What He Secretly Wants, But Does Not Tell You (Based on His Zodiac Sign)

Are you having trouble figuring out what it is that your guy wants? What is it he’s not telling you but wish you knew? Here is some information that may help you to pin down what it is he truly wants.

What An ARIES Man Wants

The ARIES Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

When an Aries man really connects to a woman or commits to her; he treats her as though she were a goddess. He will worship your body as though it’s the most extravagant thing he’s ever seen.

He’s super affectionate and isn’t afraid to show this to you. He will do what he can to protect you and at times can seem a bit possessive or jealous. He just doesn’t want to lose you.

This is a man that wants to kiss a lot. So be warned that if you’re not the kissing type; you may want to reconsider your relationship. His secret is; he wants you to give him lots of tender loving care.

Grab his face and kiss him all over it. He’ll absolutely melt! The kissing and the touching of the face will make him feel he’s in heaven. To find out more of his secrets check out Aries Man Secrets.

What A TAURUS Man Wants

The TAURUS Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This is a man that seeks stability and security. He moves slowly at getting into a relationship. He wants to make absolutely sure he’s doing the right thing and with the right partner.

He’s one that will be very loyal once he does commit. He will treat you well and want to spend lots of time with you. He’s a bit of a homebody so you can expect him to make some of your dates at his place or yours.

Taurus is a very physical sign and will want to touch you a lot whether or not you have intimacy. He will at least want to hold your hand or touch you in some other way.

What he secretly wants is for you to treat him like gold. He wants lots of tender touching, kissing, and making him feel good. For more about the Taurus man, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

What A GEMINI Man Wants

The GEMINI Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This man is a big fan of personal freedom. He’s slow to commit simply because he doesn’t want to give up his freedom. You have to be pretty darned special for him to give you his time.

Once he does commit to you; he’ll constantly want to find something new and exciting to do. He is terrified of boredom. This also isn’t a jealous man. He’s typically fairly secure.

That being said, his secret that he’d like you to know but won’t tell you is that his libido is very high. He actually would LOVE to have a threesome or have an open relationship. He’ll respect your decision if you don’t want to but he’d love it if you did allow this.

He loves variety and if he can get it with you; he’ll be forever grateful. To figure more out about the Gemini, check out my Gemini Man Secrets guide.

What A CANCER Man Wants

The CANCER Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

The Cancer man is one that is very sensitive. He is looking for a relationship that will provide him with security and peace of mind for the long haul. He’d like a woman who will make an excellent partner, wife, and mother for his future children.

He’s very sensitive and can be a bit intuitive. His moods can range from really happy to really sad on any given day. It’s hard to predict what the case may be.

If he gets hurt or upset too much; he’ll either pull himself into his shell and give you the cold shoulder or he’ll get mad and throw a full on tantrum. Just depends on what happens.

What he wants secretly is a woman who will provide him with security, lift him up, and make him feel like he’s the only man in the world. If you treat him like a King, he’ll certainly treat you like his Queen. Find out more about your Cancer man and check out my Cancer Man Secrets guide.

What A LEO Man Wants

The LEO Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This man is an alpha male so he commands attention and adoration. When he seeks a partner; he wants one that will complement him in more ways than one. Not just literally and to him but complement is life as well.

He’s loyal when he commits and as long as he stays settled; he’ll remain loyal. What you need to know is that he secretly is a big softie. Giving him lots of complements will make him feel gushy.

Give him lots of love and sweetness. He’ll treat you like the only woman that exists in the whole entire world. He wants stability even if he won’t admit it. Allow him to be your King and he will make you his Queen.

He secretly seeks spontaneity and adventure. Roll with it and be open to suggestion or make suggestions yourself and he’ll worship you. He’ll be putty in your hands.

If you are interested in learning more about Leo man, then you need to check my Leo Man Secrets guide.

What A VIRGO Man Wants

The VIRGO Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

He’s super picky and looking for perfection since he feels that he’s as close as it gets to perfection. It may not be true but he has a high view of himself. This means that whomever he chooses; she’ll need to be pretty spectacular.

He will expect a woman who is well kept, neat in appearance, driven for success, and someone who will make an excellent wife and mother for his future spawn. He is a perfectionist in all areas of his life which makes him great at organization.

Virgo man is perfect for teaching people how to get better organized. As far as secrets go; he doesn’t want you to know that you can actually experience healing while having intimacy with him.

He saves that for when he truly finds the right woman to spend his life with. Healing others is his gift. To find out more regarding this guy, check out Virgo Man Secrets.

What A LIBRA Man Wants

The LIBRA Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

While he takes a good long while to form a relationship; he’s looking at the bigger picture. He has to be certain that the woman he dedicates himself to will fit his whole lifestyle and not just his heart.

He seeks balance out whenever he possibly can even if he has a hard time gaining it. Libra is the sign for balance but an actual Libra isn’t balanced and is what they have to work at getting.

With that said, he wants to find someone who will complement his life and be the yang to his yin. He may not admit it but he needs someone who can challenge him but in a way that is done with sweetness.

What he really wants and won’t tell you is; he wants his soul mate and partner for life. He may play it all cool and collected but he’s not on the inside; I assure you. You’ll find more information about your Libra man in my new book called Libra Man Secrets.

What A SCORPIO Man Wants

The SCORPIO Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This man is naturally very passionate and driven by his emotions. He will seek out a partner who will be similar to him. He isn’t looking for someone to complement him. He just wants a woman who can keep up with him.

What he’s truly looking for aside from his soul mate is someone who can keep him on the edge in intimacy. He wants someone that can turn him on more than anyone else.

This will require dressing up in sexy clothing that is relatively easy to take off of you or rip off of you. His secret is that he would absolutely melt if you were to do a strip tease for him.

He’d also appreciate you teasing him. Undress very slowly and let him enjoy each moment. He wants the ultimate sensual partner. This is his secret! To find out more, check out Scorpio Man Secrets!


The SAGITTARIUS Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This is the man of action and adventure! He loves to travel and see the world whenever possible. He could be prone to not dealing with his responsibilities because he’s too enveloped in the moment.

He’s looking for someone to go on some of his adventures with. He’s also trying to find a partner who will be alright when he wants to go do things by himself. Personal freedom and time is important to him.

This man is very independent and will value time together as well as time apart. What he secretly may not express to you is that he would absolutely love it if you planned out an elaborate adventure complete with risk.

Taking him somewhere like Las Vegas at a casino, rock climbing, hang gliding or anything like this will win his heart fairly quickly. He doesn’t mind planning but if you do it; hell be putty in your hands. By clicking here you’ll find much more about your Sagittarius man.

What A CAPRICORN Man Wants

The CAPRICORN Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

These are the steady and responsible men of the zodiac. They tend to make sure that they’re always making money, working hard, and achieving success for themselves and their future.

They also are seeking security and stability within a relationship. Whoever they choose; they will expect that partner to stand the test of time and show longevity and their own sense of responsibility.

This sign is serious and will take their love lives just as serious as anything else. That means they don’t have time to deal with nonsense or ridiculous problems. This can make him a little impatient at times.

What he secretly won’t tell you is that he absolutely wants you to achieve your very best and be just as driven as he is. He cannot stand lazy partners and will not settle down with one. If you want to be with a Capricorn man; know he’s always assessing your abilities.

Learn more about your Capricorn man here >>

What An AQUARIUS Man Wants

The AQUARIUS Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This free minded guy who loves excitement seeks to find as much enjoyment in life as possible. He is in no hurry to settle down and be “off the market”. It takes a lot to convince him to give up his cherished free time.

He’s focused and driven so make no mistake; you won’t find him being lazy very often. There is always something going on and he’s ready to be part of it. He gets bored easily and will always seek interesting things to do.

What you may not know but wishes you did; he really doesn’t like people with inflated egos. While he himself can have a bit of an ego; he doesn’t want to have a partner that is this way.

He loves more humble women that don’t think too highly of themselves. Confidence is nice but too much of it is a nasty perfume. To learn more about this man, check out Aquarius Man Secrets.

What A PISCES Man Wants

The PISCES Man - What He Secretly Wants But Does Not Tell You

This man is very dreamy and hard to resist. He’s normally very attractive and has a natural allure about him. Not only is he easy on the eyes; he is typically very gentle and caring.

His kindness draws you in and makes you want to know more. He’s very mysterious but these are things that you can pick up on upon meeting him. Sincerity and truth is something these men covet.

When he’s around, he makes everyone feel at ease thus allowing them to be who they are. He blends in with any environment or grouping of people. He’s very versatile.

What you may not know and he wished you did; is that he very much trusts his intuition and is very spiritual. He isn’t one to shrug off a feeling he has. He believes in it and makes decisions accordingly. Understand his need for soul connection and respect it.

These men all have various secrets just like us ladies do. Sun signs can reveal portions of what they are like and want.

Did you know that Pisces is one of the hardest signs in the zodiac to understand? Find out more about your Pisces man here.


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