Weekly Tarotscopes For August 1st – 7th

Greetings, my darling rose buds! I am so glad that we’re on to a new week. Each time a new week begins, I feel the excitement of possibility in the air, and I hope you do too!

Despite what may appear to be going on, there is more happening just under the surface. It’s up to us to do with it what we will whether that means healing, falling in love, letting go, or changing business plans.

We have the innate ability with our brains to manifest what we want or need in real form. It’s pretty amazing!

Looking at the planetary action, we’re in for an interesting week indeed. First of all, Venus is in Cancer, which makes feelings more intense whether it’s positive or not.

With Venus sextile Uranus, there is an air of spontaneity with pleasure, luck, or romance. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Mars is conjunct Uranus, and it makes you want to break out of the norm and try something new. Be adventurous this week – it seems as though it’s the perfect time to do it, honestly.

Finally, Venus is also trine Neptune. Yet another transit perfect for enjoying yourself with love, romance, and relaxation. Take a load off this week and really have fun!

Daydreaming is a beautiful thing because it helps you to manifest your dreams into real-life achievements. That being said, let’s see what the Tarot cards have to say…


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: Six of Pentacles

Balance is your game this week, dear Aries. You’ve found new ways to do things and now you want to implement your knowledge by sharing it with others. Your generosity is on fire this week.

This is a balance of your time, finances, and energy. Share what you can so that the flow of giving can keep going smoothly. When you do good things, it gets passed on.

In other words, it’s time to pay it forward. If you’ve had help in your life, then it’s a great time to put that energy now into other people who need your help or your love.

This is a great business and love practice. Giving love allows you to feel more balanced within, as you know that it will come back when it’s time to. It’s a beautiful experience.

So, whatever you can do to give your heart, your time, or your money to lift others up, please do it, Aries. You’re really good at it. I know your heart!


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Knight of Pentacles

It feels like a successful “nose to grindstone” type of week for you. You enjoy getting things done and appreciate your own ability to have success with your finances.

You’ve got it going on! If it’s not you, then you could be getting some excellent advice from someone who is patient, reliable, and strong with work ethic.

Another way to look at this is that you could be very influential to other people in love or in business. This is just a great week for people listening to what you have to say and allowing you to take initiative.

This week is very enjoyable for you indeed. You always love what you do for money and it shows. You aren’t afraid to really get in there and work it. You are also not afraid to show what you’re made of in a relationship.

Working your craftsmanship with love is something you can do with little effort. You’re a master at what you do, so go ahead and give it to someone who deserves your heart!


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: Reversed Ten of Pentacles

Oy vey, Gemini! This week you’re going to be facing some challenges or problems when it comes to finances. Maybe your job is having difficulties getting it together.

Perhaps there have been lay-offs due to the economy, or there is a lack of help, thus, thrusting all the work on the employees who are left. You’re great at adapting though, so don’t let it get you down.

It’s going to be a rough one but you’re going to muscle through it like the champion you are. Pentacles are normally more about money but if it’s a matter of love then there could be issues there too.

You’re going to have to take several deep breaths and maybe do a little daily meditation. Keep your desires in perspective and know this is nothing but a hiccup for you.

With the planets doing marvelous things this week, you may get some reminders of how incredible your life truly is, Gemini!


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: Knight of Swords

You’ve got your mind set on love and romance and you’re not going to let anyone dampen that mood. Good for you! I know you’ve been waiting for things to go the right way.

You’re taking life and love by the horns and making it work for you this week. I’m proud that you’re making this improvement and hey, the planets are also amazing for you with Venus in Cancer.

No matter what speed bumps may come up, you’re going full force and you’re not taking no for an answer. Changes are definitely happening for you and they appear to be really amazing changes.

Your love life will be improving quite a bit; you’re healing and you’re ready to go for it. I’m so excited for you! You’ve been waiting for things to improve in a big way and now is the time for it.

Get your groove and expertise on, my dear Cancer! You are so gonna rock this week!


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: King of Cups

You’re proudly accepting your crown this week, Leo. You are, in fact, the champion in your own life. You’ve got your head together for business and your heart is open for love.

Everything you’ve been doing lately has been leading you to the throne. You’re able to sit back and watch the growth you’ve made. You’re full-fledged royalty in life.

You should be very proud of yourself – I sure am!

You’ve got your emotions in check, you’re flying high, and you are ready to share your love with someone special or someone new. You might also find your creativity to be particularly active as well.

Several people think you are just the most amazing person they’ve ever met. Family and friends absolutely adore you. It’s a great time to give and share the love you feel!


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: Page of Pentacles

You may get some incredible news about finances somehow. You’ve got the job, you’ve started a new career, or money is increasing in some way that makes you feel appreciated.

Someone with good money sense may actually give you advice. If it’s describing you then it’s talking to your practical side who likes to watch their money.

You’re being careful and not going crazy with your spending. You know it’s best to keep a nice nest egg ready in case anything happens.

You’re building success with all the seeds you have planted financially. You’re also cultivating beautiful, healthy love. If you’re single, someone new is coming to you.

If you’re in a relationship, then you’re about to get news from this person wanting to make things more serious. Maybe you’re the one that wants to take a new step toward growth in love.

Go for it, I just know you’ll knock it out of the park, Virgo!


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: Reversed Four of Wands

There are unforeseen delays happening for you which may make you feel frustrated. I totally get it, but don’t let that disappointment stress you out. I know how you get, and it’s all too easy to fall down.

Remember that everything happens for a reason, Libra. That means that perhaps there is a really good reason that something or someone had to reschedule.

If it’s in matters of love, it may mean that someone isn’t ready or they simply aren’t the right one. This is especially true if they cancel on you more than once.

Have patience and know that with disappointment comes a lesson. Look at it for what it is and keep moving forward. The planets are helping you out this week and may bring you some awesome surprises.

Be sure you’re in good spirits and ready to receive! I believe in you, Libra!


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: Seven of Wands

Not everyone agrees with you this week, Scorpio, but don’t let that change what you’re doing if you know you’re doing the right thing. Focus on what you know to be true and just.

There may be haters but they don’t know what you do and how successful you are. Jealousy may be an issue with those around you depending on what is happening.

Jealousy may come out of you in a relationship so please use your gut instead of your knee-jerk reactions. Don’t hurt the one you love because you’re scared of losing them.

If your lover is giving you a hard time and they are being unfair, then be sure you stand up for yourself. The same goes with business or social affairs; don’t let people walk on you.

Do what you know to be right and stick with it. That’s the honorable thing no matter what. Take the high road. Let that inner passion come on out this week Scorpio!


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Reversed Ten of Wands

Are you doing too much on your own again? It seems this week you’re trying to tackle more than you can actually handle. It’s alright for you to ask for help, you know.

You cannot do a million things in a week. You’ve got to pace yourself and feel the sense of accomplishment when you cross them off of your “to-do” list. Say no if people ask you for more.

Know what your boundaries are and stick to them. Don’t exhaust yourself because of pride. It’s not cool to feel burdened. I don’t care if it’s with work or with love; you’ve got to take care of yourself too!

Be sure you’re giving yourself some downtime to balance out all your work. Give your loved one’s attention but do it in a balanced way with your work and solitude time.

I know it’s hard to juggle it all, but make sure you don’t take on too much this week, alright, Sagittarius? If you’re already aware that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew then it may be time to put some things on hold to finish the others.


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: The World

It’s time for a new adventure or even some travel, Capricorn. You’ve been dealing with so much and stressing yourself out that it’s time for vacation if you can do it!

You may relocate, take a journey, or embrace new opportunities. You may start a new love with a new partner. If you’re not single then there may be a change for the better with your partner.

This card is about life offering opportunities that can make you so much happier and more successful. Are you ready to embrace it?

If someone asks you to go on some wild ride… go for it!

Do not let your brain overthink the situation, otherwise, you won’t go and you’ll remain stuck. I know you know what I’m saying. Don’t do it. Say yes!

Take a chance and have yourself a great time this week, Capricorn. You definitely need it to freshen your inner self up.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: Eight of Pentacles

It’s time to learn something valuable. This week is about mastering what you know or apprenticing. If you’re a student then you may take on the career you’re trying to get into.

Learn new things that will help you with your choice of career, job, or even hobby. Embracing workshops, books, and learning by practice will help you get better!

It may be time to learn how to make your hobby into a profitable business. You’re fantastic with money. You’d be amazing starting your own type of business that would be very successful.

When it comes to love, you’ve got some things to learn here too. If you’re single you may be trying to get to know someone better. That will be really fun!

If you’re not single then it may be time to learn something new to make your relationship more adventurous and exciting. Take your partner on a trip somewhere you’ve both never been.

Be a sponge to learning this week, Aquarius! You can definitely handle it.


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Ace of Cups

Wow! It appears that you’re going to meet someone special that feels like the right one for you. If you’ve already been dating someone then you may take things to a new level.

If you’ve been dating someone long-term, then it may take an upward turn for you! There may be a deepening of commitment or perhaps even a proposal. How exciting!

A new beginning is afoot that makes you feel grateful and fulfilled with your life. You could even get a new job or more financial abundance. Whatever happens, you’re going to be on cloud nine.

Enjoy the beauty that this week brings for you. Healing and love are the two things that are definitely speaking loud and clear. Don’t forget self-love though. You’ve got to keep loving yourself.

This should be a phenomenal week for you, Pisces. It’s truly heartwarming for me to see!

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Blessings From My Heart To Yours!

Even through life’s ups and downs, you all are incredible souls that make me want to wake with enthusiasm every single day. I appreciate you more than you know.

Each card I pull, I feel deep inside and I’ve got to tell you that it helps me connect with you on a different level. It makes me feel so fulfilled in life to help you in any way that I can.

I am so appreciative to you for what you give to me and I just hope that all I share with you helps you enrich your lives and helps you grow as a person.

Finding someone you want to love for the rest of your life is something very special and I want to make it easier and more beautiful than it might otherwise.

I truly am grateful and humbled to be your adviser!

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