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Weekly Tarotscopes For January 24th – 30th

Hello, my gorgeous reader, and welcome to the Weekly Tarotscopes for January 24th-30th. I hope you are having a joyous week and learning so much about yourself and how to be a happier woman.

Have you been following your resolutions, and how are things going? Isn’t it such a game-changer to have an intention and to follow it? It gives you a real sense of drive and purpose in life. It can be so inspirational!

I know I feel so much better when I know what I am working towards. Be that a health and fitness goal, or a milestone I want to reach in my career. It is so invaluable having this intangible thing I can hold on to.

I hope you see it in the same way and that understanding this is bringing you closer to your dream life and greater purpose. It is so important to have something worth living for because when you do everything else in life just makes so much more sense.

This is when everything just clicks together perfectly!

I hope that the Tarot advice I have for you this week can give you some guidance and understanding. Remember that my suggestion is for you to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. This just helps to get an overall idea of what you need! Good luck!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: The Hanged Man

There is a lot of uncertainty in your love life right now. It can feel stressful and it can leave you unsure if you should be coming or going. You just want the answers and to see if this relationship is worth pursuing. Why does love have to be so confusing?

Sometimes, love shouldn’t feel complicated, but it does and it can get overwhelming, however, you must not let it get to you so much. It is all part of your journey. Instead, try taking deep breaths and going outside to get some fresh air. All you need is a change in perspective, really.

These rituals will help keep you sane and grounded as you try to get through the difficult situations that you find yourself in. And sooner or later, you will come to realize that it isn’t so complicated after all. It is just what you need to go through.


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Ace Of Cups

You’re in the midst of something new, perhaps a relationship that is full of love and possibility. This is a time to reflect on all that has been given to you and to recognize that it is time for you to be grateful and excited because life can still surprise you.

It is time for you to step into this new beginning and embrace it wholeheartedly. This person is going to be a great help to you in this new journey, even if it doesn’t last forever, there will still be many opportunities for you to learn from them and grow.

Take things slowly, especially if you’re not sure about the person. There are a few simple steps that can help you get to know this person better and make sure that you’re not making any big commitments. But first and foremost, just take it easy and don’t rush into anything.


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: 7 Of Pentacles

This is a time of growth and it can be used to make new habits and attitudes around relationships. Instead of jumping into old ways of doing things, you can learn how to show up in new ways like slowing down or dating someone totally unexpected.

It is important for you to slow down and realize that love is worth waiting for. It can take time to get to know someone, so make sure that you get to know them before committing to one another. You need to be sure, so take all the time you need in the world.

Doing something at a different pace will help build a stronger foundation for your relationship. It will also help build a bond that’s good for both of you. This will mean that the two of you really know each other and this will set the tone for the rest of your relationship.


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: The Hermit

Loneliness is a part of human existence, this is just a fact, but it doesn’t have to be this awful thing either. It can play a huge role in discovering who you are and can give an opportunity for you to really understand who you are as a person and where you are headed.

It is a time to reflect on how you performed in the past and what you could have done differently. It is also a good time to reassess where you stand and what you want to achieve. This is why slowing down is such a necessity. It can bring you all the answers you are looking for.

This card doesn’t mean that things are going to magically disappear and become better. Instead, it encourages you to get back to your center and breathe deeply before going back to the world. It just shows that going inwards is all you need to find the guiding light in your life.


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: Ace Of Swords

Do you notice that the man who you are interested in keeps blowing cold and hot? Like you just can’t figure out how he feels about you. It is so confusing and can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused. Why does love have to be so difficult?

His behavior could just be the thing that wakes up what you really want in a relationship, not these games this boy keeps playing with you. Perhaps what you need is someone who is more committed and stable, and doesn’t mess around with you.

You will soon feel like you have a clear idea of the situation you actually want to be in. This will help you to make a decision on whether or not to stay with this person. Listen to your gut because it won’t let you down.


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: 5 Of Wands

Sometimes, it’s important to fight for what you believe in and what you want in life. This can be very challenging when it comes to a relationship, so I suggest that you and your partner learn to fight for what is best for the relationship.

People tend to give up easily due to the endless choices in life we have nowadays. What is real when there are so many options available on all these dating apps? If you have someone special that you care about, then why do people keep looking elsewhere for that same commitment? It is like the grass is always greener elsewhere.

Let your man know how much you care about him and that you will make this relationship work because you believe in it and don’t want to be with anyone else. There is so much love between the two of you so it is possible to make it work.


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: 2 Of Cups

There is a real possibility that you will find yourself in a romantic union in the near future, isn’t that just the most exciting news ever? To be successful, you need to recognize all of the potentials in front of you and start looking beyond what you expect love to look like.

The card predicts that a relationship will be happy and successful. It also says that something really good is coming your way (and this doesn’t always have to be associated with a new relationship). It just depicts the ultimate joy.

This is a beautiful sign for people who are already in a relationship or who are single. It shows that the love in your life will only grow stronger as long as you keep believing in it.


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: The Star

As Tarot cards go, it doesn’t really get much better than this, if I am being completely honest! You can’t help but feel so bright and optimistic about the future. This is a feeling you definitely need to cherish and hold on to. There is nothing better than hope, really.

It is so easy to lose hope when you see nothing in your daily life that reflects the dreams and desires that you have. But this is the moment you have to persevere and understand that many good things are still making their way to you, you can’t give up.

Everything will work out for you. Just keep believing in the Universe and thank it for everything that is happening to you. Being grateful every day will be such a game-changer in your life. It is all you need to be successful and happy.


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Judgment

This card indicates that something big is brewing beneath your surface and it could go either way for you. This is a time for you to revisit some possibilities because it is now your moment of truth to figure out what is in store for you next.

This card serves as a reminder that a significant life change is happening and that it’s going to happen regardless of how you feel about it. Life just has a way of working out exactly the way it is supposed to. There is very little you can do to control it.

Values are what make a person, and they are what make a relationship work. Have faith that everything is working out the way it’s supposed to, and that the person you’re with will eventually reveal themselves to you. So, stop stressing because you are exactly where you need to be right now.


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: 9 Of Wands

You’re giving too much power away to someone who doesn’t treat you with respect. This needs to stop or else it is really going to affect the relationship you have with yourself and this is never a good thing because you should always come first.

You’re an amazing woman, but why do you allow a man to control many of your decisions? It’s time to start living for yourself and making the changes that make you happy. You need to be the master of your own ship and start doing the steering.

For this week, I suggest that you do what makes you happy and that is what fills you with joy. I know that you deserve more from someone who can cause so much anxiety and stress. It just isn’t worth it! Be with someone who makes you happy, even if that means being on your own for a while.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: 8 Of Cups

You know that you can no longer ignore the feelings that are running in your head when it comes to this person you have in your life. You know that you can no longer tolerate the way they treat you because it simply isn’t right.

There are still many things in life that you can look forward to, and sticking around someone who makes you feel bad isn’t worth it. Even though this is an ending, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have more of something better. This will help you move on and remind yourself of the things that are important to you and those good things are still waiting for you.

You have been holding on to this connection for too long, and it’s time to move on. There’s a lot of energy in this connection, and it’s time to let go of the things that are causing it to be negative.


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Temperance

Set aside all of your worries and be grateful for where you are in life right now. Having gratitude for where you’re at will make your future look brighter. Everything is starting to balance out so you don’t have to put up such a crazy fight any longer. Just let it be.

Your desires for a relationship will be answered, so don’t try to control it. Just listen to what your inner voice wants and the guidance it gives you on a daily basis. This is the only thing you need to answer in your life, nothing else.

Gratitude is the key to receiving blessings from the Universe. It’s a practice that can help you feel grateful for what you have and it will keep happening to you. It is like a never-ending gift that makes life so worth it. So, when you give thanks to the word it gives its blessings back to you.

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Love And Light

I hope you found your reading meaningful and that you could take something away from it. Let it be a guiding force for you this week. Holding onto something meaningful can give you the hope you need to take that step forward when everything else feels hopeless and overwhelming. This is all you truly need.

Please let me know what is coming up for you this week in the comment section below! I am so curious to hear how your reading unfolds in the next couple of days. It fills my heart with so much joy when each one of you ladies reaches out.

This is the reason why I do what I do, I seriously couldn’t imagine what it would be like without the support I receive from you all. I know that I am incredibly lucky and I am so grateful for the love and trust you all share with me. I am so thankful that I get to be so blessed! You are all so amazing and an integral part of my life!

If you are looking for a way to really dive deeper and find the answers to your perfect love life, then take a look at my new VIP consultation offering. I am sure this will give you exactly what you are looking for and help you to move towards the most romantic time of your life.

Open your heart to trying something new out! It will definitely be worth it!

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See you next week!

Wishing you love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

15 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscopes For January 24th – 30th

    1. Hi Sandra!

      Wonderful! I’m so glad it works for you sweetheart. What are you going through now in March? Stay tuned in with the scopes for more useful information. I’m wishing you all the luck of the stars!

    1. Hi Liz!

      Great! I’m glad it resonates you. Yes, you should follow the advice if you think it would be the right thing for you. Always trust your intuition in the process. You’ll have a far better life if you do so. I wish you all the love you deserve!

  1. I’m really amazed that what I’m feeling in this period of my life is resonating with the readings you have sent me. It does give me a sense of belief in continuing to follow my instincts about how I am choosing my path.

    1. Hi Lora Marie Oberhofer!

      How amazing! I am more than happy to hear that my readings resonate with you. Yes, please do keep following my scopes. There is always good messages ahead that may help you make decisions. Trust your intuition as well because it’s crucial! Wishing you all the luck of the stars!

  2. de lezingen die ik lees over mijn astro-teken zijn kloppen altijd , daarom hou ik er elke keer rekening mee wat er kan gebeuren in die week en is het elke keer zoals jij het beschrijft of geschreven hebt beste Anna . Het is precies of jij dit alles (de dag ervoor ) het zelf hebt meegemaakt en wordt het mij voorgeschreven en uitgelegt hoe ik moet handelen of er het best er mee omga en aanpak . Echt ….ik krijg er soms kippevel van ! Daarom heb je mij al dikwijls behoed tegen onvoorziene omstandigheden / verrassingen .
    Ik ben erg blij dat ik uw lezingen volg en jij me op deze manier bijstaat beste Anna .

    Met vriendelijke groet


    1. Hello Anna. Your reading is very accurate and has given me an insight of how I have been feeling. Do you think I should contact him first or wait until he contacts me? Thank you. Looking forward to the next reading.

      1. Hi Diana Barton!

        Wonderful! I’m glad that the reading was accurate. I think you need to search your intuition and listen to what it tells you. If you do that, you’ll always do the right thing. Oh and stay tuned to the tarot scopes! They’re always interesting. Wishing you all the best!

    2. Hi Annie!

      Tack så mycket för dina söta ord. Jag är så glad att det du läser från mig verkligen resonerar dig och hjälper dig. Kunder som du inspirerar mig att göra det jag gör och jag hoppas att du kommer att hålla ögonen öppna för det finns alltid mer älskling! Jag önskar dig allt gott!

  3. Brilliant Anna, lm a Pisces, and have had a very stressful 2021. With your guidance lm sure things will start settling much more in near future

    1. Hi Lynne!

      Sorry you had a stressful 2021. I hope this year will be better for you. Please stay tuned to the tarot scopes among other things. It should help give you a heads up when you need it and perhaps provide you comfort as well. Wishing you all the very best!

    1. Hi Goldie!

      Wonderful!!! I am so very happy to hear that what you’ve read seems to resonate with you. I do hope you’re still keeping track of the tarot scopes as they are quite interesting as of late. Wishing you all the best!

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