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What To Expect From The Full Moon In Leo Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I hope the New Year has been off to a stellar start for you so far, lovely ladies. If you haven’t been feeling as inspired as you’d hoped, the Full Moon in Leo coming up shortly should change all of this!

If you’re in a slump or if your passionate side could use a boost, this Full Moon in Leo is just what the doctor ordered.

And that’s not all…

The Full Moon in Leo combines the lunar Leo and power of the Sun in Aquarius. You’re actually getting a boost from both intellectual power and keen intuition as well as the courage of the regal lion. Your emotional life may be more turbulent because the powers of fiery passion from the Moon in Leo can bring insecurities to the surface. Try as you might, there’s no glossing over deep feelings. You may have to boldly face your feelings and ride out a tide of intense ups and downs.

But this Full Moon also brings a spike of confidence, and who couldn’t use an extra dose of that?

And power is definitely in the spotlight during this month’s post-Valentine’s Day Full Moon. Pluto, the planet of power and precision, is making an awkward quincunx to the Moon in Leo. This can dredge up issues of power, authority, and tradition that may make you uncomfortable until you realize there is nothing to hide from.

Just like the mythical stories of a hero or heroine who discovers the monsters they fear are actually manifestations of their own insecurities and no real harm – you may come to realize important lessons about your own power and authority.

You may be challenged to dig beneath the surface, especially when it comes to career and family, to unpack all of the old messages you’ve heard about success, power, and control. The villain looming large in your subconscious mind may be revealed to actually be some facet of your inner power or unhealed self.

This Full Moon may lead to breakthroughs that are uncomfortable at first, but that actually serve to empower and uplift you in the long term.

But a challenging aspect for one sign can bring blessings for another sign. Keep reading to learn what this Full Moon means for you. Be sure to check the readings for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Full Moon In Leo For Aries

Have you been feeling unappreciated or overlooked, Aries? This Full Moon brings a change in tides. The Full Moon in Leo puts your unique talents and attributes in the spotlight.

Your charm and enthusiasm as well as your penchant for bold moves and big risks will ensure others are paying attention to you. Put your best foot forward as others are definitely going to be watching. You may even find it easier to make a splash in your career.

This is an ideal time for you to audition for a play or engage in a performance. Anonymity is not your friend now. You’re better off taking center stage. You’re courageous and ambitious. This Full Moon can bring out the best of your creativity.

Your individuality and confidence being true to yourself are major strengths today. Even if you’ve gotten some flak for going against the grain and charting your own path, your efforts pay off now and others will be more likely to commend you for having the confidence to follow your dreams.

Passionate energy abounds now, and you may feel tempted to go to some unusual lengths to show your partner or love interest how you feel. Play it up and be theatrical. Make sure others know your unique interests and don’t play small now just to fit in. Be your boldest self and your confidence will inspire others to follow your lead.

Full Moon In Leo For Taurus

You may shock your friends and loved ones now because your typically frugal habits are susceptible to a bit of carefree – and even careless – spending. You might find yourself going off of impulse and treating yourself to luxuries that are a bit out of your budget today.

We all do it from time to time, so don’t come down hard on yourself. Chances are you’ve got plenty in reserves. But a detour from your strict budget is not just a bad habit or impulse. It may be a lesson in disguise.

Your typically cautious nature may be leaving you feeling stifled. If this is the case, you’ll feel compelled to seek comfort and pleasure now even if it involves taking risks.

This Full Moon in Leo is a perfect time for you to treat yourself to new pleasures and indulge your comforts. Holding others to a higher standard can also lead you to filter people out of your life who have been wasting your time.

Just be careful, Taurus woman. You may suddenly find it hard to compromise. Yes, you’re known for being stubborn any day of the week. But this energy can cause conflict in your relationships and love life. That’s because the Sun in intense and independent Aquarius in an opposition to the Moon in individualistic and proud Leo is also impacted by the quincunx between Pluto in fellow Earth Sign of Capricorn to the Moon.

Rehashing an old argument or issue in family or romance can lead to drama. It’s fine to recognize your worth and hold high expectations of others, but be honest with yourself during this time about how much you may be coming across as a Diva. You may actually be getting distracted from what you really want and instead focusing only on desires that seem to make you happy but are really just feeding superficial needs.

If you’re trying too hard to prove yourself now, you may run the risk of overspending, compulsive eating, or looking to others for validation. Try to draw on this energy to build up your true confidence and empowerment.

Full Moon In Leo For Gemini

Are you feeling stuck and confused? This Full Moon in Leo may unleash the energy you’ve needed to break out of traditions and routines and strike out in a new direction. As Gemini women, we have a gift for research and consider all sides of a situation.

And that’s mostly a good thing… Mostly…

Because it can also keep us stuck. You know how it is – every decision becomes a source of agony, choices are so much more complicated for us than for other people. And it doesn’t always need to be that way.

But you’ll see that for yourself during this Full Moon in Leo. It’s going to be easier to make empowered decisions and you’ll feel more powerfully drawn in specific directions rather than feeling as if you’re chasing ideas in circles.

Leo energy gives you confidence. And most of the time, that’s what’s lacking. You know you’re brilliant, but you don’t always trust yourself to do the “right” thing because you overanalyze just what the right thing is.

The Full Moon in Leo helps you prioritize your needs. This Full Moon gives you determination as well. You’re already creative but with the Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo, you are more confident claiming the spotlight and letting your voice be heard.

Your sense of humor and assertiveness also get a boost now. A love interest will respond to your fascinating storytelling. You may have plenty of intellectual interests and hobbies but today the energy is all about action, creativity, the arts, and performance.

This is a particularly lucky time for you to give a presentation, speech, or to blend your charm and charisma with helping to educate others or share your unique message. Your writing may be more dramatic than usual but performing arts are particularly favored.

Full Moon In Leo For Cancer

This is a Full Moon that challenges you to come out of your shell and to use your star power to win hearts and minds. Attracting the attention of others may make you feel insecure under most circumstances.

But not today.

A boost to your confidence is exactly what you need now. This is an ideal time to nurture your artistic and creative talents. You can’t get what you truly desire if you’re blending into the background to avoid rocking the boat.

Make some waves today, my lovely Cancer! Trust your own intuition and insight. You’ll know how far is too far over the line. Cross the line anyway if you’re feeling exceptionally bold.

You’ve got to make sure others notice you now and standing out by being bold or taking a dramatic stance will work in your favor. You’re naturally caring and prefer to nurture others behind the scenes. But this is an ideal time for you to fake the confidence you don’t yet feel. Even if it feels like you’re acting out a superficial role, you’ll be surprised to learn that you can come to embody the role you’re playing.

So, choose wisely.

Love and romance can bring up intense feelings now. Try to channel your passions rather than getting entangled in confrontations with others. Give yourself the royal treatment and pamper yourself emotionally and physically. Others will respond to the example you set now, so be sure to carry yourself like a Queen rather than hiding away like a hermit.

Full Moon In Leo For Leo

When the Full Moon is in your sign, that brings you extra luck, right? Well… it’s not that cut and dried.

The Full Moon in your own sign can trigger your subconscious emotions in a more profound way because the Moon rules subconscious emotions, and what you need to feel secure. So, for a Leo woman like you, the Full Moon in your sign can bring to the surface issues related to a desire for recognition and admiration.

A Moon in Leo brings attention to the ways you crave emotional validation and can be creative when triggered by intense emotions. As a Sun in Leo woman, you prefer to project a confident image of joviality and optimism. Yet Moon in Leo gives a more dramatic boost to your deep emotions.

If your subconscious emotions include resentment, jealousy, anger, or sadness, this Full Moon can lead you to express these feelings in an intense way. You may feel uncomfortable with this tidal wave of feeling coming to the surface.

You may also feel more sensitive to triggers than usual.

So, the challenge for you during this Full Moon – especially with the quincunx between Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in your sign – is to find the balance between insisting on being heard, understood, and admired, and maintaining the positive image and charming reputation you’re known for.

You may not be able to escape this Full Moon without being true to your authentic feelings, even if this means not being able to keep up appearances. Being honest is more important than managing a façade of control.

This means you may have to let tears flow even if doing so makes a mess of your makeup. Find the beauty and power in your authentic feelings and don’t hold back on letting others know how you feel. Your passions and desires can also fuel dramatic breakthroughs now.

Full Moon In Leo For Virgo

Do you ever wish you could be more expressive and open about how you feel?

As a Virgo woman, this is not the easiest thing for you. Yet this Full Moon in Virgo gives you the courage and confidence to be true to your unique vision.

Though you usually want to have everything under control, taking a cautious approach to solving problems and being of service to others, this Full Moon makes you feel more spontaneous.

This can seem intimidating but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. You are usually demure and humble, and this can lead you to blend in with the scenery and maintain anonymity.

But this is not the way to go today.

During this Full Moon, you’ll want to stand out. Find the spotlight now. You usually avoid drama but today you may feel drawn to it. Don’t try to limit yourself or censor your passions.

Give yourself permission to take up more space today, especially in conversations related to your passions and interests. Share your unique stories. Your quirky sense of humor can also become endearing to others.

This is a good time to captivate the attention of a love interest by taking risks and getting outside of your comfort zone.

You may feel reluctant to really let loose, but today is the ideal time to make a bold statement. Play up your talents and strengths now and show your admiration for others, but don’t be shy about having high standards and looking for affection and admiration in return.

Full Moon In Leo For Libra

Your love life may be lit up with passions and desires today.

This is an ideal time for bringing a spark of desire into your romantic life. You can be indecisive, Libra woman, but today it’s easier for you to step up your attraction game and express how you feel in a relationship.

You may also have more confidence and find it easier to assert yourself. This can come as a shock to some friends and loved ones who are used to your go-with-the-flow nature.

Even when you end up clashing with others over the boundaries you assert today, it will ultimately help you thrive in the long run. This Full Moon in Leo gives you a regal air that is undeniable and recognizable to others.

Walk tall, flaunt your beauty and charisma, and charm others with your entertaining and engaging stories and humor. You can easily influence others easily today so take some time to strike up inspiring conversations.

Your artistic talents are also amplified now so give yourself a chance to gain recognition and advance professionally because of these talents.

Full Moon In Leo For Scorpio

One of your biggest rules as a Scorpio woman is to never show your cards and keep your strategies a secret. You know that mystery gives you leverage and an advantage over others.

This Full Moon in Leo, your co-ruling sign Pluto is engaged in a challenging quincunx to the Moon in Leo. This can lead to an eruption of emotions that you were trying to keep concealed.

You can be true to recognizing and unearthing your deeply hidden feelings without sacrificing control on every level. But this is your challenge today, Scorpio.

The Full Moon in Leo is likely to push your buttons and get a rise out of you. There are no subtle steps today. You may feel instead like making every move dramatic and theatrical.

This can be an ideal time for you to use your artistic talents to channel the intense energy you feel.

Relationships can become more passionate today. This is a good time for you to show affection openly. Don’t get drawn into fears and jealousies now. You’ll need to have enough confidence in yourself to know when to walk away from a disrespectful or toxic relationship.

Full Moon In Leo For Sagittarius

Today is likely to be passionate, intense, and over the top, but this suits you well, Sagittarius woman.

The Full Moon in Leo brings your passion to the surface. Though you are often inspired by your ideas and beliefs, today it’s easier for you to channel strong opinions into creative forms of expressing your feelings.

You may be inspired to travel or feel the allure of styles, music, or humanities from different cultures.

This is a great time to host a party or attend a gala or event. Though you are independent and enjoy following your own inner compass, your social network is instrumental to helping you grow and thrive today.

Enjoy good food and conversation in the company of others – the more the merrier!

Romance can heat up today as you’re likely to be more affectionate than usual. Let your generosity show now, pamper others, and take the time to indulge in your favorite luxuries and creature comforts today as well.

You’re usually quite confident in yourself, but today you may feel insecure. You may also feel drawn to seeking the approval and affirmation of others. This is nice to receive but can become a trap if you get distracted chasing this validation.

Take stock of your accomplishments and achievements. You may be ahead of your own expectations, take time to celebrate rather than just driving yourself to achieve more.

Full Moon In Leo For Capricorn

You may have all your plans carefully laid out but before getting attached to the idea that everything is going according to plan, take a deep breath.

And remember that you are perfectly capable of pivoting.

You’ll need to do this today as the Full Moon in Leo with the Moon in a quincunx to Pluto in your sign. Powerful emotions can compel you to release old plans and ideas about what you need in order to feel secure.

Let go of your tight grip on schedules, routines, and expectations today.

This can actually be a great time for celebration and spontaneity, but those ideas make you nervous. You may find it hard to let go of your strong sense of responsibility and just enjoy yourself.

This Full Moon challenges you to embrace transformation even if this means cleansing, clearing, and letting go of what you’ve been holding on to.

Your hard work pays off, Capricorn woman, but don’t overlook the importance of creative work and even the work of recreation and showing friends and loved ones how much you admire them.

Full Moon In Leo For Aquarius

This Full Moon is highly potent for you. Not only is the Moon opposing the Sun in Aquarius but the Moon in Leo is now in a transit opposite your natal Sun Sign and this can shine a light on tensions that keep you from feeling like you can be true to yourself and express how you feel.

This can be an intense time for you, especially in relationships. If given a choice between following your own bliss or working to find a compromise with a partner, you may be tempted to strike out on your own and pursue your own personal desires.

You may find shocking revelations and surprises that require you to be clear about your own desires and ambitions now. Going against the grain is easy for you but you may be tempted to go to extremes or too dramatic measures to make sure other people understand your perspective.

Don’t play small today, but do be careful not to burn bridges. This is especially true in romance and relationships. Your quirky and unconventional nature is exactly what draws others to you today.

You may have brilliant insights that prompt you to pursue your dreams by taking bold new steps. Though you’re happy to follow your instincts whether others follow your lead or not, today you are called to step up as a leader, be mindful of how you are inspiring others.

Full Moon In Leo For Pisces

Your soft, sensitive, and emotional nature can lead you to shy away from center stage, Pisces woman. But today, the Full Moon in Leo can compel you to seek attention.

This can be an awkward time for you to find your footing and assert your desires. You may feel restless and want to be seen and heard. Yet at the same time, your insecurities and sensitivity lead you to want to blend in with the scenery and not risk unwanted attention.

The decision is yours today, my lovely Pisces…

But if you are willing to take the bigger risks to embrace the limelight today, you may be pleasantly surprised at the surge in confidence you experience.

You can garner more attention than you expected now. This is also a good time for you to channel your creativity in ways that make you the center of attention.

Audition for a play or performance, or participate in a poetry reading or open mic night. If you’re willing to take risks now, Pisces woman, your spontaneity will be rewarded.

In romance and love, you may feel more comfortable showering a love interest with affection and attention. Be sure to step back and receive some of that loving energy as well.

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My Final Full Moon Wishes

May this Full Moon in Leo bring out the royal, dignified, and passionate energy in each of you. You are a Queen, and under this regal Full Moon, you may feel this confidence and star power.

Please leave me a comment in the section below about what you have been going through and how this Full Moon energy has been influencing you.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Thank you Anna
    I’m going back to sri lanka on the 24 of this month for 2week now I understand what you say about my Gemini man he really blows hot hot to ice cold with me hopefully this trip will get him out of my system
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    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Miriam!

      Unfortunately yes, that’s all too true. If it’s not something you really want to deal with then go have fun and enjoy yourself. I think having a good time and doing lots of self care will boost you up and enable you to draw in someone who is well worth your time and love. I wish you all the best!

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