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Your Weekly Tarotscope For September 19th – 25th

Hello, my dears, and welcome back to your Weekly Tarotscope for September 19th through the 25th. Many people don’t realize that the Tarot is heavily influenced by Astrology!

This is exactly why I love to cover them together since the symbology within the Tarot cosmically aligns with the real movement of the planets. It’s pretty neat if you ask me!

This week, the Sun moves into the sign of Libra, which brings focus to issues of collaboration and dedication to our closest companions. Anyone that we partner with, romantically or not, will become the focus of energy during this time. 

The Sun forming a trine to Pluto is sure to spice things up, but the presence of the trine indicates that it won’t be too painful. Pluto in a positive relation to the Sun tends to indicate soul-level rebirth that we welcome. It’s an ideal time to let go of old versions of yourself that you’re ready to move on from. 

Venus in a trine to Uranus this week signals a synergistic shakeup in our romantic and/or financial lives, especially if either of these planets land in corresponding houses in one’s chart.

You and your partner or loved ones can connect more as friends without sacrificing romance. In addition, this is a perfect time for investing in new industries or green energy for big returns.

Venus in a trine to Pluto indicates a welcome release of love and financial habits that aren’t serving us. You could also transform your appearance in some way by switching up your style. It’s also easier to tap into your sultry and seductive side during this transit. Use your power for good, dearest!

Venus in opposition to Neptune also adds a sense of dreaminess to your transformations that come with Pluto and Uranus’ presence. You see the higher purpose behind the change-ups in your life, allowing you to come to peace with what has made its way to you. Neptune can also provide endless compassion, but be aware of those who might take advantage of this.

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Without further ado, let’s dive into how your personal Tarot card for the week plays into the upcoming planetary energies! (Make sure you check your sun + rising sign for more accuracy)


Weekly Tarotscope for Aries: Ace of Wands

If there is one phrase you can take with you this week, Aries, it would be ‘do it now.’ You’re the bearer of the torch this week, leading the way into parts unknown with glee and vigor. 

Wands represent the fire element in the Tarot, and being the first card in the Minor Arcana, the Ace of Wands holds special meaning for you as the first sign of the Zodiac. You’re being asked to step into your own energy this week. 

As the Sun enters Libra, you could be compelled to move towards the person that you feel is there to compliment you in this lifetime. The one who you hold nearest to your heart or who you can’t shake the feeling of connection with is the one you should be moving in the direction. 

Venus opposition Neptune could lull you into complacency, but this is not the time to succumb. The Ace of Wands is action, movement, and compulsion. You’re being moved by the force of life itself into the direction of your dreams! Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to, well, victimhood.

Don’t forget to check your Weekly Love horoscope too, Aries, it could provide you with some more clarity.


Weekly Tarotscope for Taurus: The Lovers Reversed 

Are you nostalgic for past romance, Taurus? Are you lingering on times gone by instead of focusing on the relationships right in front of you? 

As a fixed Earth sign, you can find it difficult to move forward from that which you got used to. When it’s connected to a lover or a relationship that wasn’t able to be, it can feel all the more painful. 

You can become settled into settling for things, if that makes sense. You’re so used to something not being fulfilling that your fixed nature finds some form of relaxation in the static predictability of it all. But is remaining comfortable worth surrendering all of the potential of the future for?

Take a lesson from Venus (your planetary ruler) this week. She’s sympathetic to the past (Venus opposes Neptune) but realizes the need to move forward towards greener pastures (Venus trine Uranus). 

Moving forward is hard when the chain of the past is around your ankle though. This is where accessing Pluto’s scythe (Venus trine Pluto) to let yourself off the hook from your fantasies of a past gone differently is necessary. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Gemini: Reversed Six of Wands 

As your planetary ruler, Mercury continues its Retrograde out of Libra and into Virgo, you may carry a false sense of confidence and joy from the time that Mercury was in the sign representing good fortune and romance for you. 

Mercury is now in your house of deeper emotions, but you’re still hoping to indulge in the fun and fanciful times that you just experienced. A hint of delusion is seen here. The suit of wands demands movement, but not always in the area of your choosing. 

This week, you may channel that wand energy towards your emotional state and what has brought you here to your current understanding or reaction to your own emotions. It’s a time to consider your past and to question what you can put into action to combat emotional distance. More on that, in your weekly Love horoscope.

You can become disillusioned with your emotions and how they got there in the first place this week. With Venus opposing Neptune and trining Pluto, you may be asked to crack the façade a bit to ask yourself if you’re really doing as well as you thought you were. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Cancer: The Star

The upright Star is a card that most people wish to get in a Tarot reading. It symbolizes finding peace after the storm. You may not have totally re-engaged with the rest of the world yet, but trust me, you need this time to restore your hope and vision. 

The Moon begins this week in your own sign, reinforcing the theme of getting back in touch with yourself after a period of distance from yourself and others.

The Sun shifting into Libra also represents a need for rest and relaxation instead of chasing clout, fame, or fortune. Like the maiden on the Star card, you should look to empty your cup into your own pool right now. Your energy is needed with yourself. 

The Star is a symbol of hope and a new beginning, in a way. Spend this week descending into your own emotional state and finding peace and healing as Mercury in Retrograde leaves your house of deep emotion and roots, thus, allowing you to default to the Sun’s willingness to light up parts unseen within yourself.


Weekly Tarotscope for Leo: Reversed Eight of Wands 

Leo, are you itching to be done and over with a part of your life that just seems to drag on and on with no end in sight? This week can make those feelings more acute as you halfheartedly stumble into the same scenario that has been bugging you for a while now. 

The Reversed Eight of Wands indicates that changing the pattern and the way forward has been difficult. It may not be the time to break out of the stupor just yet though. This is still a period of consideration and planning. 

In my Tarot deck, the main figure literally floats up in the air while the smoke from various torches looks to float down instead of up when reversed. It can feel like you can’t gain traction because your feet aren’t on the ground and like the laws of the Universe are working against you to keep you stagnant. 

I can assure you that this is not the case. Sometimes we have to wait to become so fed up with a situation that our own will is greater than the forces that keep us floating in limbo. This week asks you to continue gathering that inner will. 

It’s important to remember that your frustration at the lack of movement you’re experiencing is not helped by taking it out on others. Keep your words kind and understanding rather than judgmental of those who seem to be moving forward at warp speed compared to you.

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Weekly Tarotscope for Virgo: Reversed Ten of Cups 

Virgo, have you been aching for more in life, wishing that you just had this or that and then you’re okay to let loose and be happy? I’ve got a secret for you… that way of thinking is totally scamming yourself out of the goodness in front of you NOW.

You’ve been given lots of chances to be empowered by the Sun in your own sign of Virgo and you’ve been able to be a light for others and yourself. As the Sun leaves and moves into Libra, perhaps you wonder “was that it?”

High expectations for yourself are a killer of happiness and satisfaction. You’ve been given a multitude of gifts in recent times, but you perhaps thought that fulfillment should look different than it does right now.

Allow yourself to see the rainbow beyond the clouds. Your cup has been out in the drizzle collecting what the Universe is offering. What you’ve got now is all yours and it’s your duty to experience what has been gifted to you fully rather than to wonder how you could have somehow gotten more in your cup. 

Venus in opposition to Neptune is potent for you, Virgo. You can see an idealized life or partner that doesn’t actually exist in front of you. Consider the joy that can be found around you and within others now instead of what isn’t there to experience. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Libra: Reversed Six of Cups 

This week Mercury is Retrograding in your own sign for a while until it moves back into Virgo. The period where it’s Retrograding within your own sign triggers potent memories that you may not want to examine but are forced to one way or another. 

As Mercury leaves your sign and goes into Virgo while conjoining the Sun, you may find yourself snapped into reality. You’re not worried about the past and you’re not identifying with it at this time. 

This attitude shift is bold and as the Sun enters your own sign, you’re able to look forward towards where your will points you over where your past indicates you should be going. 

In a few weeks, you can reapproach the memories that are lingering right now with clearer eyes. For now, sit with the emotions that come up as memories arise and look forward to shaking those feelings off when the time comes. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Scorpio: Reversed Ten of Wands 

This week, the Tarot is asking you if you’re throwing your burdens behind you or in front of you, Scorpio. Are you leaving them in the past and moving forward, or are you putting them off in the future for you to trip on eventually?

You’ve been shouldering a lot lately, dearest Scorpio. You may be panting and heaving from the effort, or maybe you’ve decided to shed your worries and obligations in favor of a perceived increase in ease. 

You may be able to shed the weight of your burdens as Mercury Retrogrades back into Virgo which can ease you into a state of submission and comfort. However, Mercury moving forward once more means that unless you threw your burdens far enough back, you’ll be re-encountering them. 

As Venus forms a trine to Pluto, you have a window this week where you can release your burdens for good if they are indeed not for your highest evolution in this lifetime. Letting go of the stressors and obligations that are genuinely just self-imposed will free up room to focus on what is truly necessary. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Sagittarius: Ten of Pentacles

This card is deeply symbolic of the unity between the material and the spiritual, Sagittarius. You’re blessed with a natural bent towards that which lies beyond the mundane, but what wonders lie in the blades of grass on the ground or in the colors of the sky?

This is a card of manifestation. Part of manifestation is the thought and desire that you put into it, but the other part is the physical effort and movement needed to bring your desires into reality. 

You may lie back and receive blessings, but the blessed thing about you, Sagittarius, is that you rarely stop appreciating the reasons why you’re so blessed. The Sun moving into Libra rewards you for this good attitude as the culmination of some great effort comes around in such a way that you’re deeply content. 

That is, you’re content as long as the reason behind your blessings is pure. Meaning that you’re using manifestation as a way to connect with the divine with the blessings being a welcome side effect. Any mental shift towards preserving what you have will surely place you in a less opportunistic position. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Capricorn: Knight of Wands 

The time to act is now, Capricorn. You’re the knight in shining armor and you’re meant to lead off into battle, even if the ‘battle’ is just a Zoom meeting or a coffee date or doing the dishes. 

The trine from Venus to Pluto within your own sign signals that you’re now allowing self-imposed limits to act as limited this week. You don’t have time for your own bullshit, so you’re simply taking it as a non-issue. 

With so much vigor for your goals, you may disregard personal boundaries. Perhaps you know that you’ve put too much on your plate and signed up for too much, but your go-go-go attitude at this moment won’t allow you to turn it down. 

The knight rides into battle on his horse, remember. If he doesn’t feed, water, and rest his horse then he’s not much use when it comes time to charge. Take care of yourself in order to keep fighting another day. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Aquarius: Reversed Two of Cups 

Aquarius, there are two versions of you at this time. One is the you who knows what you believe and what you stand for and who you want while the other is someone who defends old ways of being. 

While it’s odd to imagine yourself wanting to stay stuck in the past, there is a stubborn streak in you that is represented by your fixed nature. 

You’re not in sync with yourself this week. Venus forming a trine to Uranus can allow a doorway for you to express yourself authentically while also staying in the good graces of those around you. 

Though, for future reference, know that as an Aquarius you’re not meant to be in everyone’s good graces all the time. You are friendly and have pure intentions but others will always be threatened by your revolutionary attitude and capacity for change. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Pisces: Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles shows a man tightly grasping his coins and blocking off his vital points with them. He’s defensive of himself and forms a shield of sorts with his material possessions and creates distance between himself and others. 

Ask yourself what it is that you feel that you need protection from. And then ask, can I really provide myself with full protection from that? Some things in life cannot be avoided, no matter how tightly we grasp onto the things we have or our ideas. 

To hold so tightly onto possessions and to protect ourselves so obsessively indicates a lack of faith. Faith is Pisces’ key to ascending from victimhood and into sainthood in some ways. 

Allow your grip to loosen up this week by questioning just what you’re protecting yourself, your possessions, or your loved ones from. You may be surprised to learn just how little you can do about it. So, what’s stopping you from letting go and accepting what is meant to be?

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Wrapping Up

Another interesting Tarot spread in the books, my loves. I’m fascinated by the concentration of wands this week! Fire energy may be what some of my rowdier signs need to tap into in order to balance out the energies around you this week. 

It’s interesting because not all signs receive a card that corresponds directly to love, which is natural. But as it turns out, a lot of people are very curious about their love life (who knew!?).

Tell me more about how this week’s card draw resonated with you or how the love and partnership spread made sense to you down in the comments.

I’m pretty sure you have some more specific love questions you’d like to have an answer to – so I’m sharing again the link to the amazing free three-Tarot-card reading.

For maximum clarity, do this whenever you do extra tarot readings. Before picking your cards, think of a question that has been bothering you in your love life lately.

Meditate at least for a minute on it. And then do the tarot spread.

Ask whatever it is you really want to know and the three-card reading will tell you the truth about what is going on.

Try this offer before it’s too late!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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