Hot And Cold Behavior From Men Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Men can be so confusing, especially in the initial stages of dating. There will always be a period where a man goes hot and cold towards a woman… This is simply what they do. 

The best approach is to never take this personally because more often than not it never is personal… Men just need their space, however, when a woman gets extra clingy at this time, it can be quite disastrous for the relationship.

It is best to know how to approach a man when he gets a bit clingy, and often this has a lot to do with his Zodiac sign. As an astrologer, you have no idea how often I get women asking me how to handle a man who goes hot and cold. This has to be one of the top questions I get asked. 

Thankfully, through so much experience I have learned what every man needs when they go hot and cold toward a woman. Are you in this situation and do you feel totally helpless about what to do? Then keep on reading to bridge the gap of distance between you and your man.

aries man going hot and cold
Aries Man Goes Hot & Cold

The Aries man is one of the fire signs which is why he warms up so quickly and easily. He shouldn’t and he knows it but he cannot help himself. He loves physical attention and gets excited easily by someone new.

You may have met him at the right time and in the right place so he feels a huge connection with you. Then one day he just starts falling off the map. Aries needs to go slower and he knows it.

When he doesn’t follow that protocol, he starts sitting back and realizing that he really should have taken his time. He may also find things out about you that he doesn’t like or finds incompatible with him.

Why an Aries Man Goes Hot & Cold

There are many reasons why an Aries man would possibly go hot and cold when he is in a new relationship. One of the biggest reasons usually is because he jumped in head first without thinking. He often chases the initial excitement and then when it dwindles down he gets bored. 

It is also possible that he has certain fears that come up around relationships that give him anxiety, like not having his freedom and independence because he is in a relationship and feels chained to the other person. 

When you start to match his energy you might notice that he starts warming up again because he won’t understand why you have pulled away either.

What To Do When An Aries Man Goes Hot And Cold

When an Aries man goes cold, the best thing for you to do is just to lean back and wait and see what happens. Don’t cling to him or chase him because you want to give him his independence. 

You need to make an Aries wonder where you have gone and what you are up to. This might be really difficult for you at first because you are so used to him chasing you. 

But take this time to focus on yourself and the things that make you happy. When you live your best life your Aries man won’t be able to help but take notice.

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taurus man going hot and cold

Taurus Man Going Hot & Cold

The Taurus man is an Earth sign so you’d think he’d have his feet planted in the ground. Well, though that would be correct in other aspects; with love, it’s a bit different.

He’s looking to find something solid and long-lasting. However; he has a little bit of a “player” element to him while he looks around. He has no problem having a “friends-with-benefits situation”. Watch out because he may try to implement that without your knowledge or agreement.

Taurus man is just like Aries man. He may dive into something too quickly and then back way off out of fear and indecision. He may also decide there are things about you that don’t sit well with him so he pumps the brakes.

Why A Taurus Man Goes Hot & Cold

A Taurus man is slow and steady with everything he does. By nature, he is very cautious and careful and doesn’t like to be rushed into things too quickly… This is why when a relationship moves too fast, it can give him a lot of anxiety. He simply isn’t ready to take that next step, yet…

He needs to take things slow and not rush into anything. When a Taurus man knows what he wants in life, nothing can stop him because he has tremendous willpower and perseverance. 

He knows exactly what he wants, and when something doesn’t fit quite right, he knows instantly. This is when he will become colder and start to distance himself because he just knows it isn’t going to work.

What To Do When A Taurus Man Goes Hot & Cold

Confrontation is the best road to take when dealing with a Taurus man. When you notice him clamming up and becoming distant then you might need to have a conversation with him and ask him what is going on with him…

Ask him how he feels about the relationship he has got going with you and where he thinks it is going. A Taurus man isn’t dishonest, so you’ll likely get a straightforward answer from him.

He isn’t forthcoming with feelings so you have to absolutely open up and ask. Another very real possibility might be that he just became comfortable with you, and is feeling a little lazy about making any effort. Tell him how this makes you feel and that you would appreciate a little more effort from his side.

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gemini man going hot and cold

Gemini Man Acting Hot & Cold

Gemini man is an Air sign. This makes him want to flow with where the wind takes him. Sometimes it takes him to something long-lasting but sometimes it takes him to quick flings or fun.

He is a dreamer and this causes him to not always have his head in the right place. That being said; he may start something that seems like it’s a wonderful thing to do but when he realizes it’s not so much; he turns into a fearful mess.

He backs off, backs down, cuts down communication, and tries to get the woman to break it off. He doesn’t like being the initiator. For a man who is so good at communication, he sure has the ghosting thing down like a pro.

Why A Gemini Man Goes Hot & Cold?

You’ve been warned – Gemini men can be very fickle creatures and they are usually some of the biggest players around. This sign loves variety and trying out everything and everyone. 

When a Gemini man gets bored, he’ll go off to the next person, and so the cycle continues. He’s not great at commitment and he is very aware of it, but also doesn’t really care…

When the excitement of a new relationship fades, this is when a Gemini man will start acting hot and cold. He might also just really need his me time, especially if the two of you have been spending a lot of time together.

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What To Do When A Gemini Man Goes Hot & Cold 

When a Gemini man starts backing away and becoming hot and cold it is usually an indication that he no longer wants to be in this relationship… He is being like this because he wants you to break up with him and make you the bad guy.

You are definitely entitled to want to have a conversation with him about this. Tell him that you have noticed his behavior and that you are unhappy with the way he is treating you. 

Tell him that you want to know what his intentions are and that you want to know where this relationship is headed. You deserve to know and it is unfair for him to string you along.

cancer man going hot and cold

Cancer Man Going Hot & Cold

With Cancer man being a water sign, he knows naturally how to cool things down when he feels it’s too hot. That being said; the Cancer man is looking for a wife and mother to his children.

He will play while he’s still looking; however. He’ll talk to many women and perhaps have several sexual flings. When he’s ready to settle down; he will reserve himself for that one woman he finds irresistible to what he’s looking for.

He’s naturally charming and can get just about any woman with a simple flirt or caress of her arm. He’s gifted and talented with a silver tongue. If you aren’t familiar, it means he knows what to say and how to.

Why A Cancer Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Cancer man is quite moody and this is something you definitely need to get used to about him. He is very sensitive and emotional and sometimes his feelings can become a bit much for him and this is why he isolates himself. Often this has nothing to do with you and you shouldn’t take it personally.

He really wants a relationship, but there is a side to him that is also quite scared of relationships and getting hurt. This is why he might block his feelings when he starts getting attached to a woman. It is all really self-preservation. 

He might also cool down the breaks when he feels that the relationship with you is moving too fast and he needs to take time to process things before it gets too serious. He wants to be certain about you. 

What To Do When A Cancer Man Gets Hot And Cold

The best thing you can do when a Cancer man gets hot and cold is to just be patient and give it time. Don’t put too much pressure on him because this may just push him away. 

You need to show him that you know how to be supportive and understanding by giving him a moment to breathe and figure things out for himself. Space is the golden for him right now. 

Show him that you can be independent by doing your own thing. This will show him that you know how to regulate your own emotions and that you aren’t going to be extra clingy when he needs those down moments for himself.

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leo man going hot and cold

Leo Man Goes Hot & Cold

The Leo man is a lover. He’s also a fire sign which makes him very passionate. It’s easy to see how he gets caught up in the moment and goes with it. He won’t think about the consequences of his actions until later on.

He dives in quickly using his “other brain” and heart going pitter-patter. He falls in love easily or rather “in lust” and thinks that the woman he’s thrilled about is the one. Then reality sets in and he realizes it’s not at all what he thought.

Leo man starts to retreat when he knows that this wasn’t a good idea. He may find out things about the woman that don’t sit well with him, she may stop giving him the attention he craves or becomes despondent to him.

Why A Leo Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Leo man is a big romantic, but sometimes he feels a bit unsure about his feelings and this is when he needs some space to figure things out for himself. He just wants to feel 100% certain that he is making the right decision. 

When a Leo man loves, he loves hard and when he gets cold it can often show that he is still trying to get over an ex. Heartbreak is really hard for him to handle and it might take him ages to get over someone. You need to be patient with him when this happens. 

His ego is very sensitive and it is possible that you might’ve said something to him that has upset him. He doesn’t handle criticism well and he might take something you have said as a rejection.

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What To Do When A Leo Man Goes Hot And Cold?

The first thing you should do is to give your Leo man some space to figure out how he is feeling. When enough time has passed, have a conversation with him and let him know how you feel. Tell him that you like him and want to see where things could go with him. 

If you suspect that you might’ve said something to hurt him, then don’t be afraid to apologize and that you are very sorry. Show him that you can be a better person.

Let him know that you adore him and that he is the most amazing person you have ever met. Trust me, a Leo man will always fall for affection and attention again and again.

virgo man going hot and cold

Virgo Man Acting Hot & Cold

The Virgo man is an Earth sign. This makes him level-headed in most situations. When it comes to affairs of the heart; he tends to be picky and cautious. It’s like he naturally knows he needs to be careful.

However, there are certain situations where he may not heed what his gut tells him to do which is to be careful. If he becomes really excited about someone new; he’ll later realize that he shouldn’t have gotten involved so quickly.

This will make him become cool, reserved, and almost like he’s not interested anymore. Then he’ll tell a woman he still cares for her but again; acts as though maybe they shouldn’t be together. He does a back-and-forth dance.

Unless he figures out this isn’t the woman for him and just calls it quits by ghosting. Why else would he do this?

Why A Virgo Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Virgo man is meticulous and precise, he knows exactly what he wants in life and isn’t afraid to get it. This is why uncertainty towards a woman can make him feel confused. This is when he’ll go cold and distant as he is trying to sort out his feelings.

It is very hard for a Virgo man to open up and be vulnerable because he is so afraid of getting hurt that he might push a caring woman away if it means he can protect himself. 

He really doesn’t like feeling pressured, and if you are particularly clingy and serious he is going to freak out and want to run away. He needs to feel like he is the one in charge. 

What To Do When A Virgo Man Goes Hot And Cold

When a Virgo man goes hot and cold it is a good idea for you to step away and lean back. Focus on yourself and the things that make you happy. This is important to give him the space to breathe and figure himself out. 

However, it is also important to be open with your Virgo man by telling him how you feel and that his actions are hurting your feelings. This will prompt him to open up and hopefully show his vulnerable side. 

Patience is key when dealing with a Virgo man… You need to take things slow with him and recognize that he isn’t someone who is always going to be all over you all of the time. He wants a relationship that is mature, so show him that you’re ready for that.

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libra man going hot and cold

Libra Man Going Hot & Cold

The Libra man always comes off as very warm and inviting. He’s an air sign which makes him also very spontaneous. He likes to flow with what life brings him. He is one that knows for sure he shouldn’t go fast because of his indecisive nature.

However; there are times where he may feel overly excited about someone which causes him to take things too quickly. Even in situations where he doesn’t hurry; he may still have reservations he cannot figure out what to do with.

The Libra man has a hard time making choices whether it’s what to eat or who to date; he has a difficult time. He may take quite a while to decide if someone is the one. He may also become cooled off or pulled back if he thinks he’s not sure.

Why A Libra Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Libra man is by nature flirty, but he is also extremely indecisive. This guy really struggles to make up his mind, even when he has the most amazing woman in front of him. There is always something telling him that there might be someone better out there – even if this is unlikely the truth.

Unfortunately, a Libra man might have a couple of women around him at all times and the reason he is hot and cold with you is because he is distracted with someone else in his life.

Then there is the possibility that he is actually falling in love with you, and his feelings are making him scared. This is why he is running away because he is uncomfortable with his feelings.

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What To Do When A Libra Man Goes Hot And Cold

Leaning back is the best possible advice I can give you when dealing with a fickle Libra man. Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to date other people if he is acting hot and cold with you. 

Let him know that he has some competition and that you aren’t moping around waiting for him to make up his mind. Knowing that you might be dating other people is going to make him quite jealous and want to make things serious with you. 

You could also give it time and be patient with him. Don’t put any pressure on him, but go on with your life like you did before. Make yourself a priority and don’t cling to him. He won’t understand why.

Scorpio Man Goes Hot & Cold

The Scorpio man is another water sign. This means he’s passionate but he’s also cautious. He trusts no one. To even get into a relationship typically requires a great deal of time and trust for him.

However; he can get excited just like any man and jump into something with someone not really heeding his own gut. His feelings are very deep and it’s hard to get through the hard shell of a scorpion.

This man has his emotions on a spindle it seems. His feelings are up and down all day long. This can make him back peddle, pull out, act cold, act hot, act warm, act loving, then back to cold again. He cannot seem to target one feeling he can stick with.

Why A Scorpio Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Scorpio man loves intensity and passion. This is a man who isn’t afraid of intimacy, but when things go a bit too fast for him he might be the type of guy to go cold. He might just need a breather to relax and calm down and get his senses together. 

He might feel that things between the two of you have moved to quickly and he needs to slow things down so that he can feel like he is in control once again. If he doesn’t feel ready, then there is nothing you can do but wait and be patient. 

When things feel too perfect for him, it often will freak him out and make him get cold feet. He is just scared that things are going to be ruined and that he is going to end up with a broken heart. He is scared!

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What To Do When A Scorpio Man Goes Hot And Cold?

Scorpio men are very sensitive and emotional, no matter how hard and tough they might appear to be. This guy is very scared of getting hurt so it is important that you are patient with him and show him that he can trust you. Trust takes time to create though.

When a Scorpio man goes all distant, let him, don’t cling to him because this will just make him run away even further. You want to give him the space to figure out his feelings and come back to you with clarity. 

If you feel you must, you can always confront him and ask him what is going on because it is unfair for you to be led on. He’ll appreciate you being forthcoming and honest with him. You’ll definitely gain his respect.

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sagittarius man going hot and cold

Sagittarius Man Going Hot & Cold

The adventurous Sagittarius man is yet another fire sign. He’s passionate about life, adventure, travel, and any type of excitement he can find. This definitely makes him dive too quickly into relationships.

He may have a tendency to go from one relationship to the next. He isn’t 100% sure what he’s looking for and until he figures it out; he’ll keep searching by dating around. If he gets involved quickly he learns through living what he likes and doesn’t like.

When he decides that maybe this relationship isn’t for him; he’ll definitely pull back, be more reserved, and try to move on. Sadly he will skip out sometimes without even telling the woman why.

He’s not one for confrontation and would rather just ghost someone. Until he narrows down what he’s looking for, he’ll keep going from one breathless moment to the next. This means flitting from one flower to the next.

Why A Sagittarius Man Goes Hot And Cold

The usually optimistic Sagittarius also has his bad days and when he is acting distant it might be because he’s had a terrible day and needs some space to get back to his usual jolly mood. 

A Sagittarius man isn’t really someone who is interested in commitment, he likes to be wild and free, so the possibility of him seeing someone else is definitely real. If the two of you haven’t had a chat on exclusivity, then he might be occupied with another woman. 

The usual case for his hot-and-coldness is because he is simply too busy and on some kind of adventure. This guy is always on the move, so this behavior might be something you need to get used to.

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What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Goes Hot And Cold

When a Sagittarius man is acting hot and cold, you might want to inject some excitement into your relationship. It is very possible that things have become a bit boring for him, so plan an exciting date and reconnect with him once again. 

A good course of action for you to take is to give him some space by leaving him alone for a bit. Let him figure himself out while you keep yourself busy with fun hobbies and exciting activities. 

A Sagittarius man appreciates honesty, so you could always come clean with him and ask him straight up about why he is acting so strangely. Confront him if you want to know the real answer.

capricorn man going hot and cold

Capricorn Man Acting Hot & Cold

The mighty Capricorn is an Earth sign. This makes him very practical and intelligent. He has deep integrity and knows better than to give himself away to someone he isn’t sure about.

He very rarely will get involved with someone too quickly but hey, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He could find someone so irresistible that he cannot help himself. In this case, he moves too quickly.

Naturally, once he figures out he shouldn’t have done that; he will become cold, callous, and seem as though he’s just done. He may not be though; he may be thinking things through.

There are other ways he acts and things you can do.

Why A Capricorn Man Goes Hot And Cold

A Capricorn man by nature is a little cold, he doesn’t like being too expressive with his feelings, and this is just who he is. It takes him ages to open up to someone and this is definitely not something you should take personally. 

He needs to always be in control and sometimes feelings are pretty messy and this can make him feel anxious and uncertain. A relationship is a big deal to him and sometimes he is scared to show what he is feeling. 

It is possible that you have been putting pressure on him and acting pushy to try and coax a reaction out of him. But doing this will just push him away even further. 

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Goes Hot And Cold

You need to be strong if you want to be involved with a Capricorn man. Patience is seriously a virtue. Don’t put any unnecessary pressure on him, show him that you are understanding. 

Let your Capricorn man take the lead. He needs to feel like he is in control because this is what makes him feel safe and secure. It is important that you have a life outside of him. 

Show him that you can take care of yourself and that you know how to be independent. This should take the pressure off of him and make him recognize that you are a woman worthy of his time and effort.

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aquarius man going hot and cold

Aquarius Man Goes Hot & Cold

The Aquarius man is one that loves his space and time to himself. He won’t sacrifice it for just anyone. He’s a man though and he too could make the mistake of being excited about someone and going too fast.

He may declare love, marriage, etc but in reality; he isn’t really sure what he wants so then he turns cold as ice. He may retreat to get personal time back, he may not reply quickly or at all to texts, and he is guilty of ghosting sometimes.

For an Aquarius man; he wants something very specific and if a woman doesn’t live up to his standards or line up with what he wants in life; he’s very quick to drop her.

He has different ways of dealing with what he has going through his head.

Why an Aquarius Man Acts Hot And Cold

An Aquarius man is the master of acting hot and cold! One minute he is all over you, the next he can’t stand to see you. Things might be moving too quickly and getting too serious for an Aquarius man and the pressure is getting to him.

It is very possible that when first getting to know you, he thought you were a certain way, but now that he knows you, he might feel differently. It is very possible that he has changed his mind and doesn’t know how to handle it. 

However, an Aquarius man often self-sabotages things because he sometimes can’t understand that something could be so good, this is when he gets cold feet and runs away.

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What To Do When An Aquarius Man Acts Hot And Cold

When an Aquarius man goes hot and cold, it is important that you pay him no mind and just focus on doing your own thing. Leaning back and getting some distance will be good for both of you. 

You need to make your Aquarius man feel like he has all the freedom and independence in the world. This is what he needs from his relationships otherwise he feels caged in.

You might also want to try only being friends with him at first, if there is too much pressure on him for a romantic relationship he is just going to want to run away as fast as he possibly can.  

pisces man going hot and cold

Pisces Man Going Hot & Cold

The Pisces man is another water sign and he’s not too much different from Cancer and Scorpio. He too feels things deeply and tends to go with how he feels at any given moment.

He’s a dreamer and believes in finding true love when she arrives. This makes him sometimes make the wrong decisions due to his head in the clouds. When or if he realizes it was not the right choice he’ll become closed off, make less time for her, stop calling, etc.

The Pisces man doesn’t like to hurt anyone and in many cases will just ghost a woman since he doesn’t want confrontation. He knows that having to tell a woman she’s not the one will devastate her.

Why A Pisces Man Acts Hot And Cold

When a Pisces man is acting hot and cold it usually means that he isn’t fully committed to you. He might have some doubts about you as a potential long-term partner. He wants a love that will rock his world. 

He puts love and romance on an impossible pedestal and sometimes this is impossible for any woman to live up to. Especially because Pisces men seem to fall hard and fast very quickly, he may just be coming round to realize what has happened and needs some space. 

He is a dreamer and needs alone time often to deal with his feelings and emotions. Without moments of solitude, he tends to feel quite overwhelmed and this is why he needs to retreat.

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What To Do When A Pisces Man Acts Hot And Cold

A Pisces man is definitely a romantic, but sometimes when the reality is in front of him, it can freak him out. Take the pressure off of him and let him know that you just want to get to know him without any expectations. 

It is important for you to learn to understand his moods and not to always take them personally. This is a man that needs a lot of space to figure out himself and what he is feeling. 

Give him a lot of space and let him know that you are there when he needs you. Having patience and being understanding with your Pisces man will go very far for you and help you build a strong relationship with him.

When To Stop Tolerating His Hot And Cold Behaviour – No Matter His Sun Sign

Ladies, men will always take chances and try to get away with things especially if you allow them to. You need to know your own boundaries and what you feel okay with in your relationship.

If your partner is constantly ignoring you and never getting back to you, then you have a major problem and might need to show him the door. You deserve a lot more than being treated like you mean nothing. 

Have a conversation with your man and tell him that his actions make you feel pretty terribly. If he is willing to work on things then he definitely deserves a second chance, however if he keeps repeating this behaviour then it might be time for you to leave. 

Everyone needs space and time on their own, so just keep this in mind before making any rash decisions. If your man explained to you that he needs some time by himself, respect his wishes and let him do his thing. 

He’ll come back to you when he is ready and figured out his feelings. Don’t be clingy and whiny because this will just push him further away.

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