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Weekly Tarotscopes For May 30th – June 5th

Greetings, my beautiful souls! I know you’re waiting to hear some good news since lately it’s been a toss-up on whether things will be good or not so much…

Mercury has been in Retrograde since May 10th and electronics have definitely been misbehaving, items have gone missing without a trace, and people are feeling confused. Well, here’s some good news… on Thursday, June 2nd, Mercury goes direct! Hooray! Within two weeks of this time, things will calm down again and you will find anything that went missing.

In other news, Venus goes from Aries to Taurus this week! Venus in Taurus is a transit that helps people to work hard on their relationships. It also tunes a relationship or makes things more serious.

If you’ve been waiting to fix your relationship or start a new commitment, then this is a fantastic time to do that. Meeting someone new that may become more serious is also possible.

In other news, Saturn Retrograde begins Saturday, June 4th, whilst still in Aquarius. This is another transit that allows for solidifying commitments. Saturn is always about going deep into yourself to figure out what needs to change so that you can be a better person. Ultimately, healing only happens when you allow it and help it.

Truly, this week is a strong one filled with energy, power, and ability. This should be a great time for growth and development. There may be moments of coming to yourself, though.

Alright, now let’s see how the Tarot lines up with your energy for this week!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: Ten of Swords

It’s time for you to finally let go of that which isn’t working for you anymore, dear Aries. It may not be easy for you to release but it’s something that you must do if you want things to get better.

This can be an ending of a painful situation or it may be a hurtful ending that you didn’t expect. Either way, you have to clear the path to take on a new one.

Whether you’re in a dead-end relationship or a dead-end job, you have to see it for what it is and let it go, otherwise, the Universe will push it. If it happens this way, you’ll be very unhappy.

Everything is going to be alright, but it’s definitely a healthy thing to shed you of that which makes you feel unhappy or sad. Why hang onto it? Look at your life and your heart. Do what is right for you.

I know you’re wonderful and deserve the best. Now you need to believe it too!


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Judgment

You’re a tough cookie, Taurus, but it appears that there is something that needs your decision-making. It’s time to choose which direction you’re going to go in.

If you’ve got a legal matter going on, you may finally get the judgment you’ve been waiting on. How it goes will depend on how well you handled the situation.

This is also a card that is karmic. What have you been up to? There is a response from the Universe bringing you what you manifested. This may be something wonderful or it may be something not so great.

You will either need to face your karma or you’ll celebrate your karma. Only you know what has truly been going on with yourself. Just remember to always stay optimistic and do the right thing.


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: Reversed Empress

Are you feeling insecure or unsure about love? It’s time for you to take good care of yourself, lovely Gemini. It’s not work to practice self-care regularly. Sometimes it helps you to refresh.

In matters of the heart, you cannot heal relationships without first taking care of yourself. You must be healthy and fulfilled in your life for a relationship to take flight or even begin.

Do things to boost up your self-esteem. Do things that you really love and enjoy. Spend time with your friends who always seem to cheer you up and remind you of how amazing you are.

You’re normally fairly motivated but if you aren’t careful, you’ll lose steam and be unable to do the things you normally would. Again, rest up and take amazing care of yourself. Remember that you are lovable and deserving.


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: Six of Wands

You are on fire this week, my gorgeous Cancer! You’re going to see the results of all your effort and hard work. You may receive a message of love or declaration. It will feel pretty fantastic.

Finally, people are seeing who you really are and all you’ve done. Appreciation is what you deserve right now and you should be very humble to receive it. Enjoy the good coming to you.

You’ve done everything right and you’re now seeing how your work or love is reflecting back to you, much like Karma. You’ve taken control where you needed to and now, you get your goods.

I’m really happy for you, to be frank! You’ve been through some things but you didn’t give up and now you’re getting back what you were giving out and people truly love you!


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: Reversed Six of Cups

Do you feel like you’ve lost the luster of love or life this week? You might feel bored or that life has become stagnant in your world. Feeling that way isn’t a common occurrence for you.

In fact, you’re normally on top of the world and feeling excited by life. Since you’re not feeling that way now, you’re going to have to find new ways to excite your life.

Try new places, things, and people. Spice it up and you’ll see how your outlook changes. You’re a Leo and you’re mighty! You’re social, beautiful, and good at everything you do.

Get back to that. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. I know you can be somewhat set in your ways, but take a chance and see how things can change in a wonderful way.

I believe in you, Leo! You’ve got this and I know you’ll get past this slump.


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: Ace of Cups

After all, you’ve been going through as of late, my sweet Virgo… this week is going to be amazing! Good news is on the way that is going to pick up your emotional state.

It will renew your sense of hope and love. You’ll see light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll have so much to look forward to. The things you had to deal with are letting up.

Pressure is released and now you can allow your cup to be filled with great love and abundance. A new or healed relationship is possible, as is a new career or job that makes you feel good about yourself again.

You deserve all the joy that is coming into your life. Whatever your good news is, it’s going to make your future look bright once more. You’ve put in your time and work, and now it’s time to receive.

Keep your heart and your mind open to all that is coming your way!


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: Three of Pentacles

Your work and efforts are being rewarded with success and financial abundance. Things are looking up for you and now what you’ve worked on is bringing you what you need.

Whether this is a relationship or work, you’re now seeing the results which are quite positive and awesome. You worked hard and you put in lots of blood, sweat, and tears.

You finally made the right choice and so now the seeds of your success are bearing fruit for you to harvest. How amazing for you, Libra! All your worries are melting away.

That’s not to say they’re all gone completely, but they now seem easier to work past. Love and abundance can be yours every time you make the right decisions with love and integrity.

It’s thrilling to see that you’ve made some sort of difference and now get some joy!


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: Ten of Pentacles

Have you been daydreaming about what your life is going to become or what you want, dear Scorpio? If you have, then it appears that it’s finally going to start happening step by step.

You will need to accept and take each step as it comes. When you do, you’ll see how things start to fall into place. This card is about getting what you want with love, family, and money.

If you’re working on manifesting it into being then all you have to do is start making moves, even if they are small. Each thing you set into motion will grow and become wonderful.

You’re going to manifest exactly what you need and want. Learn everything you can, talk to the right people, and express how you feel. Don’t hold back and be open.

The path you take is yours and you have to make the right choices but it looks like all will be well. How wonderful!


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Four of Cups

My dearest Sagittarius… what has you in such a slump? What has happened to cause you to feel bored or unsatisfied with your life? Why are you feeling sorry for yourself?

Look, you need to look at the things you can be grateful for. Look at what you DO have. That should make you feel better about where you are. Know you’re not stuck.

You have all the tools you need to make the change that will make you feel happy and fulfilled again. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes you’ve made that made you feel bad.

Lift yourself up by looking into ways to accomplish your goals. Love isn’t lost nor is your ability to manifest anything you want. Remember that you are the master of your own life.

Do something for yourself that will make you feel revived, revitalized, and happy. Self-love does wonders for you.


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: Reversed Five of Wands

You may be pulling yourself back from drama or competition. You feel tired and you don’t want to deal with it anymore at this point.

This could be with your love life or with your work life. Something just doesn’t sit well and you don’t enjoy the conflict coming from it. You’ve taken yourself out of the equation, if only temporarily.

During this time, you’ll probably look for solutions or you may just decide to go your own way. It really depends on what it is you want. Which decision means more?

Taking a break or taking some “me” time will surely help you to get you back to a place where you feel comfortable. Look, you are not lazy, and it’s alright to take the time you need.

You can get back after it when you feel more relaxed and confident. Do not let anyone break your positive frame of mind. You’ve got this, Capricorn!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: Five of Pentacles

Brace yourself, dear Aquarius – this is a bit of a test of your ability to be resilient. It may be tough, as you go through some sort of loss. The economy is contributing so don’t be too alarmed.

You might get an old bill that still needs to get paid or one that you forgot about totally. You aren’t planning it in your weekly budget so it could seem like a setback.

Maybe things aren’t working as you had hoped in your relationship or job. Things are tight and you may have to take leave. These are the kinds of tests that may come your way.

You are one of the smartest signs in the Zodiac, Aquarius; you can make a comeback no matter what this tweak happens to be. It will suck, yes, but you’ll learn and do better.

As tough as it may be, try to keep an optimistic outlook! 


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Nine of Swords

I hate to say this, but you’re your own worst enemy, Pisces. You may have bouts of extreme worry or even paranoia this week. What has you so upset and stressed out?

Don’t be surprised if you have some bad dreams or bouts of anxiety. The thing is that this is all in your head. You’re getting yourself worked up for no real reason. Try to find a way to let loose.

There may be problems but you don’t need to make mountains out of molehills, love. Whatever has you pacing the floors is unnecessary. Get out with friends or go out in nature.

Heck, meditation would be fantastic for you right now. Do not let thoughts keep you from the good things that are possible in your life. Be kind to yourself!

Don’t let bad vibes or fleeting worries take control here. Let them all go and move on. You’re better off without unnecessary stress.

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Love And Light

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