Weekly Love Horoscope for July 1st – 7th

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to your weekly love horoscope for July 1st – 7th, transit frenzy, because a lot is happening this week…

We have the New Moon in Cancer, Mercury is entering Leo where it will oppose Pluto, Venus is trine Saturn, Mars is sextile Saturn, and the New Moon is sextile Mars trine Saturn. Does that sound like a lot to get your head around?

Well, it certainly does, but what’s great about the energies this week is that they are full of determination and creativity. This is a time of imagination and using your romantic powers to improve love relationships.

It’s also a time when you need to get your thinking cap on for some problem-solving. Beware, there are a lot of stubborn energies that can help build resilience in your relationship.

It can help you draw boundaries, but sometimes it can mean there are blind spots, so you need to be aware of when you should take a step back and understand what you are striving to achieve and if you or your partner are working against each other.

Sometimes it’s a time for solid progress; sometimes it’s a message to take a step back and get out of your way so you can see the wood from the trees.

Here’s Your Weekly Love Horoscope for July 1st – 7th:

Read your weekly love horoscope, based on your Zodiac sign. Remember to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for better accuracy.

Aries: Passion and fireworks 

Now, with Mercury entering Leo opposite Pluto, this is a time when you need your relationships to deliver. You are a perfectionist in love and won’t take second best. You can be very demanding, and that could be a good thing because you’re more likely to get the satisfaction and authenticity you need from relationships now.

With Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces, you can be hypersensitive. Your ego is a little bit fragile, and sometimes you read too much into things that are going on with your relationships.

So, whether you are recently in a marriage or a new relationship, it’s important to settle your anxieties and worries before you go into any discussions, otherwise, you can present in a way that’s a little bit vulnerable, making you more susceptible to manipulation. 

It’s very important to understand your true needs and desires and to have a quiet conversation with yourself about the next best step in relationships. Then go ahead and get the fireworks going because a lot of passion is possible.

Taurus: Creating a cooperative spell 

With Venus in Cancer trine Saturn, this is a marvelous time for relationships, particularly within your friendship circle or long-distance relationships. It’s an ideal time to forge better relationships with colleagues, neighbors, and other family members because it’s via these relationships or attending work-related events that new love can develop. 

In terms of long-term relationships, this is an important time for you and your partner to discuss your various work ambitions and how these help or hinder the relationship. He needs to understand what you need most from life this year, what your desires are, what will fulfill you, and how he can play a role.

It’s easy to get cooperation if you spell things out, and it’s also important sometimes for you to help your partner by being more organized so that he can also achieve his work aims. 

Right now, what’s important in marriage is juggling your ambitions. It doesn’t only have to be with work; it also has to do with aspirations you may have for other aspects of your development, and the relationship needs to be accommodating, because of all aspects to Saturn, being organized is a part of love success.

Gemini: Dig deep 

With your ruler Mercury going into Leo opposite Pluto, this is a pivotal time for Gemini. It’s very important to dig deep and be as focused as possible. This is a time when you can achieve an awful lot, but it’s also a time when sometimes you can perceive the obstacles as insurmountable.

So it’s important to stay positive and understand exactly what you are up against. Sometimes the best approach is step by step, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

With the New Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus, this is an important time to pay attention to your gut feeling. If there’s something that you are craving or you feel that’s important, don’t dismiss it—act on it. Your needs and your concerns right now matter.

Don’t allow a partner to brush your concerns aside, and don’t sweep things under the carpet. Take a pragmatic approach to issues in your relationship, but don’t be self-denying, and don’t be excessively people-pleasing. Satisfaction right now starts by recognizing your true desires, not suppressing them.

Cancer: Flamboyant makeover 

With the New Moon in Cancer being sextile Mars and trine Saturn, it’s a very productive one for both friends-with-benefits relationships and long-term relationships. The key right now is friendship and shared goals, which are vital to all relationships.

So whether you’re trying to improve your marriage or turn a budding friends-with-benefits relationship into something solid, you guys must support each other by encouraging success and having a strong focus on the higher aspects of love. 

This is a time for physical activity. It’s great for your exercise routines or possibly getting a makeover, so time should be devoted to your physical appearance and things that make you feel empowered and sexy.

First impressions count, so whether it’s a job interview, a date, or even date night, be flamboyant and show your partner you’re putting in an effort and you are excited.

Leo: Poker Face 

This week we have the New Moon in Cancer, and we have Mercury entering Leo opposite Pluto. It’s very important to keep a poker face and play your cards close to your chest.

With Mercury entering Leo, you’re inclined to be quite chatty, phlegmatic, and communicative, but sometimes it’s important to hold back, observe, and not demonstrate your Achilles heel.

In all relationships, whether they are brand new or existing, it’s important to be aware of ulterior motives, and that’s why it’s important to stay alert and watch what your partner does rather than what he says.

What’s important right now is using a somewhat skeptical approach to navigate relationships. You don’t need to be suspicious, but you do need to be aware of nuance.

Often what’s important in relationships is body language and subtle forms of communication, like mirroring, rather than overt forms of communication.

Virgo: Happy Escape 

Now, the New Moon is trine Saturn in your seventh house. Venus is also trine Saturn and Mars is sextile Saturn. This brings an enormous amount of energy to your sphere of relationships.

What is this energy all about? It’s sexy, charming, and conciliatory. The perfect mix when it comes to relationships is to be cooperative but also to show enthusiasm and allow a little bit of sparkle and creativity to permeate the relationship.

Don’t be boring. Show your partner a little bit of pizzazz, shake things up, and renew the energy in the relationship by sharing unusual responses. 

Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto indicates that work can be very demanding and your perfectionistic side is coming to the fore, so do remember to have a good work-life balance and get enough sleep because sometimes tiredness can mar your approach to love. However, if love is a happy escape, that is the perfect situation, and that’s how love should be at the moment.

Libra: Roller skating in love 

The New Moon in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus and trine Saturn in Pisces indicate an excellent time for your career and for money, but it’s important to be organized and strategic.

This is certainly a week to have your ducks in a row and to make sure that you are on song. You could impress the right people and gain a key strategic advantage, but you have to be focused, and this is certainly a time to apply yourself with determination. 

In terms of love relationships, a new relationship may have an awful lot of chemistry, but the relationship itself can be extremely complicated. If you don’t have the stomach for a roller-coaster relationship, maybe sit this week out, but if you’re looking for something very involving, although potentially energy-sapping, jump right in because a love relationship that comes along now is going to be quite extraordinary. 

In terms of marriage, this is quite a stable time, but results don’t come overnight, so whatever you want to achieve in terms of improving your relationship, make sure you keep your expectations realistic and remain pragmatic. It’s time for wisdom rather than impatience in love because that wisdom can turn things on its head.

Scorpio: Love heating up

With Mercury entering Leo opposite your ruler Pluto, this is a time when you are very expressive. If you have something to say, you want people to listen, so it’s a great time to redress any imbalance in terms of family dynamics or your relationships by putting your cards on the table.

However, not everything you have to say will be well received. This can be a time when there’s a small amount of conflict, but you should take the attitude of “you have to break eggs to make an omelet,” and sometimes it’s great to clear the air and create a space for honesty and authenticity. 

With the New Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Taurus, this is a really good time for brand new relationships and actually for date nights. Get the difficult conversations out of the way and you will find that the relationship automatically reboots and suddenly there is a surge of imaginative energy bringing some spark to the relationship.

So while there can be ruffled feathers and some frayed nerves, there can also be a renewed excitement about emerging and long-term relationships that heats things.

Sagittarius: Love pioneer 

With the New Moon in Cancer and Mercury entering Leo opposite Pluto, this is a particularly intense time for Sagittarius. You are more likely to seek to have important conversations and you have a particularly serious frame of mind.

Your competitive and pioneering spirit is activated. If you feel that there is something important that needs to be done, this is the time that you will want to jump on it.

This is also a time when you don’t accept anything halfhearted or mediocre. You can be quite ruthless and you may walk away from a new relationship if the other person is dishonest, evasive, or not showing enough enthusiasm.

On the other hand, in long-term relationships, you will be the one to take leadership and encourage both change and adjustment or the one to initiate conversations about where the relationship is going and what you guys should be achieving. 

You feel quite ambitious right now, and what you want the relationship to do is to reflect your ambitions and your need for innovation and personal growth.

Capricorn: Fueling the furnace of love 

With the New Moon in Cancer trine Saturn and Mars in Taurus, along with Mercury entering your solar eighth house opposite Pluto, this is a potentially important and transformative time in relationships. The New Moon in Cancer represents a fresh start, a new look at old problems, and a reboot of the relationship.

With Mercury in your solar eighth opposite Pluto, it’s a good time for a rethink, a new strategy, and even remedying a failing relationship. Nothing is impossible right now. With a burst of fresh energy and some new ideas, anything can be achieved.

However, being honest is important. So whether you are in a long-term relationship or just dating, ask yourself some serious questions about the direction of the relationship. Too many couples drift along and land in hot water simply because they don’t see things coming.

This is your opportunity to understand the current dynamics in the relationship and address the problems while doubling down on all the positives and making sure that the promise of romance and intimacy comes to fruition.

Aquarius: Getting it at a deep level 

Aquarius relationships often involve a little bit of obsession and extremes, and sometimes that’s just what you need because you love the extra spice that this brings. However, sometimes it’s incredibly draining and destructive.

So right now, it’s important to understand where the intensity and the drama of love are keeping you engaged and excited. It’s also important to know when bad, toxic relationships have become obsessive simply because you are addicted to the drama for all the wrong reasons. 

It’s a time for honesty in relationships. This is also a time when actions speak louder than words. If you want to reinforce a relationship, whether it’s brand new or existing, do something today that makes a realistic difference in your partner’s life—something that they want rather than something that is possibly clichéd – this shows a great deal of understanding and demonstrates care and concern.

Be a good listener and try to anticipate something that your partner may not be expressing but is feeling. Then they’ll realize the relationship is great because you get them at a deep level and are resonating with their true intentions.

Pisces: No jokes

With the New Moon in Cancer triggering Saturn in your sign and Mars in Taurus, this is an excellent time for promising new relationships, including long-distance and online relationships. There is a steady and comfortable start to new relationships, so if anything feels way too unpredictable or erratic, it probably isn’t the one for you.

However, if you feel that a new person is behaving in a very consistent, caring, and responsible way, that is a great sign in a relationship, particularly if that person is a good listener. 

This can be a much more tricky time for long-term relationships and marriage because, with Mercury opposite Pluto, there is a hidden agenda. Sometimes it’s necessary to create a time and place for honest heart-to-heart conversations to clear up any problems or resentments.

Right now, misconceptions and suspicions can be the snake in the grass in relationships. Do what you can to be honest and upfront, and to create absolute clarity. It’s not a good time for jokes or innuendo in any relationship. Important communication should be clear to avoid all doubt.

My Final Thoughts for The Week Of July 1st – 7th

This is an important time for relationships because there’s an opportunity for greater depth, creativity, more interesting communication, and personal growth through relationships.

But it can also be a time of suspicions and obsessions, where a mismatch of needs or balance in terms of responsibility can cause problems. Relationships need care and attention. Don’t take anything for granted. Handle them with kid gloves. Don’t be afraid to broach difficult issues, but don’t take anything for granted.

It’s also a time when you shouldn’t be pedestrian, bring a bit of fantasy and imagination into your love life.

These are the keywords for all Zodiac signs are:

Passion, Fantasy, Fulfilment, Depth, Awareness, Personal growth, Perspective, Obsession 

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