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Weekly Tarotscope For March 28th – April 3rd

Welcome, my gorgeous ladies! I hope you are all doing splendidly! Have you noticed the change in energy over the last week or so? This is because we are well into Aries season now!

With the Sun and Mercury both being in this sign, there is a lot of passion and energy to go around. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and new hope for the future.

It is time to trust your gut and just follow where your intuition wants to take you. Aries is all about acting on instinct and thinking about the consequences later.

Sometimes we just have to do and feel what our inner voice is telling us, without much thought for rationality.

Our love planets Venus and Mars are both still in Aquarius, bringing us all many opportunities to broaden our networks and to meet new and interesting people.

It is also a great chance to spend time with friends and the community close to your heart. Venus and Mars in Aquarius are also great for getting lucky through online dating and apps on your phone.

Aquarius loves the internet and spreading news online. So, you may very well meet someone through an app or even just on your Instagram or Facebook account.

Just be careful though, because there are a lot of fake phonies online, so be very aware of the people you talk to, we don’t want another Tinder Swindler situation on our hands!

But let’s see what this week is going to bring us according to the Tarot. Remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to get the most accurate reading for yourself. Take what resonates and forget about the rest. Enjoy your week!


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: Reversed Five Of Wands

Conflict is one of the most uncomfortable things to deal with, but for an Aries like yourself, you might even actually enjoy a bit of this kind of drama from time to time. However, you need to stop running away from your problems, it isn’t going to solve anything.

You don’t always have to be so aggressive and passionate in the way you handle your business. Sometimes just a straightforward conversation will help you to solve your problems a lot easier without the drama you love so much.

Try to grow through this and mature in the way you deal with your problems. You may be spilling too much of your energy around, especially when you get too angry in the moment and can’t see a way through to the other side.

This card is telling you to learn to choose your battles and to see when something is really worth fighting for, and when it is actually best just for you to tap out and step away from the problem in front of you.


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: Reversed Nine of Pentacles

Are you self-sabotaging yourself? You are meant for more than what you are currently allowing yourself to receive. This is the classic case of blocking your own blessings. There are things/events/people who want to enter your life, but you keep getting in the way of yourself.

It is time that you change your mindset from a place of lack to believing in your own magic and how capable you truly are of achieving what you set out to do. This is all about changing your core beliefs and recognizing that you deserve more than what you are allowing.

Try to define what is truly important in your life and then ask yourself why do you keep going against this? Why are you not showing up for yourself in the way that you crave on a deep and spiritual level?

You can’t expect someone else to come to save you from yourself. You need to be your own white knight. Value yourself, and maybe then you will realize that you have been allowing way more than what you truly deserve from others.


Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: Judgment

Have you been prioritizing self-evaluation and reflection? Because this card clearly shows that this is what you currently need in your life. Sometimes you need these moments of stillness to regenerate your soul and your body.

You have reached an impasse, a fork in the road if you will, and you need a moment of quiet reflection to understand where you need to go next. Quiet contemplation can lead you to the answers you are seeking within yourself.

It is time for you to recognize the patterns of your past and to make sense of your history. Are you ready to move on from these narratives and start a new beginning with a fresh perspective?

All of this is just a process of awakening to help you to become a more authentic version of yourself. This is your opportunity to live a life that is truly aligned with your biggest aspirations. Trust your judgment as you move forward.


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: Reversed Queen of Pentacles

Have you been isolating yourself? Trying to protect yourself with all kinds of excuses just because you’re too afraid to open up your heart to love again? What a pity when there is so much potential waiting to enter your life.

Being a workaholic is just an excuse for not wanting to look at the areas of your life that really hurt. But isn’t it ironic, by working too much and isolating yourself from the world, you are actually closing yourself off to be loved by others?

Or perhaps you are simply struggling to balance your work and personal life. One is taking too much precedence over the other which is never a good thing. You need to find the sweet spot in the middle.

You don’t have to work yourself down to the bone or spend so much time slacking off. There is a balance out there, you just need to find it and recognize that too much of one thing is never good, because it can make you lose perspective on what is actually important.


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: Six of Swords

You are in a moment of transition in your life, and right now, you are in the midst of the journey. This isn’t always an easy process to go through, so the only advice I can really give you is to let go and to surrender to the experience.

Times are always changing and you just need to go with the tides and ride the wave to the best of your abilities. Change definitely isn’t easy, but this is a necessary transition that you need to go through and it should definitely help you to grow.

This calls you to be brave and to stand in your power because recognizing this will help you to invite bigger and better things into your life. Letting go is never easy, but neither is feeling stuck and unable to move.

New environments can be overwhelming, but if you have done the work and let go of the past then greeting the newness isn’t half as terrifying. Get rid of the baggage and see a fresh, new perspective on the horizon for yourself.


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: The Wheel Of Fortune

Things are always changing; this is just the law of the Universe and it is going to happen to you whether you like it or not. Fate is bringing you a new direction to follow in your life. Here is the start of a new phase in your life.

You may feel like things are outside of your control, and for the most part, they are. The only thing you can really control is how you react to what is happening to you. Remember that your attitude can make or break a situation.

You have the choice; you can choose to complain or you can choose to adapt to the situation ahead of you. Yes, the uncertainty of the whole situation can definitely make you dizzy, but there is much to learn from this experience.

Remember that everything happens for a reason, and every situation that occurs in your life is fated thanks to your karma. Try your best to live as best as you can with the strongest morals accessible to you. That is all you can truly do in this situation.


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: Three of Swords

Heartbreak, however painful it is, is almost always a certainty in life. Pain really has a way of piercing the heart and making you feel powerless and out of control. This is a feeling I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone, but unfortunately, many important lessons are borne out of heartache.

It is never easy and it can overcome you with grief and sorrow. You may think of all the sacrifices you had to make seemingly for nothing. This can take up quite a bit of space in your head as you try to process what has happened to you.

You may go through stages of feeling pain, regret, rejection, doubt, loneliness, and betrayal. None of these emotions are particularly pleasant to have to deal with. But not all hope is lost and there are many opportunities for you to heal from this pain.

Trust in the process and recognize that you are strong enough to come through the other side. Remember that the most painful situations can often lead to the greatest awakenings and really have a way of strengthening your character.


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: Queen of Cups

Scorpio, you are the queen of intuition and this card is here to remind you of how powerful your inner guide truly is. Your intuition gives you compassion and a deep ability to love the people who are important in your life.

This card indicates that you are at a point in your life where you know exactly how to be extremely compassionate and empathetic whilst also understanding that boundaries are a necessary part of giving to yourself.

It is important that you hone in on your skill of knowing when to give and knowing when you need to say no and give to yourself. This is about listening to your gut and following your instinct in every situation you find yourself in.

Always make your own emotional needs a priority before taking care of the needs of others. This should allow you to be more authentic in your self-expression and allow you to love and be loved for who you truly are.


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: Reversed Queen of Swords

Have you been acting like a bit of an Ice Queen recently? You may be acting cold because you are afraid of getting hurt. Sometimes it is much easier to push people away than to allow them to make an impact in your life.

But wouldn’t you rather have loved than not have loved at all? Your emotional insecurities may be clouding your judgment and are influencing you to make irrational decisions about who you allow to enter into your life.

You can’t control what others do. This would be totally impossible, and the more you try to do this, the more you are going to end up pushing people away. Look, you are going to get hurt whether you like it or not. But having peace in your heart and just surrendering to the moment is a lot better than having others think you are cold and mean-spirited.

So, stop being so cold, heartless, and defensive, and recognize that there is something amiss within yourself right now. You need to work really hard to reconnect to your compassion and remember that kindness reigns supreme.


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: The Tower

Unexpected changes can be pretty shocking and jarring to the system. Like a flash of lighting, your life can change in an instant and there is nothing worse than feeling totally unprepared for the changes happening around you.

My best advice to you is just to try to remain present and recognize that you cannot control what is happening around you. This card is urging you to surrender and just to move through the process.

Yes, I know that your foundations feel shaken and that you feel totally split open. This can make you feel incredibly vulnerable to the world around you. But this is a call to action to recognize that you need to transform your attitudes or else you will be in for more rude awakenings.

Save what you can, but seriously, let go of everything else that really isn’t serving you any longer. No, it isn’t easy, but what other option is there possibly for you to do? This is your chance to rebuild yourself and the world around you.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: The Hierophant

Tradition is knocking on your door, Aquarius. And as you know, out of all the signs you are most definitely the least traditional or conventional of them all. Here you have an opportunity to honor the traditions in your life, and if you don’t have any, it might be time for you to create some.

Honoring rituals is a way of helping you feel grounded in the midst of all the chaos. The last month has been quite intense for your sign with Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn sitting there. No wonder you are looking for some peace.

And having a ritual or routine can definitely facilitate the kind of stability you must be yearning for after all the ups and downs of the last month. What little things can you do for yourself to help you feel more centered and balanced in your life?

You may not realize it, but there is a lot of freedom in having a set routine. Rituals can serve as structures in your life for those moments where everything seems to be falling apart and you struggle to hold on to control.


Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: Ten of Wands

You understand your responsibilities in life really well, yes, you are a dreamer, but you also know that it takes courage and determination as well as a lot of hard work to get where you want to be in your life.

But you do know that you don’t have to carry around all of this pressure on your own, don’t you? There is always the option of reaching out and asking the people in your life to help you. Support is always there for you; you just need to ask.

Why do we choose to burden ourselves when there always seems to be hope around the corner? Carrying everything yourself is just another sign that you are afraid of being vulnerable and open towards others.

Ask for help and by doing so, you are opening up in ways you can’t imagine. People care about you and love you and they don’t want to see you struggle. By releasing the weight of all these burdens, you are in fact prioritizing yourself and your own happiness.

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Love And Light

Thank you so much my lovelies for taking the time to read your weekly Tarotscope! I hope it has some significance on your current situation and that it can help you in making better choices for the week ahead.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you who trusts me enough to come back here time and time again. I do this all for you! The way I share my blessings and gifts with the world is what I wish for all of you.

You have so much to offer, so don’t doubt yourself for one second!

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Please also let me know what sign you are and what is going on in your life right now. Hearing from you all gives my life so much meaning! Thank you so much for your love and support, it means the world!

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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