Make A Ton Of Money While Spreading Love and Saving Relationships

Hey Partner!

My name is Stefan and I’m the publisher of Anna Kovach’s ‘relationship Astrology’ books & courses.

I’ve been a Platinum vendor on Clickbank for many years now and have generated MILLIONS in sales since around 2008. So let’s just say I know a thing or two about our type of business.

And I’d absolutely LOVE to work and partner with you.

If you are on this page, this is your invitation to work with me and my team directly. And I can’t wait to share some of our experiences with you.

Now this is going to sound a bit crazy.

You may not know it yet…

But I believe you are not here by accident… 

In fact, I believe the stars are finally aligning for you right here and right now my friend.

And this is GREAT news for you personally… for your fans, your subscribers, your clients, your website visitors… sure, it’s good news for me and my team too, no doubt.

But serving YOU and the people you send our way is my chief concern here. Because our products really can and DO help them… plus, make us both great money at the same time.

It’s a win for everyone.

Now I don’t know if you’re a veteran online marketer, or just getting started — but I bet you’re here because you are looking for a new opportunity.

Something different to promote.

Something easy…

Something profitable…

Something you can ‘plug-in’ to the skills, lists or marketing leverage you already have.

Something that is NOT over-competitive, over-saturated.

Something that is NOT *nearly forbidden* and thus complicated and restricted to promote on paid media (like many health or fitness offers).

Something that gives you a lot of OPTIONS when it comes to traffic sources and ways you can promote. (Think SEO, PPC, Facebook, IG, TikTok, YouTube, Native, and more)

Something different compared to all the other offers you currently promote to your audience.

Something that doesn’t burn your list and harm your reputation because you’re not ‘just selling them something all the time’.


You are looking to recommend something your community will THANK YOU for. Something they’ll get real value out of (even if they decide not to buy).

You are looking for something that provides MASSIVE VALUE, so that you aren’t just making great money - but also - boosting your Karma at the same time.

And that is EXACTLY what I have for you here: a unique opportunity to…

Dip Into The $2.2 Billion Astrology Industry

According to, Astrology is a 2.2 Billion Dollar industry.

Just check how many people google all sorts of horoscope related keywords… milllions of searches per month, all with relatively easy ‘keyword difficulties’.

Look at just 1 ‘interest’ in Facebook’s Ad manager, like ‘astrological sign’ and you can target nearly 100 million people with just a few interests.




Social media is PACKED with astrological content!

People are looking to the stars for guidance, insights, and a sprinkle of wisdom.

Women in particular are drawn to Astrology, they trust, and believe in it.

And they should.

Because it really does works. And I don’t care whether you believe in it or not. THEY DO.

As a guy, I was quite skeptical about it… until I’ve read tons of books, took courses (to understand how to better serve our clients), and personally worked with dozens upon dozens of professional Astrologers who have been practicing astrology for over 15-20 years.

Now when I’m in doubt personally or have an important decision to make – I just ask my Astrologer!

And after receiving THOUSANDS of positive reviews & emails where clients thank us for our “Crazy accurate!” guidance…

I’m a believer!

I don’t (yet) know what it is exactly. I’m not the expert myself.

But there’s SOMETHING there!

I’m not gonna go on about convincing you to believe in Astrology, too. That’s your choice.

The good thing is that we don’t have to ‘convince’ our target market at all. They already trust astrology. Even better - it’s nearly all women. (Tough 35+ are our best buyers). And many of them trust Anna in particular.

We are talking about a MASSIVE market with nearly universal appeal.

And NOT just the US, Canada, or Australia… we have clients in every corner of the globe. Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa. You name it.

Even if they’re not a ‘total believer’ — most women will at least read their horoscope for fun and out of curiosity.

But many women are truly PASSIONATE about their sign. 

They often have a Zodiac tattoo. They’ll put their sign in the ‘Bio’ section of their Instagram profile. It’s a thing.

They strongly IDENTIFY with their sign. “I’m a Scorpio” they’ll say. Or “Oh, he’s a Virgo? RUN girl, run!” they’ll tell their girlfriends after a first date.

“What’s his sign?” is a very common question and ‘explainer’ for all sorts of behavior in love.

In his book Breakthrough Advertising, legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz says that we shouldn’t try to ‘create demand’ out of thin air, but simply STAND IN FRONT of people who already want what we have to offer. Channel their (existing) desire.

Gary Halbert once asked his copywriting students “If you were going to start up a hamburger stand and you could have one, single ‘advantage,’ in the world starting out, what would it be?”

“A prime location”

“The best beef”

“An irresistible secret sauce”

Gary responded: “Good answers… But I’d put you all out of business with my choice…”


And a ‘Starving Crowd’, my friend, is exactly what we’ve got here with ‘Relationship Astrology’ - a starving, desperate for help, and passionate crowd of women seeking answers, clarity, and guidance on urgently fixing and growing their love.

A MASSIVE amount of women desparately crave a better relationship and love life… combined with the nearly universal appeal of ‘The Cosmic Science’ - Astrology.

Another thing we know most certainly (just look at google search volumes as proof) that women are, on average, much more interested in LOVE-related topics than men. 

They want to have a meaningful, harmonious, successful relationship with a guy who loves, values, and respects them.

That’s where we help.

We use (and offer) Astrology… more particularly ‘relationship Astrology’ as a mechanism, a bridge, to getting to their desired outcome.

She wants to ‘figure him out’, ‘read him’ and get total clarity about their love situation (or lack of it).

And she will happily PAY for this information and… transformation.

If she’s single - she needs guidance on finding someone who is compatible with her to begin with - so that she doesn’t waste time and energy on the wrong guy and wrong relationship.

And if her relationship is already solid - why not take it to the next level?

Astrology has answers and provides guidance in all of these situations (and more).

Now you can use our proven sellers to help and satisfy this STARVING crowd, and we are fully committed and determined to transform your traffic into PROFIT.

HUNDREDS of affiliates have already profited from our offers, and we hope you’re next!

But let me tell you more…

The Top 10 Reasons To Partner With Us Today

1. It’s a HUGE market. You can easily (and affordably) reach MILLIONS people on ALL platforms, Facebook, IG, TikTok, Pinterest, Google & Bing PPC, Native, SEO… everywhere where there are women! Astrology and Dating have an universal appeal!

2. It’s a BLUE OCEAN. So buying traffic is relatively cheap. WAY cheaper than health, fitness, ‘make money online’ and other markets. Getting people’s attention is relatively easy in comparison.

There are no direct competitors in the ‘relationship astrology’ space. We have specialized ‘micro-niche’ products - AT SCALE, covering all 12 of the main Sun sign. More on that below.

3. Our offers are PROVEN sellers. Since 2016 we‘ve generated MILLIONS in revenue on $7-47 ‘low-ticket’ products. In fact, our goal is to be the ‘low-ticket kings’ & have a catalogue of relevant, complimentary offers (and upsells) for the same market.

But we want to make this information available to everyone. Not just for people with big pockets.

4. Underpromise. Overdeliver. You’ll notice that many offers over-sell and under-deliver. Our goal is the opposite.

Our marketing is not THAT aggressive (also, to be compliant for cold-traffic policies on most platforms). We practice ‘education-based’ marketing. Value first. Building that know, like, and trust factor.

While our conversion rates are still rock-solid and continually being worked on… so are our record-low refund rates. We survey our clients and fix any legit request. Our goal is to get to about 5% (we are at just 8% now on average). Our support is STELLAR and responds lightning fast 24/7/365.

Our astrologer(s) responds to every single client email - and we don’t advertise this as a bonus on our main offers. We really care about our clients and try to help as much as possible.

Anything to make them happy, while doing ‘consultative selling’ for additional purchases at the same time. 

A big % of them comes back (and soon - while your cookie is still active), and buys more. In fact, every day we have partners making additional sales via our client follow-up funnels. We will NEVER override your cookie!

Post-purchase, clients receive over 40 value-based, no-pitch story emails in an autoresponder. And they absolutely LOVE these. Weekly tarot & horoscope readings. Regular guidance on the latest cosmic shifts. All extra stuff for your people!

5. 75% commissions right out of the gate, including all the upsells! And we will happily upgrade you if you’ve got a Big list, Buy media, or drive a Bunch of traffic organically.

6. What about the EPC? 

It really depends on your traffic quality and source, the way you presell our offers, the compatibility of your existing audience with our offers… if it’s a good match - you’ll make anywhere between $0.6 to $2.6 per click… and up to $150 per sale on some funnels. You’ll have to try and see. Talking about trying…

7. Collect a $100 ‘Welcome Bonus’ for your first sale with us. Sell any of our products and you’ll immediately get $100 sent to your PP just for giving this a fair try.

8. Multiple Funnels. We have mutiple ‘series’ of books (covering all 12 signs) that you can promote, either individually (per sign – like Taurus Man Secrets - a program for women interested in understand, attracting and keeping a Taurus man)… or through just 1 landing page that links to all 12 signs-offers (so you can promote just 1 link in your email). 

We have another series, ‘Love Secrets’ designed for single(ish) women on how they can find & keep love based on their own sign - like Virgo Love Secrets. We have “27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Him On” for each of the 12 male signs (these convert like crazy to ‘texting’ and dating audiences). And we’ve got many more offers that we can set up custom for you depending on your traffic sources.

Like our “Cancer Text Magic” books specifically on texting a Cancer man… converts like crazy! We have products for attracting a “Gemini MOON Man” (and the same for all other Moon signs), and The 30-Day Love Challenge With A Scorpio Man, or “Forever Love With Capricorn Man: The 10 Ways To Keep Him Interested And In Love For A Lifetime”… Then there’s our ‘3 Step Formula To Get A Libra Man Back” (also, a series covering each male sign).

And I forgot to mention our 144 compatibility guides (all with additional audio training)… exactly how two signs work together… “Taurus Man Aries Woman Compatibility Secrets” – yes, we have a unique, different, super-specialized offer for each of the 144 combinations!

We have 3 main funnels (the original “X Man Secrets”, “ Love Secrets” (for her sign), and “27 Dirty Phrases”) currently available for affiliate partners. 

But… if you’re selling these and doing well - we’ll be happy to upgrade you with exclusive access to promote these other funnels too. THEY ALL WORK and we sell them in-house every single day!

And we have even more SECRET OFFERS published, and many more in production… built with your audience in mind!

When I said earlier that you have something truly unique & different to offer your community, I was serious!

These are super-specialized offers that (because we cover all signs) you can promote to a wider audience as well as specifically target individual signs… the sky’s the limit my friend!

When you promote our Quiz Funnel, we’ll offer them ALL OF THESE over time in the follow-up sequence, and within our client autoresponder campaigns.

You’ll keep getting paid as long as your cookie is active and more and more sales trickle down over time. 50% of our clients buy MORE than one thing after their initial purchase. Some buy 5 or 6 products!

9. I Will Personally Coach You. Yes, I will. You are not alone in this.

Sure. We’ll give you our proven Swipe Emails & tools. Banners, and custom landing pages. But that’s ‘standard’ stuff.

Instead — I’m offering you are real partnership. Key insights to exactly what’s working well. A shortcut to getting your slice of the Astrology market-pie.

I’m looking for 300 Spartans here. My Cosmic Warriors. (and we may even close the doors on new affiliates at that point, not to make this overcompetitive).

Are you one of them?

I’ll personally work with you. Train and coach you (if training is needed). Check your website. Your conversion rates. Your content. Your ad copy. I’ll work with you 1 on 1 to make this work for you until you make a TON of money long-term. We’ll build custom stuff for your audience.

Your success is our success.

10. We Will Promote You Back. Got your own offer? We are always looking for ways to reciprocate and introduce you to our growing audience! And we’ll be happy to promote your offer first. Get in touch!

Those are just some of the main reasons to partner with us…

How Others Feel About Working With Us

“Stefan's offers are among the best in the niche... each time we mail for one of his products, the conversions and EPC numbers are excellent, and our list loves the content. But perhaps most importantly, Stefan is just great to work with... reliable, honest, and he genuinely cares about the success of his affiliates and JV partners. Highly recommended.” – Mark Borland, LoveLearnings Media Inc.

“I have a large women's list interested in meeting the right guy and improving their relationships, so I wasn't sure if Anna's products would be appealling to them. It turns out that... Anna's products are exactly what they wanted. My first test destroyed my next best performing affiliate promotion in terms of EPCs and they are still the highest earning EPC's of any product I promote. If you're skeptical, just test her dirty lines product (this is the highest converting product for me) and then watch the Benjamins roll in.” – Sean J.

Hi Stefan, I want to thank you. We connected in December 2021 when I started to promote your Anna Kovach offers and they've been a great addition to what I've been doing. Over this last 12 months, your offer has effectively doubled the revenue that I was earning without it. My conversions are very good, even with cold traffic. I really appreciate the personalized help that you've offered to me and the resources that you have available to promote your offer. - Paul S., SEO/Content marketer

“Stefan, if this sells so well, why have I not heard about it before?”

I understand your concern. You see, most affiliates look at ‘gravity’ on Clickbank to gauge an offer as their first impression. If the gravity’s high - it must be converting well, let’s just promote what everyone else does… (I admit, I think this way, too).

Well, the reason we have a relatively low score (for now) is two fold.

First, we have a separate account for each sign. So our real gravity score is ‘spread out’ across these accounts.

Second, we never actively worked on affiliate partnerships - on purpose!

We were busy developing all these unique products. It takes time to create good stuff. Plus, it only made sense if we had all 12 signs (so you can cover your entire audience with just 1 link when promoting). Our books are NOT ‘copy-paste’, each sign is unique!

We didn’t want to reach out to you BEFORE we were 100% certain that our offers are selling well and get you RESULTS. Plus, we do quite well with our own traffic ;)

But at this point, when our offers are developed, and you’ve got Multiple Funnels covering all 12 signs, it’s simply time to share this opportunity with others to everyone’s benefit. First and foremost - your audience!

How To Get Started

You want to join while the gates are still open… 

As I told you, were are looking for 300 Cosmic Spartans. We want THEM to make a the most money possible & drive a ton of quality traffic. If we get thousands of affiliates, things may get a overcrowded on each platform or traffic source. And we’ll shut down access to new affiliates.

So I suggest you start now, build up your audience (if you don’t already have one)… and get a new stream of cosmic cash flowing your new, long-term.

1. Sign up using the form below to get Whitelisted (you NEED to have a affiliate account in order to promote us).

2. Get in touch. Tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll send you the tools, links, and training to get started and make your first sale with us. Remember, there’s a $100 ‘Welcome Bonus’ for new partners when you make your first sale selling any of our offers.

3. Start Promoting. And we’ll help you optimize & maximize your new cashflow with us.

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What Customers Say About Our Products

virgo man

Donna, 45

“I enjoyed your e-Books and I’m so thankful to you for sharing your story and offering not only powerful insight and knowledge but also hope for people like myself, who wish to “catch” that perfect partner and keep him forever, but are having a bit of difficulty. Thank you also for providing this line of communication to those among your readers who are seeking advice and for offering to help in this way.”

taurus man

Vicky, 44

“Anna, here's why I purchased. I couldn't understand why he is not vocal about his feelings... I texted him first 70% of the time and I just wanted to understand him better and not ruin a good thing. Now all I can say is Thank you, Anna. I've learned a lot by having this book and it is bang on of course.”

aquarius man after break up

Kyra, 45

“What you do to help people is amazing. Thank you. I never put too much stock in astrology because the usual description of me is so far off the mark for me- but after reading a few things on Him and realizing it fit him to a T, I decided it was time to look more deeply into it. Your book is an amazingly valuable resource.”

leo man after break up

Anastasia, 36

“This is great, thank you so much! You are absolutely amazing! I did not want to lose my man forever, I truly love my guy and didn't know what to do bring him back to me, and I wanted to better understand what I'm doing wrong in my relationship that I maybe cannot see without an outside, fresh set of eyes and ears. I did exactly what you told me and based off your book and it worked. He's in all the way!”

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You can contact me (Stefan) or my colleagues any time at and I promise someone will reply to you as soon as possible! 

Yours truly,

Stefan and the Anna Kovach Relationship Astrology Team