The Astrology Of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Epic Marriage

Meryl Streep has had one of the most impressive and long-lasting careers in Hollywood. However, the everyday fan may not know that she also has one of the most impressive marriages in Hollywood. She and Don Gummer, sculptor, have been married for over 40 years, since they met in the 70s. What’s the secret behind their epic marriage? 

Who can properly introduce Meryl Streep? She is an illuminated, gregarious woman whose presence is a gift to all who experience it. Her magnanimous reputation didn’t stop her from choosing a man of relative obscurity as her husband, Don Gummer. 

Don Gummer may be familiar to you because Meryl herself has said while accepting awards that Don is the reason that she is successful. 

So, what has kept the bond between these two so strong throughout the decades? Astrology may be able to shed some light upon why they have worked for so long, even in the public eye.

As a relationship astrologer, I can see that these two have a unique bond that has been kept strong for a long time for several reasons found in their charts.  

With Don’s limit testing Sagittarius Sun and Meryl’s sweet and nurturing Cancer Sun, Don may be the wild inspiration behind Meryl’s sweeping and staggering work. 

Continue reading to discover some of the keys that have kept them in love for such a long time. 

Overview of Meryl Streep’s Chart

Overview of Meryl Streep’s Chart 


After only a quick glance at Meryl’s chart, I can tell you that this is a woman who was born to be universally adored. And there’s just no getting around it!

Meryl has a presence on screen and off that feels all enveloping and loving. Despite her gentle energy, she also radiates power. 

Born on June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey, Meryl Streep is a motherly Cancer sun, sensual Taurus Moon, and radiant Leo Rising. In short, this is a charming and desirable woman with a heart of gold and a flair for the dramatic.

In astrology, Cancer is the fourth sign and it is associated with the Moon. Just like people bask in the rays of the moon, people feel blessed to be in the presences of Meryl Streep.   

Not to mention, in Meryl’s chart the Moon is in the tenth house which is her reputation. She has the reputation for being graceful and adored, so this makes complete sense. 

The Sun is placed in Meryl’s eleventh house of community, hopes, and society at large. She has a very special connection to her fanbase for these reasons, she simply feels like a gentle leader who would never do wrong to those around her

Because the Moon plays such a large role in Meryl’s chart she will exhibit deeply Moon-like qualities. This could also mean that she has mood swings or has overwhelming moods that come out of nowhere

Having a Moon ruled planet in the eleventh house is a gift, since the Moon itself rules the public and the placement is in the house of society. Meryl has her finger on the pulse of the world in a broad sense. This is also the house of friendships, benefactors, trust, praise, and comfort. Meryl really lucked out on this placement. 

When it comes to relationships, I have found that Cancers are motherly types who want to nurture the relationship they are in. They are skillful at making things ‘bloom.’ 

I think that it is pertinent to mention that her Cancer Sun is conjunct (directly on top of) Uranus in her chart. This has a blending effect, taking two different characters and making a new one. 

This could lead to Meryl having a more rebellious side than most Cancers. She likely goes out of her way to support the underdog and has a connection to ‘common’ people. 

Meryl’s rising sign is Leo, which would make her a very noticeable to others. She siphons all of this moon-like beauty through the lens of a bright and creative exterior. She is luminous in every sense of the word. 

When it comes to Meryl Streep’s birth chart, I believe her Leo Rising is what brings attention to her talent as well as her comforting qualities. 

In relationships, her Leo Rising would lead her to partners who feed her need for recognition and positive attention.  

Meryl’s Earth Moon in Taurus is an excellent placement, this placement gives her the feeling of an empress. She enjoys beautiful things and hands on touch, taste, and feel to give her a sense of comfort. 

Her Venus (love nature) is in talkative Gemini. She is going to be attracted to the type of person who stimulates her mind as well as someone who feeds her with supportive words of encouragement. 

Her Venus is conjunct Mars in her eleventh house as well, and this may keep her heart open to loving anyone in society, no matter their social stance.

With her Gemini Mars in the eleventh house as well, she needs a lighthearted person to love her who is willing to introduce an element of airy curiosity into the relationship. 

Overview of Don Gummer’s Birth Chart

Overview of Don Gummer’s Birth Chart 

When I first glanced at Don Gummer’s birth chart, it wasn’t immediately obvious why these two became so steadfast in their partnership.

Don Gummer is an interesting and avant-garde type who hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Born on December 12, 1946, he was born a high-spirited Sagittarius Sun and limelight craving Leo Moon. 

In astrology, Sagittarius is the blunt and philosophical ninth sign of the Zodiac ruled by the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter. This gives greater weight to the planet Jupiter in Don’s own birth chart. 

Don’s Jupiter is in Scorpio and it is located near Venus. This indicates that Don will find that some of the biggest blessings in his life come from his partners

Since Jupiter expands everything that it touches, this also increases the relevance of the themes of Venus in his life. This is a good indicator that he places a lot of weight upon things like art, love and romance, and good taste. 

How very appropriate, since Don is a sculptor and a pretty big deal in the art scene!

In addition, I have found that Sagittarius Suns are usually larger than life characters. They concern themselves with larger ethical and moral issues and they likely find a lot of joy in learning and going to school. 

No surprise there since Don can call Yale his alma mater, just like Meryl Streep. 

And with Don’s Moon resting in the sign of Leo, he was likely to get a certain amount of recognition in his chosen field. Leo is the sign associated most with fame and applause. 

His Moon is also close to Pluto in the sky, which indicates that though his Moon has the creative flair of a Leo, it also has a sultrier side that indicates that he has a lot of personal power in his own ways. He likely is magnetic to those who get to know him well

Don Gummer’s fiery Sun and Moon communicate well. So, Don’s personality is well integrated in a lot of way. He is a straightforward guy more than likely. He wants someone who can be his muse by keeping intensity in his life. 

With Don’s Venus (what he loves) in Scorpio, he needs a love interest that will keep him stimulated. Don really needs to feel a lot of things in a relationship in order to feel personally invested. 

Don’s Mars (how he loves) in Sagittarius, he loves in a grandiose way. The way he loves may feel overwhelming to the weak hearted! Don may find himself following prophetic hunches to victory in many cases. 

Having most of his notable planets in Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius has me believing that to love Don Gummer is to love chaos and potency of emotion. One thing’s for sure, you can’t call Don boring!

Overview of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Relationship

Overview of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Relationship

This couple has blessedly been off the radar of the media it seems. Due to Don’s relatively unknown status, these two have been able to live out their love away from prying eyes. 

What we do know is that Meryl credits much of her success to Don, as she has cited in from of millions of viewers while accepting rewards. 

As mentioned before, Meryl is a Cancer Sun and Don is a Sagittarius Sun. These two signs do not necessarily get along in my experience. 

The thing is, typically these signs just won’t become attracted to each other. But once an attraction is established, there are ways that these two can work well together.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Sun Sign Compatibility

It’s an odd relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius. The sign of Cancer is concerned with gentle nurturing and they tend to focus on the past while a Sagittarius is blunt and future oriented. 

The only real point of saving grace for these signs on paper is that Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruling planet) exalts in Cancer. This basically means that Jupiter operates well when in the sign of Cancer.

In their own ways, these two can reconcile some differences with enough compromise. Don is likely a charming guy who would be happy to meet and greet every guest at the party. 

Meanwhile, Meryl needs security in her relationships and likely has an introverted aspect to her. If Don acted on any urges to be hyper social, she would likely not understand why that urge is there. 

Meryl would have to amend her approach and recognize that Don is just a different type of person who needs more social stimulation than she. 

As a Cancer Sun, Meryl is a sensitive soul. She may have a hard time processing harsh words and cold truths. Don would need to learn to control his tongue to make Meryl happy. 

In their relationship, Don is likely the more relaxed one. Meryl requires a little bit more emotional doting to keep feeling secure in the relationship. 

Here is one ray of hope for their Sun sign compatibility, though. Don’s Sun is in Meryl’s fifth house. The fifth house rules children, parties, games, and romantic flings.

This means that Don and Meryl are not only married, but they have a romance. Don enlivens Meryl’s awareness of romance and it likely makes her feel very special to have his attention in that way. 

And not only is his Sun in her fifth house, but his Mars and Mercury are as well which further highlights Don’s legitimate desire for Meryl and likely has something to do with the fact that they had four children together. 

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Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s Moon Sign Compatibility

In relationships, the Moon signs are how the couple connects on a deeper emotional level. A couple with good Moon sign compatibility tends to be secure. 

As Taurus (Meryl) and Leo (Don) Moons, these two also could feel ambivalent about their emotional nature on paper. Lucky for them, there are also factors that indicate that this is not the case for them.

Meryl’s Taurus Moon makes her appreciate beauty and sensual experiences. Taurus is the sign of food, the senses, and aesthetic pleasure. 

Perhaps this is what tied her to Don’s Leo Moon. Don is an established artist and Meryl would likely find this aspect of him to be thrilling and attractive. 

Don’s Leo Moon plays well with Taurus, in the sense that both signs love beautiful things. They both are attuned to art, and their mutual love of their individual art forms is a tie that binds them. 

Don’s Moon is located in Meryl’s first house. This is a wonderful thing, as this indicates that Don feels deeply comforted by Meryl’s presence. 

Meryl feels that Don is a gentle soul and she sees the part of him that isn’t so obvious to others, the part of him that needs her gentle nature. 

Meryl can rest easy at night knowing that Don is loyal to her. His Saturn is next to his Moon in her first house. Saturn has many connotations, but one of them is building things that last. I can deduce that Saturn being placed in such a key house is hugely responsible for their long running love. 

Overall, I believe Meryl and Don are largely held together by their house placements more than the signs their planets are in. This is why it’s important to consider all aspects of the chart and not simply the signs every time! The signs matter, but sometimes a great love that lasts a lifetime can come from other factors.

I would give this pair a 5 out of 10 in general astrological compatibility.

My advice to Meryl and Don is to be willing to compromise. They both have needs that sometimes oppose how the other acts.

Balancing serious love with playful love is a theme that will always need addressed in their relationship.

There is something lovely in two people who put deep love first and are willing to do the hard work to make it last. 

Are you a Cancer woman with a Sagittarius man? How has this played out for you in your own experience. I’d love to hear all about it!

Also, take this opportunity to check out my Cancer women and Sagittarius man compatibility guide!

Sending you love and light.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Ana Kovach

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