To All of my Pisces Sisters In Search of True Fulfillment in Love

 The Little Known Reasons Why Pisces Women Rarely Get The Relationship They Long For

(And Insider Secrets On How To Flip The Script)

In this letter you’ll read about:

  • The 3 most dangerous ways in which Pisces women repel their (potential) partners
  • The 2 invaluable relationship-clarity questions for female Pisces
  • #1 golden rule to adopt and completely bewilder your love interest

If you truly want to become your most radiant self and attract true love into your life… dive in.

I know all too well that you, as a Pisces woman, are classy, stylish, chill and as attractive as they come, but…

Despite being a terrific friend and a lovable partner with many desirable qualities, you still feel something’s off in your love life.

It seems as though you just don’t align with him (whether he’s just a love interest, your ex, or your lover).

Many women blame men for always wanting more, but… that’s just how men are, and blaming them for being what they are won’t get us anywhere.

That’s why if you want to be in perfect harmony with him…

You have to be perfectly aligned with yourself first.

You have to be in perfect balance with who you are…

Even the most grounded Pisces often make fatal mistakes that drive men away from them.

That’s because Pisces women have some peculiar blind spots when it comes to understanding themselves.

That misunderstanding, if we may call it that, causes a Pisces woman to misperceive her love interest.

It may come to you as a shock to find out that you actually make these errors of judgment… but don’t worry.

By the end of this letter, you’ll open your eyes and see the new you.

The result of that will be the opening of your love chakras and emanating a raw romantic appeal that will surely bewilder anyone who meets you.

Let me ask you this — would you say that the status of your relationship is complicated?

Is it pending? Or even worse, would you say that it’s not existing?

Hi, I'm Anna Kovach, and I am a professional relationship Astrologer.

For the past few decades, I’ve dedicated myself to helping women align with their lucky stars and find true love and commitment.

I’ve counseled thousands of women and I have in-depth experience with hundreds of love stories where Pisces women got their happily-ever-afters.

My guidance helps those stories play out the way they have.

The counsel I give to my sisters is not only based on experience with thousands of relationships…

It’s also based on a thorough knowledge of the 4000-year-old science of astrology.

What makes my insights unique is access to arcane knowledge about certain signs and Pisces is definitely one of them.

Most of what other astrologers know about this mysterious sign fits on 5 or 6 pages of a blog, but my knowledge is more in-depth.

That’s why and how I’m certain that you’ve yet to grow into your best version that will attract everyone, especially your love interest.

The first thing on your checklist should be not to make the dreadful mistakes that destroy your chances for a gentle, loving relationship.

Dear sister, you should never ignore all the things you could do to improve your and your love interest’s compatibility.

The trouble is that most women don’t ever fully become aware of how much the outcome of their relationships depends on them.

Too many of my sisters are too inert and passive, and Pisces girls are among the most lenient ones.

I’ve seen too many Pisces ladies that just let things slide. If it doesn’t work, they blame it on the guy or bad luck.

Many of my Pisces fans reach out to me with the problem of feeling like they are not quite where they need to be in the relationship…

It’s like they’re not completely in tune with who they are supposed to be (with)…

If you have wandered from one dead-end relationship to the next…

If you ever let a true soulmate slip through your fingers and ended up with someone who’s not 100% right for you…

If you repel the right guys and keep attracting those who don’t deserve you…

You are meant to read this letter. 

Unfortunately, many women live their whole lives like this – never experiencing the true gifts of love and happiness.

What they experience is only a shadow of a love life… and they come to believe that the shadow is the real thing.

They suffocate that little voice in their heads that propels them to truly connect with their lover.

They convince themselves that what they’re already feeling is normal and that there’s nothing more to it. They settle.

Unfortunately, settling for less and being stuck in an emotionally stagnant relationship really is normal – it’s what most women do.

I know that you are here because you’re not one of those women that settle for less.

The very fact that you’re reading this means that you want to get to the heart of what only true love can offer.  

If that is so, I have a question for you:

How well do you know yourself?

How connected do you feel with your true potential and your true values?

The first delusion that keeps lovely Pisces girls from a perfect relationship and a perfect marriage is this:

They think they know themselves...

You might read all about your love interest’s Sun Sign…

You might thoroughly inform yourself about all the ways to seduce your partner (and I suggest that you do this), BUT…

You’ll still miss one key piece you need to complete the Love puzzle.

If you keep yourself in the dark about who you really are, you’re actually just shooting in the dark.

Even if you manage to snag him, you’ll feel that something’s missing in your relationship. You won’t be completely fulfilled.

The simple truth is this:

You can’t connect with a man if you’re not connected to your true self!

As I’ve said, it’s simple, but you’d be surprised by how many women actually fail to realize it.

It’s not your fault if this happened to you.

I know that you’re very devoted to the idea of True Love and a deep bond with your soulmate.

I know that you’ve been searching for a way that leads to his heart…

But in that process, you may have missed an essential part of the journey. You forgot yourself.

You might have researched everything about his Sun sign, but you’re still in the dark about who you really are deep inside.

So let me ask you…

How well do you know your Sun sign?   

Luckily, now you’ll get a map that will lead you back to your true self… and straight into the arms of a loving Mr. Right.

The little-known truth is that there are three reasons why true love eludes lovely Pisces women like yourself:

I want you to get the most out of your relationship and enjoy the blissful feeling of fulfillment that only true love can give.

That’s why I'll specifically address each of these problems that prevent your relationship from achieving its full potential.

3 Main Things Pisces Women Unconsciously Do That Makes
Them End Up In Unfulfilling Relationships

REASON #1 - You Care Too Much

As a Pisces, you are naturally sensitive, compassionate, and kind. Of course, these are all wonderful traits that you should never let go of, but they can also be taken too far. It is common for Pisces women to care more about their partner than they care about themselves.

While this may sound romantic at first, it can cause a lot of problems in the long term. Your partner will appreciate how much you care at first, but after a while, one of two things will happen.

1 - They get used to you taking care of their problems and will become upset when you eventually become exhausted and start to draw new personal boundaries.

or 2 - They will feel smothered and think you don't think they can take care of themselves.

Either way, it is important to have clear boundaries right from the start. It's ok for people to lean on each other, but ultimately everyone is responsible for their own emotions.

REASON #2 - The Martyr

Sometimes your desire to help others can cause you to forget that it's ok to say no. I have had many Pisces clients who are spread too thin in their lives, because they are always busy helping their friends and loved ones with some kind of problem.

It is good to lend a helping hand, but if you don't know how to say no and let people deal with their own problems without you, you will burn out. Not only can this lead to problems in your romantic life, as you won't have enough time to nurture your relationship, but it can also result in health problems.

Make sure you set plenty of time aside for yourself for rest and recreation. If you don't take time to recharge, your body can force you to slow down by getting sick.

REASON #3 - You Can Be Hyper-Sensitive

I have yet to meet a Pisces who doesn't get upset when you tell them they are being too sensitive. If the irony of the above sentence is lost on you, re-read it and take a second. You can't help that you feel things so deeply; it is in your nature. The emotions of Pisces run deep.

While you can force yourself to be less sensitive, which you shouldn’t, you can control how you react when you feel upset. If you are too reactionary, people start to feel like they can't be honest with you. You should never deny your feelings, but if your partner is afraid to tell you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings, your relationship won't last.

This can be a tricky practice, but if you find that you react too quickly to emotionally charged situations, try to make it a personal rule not to respond until your emotions have settled. Even if it takes a full 24 hours, it is better to wait than to react to your emotions. Just be sure to tell them you need time and don't just give them the silent treatment.

Now this here is just the beginning of your journey to self-discovery and eternal love.

At the end of the road, your soulmate awaits you as a prize for your endeavors, BUT…

It all starts with you!

In order to enable help you approach your relationship with yourself AND your relationship with your Soul Mate in the best way possible, I will reveal to you:

Two most important questions that a Pisces woman should ask herself and get relationship clarity 

Question n.1 - Is what I'm feeling a result of me or someone else?

Pisces natives may feel like they haven’t received an easy lot in life. This is because they feel personally responsible for the pain of all who surround them.

Why is this so? Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, a planet of muddy waters, imprecision, and psychic sensitivity. As a result, Pisces can feel the emotions of everyone around them, but they often do not have the capability to know who these emotions really belong to.

I advise a simple exercise where the Pisces ask themselves who these feelings are really from. In the case of a partnership, they may take on the emotions of their partners. Sorting out this is going to keep them from feeling so poorly about themselves that the relationship dissolves.

Pisces, the energy you feel is real; it is just a matter of knowing whose it is. When you know how to determine which emotions are yours and which are your partner’s, you are going to open up to being the best support to your partner that you can be. 

Question n.2 - How can I get tethered for reality?

Pisces often feel like they have no place in this world. They are the last sign of the zodiac and are represented by the wise elder. They almost feel as if they have one foot in this world and one in the next.

As a result, they can feel as if they are about to dissolve at any moment. Getting their bearings is often a challenge, since connecting to physical reality is often a struggle for them.

The people around you would benefit from you being a little more grounded in reality because you can seem inaccessible when you aren’t fully ‘there’. They would do well to take after their sister's sign of Virgo in this instance, and focus more on the ‘’mundane” matters of the world.

At this moment the Pisces is a living, breathing human on planet Earth. They will reach their greatest potential and satisfaction when they can seamlessly attach and detach from this world as needed. That way they won’t feel at the mercy of daily expectations, because they address them as they come.

There are zodiac signs that never fall out of tune with who they are… For example, Aries. Aries doesn’t need to do much self-discovery and that’s why these women have a certain advantage, BUT…

Other, more perplexing signs like Pisces, have to do a little soul-search of their own.

Once they do that, they are able to fully align themselves with their celestial potentials and connect to their unique self.

Only then they can attract the best kind of love and the exact kind of love they really need in life.

Through my career as a relationship astrologer, I must have guided thousands of women into perfect relationships and marriages.

Some of them were looking for their true love.

Others already were in relationships and they sought to increase intimacy with their counterparts, reignite their interest, and keep them in love for good… and I’ve helped them.

My unique knowledge of Pisces comes not only from the 4000-year-old science of astrology, but also from on-the-field situations with myriads of women that I’ve consulted.

I can tell you with certainty that the depth of your emotional life, as a Pisces, presents you with some very unique challenges BUT…

I’ve already helped many Pisces ladies re-discover themselves and achieve their full potential.

Be sure of this – when a Pisces unlocks her true potential, it’s a glorious sight to see.

You can radiate energy so mysterious and serene that the puzzle of your love life completes itself without you having to do anything. It’s enthralling!

What happens when a Pisces awakens to her true potential

It looks like the chain of events works in your favor all the time.

It’s like “random” occurrences connect in your life as though they were guided by a higher power,

If you ever felt like you’ve outperformed yourself, like your intuition and gut feelings work impeccably and just can’t go wrong…

If you ever felt like your heart orients you like a perfect compass as if you’re guided and protected by a mysterious, never before seen wisdom…

If you attained that graceful flow in movement, thought, speech and appearance so that you’ve become more appealing to everyone in your surroundings (especially men)…

You have surely experienced this mysterious phenomenon.

If you think back, you will surely be able to remember a time in your life when everything would work out perfectly… seemingly on its own.

Well, it wasn’t on its own. It was because of what you radiated.

Your energy was at its peak and you achieved a state of optimum performance in everything, especially romance…

Some people call it synchronicity, some call it being
in the zone, others call it the Flow

This is what it looks like:

  • Everything falls in place of its own,
  • Everything you do seems flawless and with ease…
  • Chains of events work in your favor
  • You’re constantly reminded how valuable you are by your loved ones (including your soulmate)
  • You can just feel the power of attraction and you can almost touch the never-before-seen bond with your love interest
  • Men keep their eyes glued to you and only you
  • Your lover can’t stand being away from you
  • You feel as though you’re in harmony with all the cosmos and the stellar workings
  • You feel both happy, lucky, AND blessed… and most of all… you feel LOVED.

Do you know how to tap into this power? 

It awakens only when you’re in deep synch with who you were meant to be.

It all starts with getting to know your sun sign.

If you want to thrive in all fields of life, ESPECIALLY in love, relationships, and marriage, you absolutely NEED to “know yourself.”

When you gain a deeper understanding of your sun sign, aligning with your stars and awakening your true potential comes as easily as flipping a switch and turning the light on.

That’s exactly how it feels. Like you wandered in the dark your whole life, but now you can see clearly and you marvel at the sights you unravel.

It feels as though you’ve finally stopped moving against the grain… as if you’re finally unstuck.

That ever-persisting feeling that something is wrong… that you are somehow wrong… completely vanishes.

You finally feel free.

Free to breathe in, live and shower your surroundings with love and gratitude so ample that everyone wants to be in your presence... especially your love interest.

The truth is that Pisces is one of the most mysterious and powerful signs in the zodiac, but…

You, as a delicate Pisces, sometimes might need just a little push to help you get where you need to be.

You’re in luck today because I won’t just give you a little push.

I’ll give you a detailed map to a perfect equilibrium with yourself AND your lover.

I’ve compiled all of my knowledge of Pisces into a guide the likes of which you’ve never seen before. 

The insights that it will give you will awaken you to your true potential and show you the way to an intimate, deep, romantic relationship with your true soulmate.

Let me introduce you to my special guide
How to Find and Keep Love as a Pisces Woman

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This is just a tiny bit of what you’ll learn inside of my book:

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  • What gemstones can double your energy and which colors and flowers can best highlight your natural beauty given to you by the stars
  •  The most dangerous weak spot for Pisces and how not to let it destroy your relationship
  • 2 toxic habits that you need to root out and how to easily do it so that you build your love and attraction on solid grounds
  • One nasty vice that Pisces suffer from and that you really need to stay away from in order to preserve peace of mind and emotional flow
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  • A karmic puzzle which confuses people around Pisces and how to charm them instead of confusing them
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    And before I forget, I want to leave you with a parting gift:

    A Golden rule of dating for Pisces ladies:

    Use your kindness to uplift your relationships.  

    A Pisces can struggle with discipline and emotional fortitude. Pisces are so sensitive that they can feel like they are carrying around various open wounds at any given time.

    This is part of why life can be overwhelming for a Pisces. They see that life should be full of kindness and generosity, and many times that simply isn’t what is actually happening. This can leave a Pisces asking “what’s the point” of physical existence.

    What Pisces will do well to note is that they can change the tone of those around them by showing them a more empathetic way to go about life. This is going to make people extremely attracted to them because the Pisces essentially become an escape from the world on their own.

    A Pisces can show that in a world where many people are out for themselves, there are still those that will go above and beyond to help those that are struggling. There is nothing that is more attractive than genuine kindness, as this Pisces will find out.

    Pisces has a unique opportunity to usher in a kinder world. Others just need to see Pisces model how this is done. This will leave Pisces feeling they have a purpose on this planet, and it will warm their hearts to know that they are adding brightness to a world that can feel like a drag.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. on a Sunday, whether you’re in the US, New Zealand, or South Africa… I made this all available in a convenient electronic format so you have nothing to wait for and can start your journey immediately.

    Yes, you can start your relationship transformation 5 minutes from now and join my happy fans who’ve met their soulmates.


    Your friend and relationship astrologer,

    P.S. Your Moon Sign and Ascendant can also tell you a great deal about who you are and why you’re like that, but it all starts with your Sun Sign.

    Be warned that knowing yourself is not an easy thing to do. You might read some things that you don’t like.

    That’s why I urge you to continue only if you’ve mustered enough courage to face yourself.

    P.P.S. You can try to bypass the ancient science of astrology. Perhaps you can know yourself even if you don’t know anything about the planets and your stars…

    But it will take you decades of hard work and diligence to get there…

    It requires years of careful analysis of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and emotions… and you can still make a mistake!

    Why would you waste all that time and beat around the bush when you can pierce through the heart of the problem in just a few days?

    Don’t try to bypass your stars. Waging war against the stars is waging a war against yourself and that’s not a war we can win.

    We are but stardust. So shine with your stars and emanate your own natural light bestowed upon you at birth.

    It’s the only way to avoid completely failing in life and romance…

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