Weekly Tarotscopes For August 8th – 14th

Hello, my sentient Angels! I do hope this Tarotscope finds you well and helps you plan for a beautiful future, as always!

With Jupiter still in Retrograde, there is much to look at until November 23rd when it goes direct. It will be important to see what transits it interacts with.

This week Venus is opposite Pluto, which can make things quite intense when it comes to relationships. This can add fuel to fires if you know what I mean. Arguments, conflict, and jealousy could rear their ugly heads.

It’s going to be crucial to keep a cool head and to remember that this is a passing energy. Do your best not to react. Your good is coming but Jupiter Retrograde may make you wait until the right time.

I understand how frustrating this will seem but you’ve got to power through. It WILL be worth it. We’ve also got Mars sextile Neptune which makes you want to take action toward your dreams.

Perhaps a little less focus on love and more on your life is a good idea! Love will remain but your path has to be tended to often.

Mars trine Pluto also gives you energy toward your goals or your desires. Again, it sure seems like the optimal time to focus on your life’s path rather than relationships this week.

There is nothing wrong with growing into a more successful and happier being on the right path, right?

Let’s go ahead and dive into what the Tarot has for you this week, my darlings!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: The Devil

It would appear that Venus opposite Pluto is going to do a number on you if you allow it to. This energy tempts you to be impetuous and do things on the fly. This could be bad if you aren’t careful.

This isn’t the time for you to take risks or dive in without asking questions. Think things through and wait until the timing is right. I know life can present some exciting temptations but they will bite you in the butt later on.

Trust me when I tell you that this week is a good time to lay low and resist giving into tempting thoughts or ideas you have. Try to put the focus back on the necessity and what you need for a successful future.

Love and sex could distract you in a bad way this week, so you might try to think more about your life’s purpose and goals instead. This will help you to iron out the details of your future.

For once, Aries, you need to take a step back or put off taking action – which I know is hard for you but you can totally nail it this week if you try!


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Seven of Swords

You’re going to have to pay extra attention this week, dear Taurus. Watch your back for those who may try to deceive you or do you dirty. Then again, you may need to watch yourself and your intentions.

What I mean by that is that you could very well be lying to yourself about something or be delusional about your current situation. Wake up! Be honest with yourself and your intentions.

If someone else isn’t trying to screw you over then you may be trying to do it to someone else, which will definitely land you in the hot seat. Karma isn’t pretty if you do these types of things.

I know it’s hard not to react or do what has been done to you – but seriously, you’ve got to take it easy this week. Only act with pure positive intention and don’t try to lie to yourself or others.

Taurus, you’re a straight-up person and you definitely need to stick with that. If you keep an eye out for yourself this week, you’ll be wiser about what is going on around you in love or business!


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: Queen of Cups

You may get some really valuable advice when it comes to love, Gemini. The matters of the heart aren’t the core of this week’s planetary aspects but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you aren’t getting love advice then you could be getting some words of wisdom when it comes to your spiritual growth in life. Naturally, you could be the one giving advice to someone else.

There is something happening this week that’s going to propel you to some serious healing of your soul and heart. This is fantastic news! Try focusing on your own self-healing.

It’s time to go deep and really figure out what matters to you and what you love most in this world. Do you love what you’re doing with your life? If not, then you may find out what you can do next to improve it or change it.

Gemini, your head is sometimes all over the place but honestly, this week you need to try to slim your focus on your life’s path and trek ahead. You can do it; I have faith in you!


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: Nine of Swords

Ouch, Cancer… you really need to get out of your own head because you apparently may be worrying about something that isn’t actually happening. You’re either paranoid or you’re just fearful you will fail.

Whatever it is you’re afraid of is going to eat you up if you don’t put a stop to it. These nightmares are only manifestations of your fears creeping up on you. Trust in the reality of your heart and your intuition.

You can get some more insight if you pay attention more to your dreams this week when you sleep. Wake up and write down anything that was particularly memorable or vivid.

Sometimes when you have a nightmare, there is an important message that can help you overcome a situation that is troubling to you. Do not let your feelings of being sad, lonely, or worried carry you.

Instead, focus on the GOOD in your life. Try putting your heart and soul in the future and where you want to go next on your path. What can you do to get there, Cancer? Work on that!


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: Reversed Ace of Pentacles

This week may see you holding back instead of pushing forward like you normally would, darling Leo. You may intuitively feel as though it’s not the time or you just want to prepare more.

You don’t want to seem too eager or willing when you know there is more in the offering for you. This week is about getting your life in order. Love is important but your future as a whole needs your attention.

Instead of making hasty choices, try to get more information so that you can plan what you will do next. This week would definitely benefit from your research and learning.

Your life will fall into place far better if you wait just a bit longer. Look into what you really want in your near future or even later on down the line. What makes you happiest?

It should be easy for you to tune in to yourself this week, Leo. The energy is definitely conducive for you. Take advantage of this brilliant week!


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: Reversed Eight of Wands

This card goes hand in hand with this week’s Astrological aspects! I mean, it’s to a “T”!  It’s alerting you to take it slow this week. While you like to succeed, this week is time for you to examine what brings you success.

Has anything been going wonky that you don’t have the answers for? Well, this week could help you see clearly and find the answers you seek. Relationships may become clearer, as will finances.

What do you really want to do with your life? Are you doing it? If you aren’t, then this week wants you to think about it and try to make a course of action that will help you get to where you want to be.

Whatever it is that brings you happiness, you need to find more ways to bring abundance into your life. It’s a great week for letting go of the old and embracing a need for manifesting.

Virgo, you’re quick as a whip and everyone knows it. There is still more for you to learn this week and it’s time you look into it and put your worries on hold.


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: King of Cups

You may feel powerful this week, Libra. You feel fulfilled and want to share with others. Your creativity is high and may help you to work at manifesting more of what you want in your life.

The one thing that you need not do is rush in. You’re great at waiting before deciding and honestly, that’s perfect for you this week. Take your time and get all the details you need.

Whether it’s about a love relationship or ways to make money; you’ll be more open this week to getting information on how to make your life better.

Go ahead and weigh your pros and cons but for this week, try to focus on what your dreams are. What steps can you take to make them come true? You can definitely find some answers.

Take all the time you need and for this week, you will see some powerful influential thoughts come to you naturally. Somehow you know the answers and you also may give some amazing advice to someone.

I’m always proud of you, Libra! This week is definitely wonderful for you and your growth!


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: Reversed Death

Oh my goodness, Scorpio… You have some major change trying to embrace you but you’re resisting. Why are you holding back or dragging your feet? I’ll grant you that the planetary aspects may be playing a role here.

This week is definitely about holding off and getting more information so that when the time is right, you can take some action. I will warn you though that you need to refrain from being impulsive.

There are many temptations going on but if you act on them, you’ll fall down through the cracks. Use your gift of intuition to help you through this week. By listening, you’ll know what you can and shouldn’t do.

It really isn’t the best idea for action but you need to prepare yourself for the change that is definitely on the verge of action. It’s going to happen but getting ready is a fantastic idea.

If there is research you must do then go ahead and get it done. If you need to weigh the pros and cons, go for it! If you need more time… this week is giving you that extra time. Next week may require your decision, Scorpio!


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Reversed Five of Cups

Has there been a letdown for you recently, Sagittarius? Maybe something set you back on your personal path somehow. You may even be fearful that you’re not on the right track anymore.

Look, you cannot let these fears take over! You know darn well that if you do, you will start to slip backward. This isn’t you – you’re the eternal optimist and you need to stick with that.

The main thing this week is doing research and meditation. Yes, you need to go inward and figure out what is making you feel blocked or broken. Only you can do this.

Hold off on doing anything that may not grow or prosper. Stick to what you know this week and try to learn what you can to adjust your energy level so that when things change again, you can go forward in a most successful way.

In other words, Sagittarius; take a pause and look after your soul. You need to do some cleansing and get back on track. You’ve got this!


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: Two of Wands

You are sitting on a decision that must be made, Capricorn. This week is going to be for you to dig in deeper before you actually make the choice. Don’t be irrational and choose before you know everything you can.

The planets are pushing energy on you to not act on your impulses. You’re fantastic at waiting, Capricorn, so this week won’t be that difficult for you. Use your strengths of learning all you can.

This week isn’t the best for getting involved in new relationships or stepping up the status of a relationship you may already have. There is something else you need to know.

It’s up to you to find out all you can before you choose one way or the other. This appeals to your nature this week, Capricorn, and so you should definitely go with the flow of it.

The decision will come soon enough but think everything over and get details if you can. It will help you pick the right course of action!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: Seven of Cups

You’re considering your options this week, Aquarius. Do NOT act too quickly on what you perceive as possibilities. You definitely need to do your research this week and trust your gut instincts.

If you dive in without looking, you may fail. Your brilliant mind may view things intelligently but there is more to it than that. You have to feel whether or not it’s legitimate.

Look at the fine print of a deal. Don’t just sign off only to find out later that there are hidden fees or other devious information. Yes, it looks good, but it may actually be too good to be true.

Don’t let your feelings guide you too much this week either. Your logic is important as is your decision-making process. Gather up all the Intel you need before you sign the dotted line.

You can do this, Aquarius! Use your brain and your intuition… you won’t get fooled this time!


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Four of Swords

Alright Pisces, your Tarot card of the week lines right up with the planetary aspects this week. It’s time for you to step back and pause on making any decisions. Don’t do anything you’ll regret either!

There will be temptations but if you stick to your intuitive feelings, you’ll easily be able to avoid things or people that could take you off track. This week is about going deep and really learning who you are.

What are your dreams? Are you taking steps to make them come true? If you aren’t then you should use this week to help you do the research to find out what it will take.

What will you be able to do to finally start getting to a better place in your life? How can you get your dream job or career? How can you be a healthy lover of some dreamy romance?

How can you move forward in a successful way? This week should help you dig deep Pisces. Do not let your “feelings” get in the way. Try to focus more on logic and intuition. You’ve totally got this; I have your back!

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My Final Thoughts

You all bring me so much joy and I’m glad you are all really enjoying my Tarotscopes every week. I’d love to see more comments from you each week. They keep me going!

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