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Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Combination

The Passionately Free-Spirited Lover

There is a special type of insight you can gauge from someone based on their Sun and Moon signs. These two planetary lights are the givers of life to our personalities and each and every one of us has our own unique code.

Being an Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon is your trademark on the world. You are a one-of-a-kind individual. Want to know what makes you special and unique?

The Sun is what rules your ego and is in charge of your personality. It is who you are at your core. It is your consciousness and the will in which you take on the world. The Sun is your driving force and motivator. It is who you are when everything else is stripped back.

The Moon rules your innermost emotions and feelings. The way you respond to life is thanks to your Moon sign. It is the position that determines the type of habits you form and how you connect to others on a deeper level.

Knowing these two positions in your chart on anyone else’s in your life can be a gamechanger to the understanding you have of yourself or someone in your life. So, if you are interested in learning more about yourself if you are an Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon then please keep on reading.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Combination In A Nutshell:

  • Positives: Fiery, energetic, explorer, fun-loving, confident
  • Negatives: Impatient, prone to exaggeration, impulsive, selfish
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who loves to go on adventures and is as open-minded as you

The Sun In Aries

As an Aries, there is a fieriness and ferocity to your nature that can only be described by having a ruling planet like Mars. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, but it is also the planet that governs our motivations and drives in life. So, it makes sense that you would have an incredible thirst for life.

Everything you do is bold and brave, and it usually takes a lot of courage to be such a pioneering spirit. You know how to initiate and follow your instincts to achieve your goals. There is a certain fearlessness about you; you just forge ahead. When you want something in life, absolutely nothing is going to stop you from getting it.

You are a leader, and your confidence seems effortless, albeit a little naive at times. You have a fighting spirit, but it is really important that you find a positive outlet for your energy because you have the tendency to lean towards aggression.

Your straightforwardness and honesty are a breath of fresh air and you never pretend to be something you are not. You have a tendency to look before you leap, so learning to be cautious can be rather beneficial in your life.

The Moon In Sagittarius

You are super resilient, and like taking care of yourself. Adventure is the most important thing in your life. You need to be on the move and learn something new. It is just completely impossible for you to sit still.

You’re always ready for a journey and taking off on a whim. A conventional relationship isn’t really your cup of tea because you can’t stand to follow rules and need so much freedom to explore and do what you want when you want.

For you to feel nurtured in love, you need quite a lot of space. It really isn’t good for you when you feel tied up or held back by a relationship. You need to be able to experience life the way you want to. No one else is going to tell you what to do.

You need a man who is happy to let you be independent and will support you with all your adventures. It would be nice if he could join you on some of your journeys. The thing is, you’re looking for the answers and thus, need someone who feels equally curious about life.

A conventional life just isn’t going to do it for you. You need to be able to feel free and have a man who is secure enough to trust you to always come back to him. If you have freedom in your relationship, you will always be happy.

Having a Sagittarius Moon must be so exciting, after all, you ladies usually enjoy quite a bit of adventure and exploration. Making discoveries and expanding your mind, body, and soul is your path toward passion.

For you to be truly happy in a relationship, you need to feel a great deal of freedom and independence. Without this, you cannot fully be yourself, and not being yourself feels like a prison to you.

You can be rather restless, so being with someone who is confident and secure enough within himself to give you as much space as you need is definitely necessary for your happiness. Without this trust, you tend to shut down and want to move on.

However, when you are happy and stimulated on all levels within your partnership then nothing can stop you from sharing that passion. You are quite a physical person, so enjoying a night of fun with your man is sometimes all you need.

What Makes An Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Combination Special?

You have a personality that is highly likable and attractive to others. You radiate warmth and enjoyment in your life. You know that your life hasn’t always been easy, but you have always had the resilience to pick yourself up and try it all over again.

You have immense energy and independence that can be hard for others to keep up with. You are somehow just always on the go. With you, it is safe to say that one has to expect the unexpected.

To you, life is about enjoyment and adventure. You are always open-minded about what the world has to offer you. Your personality is large, dynamic, enthusiastic, gregarious, and full of vision and excitement.

There is a side to you that can quickly become restless and bored if you don’t get the stimulation you desire. This is why you need so much freedom and space to be able to do what you want without limitation.

As an Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon, you just love life and see it as one big opportunity for adventure and possibilities. Life is magnificent and you know that it is what you make of it, so you are going to squeeze every last drop you can out of it.

Your personality is infectious and you have a way of motivating and inspiring others to get up and do something with their life. Without a doubt, you have an influence on whoever you seem to meet.

When something is on your mind, you come out and say it. You might be very outspoken, but at least you are honest and the people in your life always know where they stand with you.

You will always go out of your way to make your life more exciting. You simply aren’t someone who can stick to routine and monotony; you need something more in life. What makes other people feel secure, makes you feel trapped.

You are a big thinker with a philosophical mind. You constantly think outside of the box and have a very interesting perspective on life. Where most people will tend to think a certain way, you go in a completely different direction.

You are someone who thrives most when you give in to your impulses and by-pass logic. You do what feels right, not what you think is right. This trust in life makes you the envy of many.

Your life is totally unstable, but you would much rather have it this way than fall prey to routine and monotony. You simply have to honor your instincts, even if that means forgetting about some of your responsibilities.

Luckily, you are the eternal optimist, and even when you fail, you somehow see the value and the lesson out of it. As long as you can be yourself and express yourself freely, then you are happy.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Woman

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

You are a woman full of determination and ambition. Your energy and warmth make you very popular to be around. The most important thing in life for you is the truth and if you are living in your own truth and authenticity.

You aren’t always the most practical and realistic woman alive, but at least you have dreams that keep your life exciting and worth chasing. As long as you have the vision to follow, you are a happy and stimulated lady.

You’re an initiator, when you have an idea, you go out and follow it. Your lifestyle can be quite intense for others to keep up with, so a big portion of your life you might feel you need to do on your own.

You aren’t that great at understanding other people’s emotions, because you tend to be a bit too focused on what you have going on in your own life to pay much attention to the lives of others. People shouldn’t expect too much pity from you because you don’t understand people who feel sorry for themselves.

You’re all about taking risks and listening to your impulses. You might not be practical, but at least you are a lot of fun!

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Man

This man is a bit of a wild one. His intentions are definitely good and pure, but he is still a bit of a loose cannon that can act quite unexpectedly at times. He probably isn’t the best match for a woman who needs structure and routine.

He tends to be quite gullible and trusts people without hesitation. This is half of his charm, but he may find himself getting into trouble because of his blind faith in humanity. He is always curious and wants to find out more about the world around him.

He has a perpetual fear of missing out and will always involve himself in whatever activity seems fun and exciting. He is in it for the adventure and the experience and always wants to live life to the fullest.

Because he is always living in the moment, he may have quite a bit of trouble staying focused on the task at hand. He really has trouble concentrating, especially when he doesn’t find something or someone stimulating enough.

It is important that this man always listen to his intuition and let it be the guiding light in his life. This is when he will find himself reaching the greatest levels of success.

What Are Some Of The Weaknesses Of An Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Combination?

This combination may have you philosophizing on big ideas without anything truly coming from it. You may share all your ideas with people, but you don’t necessarily have the grit and determination to see them come to fruition.

There is a side to you that can be quite inconsistent, always moving from one place, person, or idea and never truly landing. This can make it quite difficult for you to experience true depth or intimacy with someone.

It is quite hard for you to be empathetic and understanding of human feelings; you just don’t understand why people don’t just get on with it. This can make it quite difficult for others to relate to you or to trust you, especially because you can be quite self-absorbed at times.

You might also get quite impatient when things don’t go your way. Sometimes you don’t understand how it is possible that you have failed at something. Learning patience and resilience will really serve you.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Combination In Relationships

You are an uncomplicated person when it comes to feelings and emotions. You wear your heart on your sleeve and say it like it is. You love spontaneity in your relationships and thoroughly enjoy the adventure that comes with falling in love.

You are a bit of a paradox when it comes to your relationships because, on the one hand, you certainly give yourself wholeheartedly to another person, but on the other hand, you tend to get quite restless and impatient.

This makes you quite an inconsistent and complicated lover and because of these inconsistencies, you may end up really hurting someone else who is a bit more practical or security orientated.

You may also come across as quite selfish in your relationships because you are way more focused on your own feelings and needs than those of your partner. This can make you pretty inconsiderate and difficult to be with.

You hate the practicalities that are expected of you in your relationships, and thus, you need to be with someone who gives you enough freedom and independence to breathe. You’re a free spirit and you need someone who is going to let you be without restriction.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon In Bed

There is something really seductive about this Sun and Moon combination. You have great enjoyment and love of sex, but it is usually purely physical for you. You aren’t the type of person to attach much emotion to your sexual escapades.

However, sex is really important to you in your relationships and you would need to be with someone who is open-minded and adventurous inside as well as outside the bedroom.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Career

You’re an adventurer at heart and need to occupy your time with something that will keep you stimulated and interested. A good career for you would be something that has you traveling or, at the very least, piques your curiosity.

A career in journalism could very well keep you satisfied, or perhaps running a travel blog about all of your adventures. As long as you get to be your own boss with your own schedule then you are likely to be happy at work.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Money

You are definitely a go-getter, but there is a side to you that really doesn’t care much for money. You aren’t someone who is motivated by the material world. Ideas and philosophies are a lot more interesting in your opinion.

You don’t have the same material drive that other people do, when you have money, you spend it, and when you don’t, you make some. It is no big deal to you. As long as you have the freedom to do what you want you are happy.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Friendships

You are a loyal friend, but you don’t tend to stick around long enough to build a solid and deep connection with most people. You are the life of the party and tend to have a large circle of friends. You don’t ever have to feel lonely because you will always know someone, somewhere.

You prefer to know a variety of people who can stimulate you in many different ways than to have a close set of friends.

Aries Sun And Sagittarius Moon Celebrities

Paul Rudd, the actor who never seems to age, has his Sun sign in Aries and his Moon sign in Sagittarius. You can tell he definitely has that adventurous spirit and goofy sense of humor by the choice of films he makes.

He must stay so young and active because of all the pure energy and vitality coursing through him thanks to his fiery Sun and Moon placements.

Final Thoughts

I hope there is something you have learned about yourself or someone you love in this article. You are so special and unique, don’t forget that! Knowing who you are can make the biggest difference in you finding the right person for you to be in a relationship with.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your love life? Then why not book a VIP consultation with me? I know you won’t regret it!

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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