What Type Of Woman He Falls For Based On His Sign

Are you curious about a guy who you think may be a good partner but wondering if you’re his type? Maybe you’re already dating someone and wondering if you’re the one for him? Here’s what type of woman he falls for based on his sign.

What An Aries Man Falls For…

The Aries man is a very strong personality since he’s an alpha male. He is passionate and very physical. He tends to fall for women who are very beautiful and intellectual.

He likes women who can keep up with him, watch sports with him, take adventurous trips and enjoy the excitement life has to offer. If you don’t like sports; just make sure you don’t give him a hard time for it.

While he doesn’t mind getting into bed right away; he’ll appreciate a woman who puts her foot down to allow him to chase her. He will go with easy but he’ll last more long-term with a woman who can wait.

He absolutely loves the thrill of chasing after a hard-to-get woman. Once he does obtain his prize, he’ll adore her. Find out more about what he likes in the “Aries Man Secrets”.

What A Taurus Man Falls For…

Taurus zodiac sign

The Taurus man is looking for a woman who will help him build a very stable and strong relationship to last a lifetime. He’s looking to have the typical “home” where the wife cooks dinner and keeps the house clean.

Not to say he’s looking for a housewife but; he would like a woman that will take care of these things. He’ll help out sometimes of course, but he loves tradition and wants a woman who will be a good wife and mother for his future children.

He is a man that likes to be physical often so he will want a partner who will keep up with his libido. He has plenty of energy to burn. She needs to be intelligent, funny, and understand taking it slow while building this relationship.

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What A Gemini Man Falls For…

The Gemini man is a freedom lover. He’s also incredibly busy because he likes to have many irons in the fire at once. His fear is boredom so he will do whatever he needs to in order to keep the excitement flowing.

He will want a woman who has her own ambitions and goals in life. Intelligence and wit will help, but he will also want a woman who is very understanding of his need for alone time.

She will need to have her own activities and friends in order to give him the space he needs. Not only that but because she wants a little space herself. This would mean she’d understand him better.

He will do well with a woman who can be spontaneous and go with the flow. Read more about the Gemini man as well as his needs; in my guide “Gemini Man Secrets”.

What A Cancer Man Falls For…

Cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer man is seeking a secure relationship. He requires a woman who can prove to him that she’ll make sure it will be secure. He wants a family and will need a woman that will be an excellent wife and mother to his future kids.

This is the family man. He’s very sensitive and loving. The woman he commits himself too will need to reveal similar qualities. He doesn’t mind a woman that has a career as long as she’s willing to still be there for him.

He’s traditional in the sense that he may want a woman who will stay at home with the kids once they are born. If she isn’t up for it; he may not mind being a stay at home dad.

He needs someone that will get his sensitivity and his mood swings. Giving him security will help him to stay out of his shell and with you.

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What A Leo Man Falls For…

This is another alpha male of the grouping. He likes to be living large and in charge. He’s the head of the pack and wants a lady that will be by his side through thick and thin.

This man is seeking a woman who wants adventure as much as he does. He’ll also want a woman who can feed his need for adoration. His ego needs a constant stream of boosting to make him feel whole.

He’s energetic and very social. It would make sense for him to be with a woman who can embrace this about him and be able to keep up with him. You don’t necessarily have to be the same just as long as you “get him”.

The Leo man wants a woman he can have on his arm to show her off to the world and say “she’s mine”. He can be a bit possessive and jealous to tread lightly.

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What A Virgo Man Falls For…

Virgo zodiac sign

This guy isn’t too much different from the Cancer man as far as what he’s looking for. He wants a relationship that is very secure. He can be very picky in his partners as he wants to make sure he’s choosing wisely.

He wants a partner who is very well kept, clean and cares about her appearance. You don’t have to be a fashion model but honestly; it wouldn’t hurt either. He has a very high view of himself.

That being the case; he’ll be trying to find a partner who will be perfect for him but not eclipse him. Let him take the lead; let him show you how he feels and you won’t regret it.

He may want to take it a little slow but if you’re into it; it will definitely help you build something. Read more about this guy in the “Virgo Man Secrets”.

What A Libra Man Falls For…

The Libra man has a hard time making decisions and as a result; tends to take his time. He’s the sign known for balance even though they are actually trying all their lives to achieve it.

The woman he is looking for is beautiful, charming, social, and really “gets” him. He is looking for his counterpart that will help him with getting the balance he’s looking for in his life.

He is looking for his soul mate and he believes she is the woman that will complete him in all ways. What he doesn’t know is that she could be completely opposite of him and yet be his perfect match.

Balance requires yin and yang. He’s one and the right woman will be the other thus allowing the two to finally achieve wholeness. He can appreciate a woman who is driven in her life and career. He wants true love. Read more about this guy in the Libra Man Secrets book.

What A Scorpio Man Falls For…

Scorpio zodiac sign

The Scorpio man is the passionate type. He is also driven where his work or career is concerned. He could be a musician looking for his next album recording but still working a daytime job.

He’s still focused on what he wants and he aims to get it. He’ll keep pushing until he does. He will appreciate a woman who matches this passion in life. This guy seeks a woman who can match him.

Scorpio men are very sexual so the woman he commits too will need to keep up with his desires. It’s likely he wants a woman who appears and acts sexy. When she’s not; she’s working hard on her projects.

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What A Sagittarius Man Falls For…

The Sagittarius man is very free-spirited. He’s seeking a partner that will be his equal match. He wants to be able to go with the flow and thus having a woman who is also good with taking it as it comes.

It’s not to say he will take it slowly. It’s to say he will go with whatever it is that comes his way in no certain time. He may get into a relationship very quickly or he may not. It depends on who it is and what the relationship has to offer.

He wants a woman who is adventurous like himself, perhaps spiritual, independent, and will absolutely appreciate each day as it comes. He tries to stay in the present.

This guy wants a beautiful woman on the inside and out. He’d like her to be into traveling and discovering new things. He’s fairly social so he prefers a woman who is as well. Read more about this guy in Sagittarius Man Secrets book.

What A Capricorn Man Falls For…

Capricorn zodiac sign

The Capricorn man is very strong and dependable. He is picky and will only be with someone he thinks will give him stability. He’s a particularly clean and tidy person as well.

He seeks a woman who will be neat in appearance but also in her life. He doesn’t do well with messy people. He’s very driven by his career and can sometimes be a bit of a workaholic.

He wants to succeed in everything he does. This means he would like to have a partner that is also one that wants to achieve the ultimate in success. He wants a household that is run like a tight ship. Being cultured as well as sophisticated will turn him on.

He has a preference for women who are independent and can take care of themselves. He wants a woman who is authentic and real when she’s around others as well as himself.

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What An Aquarius Man Falls For

The Aquarius man wants to find success and at the same time, excitement. He wants a life filled with adventure and risk. He has to keep himself stimulated in his life as boredom freaks him out.

He is looking for a woman that will be witty, intelligent, funny, and beautiful. She should be self-sufficient and very much passionate about her life. He needs to have a bit of personal freedom.

He’s willing to give up some of his freedom when he finds the right woman. However; he’ll still need to have at least some freedom. He needs a woman who has her own life going on. Space is normal and healthy for any relationship.

Independence is a big thing for this guy. That and helping provide him with excitement is what he seeks. Find out what else he wants in a relationship in my “Aquarius Man Secrets” guide.

What A Pisces Man Falls For…

Pisces zodiac sign

This is another sensitive man out of the bunch. He’s highly intuitive and tunes into the woman he’s with. So this means he seeks a woman who is honest, caring, sensitive, and responsible.

He’s a bit of a dreamer and can sometimes have a hard time keeping his responsibilities taken care of. This means he’d do well with a woman who is more responsible and grounded than he is to create a balance.

He’ll always do his best to take care of his lady love and make sure that her desires are met. He will want a woman that can be an amazing lover, wife, and possible mother of his children.

This guy requires a tender-hearted woman that will not damage him with her words or temper. He’s very sensitive and can be hurt easily. He’d like a woman who makes him feel like a King.

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These are some very good tips to start with in terms of figuring out what these guys want. It only scratches the surface; however. There is far more that meets the eye with each of them. If you want to know more… get your copy of my Zodiac Seduction Cheat Sheet.

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