Aries Sun And Libra Moon Combination

The Passionate Romantic Lover

There is a special type of insight you can gauge from someone based on their Sun and Moon signs. These two planetary lights are the givers of life to our personalities and each and every one of us has our own unique code.

Being an Aries Sun and Libra Moon is your trademark. Want to know what makes you special and unique?

The Sun is what rules your ego and is in charge of your personality. It is who you are at your core. It is your consciousness and the will in which you take on the world. The Sun is your driving force and motivator. It is who you are when everything else is stripped back.

The Moon rules your innermost emotions and feelings. The way you respond to life is thanks to your Moon sign. It is the position that determines the type of habits you form and how you connect to others on a deeper level.

Knowing these two positions in your chart on anyone else’s in your life can be a gamechanger to the understanding you have of yourself or someone in your life. So, if you are interested in learning more about yourself if you are an Aries Sun and Libra Moon then please keep on reading.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Combination In A Nutshell:

  • Positives: Charming, forthright, amorous, idealistic
  • Negatives: Indecisive, self-centered, naive, demanding
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who knows how to keep you interested

The Sun In Aries

As an Aries, there is a fieriness and ferocity to your nature that can only be described by having a ruling planet like Mars. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, but it is also the planet that governs our motivations and drives in life. So, it makes sense that you would have an incredible thirst for life.

Everything you do is bold and brave, and it usually takes a lot of courage to be such a pioneering spirit. You know how to initiate and follow your instincts to achieve your goals. There is a certain fearlessness about you; you just forge ahead. When you want something in life absolutely nothing is going to stop you from getting it.

You are a leader, and your confidence seems effortless, albeit a little naive at times. You have a fighting spirit, but it is really important that you find a positive outlet for your energy because you have the tendency to go towards aggression.

Your straightforwardness and honesty are a breath of fresh air and you never pretend to be something you are not. You have a tendency to look before you leap, so learning to be cautious can be rather beneficial in your life.

The Moon In Libra

Peace and harmony are the two most important things you need to feel nurtured in your relationship, Libra. You’re an incredibly sweet person, and you want everyone in your life to feel comfortable and at ease.

You go out of your way to make the people in your life feel happy, and sometimes you focus a little bit too much on other people’s happiness and forget about yourself. It is clear to see that the social connections you have in your life are of utmost importance to you.

The truth is, any kind of relationship nurtures your soul. This is why love and romance are such a big deal for you. Connecting and getting to know people gives you so much meaning. You feel especially loved when you are with someone who loves communication just as much as you do.

You need to be with a partner who is happy to discuss things. You love to talk and communicate your feelings to the person you are with and you need them to be open to chatting on a regular basis. You also live for the finer things in life, and deeply appreciate beauty.

You need your romantic partner to make you feel beautiful by showering you with compliments and spoiling you with gifts. You’re rather old-fashioned when it comes to love, so when a man goes the traditional route, you feel super loved and appreciated.

You are one in a million – having a Libra Moon makes you a sweet and gentle soul with a penchant for romance. You absolutely love being in a relationship, so arousing that passion within you isn’t too difficult.

However, you still need the perfect environment to thoroughly shine. Your whole world revolves around finding balance and harmony in your life, and this is exactly what you need to let your passionate side come out to play

Peace brings forth your fullest expression, without it you feel shut down and out of balance. You have one of those personalities that likes knowing that people like you so you tend to go out of your way to make other people smile.

Passion for you looks like a world filled with beauty, grace, harmony, and stillness. A place where you can be loved and cared about by your soul mate. Romance is the stepping stone for you to find your passionate ways. a

What Makes An Aries Sun And Libra Moon Combination Special?

You have a stunning personality. Life seems to fascinate you and you approach every situation with vivaciousness and charm. You have an outgoing nature that makes you aspirational to many onlookers.

You’re very honest in your need for creative self-expression; you simply must be yourself and make your mark on the world. You have a sense of duty and thoroughly enjoy being involved with others in social situations.

You’re someone with a lot of potential, and luckily you have the talent and confidence to boot! Unfortunately, at times, you depend a bit too much on the admiration and acceptance of others to make yourself feel good. All you want is an appreciative audience.

You have quite an idealistic picture of yourself, and you may think you are more capable than what you actually achieve in reality. You might have really big dreams and expectations of yourself, but then feel disappointed when it somehow doesn’t manifest. The question really is, have you been putting in the work?

You may find that sometimes you indulge in your daydreams a bit too often, and this might be the cause why you struggle to make your dreams come true. This may be due to a bout of laziness that can sometimes find you if you don’t put in the time and effort.

At times, you might find it quite difficult to just get up and get going. Although you have a lot of ambitions and dreams for success, you have a real problem having to deal with challenges and absolutely dislike strife. You want things to be easy all of the time!

Of course, this isn’t realistic, and sometimes life is difficult but this is what makes things worth it. You need to allow yourself to be challenged at times… Luckily you are the eternal optimist and believe everything will eventually work out, and oftentimes they actually do.

You were born under the influence of the Full Moon, and this can indicate that throughout your life you might feel really conflicted and torn between what your head and your heart want. They seem to work against each other.

One side of you is really eager to please, make peace, create harmony, help others, and show up as a diplomat. And then the other side of you just wants to go full steam ahead and give into every reckless and bold instinct.

You are extremely aware of others, sometimes to your own detriment because you will often suppress your own desires in order to be helpful to others, especially if this means that you get to create greater harmony.

This is when you become overly accommodating and frustrated with yourself, and in turn extremely moody because you seem to struggle to differentiate between your own needs and the needs of others.

There is a deep need for you to be loved and appreciated by others. The more you are recognized, the better you feel within. This is when you feel the most confidence in your life, but it is dangerous to expect so much from others.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Woman

Aries Sun Libra Moon Woman

You are an independent and fearless woman, but a big part of you desires the love and affection of others. However, ultimately, you want to be free of any restrictions and you tend to make your own rules in life.

You don’t want to live a life where others are domineering over you and always tell you what to do. Whenever that happens, you will always try to break free.

You’re not someone who copes well with a routine because you need a lot of action and excitement in your life to stay stimulated. You want all the action, adventures, and thrills to keep you going!

Although you might be a little wild at heart, you have a really strong need for justice and fairness and you will always go out of your way to see both sides of a situation. You are impartial and always help others to see a different point of view.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Man

There is quite a bit of confusion brewing in this man, he never quite knows if he should follow his head or his heart, seeming to forget that he has the option to find the balance between the two extremes.

He is both ambitious but also aims to please and keep everyone else happy. He might really struggle to cope with his need for independence as well as his need for dependence. In relationships, he might fluctuate between wanting to be alone or wanting to be with a partner.

He tends to be happiest when he follows his own intuition, but still gets the love and admiration he needs from others. As long as he can do his own thing, but still get confirmation that he is doing a good job, he will be a happy man.

What Are Some Of The Weaknesses Of An Aries Sun And Libra Moon Combination?

There is a theme of indecision that follows you throughout your life. You are never quite sure if you are actually making the right decision or not and this can be extremely frustrating to you and the relationships you find yourself in.

One moment you might feel totally confident in the decision you have made, and then the next find yourself backing out of something you just committed to. This frustration can really eat up your confidence and self-esteem, unfortunately.

You struggle to admit to yourself that you need the admiration and acceptance of others. And sometimes you use compliments to feed your ego which will give you a false sense of security. This isn’t what your self-esteem should ever be based on.

Sometimes you might find that you get a bit too lazy and don’t put enough effort into the things you want to achieve in your life. You half-expect them to manifest out of thin air, and when nothing happens, you somehow feel disappointed or are in disbelief.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Combination In Relationships

You are quite the romantic and love to be a devoted and doting partner. You are a bit of a flirt, but as you get older you find deeper meaning in a stable and solid long-term relationship.

What you are looking for in a relationship is something that is supportive, exciting, fair, loving, and devoted. You want the relationship to be lighthearted, fun, and stimulating because you tend to run away from things that get a little too deep and emotionally heavy.

You feel a little uncomfortable when having to deal with emotions that aren’t particularly pleasant. Unfortunately, difficult emotions are a part of life, and you cannot always run away from them.

You might struggle to truly find yourself comfortable in a relationship because the two most distinct parts of your personality want vastly different things and that is, on one hand, you want freedom and independence, and on the other hand, you want dependence and cooperation.

Ultimately, a balance between these two parts of you is going to make you feel happiest, but it may take a journey for you to get to this place. The secret actually lies in counting on yourself to be happy, not putting that pressure on someone else because that is an impossible task for someone to carry.

Just have the awareness of how much weight you place on others and their investment in you. Rather spend that energy investing in yourself and your own fulfillment.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Career

You are extremely social and jovial! This makes you quite a fun and charming person to be around. You will excel in working with others and supporting people with their hopes and dreams.

There is a side to you that is very artistic so a job in the arts could really suit you well. You could also thrive in a diplomatic space or even a career in law because of your canny ability to see a situation from all sides.

The most important thing is for you to work and deal with people. This will make you feel most fulfilled and satisfied at work.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Money

You have a natural talent for handling money. You have a way of approaching finances quite creatively and can easily determine between your wants and needs and make a budget accordingly.

You should have a good balance between knowing when to spend your money and when to save, which will help you to build a healthy relationship around your finances. Sometimes you might be a little too impulsive with your spending, but you might also lose out on some investments because of your indecision.

It would be wise for you to find the balance between listening to your head and your heart, which is accurate for many aspects of your life, not only money.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Friendships

You are most definitely a social butterfly! You are popular and people love spending time with you because of your charm, grace, and lively nature. You enjoy having people around you because it gives you the affirmation you desire.

You are one of those people that may make too many social commitments at once and end up disappointing a few people because you end up not showing up! Try not to please everyone and remember to listen to what your own personal needs are.

Aries Sun And Libra Moon Celebrities

Dynamic actress Kristen Stewart is an Aries Sun and Libra Moon combination. She is definitely a trailblazer in terms of the roles she chooses and the way she dresses. This is where the Aries side of her personality comes out.

Her Libra Moon is seen in the way she devotes herself to her relationships and the diplomatic way she answers questions when she is being interviewed. She is very likable and you can tell that she doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

Final Thoughts

I hope there is something you have learned about yourself or someone you love in this article. You are so special and unique, don’t forget that! Knowing who you are can make the biggest difference in you finding the right person for you to be in a relationship with.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your love life? Then why not book a VIP consultation with me? I know you won’t regret it!

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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