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The Dirtiest Thing You’re Willing To Do In Bed Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you ever wonder how you can spice up your sex life? What is something wild and new that you haven’t given a try? How much fun is waiting to be had in bed for you?

Astrology has many, many uses… some more conventional, like finding your best line of work to get into. Other applications are just plain wild and fun! Today, I’m going to use my years as a Relationship Astrologer to aid you in finding your freaky side based on your Zodiac sign!

Perhaps you haven’t yet discovered your interest in your Zodiac sex act, or maybe you’re a pro! Either way, you’ll find out something new or be totally reinforced for your preferred bedroom activity.

Aries Likes BDSM

With the Aries, it’s just not that complicated. They love sex, they love conflict, and their tolerance for receiving and consensually inflicting pain is high! BDSM is a great term for everything that the Aries is into. They love to exert control, be that violent taskmaster, or receive blows from the one they love.

The Aries typically has little issue pushing limits when in the bedroom. They want to take things further and really explore all that there is when it comes to sex. BDSM encompasses a wide range of activities, which is exactly why it’s perfect for the Aries. They can push boundaries and have their boundaries pushed with this play style!

They love to think of themselves as a disciplinarian, thinking of themselves as the big boss in the bedroom. Going full throttle in bed is exactly what the Aries needs and this style of lovemaking satisfies this urge!

Taurus Likes Blowjobs

Taurus is the sensual sign of the Zodiac. Being ruled by Venus, they appreciate touch, taste, smell, and sound. They like their senses to be on overload during sex and they appreciate sex that incorporates the full gamut of pleasure.

This is why Taurus goes wild for giving and receiving blowjobs. It’s not the riskiest and most dangerous activity, but the Taurus throws themselves into a blowjob with such vigor that they don’t miss the other stuff… and their partner won’t be missing anything either!

Taurus rules the mouth and throat, which makes their blowjobs some of the best in the world. They love the taste and feel of their partner’s member, and they don’t mind getting filthy and wet during the process of giving a blowjob!

Taurus, really embrace your desire to suck some dick! There is no shame and you’re great at it! Capitalize on what works and what you really love.

Gemini Likes Role Play

Gemini is the twin, which makes it feel like there is more than one person in the same body. They are ruled by Mercury, making them mentally flexible people. This makes role play an obvious choice for the Gemini due to the different head space they are forced to get into when things get really filthy!

Gemini’s are good at copying and mimicking people, which makes them absolutely ideal for pretending to be something they are not! This opens up a very wide variety of activities for the Gemini in bed. Role play is one of the most popular bedroom activities, so the Gemini has no lack of inspiration to draw on.

Professor/student, hypnotist/client, doctor/nurse, and more are all kinks that the Gemini will be able to emulate with total ease. Being that Gemini is all about learning, I suspect they will be into a teacher/student situation!

Cancer Likes Boob Play

Cancers rule the feeling of safety and security. They go for anything that they know for certain and that they already understand. This is why this sex act doesn’t seem super dirty, but a lot can happen when some great tits are involved!

You can do a lot with boobs and Cancer appreciates all of it since the sign of Cancer rules boobs.

Cancers will love anything to do with having their boobs messed around with or messing with the boobs of others! Sucking, licking, fucking, and cumming on them are all valid options that the Cancer is going to be into.

Leo Likes Degrading

Leos are king of the hill, and they’d like everyone in earshot to know that! They can’t stand being subjected to any manner of subservience or subjugation. So in fact, a Leo is going to be something of a dom who degrades and overpowers their partner.

The Leo is going to feel good being large and in charge. Leos will feel turned on when they feel like they are in control and that their partner knows their place. What better way to ensure that they are king or queen in the bedroom than to verbally and physically put down your partner in a consensual manner?

Leo may also be into being degraded! This is more likely if they are feeling on top of life outside of the bedroom… what do they have to lose by switching it up in the bedroom? Half of what makes sex fun is breaking the norm, so this is why Leo might lean into degradation if they are the boss of their lives in general.

Virgo Likes Sex Slave

Virgo is always willing to be a great help to everyone around them out in the world, and this doesn’t change much in the bedroom… they are always ready to go the extra mile for their partner! This makes the Virgo the perfect willing sex slave!

The Virgo is going to get a lot of sexual pleasure out of being of service to their partner. The Virgo will be highly willing to please their partner and abide by their every whim.

The Virgo is not a pushover, don’t get me wrong. The thing is, they just love being of service! Getting their partner off is highly arousing. They may even venture into ‘brat’ territory where they get sassy and critique their sexual superior just to get some punishment… and the Virgo thinks this is delicious.

Libra Likes Voyeurism

Libra is a social sign who is super committed to their partner. They also don’t have a high pain tolerance and they like the lighter, fluffier side of sex. This means that they will get their risky kicks from adding new people into the scenario!

Libra likes to see two people who are having a hot and sexy time together… this is why they may like to watch their partner have sex with someone else! The idea of watching their partner have a great time in any capacity would appeal to the easygoing Libra.

In addition, Libra may like their partner watching them have sex with someone else! Libra loves knowing they look good, and the vantage point that their partner will have of them would likely make their mouth water!

Scorpio Likes Ownership

Scorpio is another highly sexual sign, but Scorpio doesn’t get off for no reason. Scorpio is a sign that has a lot of emotional investment in sex but especially edgy sex that is unexpected. They take the person they are having sex with very seriously so Scorpio often takes issue with casual sex.

This is why Scorpio will take a very personalized approach to sex… they want everything that one person has to offer and more. This is why they are interested in ‘owning’ their partner or knowing that they are owned. A Scorpio would be the type to wear around an ‘owned’ choker (in fact, I know a Scorpio who does this!).

Scorpio needs to have a certain amount of possessiveness in their relationship. What can I say? They like to know that what’s theirs is theirs!

Sagittarius Likes Public Sex

Sagittarius is likely the most adventurous sign of the Zodiac, which means that they’re into anything that’s out in the open and unashamed! Sagittarius will be totally into exhibitionism and going out into the open with their love and sexuality.

This is why the people you see making love on the ground at a music festival are likely Sagittarius placements. They are too honest to hide their intentions well. If a Sagittarius wants to have sex, they will simply try to do it!

Sagittarius’ don’t know what shame is. They embody themselves wholly without any negative feelings. They simply don’t care if they’re judged! Sagittarius will be turned on by the thought of others witnessing him have sex, since Sagittarians also have a voracious sexual appetite.

Capricorn Likes Sub/Dom

Capricorn people are used to being in charge, except they’re not after the illusion of superiority. They are totally invested in being the authority figure, if not your literal boss! Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which makes them feel obligated to be in total control of the people and situations around them.

Capricorn is going to be highly aroused by any situation where there is a power differential. In a way, they’d also be into role play, but largely because they love the feeling of being in charge or else feeling the affects of someone who is in charge of them!

They can’t get enough of having boss/inferior relationships. Whether that’s in role play or simply by taking control of their partner, they will likely want to flex how they’re in charge!

Aquarius Likes Anything!

Aquarius’ are ruled by the planet Uranus, Uranus being planet of unpredictability and experiments. It’s the planet of “fuck around and find out” which is exactly what Aquarius does! There is not a reason this wouldn’t extend to the bedroom. Aquarius is the sign that will try anything once.

This is why Aquarius is likely going to gravitate to the weirdest of the weird. Anything their partner suggests they’ll try… except for missionary. The Aquarius is going to even be open to virtual sex and long-distance sex toy arrangements! Nothing is off the table for the Aquarius.

Pisces Likes Tantric Sex

Pisces is not going to be into insane, wild sex. Rather, they’d rather take a soul journey doing sex. They love sex that makes them feel closer to their partner and the Universe. This is why they’d be the most likely to participate in tantric sex, the soulful practice of being mindful while getting it on.

Tantric sex focuses on focused eye contact, breathwork, massages, and deliberate action during sex. Pisces can’t do casual sex well since they absorb the energy of their partner, so having sex like this with their partner will always make them feel more in their element!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that spiritual Pisces would enjoy sex that is basically a combination of yoga and meditation!

Wrapping Up

Every sign expresses their sexual passion quite differently, as you can see! The range is gigantic, but that’s because everyone is their own unique person.

I encourage you to ask yourself if any of these acts are of interest to you… even if you’ve never given your dirty act a whirl, you may find it scratches an itch within you that you didn’t’ even know you had!

If you feel like you need some private guidance on your relationship, I’ve still got a few spots open for my ‘VIP Consultation’ service that you can book here to get instant clarity and guidance.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “The Dirtiest Thing You’re Willing To Do In Bed Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Thank you for your interesting article, Anna. Sure I like experiment in life as an Aqua but not anything in sex, especially toy. I cant figure out what is the role of a toy when I think sex is something to do with an alive person!

    1. Hi Paris!

      You’re more than welcome sweetheart. Everyone is different and to really know your sexual desires, I’d need to look at your 8th house in your birth chart. Then I’d be able to tell you more specific information for yourself. I do consultations so you should get ahold of me as I’d love to dig in more for you.

  2. Hi! Thank you for the eye opener! It’s the funniest thing though, I’m an Aquarius (Aries Mercury) but have always been stand-offish about sex, & always felt weird or would look “slutty” if I was talked Into! Oral was distasteful to me both ways! I detested anything that I viewed as sex. Slow & missionary were preferred. I’ve come a ways from that, but still wasn’t overly thrilled with giving head or doggy style! Until I met a Cancer! This Cancer is everything I’m supposed to be! He’s a freak & wants it everyway but traditional! The crazy thing Is because it is his nature to completely bypass “love making” he wants & expects the go-go-go and for once in my life I like it all & think nothing of almost standing on my head, & actually really enjoy the giving of oral too! For as much as this man has tried, theres been things he’s wanted to do & loves finding other moves & springing them on me on the spot because I’ll just follow instructions & let him run the freak show!!! We are the opposites of who we are supposed to be according to our Zodiac signs in general, and if there were rules for sexual alone we would be the exception to the rule! Hard for me to follow the bouncing ball Astrology wise between the two of us!!!

    1. Hi T.marie,

      Thank you for sharing.
      When you’re with him, give him all your passion, don’t be afraid to open up, and definitely be experimental with him. He’ll appreciate having a variety of ways to make love or be kinky.
      Being open to him will only make your sex life become something really amazing that you’ll be thrilled with. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.
      The more sex you two have, the closer he’ll feel to you and the better connection you’ll have. He ties his emotions to the sex he has with his partner. The love and the sex is intense and gratifying.

      I hope all goes well for you and your Cancer man!

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