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My name is Anna Kovach. I'm a bestselling author and Relationship Astrologer. My books and astrological guidance have helped tens of thousands of women around the world find love and discover their deeper self.

I want to help you understand yourself (and your destiny) through the power of Astrology, that's why today I'm providing you with this Free Natal Chart calculator.

Learn To Better Understand Yourself Through Your Astrology.

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Your unique FREE Astrological Birth Chart Helps You Discover...

  • Planetary Positions at the time of your birth. Check how Planets, their Signs and Houses were positioned at the time of your birth. This entire combination uniquely represents you. See how the planets may affect your destiny,
  • Get your PERSONALIZED chart, which includes your Sun, Rising, and Moon Signs... PLUS Discover your Houses; they represent various important areas of your life,
  • See an exact Snapshot of your Natal Chart wheel; the roadmap for your karmic lessons, destiny and potential life! Your personalized wheel chart, representing all the planets in 12 signs and their houses will appear on the next page,
  • Discover your Ascendant (also know as your Rising Sign) and its meaning for you; it represents your entry into this world at the moment of your birth,

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