading to learn all that you can about your life path number!

An Overview Of The Life Path Numbers

Once you understand the power and mystical significance behind each number, you can apply this meaning to a variety of systems such as Tarot and even Astrology. The meanings are generally considered universal.

Here is a brief overview of the meaning of specific numbers.

Life Path Number 0

Although this would not be a Life Path number per se, it’s worth acknowledging the meaning of this number as it may appear in other areas of your life. It is associated with wholeness, cycles, completion, and the interconnection of all aspects of the Universe.

Life Path Number 1

This number signifies independence, creativity, and initiation. If this is your Life Path Number, then you’re likely to be bold and free-thinking.

You may be accustomed to advocating for yourself and doing things on your own. Your energy can be intense, and part of your life lesson is to learn to find balance and harmony with others.

Your independence can make you controlling and you need to learn to collaborate and not be over-responsible.

Number 1 in Relationships

It’s challenging to forge a romantic partnership with someone born under this Life Path Number. Although they will take initiative and show their passion right from the start, they’ll also try to do everything on their own and may even try to make your decisions for you.

Take a soft approach to help them ease out of their sense of responsibility for your choices. It’s best not to be confrontational with this number.

Their ideal partners are shy and somewhat in need of guidance and direction such as those born under the Two, Four, Six, and Seven Life Paths. They’ll easily clash with someone who is as strong-willed as they are.

Life Path Number 2

On the Two Life Path, you have a deep yearning to find your twin. You may rely on others for balance and perspective and you prefer to be part of a pair than to do things alone.

You crave balance and can be artistic and creative. You may feel insecure and look to others to reassure you.

A major life lesson for you is to not let others define who you are. You can also be highly sensitive and naturally intuitive.

Number 2 in Relationships

It’s easy for those born under the Two Life Path energy to form a relationship with almost anyone because they are so accommodating. They seek harmony with others and will adapt to others’ personality styles and habits.

Number Two people are sensitive and can easily anticipate others’ needs. It’s not a matter of who is the best match, but rather a matter of people born under this energy learning how to speak their truth and not allowing themselves to be dominated by more assertive personalities.

They are particularly compatible with those born under the Life Path Numbers of Four, Seven, Eight, and Twenty-Two.

Life Path Number 3

These people can be creative, popular, charming, and fun to be around. You are at your best when you’re working on a project that helps to stimulate your mind and teach you new things.

You easily manifest what you need and can be quite lucky in work and finances. The key to your abundance is sharing and giving back, as well as creating connections and community with others.

You are happiest in an artist’s studio or workshop where you can keep yourself busy working on projects and creating new things.

Number 3 in Relationships

This Life Path Number seeks excitement and mental stimulation in relationships with others. It’s best for people with this personality to form romantic bonds with people born under the One, Five, Eight, and Nine Life Path. Although, this personality can also bring excitement and confidence to the Two personality.

Number Three personalities need freedom and breathing room in relationships and this may be interpreted by a partner who seeks closeness and intimacy as aloofness or indifference.

Life Path Number 4

This Life Path prioritizes family and home. You need to feel secure and you feel best when you are surrounded by the people closest to you.

You can be loyal to the end and make a solid member of a team because you understand how to nurture peoples’ talents and skills. Faithfulness and reliability are important to you.

You may be sensitive to rejection – real or imagined. A major life lesson for you is to not expect perfection from others but to meet others where they are.

Number 4 in Relationships

People born with this Life Path Number are nurturing and loving in romantic relationships. They crave traditional connections and overt displays of affection and love.

Their ideal partners are those with personalities like that of the numbers Two, Six, Eight, and Twenty-Two Life Path Numbers.

They will usually feel overwhelmed by more intense personalities such as Five, Seven, Nine, and Ones. This number seeks companionship with those who are more grounded, settled, and sentimental.

Life Path Number 5

You are naturally adventurous and bold. Not one for sitting at home; you prefer to be a trailblazer. It’s easiest for you to express your love for others by doing things to bring excitement and inspiration into other people’s lives.

This is an ideal Life Path Number for someone who enjoys travel, excitement, and even a little drama. When things are too quiet, you become anxious and may even stir the pot just to have something interesting to experience.

It’s hard for you to settle down. The best way for you to make a commitment is to be reassured that you won’t be tied down to monotonous routines.

Number 5 in Relationships

Those born under this number can be playful and may enjoy many passionate and flirtatious affairs before finally settling down.

Though others may see their path to romance as volatile and filled with drama, those born on this Life Path need to experience a full range of ups and downs in love in order to feel energized and fulfilled.

They resist settling down and opt instead for a romance filled with creativity, excitement, and changes of scenery. They work well with people born under the Life Path One, Three, Eight, Nine, Eleven, and Twenty-Two.

Life Path Number 6

You often feel responsible for other people and are happiest when you have someone to dote on and care for. You aren’t dependent on others but tend to feel that you know the best way to help others.

You may even become critical at times, believing you know what is best for others even more so than they do.

As natural empaths, those with this Life Path Number are highly sensitive to how others are feeling and will go out of their way to act as healers and helpers.

Number 6 in Relationships

This Life Path can easily attract people from all of the other Life Paths and can adapt to the personalities and needs of others, though usually, this adaptation is a result of anticipating the needs of others and then fulfilling the role of caretaker.

Those on a Six Life Path journey relate well to Two, Four, Seven, and Twenty-Two Life Paths and can become entangled in relationships with Ones and Fives by trying to change them without accepting their independent and unconventional lifestyle.

This can exhaust Sixes and make for a relationship that becomes a perpetual chase and power struggle. It’s better for those on the Six journey to work on accepting partners as they are, rather than trying to change them.

Life Path Number 7

Spiritual and mystically oriented, those born under this Life Path Number have a gift for understanding how mundane issues are connected to higher spiritual lessons.

They are also likely to seek connection with other people, especially people who are different in some way.

Sevens come to understand their own boundaries and needs by exploring extremes and may be attracted to people who are opposite of them in terms of ideas and personality.

Number 7 in Relationships

Those on the Seven Life Path can easily relate to everyone whoever they are particularly attracted to people who challenge them and offer differing perspectives.

They are particularly drawn to those on the One, Three, Five, Nine, Eleven, and Twenty-Two Life Path.

This Life Path can be challenging in relationships because although they go out of their way to try to be accommodating to others, they can sometimes become enamored with unavailable partners and make excuses to remain in relationships that are not reciprocal.

Life Path Number 8

Those born under this Life Path Number can be intense and may seem to have an edgy nature. They are here to help others embrace change and transformation.

They can be highly creative and psychically attuned and may seem to have some trials and tribulations to overcome in comparison to their peers. But these challenges nurture their fundamental strengths and can help them become healers and guides to others.

You can also easily generate wealth and abundance but need to steer clear of the temptation to let money and power go to your head.

Number 8 in Relationships

Those born on this Life Path move quickly in relationships. You may see them as obsessive over their love interests and they can come on strong and seem determined to woo their loved one.

They are also likely to burn out because they often follow their passion without moderation. Their connection is easiest with those born under the Two, Three, Four, Five, Nine, and Eleven Life Path.

They can have a jealous streak in relationships but if they work through their insecurities, they can also bring transformation and empowerment to others.

Life Path Number 9

This Life Path is all about spirituality, philosophy, and growth. You are a born humanitarian who seeks truth and justice.

You’re attracted to higher learning and helping others to expand their minds. You are also fond of learning from interesting and unique people whose life experiences differ from your own.

Nines tend to be well-rounded and optimistic, and may even get carried away with dreams from time to time. You can be determined and obsessed with succeeding once your mind is set on a goal.

Number 9 in Relationships

Their intensity can magnetically attract many to this personality. They are adaptable enough to enjoy relationships with people born under any Life Path Number.

However, this personality is best suited to those born into the One, Three, Five, and Eleven Life Path.

They can help those born into Two and Four Life Paths become more flexible and open-minded, as long as they are careful not to move too quickly for these sensitive personalities.

Life Path Number 11

The Master Number Eleven is the path of the Teacher. Whatever you experience, you try to translate and share it with others.

The double creativity and independence of the energy of number One gives you a unique gift for leadership. You have a knack for influencing others, be careful not to use this as manipulation.

You may also have great skills in speaking, writing, or the arts. Your life lessons may involve balance and harmony as you can become obsessive and determined and lose sight of the big picture at times.

Number 11 in Relationships

This personality can be intense but also craves the sensitivity of a partner with a personality like those born under the Two, Four, or Six Life Path. This personality can also bring fuel and inspiration to the passions of those born under the Life Path One, Three, Five, Eight, and Nine.

They can relate well to Sevens, as long as they have similar ideologies. Otherwise, the relationship can devolve into intellectual power struggles.

Life Path Number 22

This Life Path is that of the Master Builder. You are comfortable being in control and have a great gift for commanding the attention of others.

You are also incredibly nurturing and can make an ideal professional caregiver or parent. You are always sensitive to others’ needs and concerned with creating a solid foundation on which others can grow.

Number 22 in Relationships

Those born under this Life Path are able to relate well to almost any other number. They are particularly well suited to those born into the Two, Four, Six, Eight, and Eleven Life Path.

They can be flexible, adaptive, and nurturing; accommodating others’ needs and attempting to help reform others but without the dominating nature of those born under the Six Life Path.

Life Path Number 33

This is a rare Master Number Life Path and it represents someone whose heart is pure and loving. You crave partnerships and devote your life to finding happiness with others.

You may be exceptionally empathic and sensitive to others’ wounds and can be a source of inspiration and healing for others.

Number 33 in Relationships

This rare number is on a mission to share empathy and compassion with humanity and as such, they can relate well to all other Life Path Numbers.

In relationships, those born into this Life Path will make it a point to learn from others and treat people with empathy as they try to create deeper understanding.

Numerology And Relationships

In addition to considering the Numerology of your Life Path and how this relates to potential partners or love interests, you can also use the power of Numerology to analyze relationships in other ways.

You can analyze the Numerology of the date you meet someone new, for example. If you meet your love interest on April 18th of 2021, then the number associated with your meeting is 4+1+8+2+0+2+1=18, 1+8 then is reduced to 9. This number tells you something instrumental about the purpose of your meeting and the nature of the relationship.

You can also use this technique to gain insight into specific dates that may be important milestones for the relationship such as the date of a wedding or the date of a marriage proposal.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an understanding of how Numerology works, you can develop a deeper awareness of the important people who come into your life. You can also appreciate the purpose of others on your journey. Numerology helps to teach us to appreciate the purpose of our many relationships including the lessons brought to our lives by romantic partners.

Relationships can be so complicated. You don’t want to leave the major milestones to chance, do you?

Having a basic grasp of Numerology can help you plan the journey to finding fulfillment in love. But this is a journey that is best not traveled alone.

By using a number of powerful, spiritual systems including Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, and more, I can help you truly unleash your attraction power and find the keys to overcoming the pitfalls that have plagued your relationships.

If things haven’t been adding up for you in love, you may be missing some crucial lessons or signals.

I don’t want you to miss out on love. I can work with you to make sure you understand how to work with the love of your life to make sure you don’t let that special someone slip away.

What are you waiting for? Some opportunities only come around once.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,


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