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Hot And Cold Behavior From Men Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered why any man would play the hot and cold game? Each man is very different and each Zodiac sign will help you narrow it down a bit more. Men have their own rules of conduct and have various reasons for why they will be gung ho starting out then pulling back.

Why is he hot and cold?

If you’re looking to figure out what the guy of your interest is likely to be like or have experienced this phenomena in the past; perhaps this article can help shed some light on why any of these men would warm up with you then suddenly throw a wall up. Keep reading for more information that may be helpful for you.

Aries Man Hot & Cold

Hot And Cold Aries Man

The Aries man is one of the fire signs which is why he warms up so quickly and easily. He shouldn’t and he knows it but he cannot help himself. He loves physical attention and gets excited easily by someone new.
You may have met him at the right time and in the right place so he feels a huge connection with you. Then one day he just starts falling off the map. Aries needs to go slower and he knows it.
When he doesn’t follow that protocol, he starts sitting back and realizing that he really should have taken his time. He may also find things out about you that he doesn’t like or finds incompatible with him.
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Taurus Man Hot & Cold

Hot And Cold Taurus Man

The Taurus man is an Earth sign so you’d think he’d have his feet planted in the ground. Well, though that would be correct in other aspects; with love, it’s a bit different.
He’s looking to find something solid and long lasting. However; he has a little bit of a “player” element to him while he looks around. He has no problem having a “friends with benefits situation”. Watch out because he may try to implement that without your knowledge or agreement.
Taurus man is just like Aries man. He may dive into something too quick then back way off out of fears and indecision. He may also decide there are things about you that don’t sit well with him so he pumps the brakes.
He isn’t forthcoming with feelings so you have to absolutely open up and ask. Click here for more info on what happens when “Taurus Man Goes Hot to Ice Cold”.

Gemini Man Hot & Cold

Gemini man is an Air sign. This makes him want to flow with where the wind takes him. Sometimes it takes him to something long lasting but sometimes it takes him to quick flings or fun.
He is a dreamer and this causes him to not always have his head in the right place. That being said; he may start something that seems like it’s a wonderful thing to do but when he realizes it’s not so much; he turns into a fearful mess.
He backs off, backs down, cuts down communication, and tries to get the woman to break it off. He doesn’t like being the initiator.
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Cancer Man Hot & Cold

With Cancer man being a water sign, he knows naturally how to cool things down when he feels it’s too hot. That being said; the Cancer man is looking for a wife and mother to his children.
He will play while he’s still looking; however. He’ll talk to many women and perhaps have several sexual flings. When he’s ready to settle down; he will reserve himself for that one woman he finds irresistible to what he’s looking for.
He’s naturally charming and can get just about any woman with a simple flirt or caress of her arm. He’s gifted and talented with a silver tongue. If you aren’t familiar, it means he knows what to say and how to.
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Leo Man Hot & Cold

Hot And Cold Leo Man

The Leo man is a lover. He’s also a fire sign which makes him very passionate. It’s easy to see how he gets caught up in the moment and goes with it. He won’t think about the consequences of his actions until later on.
He dives in quickly using his “other brain” and heart going pitter patter. He falls in love easily or rather “in lust” and thinks that the woman he’s thrilled about is the one. Then reality sets in and he realizes it’s not at all what he thought.
Leo man starts to retreat when he knows that this wasn’t a good idea. He may find out things about the woman that don’t sit well with him, she may stop giving him the attention he craves, or becomes despondent to him.
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Virgo Man Hot & Cold

The Virgo man is an Earth sign. This makes him level headed in most situations. When it comes to affairs of the heart; he tends to be picky and cautious. It’s like he naturally knows he needs to be careful.
However there are certain situations where he may not heed what his gut tells him to do which is to be careful. If he becomes really excited about someone new; he’ll later realize that he shouldn’t have gotten involved so quickly.
This will make him become cool, reserved, and almost like he’s not interested anymore. Then he’ll tell a woman he still cares for her but again; acts as though maybe they shouldn’t be together. He does a back and forth dance.
Unless he figures out this isn’t the woman for him and just calls it quits by ghosting. Why else would he do this? Find out more about “Virgo Man Going Burning Hot to Iceberg Temperatures” by clicking here!

Libra Man Hot & Cold

The Libra man always comes off as very warm and inviting. He’s an air sign which makes him also very spontaneous. He likes to flow with what life brings him. He is one that knows for sure he shouldn’t go fast because of his indecisive nature.
However; there are times where he may feel overly excited about someone which causes him to take things too quickly. Even in situations where he doesn’t hurry; he may still have reservations he cannot figure out what to do with.
The Libra man has a hard time making choices whether it’s what to eat or who to date; he has a difficult time. He may take quite a while to decide if someone is the one. He may also become cooled off or pulled back if he thinks he’s not sure.
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Scorpio Man Hot & Cold

The Scorpio man is another water sign. This means he’s passionate but he’s also cautious. He trusts no one. To even get into a relationship typically requires a great deal of time and trust for him.
However; he can get excited just like any man and jump into something with someone not really heeding his own gut. His feelings are very deep and it’s hard to get through the hard shell of a scorpion.
This man has his emotions on a spindle it seems. His feelings are up and down all day long. This can make him back peddle, pull out, act cold, act hot, act warm, act loving, then back to cold again. He cannot seem to target one feeling he can stick with.
Why would he start something and then retreat? Well, he has reasons that you really should know if you want to be with him. Click here to find out more about “Scorpio Man Being Stinging Hot to Chilly Temperatures”.

Sagittarius Man Hot & Cold

The adventurous Sagittarius man is yet another fire sign. He’s passionate about life, adventure, travel, and any type of excitement he can find. This definitely makes him dive too quickly into relationships.
He may have a tendency to go from one relationship to the next. He isn’t 100% sure what he’s looking for and until he figures it out; he’ll keep searching by dating around. If he gets involved quickly he learns through living what he likes and doesn’t like.
When he decides that maybe this relationship isn’t for him; he’ll definitely pull back, be more reserved, and try to move on. Sadly he will skip out sometimes without even telling the woman why.
He’s not one for confrontation and would rather just ghost someone. Until he narrows down what he’s looking for, he’ll keep going from one breathless moment to the next. This means flitting from one flower to the next.

Capricorn Man Hot & Cold

The mighty Capricorn is an Earth sign. This makes him very practical and intelligent. He has deep integrity and knows better than to give himself away to someone he isn’t sure about.
He very rarely will get involved with someone too quickly but hey, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He could find someone so irresistible that he cannot help himself. In this case, he moves too quickly.
Naturally, once he figures out he shouldn’t have done that; he will become cold, callous, and seem as though he’s just done. He may not be though; he may be thinking things through.
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Aquarius Man Hot & Cold

The Aquarius man is one that loves his space and time to himself. He won’t sacrifice it for just anyone. He’s a man though and he too could make the mistake of being excited about someone and going too fast.
He may declare love, marriage, etc but in reality; he isn’t really sure what he wants so then he turns cold as ice. He may retreat to get personal time back, he may not reply quickly or at all to texts, and he is guilty of ghosting sometimes.
For an Aquarius man; he wants something very specific and if a woman doesn’t live up to his standards or line up with what he wants in life; he’s very quick to drop her.
He has different ways of dealing with what he has going through his head. If you want to know more click here to find out about “Aquarius Man Being All Steamy and Then Freezing Cold”.

Pisces Man Hot & Cold

The Pisces man is another water sign and he’s not too much different from Cancer and Scorpio. He too feels things deeply and tends to go with how he feels at any given moment.
He’s a dreamer and believes in finding true love when she arrives. This makes him sometimes make the wrong decisions due to his head in the clouds. When or if he realizes it was not the right choice he’ll become closed off, make less time for her, stop calling, etc.

The Pisces man doesn’t like to hurt anyone and in many cases will just ghost a woman since he doesn’t want confrontation. He knows that having to tell a woman she’s not the one will devastate her.

Being that way, he’d rather just skip on out like he never existed. He will go against his instincts and nature to try to make it work but it’s usually short term as he knows it’s time to move on.

I truly hope this helps you figure out what is going on with your guy or even some of your past guys so you can find the right one and handle things accordingly.

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