The Type Of Guy You Fall For Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you a woman who is single and wondering what type of guy you may tend to fall for? Maybe you’re dating a guy and not sure if he’s right for you. Whatever the case may be, here’s the type of guy you fall for based on your zodiac sign.

If You’re An Aries Woman…

As an outspoken woman who loves to find excitement where you can get it; you prefer a guy that can keep up with you. That being said; the very first sign that would match up quite well is an Aries man.

There is also the versatile guy who can adapt to almost any situation; the Gemini man. He cannot stand boredom. He’s driven and wants to keep himself stimulated in whatever he’s doing.

Then there is the Libra who is social, calm and able to see every side of a situation. He’s caring and is in no hurry to jump into things. The Leo man who treats the woman he’s with wonderfully; would possibly be a good fit.

The wild adventuresome Sagittarius would be fantastic for you as you can always be honest with each other. Then finally; the mighty Aquarius is a catch for you as he’s freedom loving and never boring.

If You’re A Taurus Woman…

Taurus zodiac sign

Since you are a woman that is seeking a very stable and long-lasting love; you’ll be seeking someone like the Virgo man. He wants the family, the stable home, and a lasting bond.

Often times; a sign can match well with the same sign. That may even be true for you Taurus. However; you would both be very strong-willed and possibly not agree on something that causes you to fight each other often.

That being said, your other best bets may be signs such as Cancer who is a big family and security man. Then there is Capricorn who very much wants stability and longevity. He’s the type to “nest” with you.

Finally, the other wonderful sign that would line up best for you is the Pisces man. He’s soft, gentle, sensitive, and will want to adore you when you show him how stable you can be with him.

If You’re A Gemini Woman…

You can at times be a bit unpredictable and free-spirited. There are two that are just like you and may work very well in a partnership. The first is your counterpart, the Gemini man. He’ll “get you”.

The second is the Sagittarius man. He’s also freedom oriented but can settle down when he finds the right woman. He will provide you with plenty of exciting times. There is also the exciting adventure seeking Aquarius man.

Then there is the super active Aries man. He is very social and will enjoy taking you out for fun outdoor activities so you’ll never be bored. He is a bit opposite with the jealousy issue but you can teach him how to trust.

Finally; there is the Libra man. He’s brainy, social, and a whole lot of fun. You’ll have plenty of stimulating conversations and luckily; he takes his time getting involved to make sure of his choice.

If You’re A Cancer Woman…

Cancer zodiac sign

You’re ultimately looking for your soul mate that will provide you with a sense of security. You want a guy that will make a tremendous husband and father to your future children. The best match is a Cancer man.

He can seem like a wildcard though because two signs together sometimes bump heads. Your other wild-card possibility is Capricorn. He’s stable and honest but he may easily hurt you verbally.

The Taurus man will be incredibly stable and secure for you. He will make you feel happy at home and with family. His goals are the same as yours. There is also the Scorpio man. He is sultry and romantic, but you could have a tangle or two emotionally.

Lastly but not least; is the Virgo man. He is looking for his soul mate just like you and this could bring you two together nicely to build a wonderful loving home for your future family.

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If You’re A Leo Woman…

You’re confident and ready to take on the world. You’d like to have a partner who is your equal and will give you the adoration you desire. A Leo man could do this for you but the stubbornness you two have may cause issues.

The Aquarius man is filled with adventure and fun; though he may want to go much slower than you in building a relationship. The Sagittarius man can also provide you with plenty of fun times.

Then there is the Aries man. He is confident, loves to be active, and will be very sensual. He will show you plenty of attention and affection. There will likely be plenty of sexual activity between you two.

Last but not least is the Gemini man. Though he adores his personal freedom; this guy is very charming and a bundle of laughs. He’s social and will love to show off his lady while out and about.

If You’re A Virgo Woman…

Virgo zodiac sign

The first possible partner to keep in mind is your counterpart; the Virgo man. He knows what you’re looking for and is looking for essentially the same thing. Compromise will have to be implemented.

You also have the wild card, the Pisces man. He’s really sensitive, loving, and is looking for “the one”; just like you are. He may not respond well to your critique so be careful.

The Taurus man is like your own personal rock. He’ll always be there for you and be loyal as long as you provide him with the same. He wants the house, wife, and family but he can be stubborn sometimes.

There is also the Cancer man who wants the family life. Emotions will run high for you two and you’ll have to work at it but the bond could deepen. The last possibility is the Capricorn man. He just may not be emotional enough but very stable.

If You’re A Libra Woman…

The best possible matches are going to be the ones that allow you to keep your life flowing smoothly and peacefully. The Aquarius man is a slow mover like you and will want to keep things exciting.

There is also the Gemini man to consider. Once he commits; he’s very loving and he has no problem taking his time to make sure it’s the right connection. The Sagittarius man is fun and will want to lift you up.

Your own sign can be an excellent match for you as you actually really understand one another. However; there may be some conflict that arises that seems to not have an easy solution.

The Aries man is another good possibility for you to consider. He’s lively, loyal, and very loyal once he commits. However; he may be a bit too jealous and possessive which creates too much drama for your peace-loving nature.

If You’re A Scorpio Woman…

Scorpio zodiac sign

As passionate and life loving as you are; you require someone who can keep up with you and provide you with the support you crave to achieve your goals. Naturally, another Scorpio would suit you as long as you two can work on each other’s deep emotions.

The Cancer man is as deep as you are and he’s seeking out someone to form a family bond. You’d make a great wife and partner for him. The Capricorn man can give you stability but may not understand your emotions.

There is also the Pisces man. He’s a dreamer and wants a partner to dream with him but also has a sense of being grounding in order to balance each other.

There is also a wild card that has potential. That would be the Taurus man. He really wants a solid home life with a woman who will adore him. However; your sting may be too much for him.

If You’re A Sagittarius Woman…

Your ability to appreciate personal freedom and keeping yourself stimulated intellectually will call for a need for someone who understands this. Naturally, another Sagittarius will get this.

The Gemini man may provide you with the personal freedom you require. However, he’ll sometimes be hard to read and can frustrate you if he gets flaky. A really good match would possibly be the Aries man.

He will appeal to your need for exploring amazing places and being social. His jealousy, however; could cause a rift between you if he can’t learn to control it. The Aquarius man; is lots of fun and can be loyal. He too may have the same issues as the Aries guy.

The Leo man will put you on a pedestal if you provide him with plenty of adoration and devotion. He may actually be the best match for you overall. He is high maintenance but he may be worth it.

If You’re A Capricorn Woman…

Capricorn zodiac sign

You’re seeking out someone who is clean, intelligent, organized, and driven for success in life. Naturally; another Capricorn could be ideal for you provided you can work past your possible problems.

The Taurus man can provide you with plenty of stability upon which to have a wonderful home and family life. You’ll mix well as partners and as parents. You could possibly run a business together as well.

The Pisces Man will be very loving for you. He’s a dreamer so he may come up with great ideas that you two can work together with in order to achieve success; though he may be a bit emotional for you.

There is also the Virgo man who very much wants his perfect mate to build a wonderful home and family with. However; he’s a bit nitpicky at times. The Cancer is a family guy as well but his mood swings may be difficult for you.

If You’re An Aquarius Woman…

You have a heart of gold that needs to have a certain amount of freedom to feel alive. You love taking risks and being bold. You’ll need a partner that can handle this about you and keep up. Another Aquarius is the first choice.

The Sagittarius man is quite a fantastic match. He’s also into living in the present and so the two of you will have common ground. If you take too long to decide; he may move on.

There is the possible relationship with a Libra man as well. He’s well grounded and is a looking to maintain a healthy balance. He’ll want to take his time cultivating your love which is perfect for you.

The Gemini man is good at going with the flow and could be a nice mix for you. You may not like his excessive flirting. Though if you adapt, you could have a beautiful union.

If You’re A Pisces Woman…

Pisces zodiac sign

Your dreamy outlook on life will require a man who can fully understand what you’re capable of and the beauty you can bring into his life. Naturally, another Pisces would be a fantastic fit, if you both work on being grounded.

The Scorpio man is emotionally driven as you are. The two of you are drawn to each other easily. Sex will probably be amazing and you look at each other as soul mates. His temper can bite you though if you’re not careful.

The Cancer man is a fantastic love partner as he is a husband and father. If you two can work at compromise; you’ll be able to have an exceptional union. The Capricorn is strong and steady.

He is grounded and will absolutely be able to help you pull your heads in the clouds when it’s necessary. Wildcard is Virgo if you can handle his need for routine.

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