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Weekly Tarotscopes For January 3rd – 9th

Hello, my beautiful angels! Welcome to my Weekly Tarotscopes for January 3rd – 9th! I hope that the start of your year has been fantastic and that you are ready to take on whatever the next few months have to offer you. I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel that surge of hope all around me. New Years is always so much fun, because it is packed with possibility and excitement. There is just so much potential in the air, which makes it a really potent energy to work with.

I hope you have your resolutions in place and have a couple of things to look forward to. Goals are so important because they help you to look ahead and strive for better. It is reallypowerful to set your intentions!

So, I recommend you do that now if you haven’t yet! Carry those thoughts with you throughout the year because it is something for you to hold on to when things get a little challenging throughout the year!

As always, I hope that you enjoy my reading and that it brings you some strength for the week ahead. Please take a look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most accurate prediction.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aries: Night Of Swords

Where are you at in your life right now, and are you truly ready for the commitments of a serious relationship? It is easy to be fooled when we are looking for love because of all the wrong reasons. A clever and motivated man might make his way into your life quite soon, but don’t be fooled, he might not be open to a relationship either.

Why is it that as women, we can’t seem to resist men who are detached and aloof? It must be the mystery that makes things exciting. But this is definitely not the healthiest option. You should go for someone who lives with an open heart and isn’t going to shut you out when things go awry.

I think it is important that you do some introspection and ask yourself why you personally think you enjoy the company of unavailable men. What is the thrill you get when someone can’t seem to put in the same amount of effort as you are willing to? Get down to the bottom of this and vow to work on it, because you deserve much better than what you are allowing right now.

You deserve a relationship with someone who is fully present and fully committed. Don’t settle for anything less!


Weekly Tarotscope For Taurus: The Lovers

There is a good chance that love will eventually come your way, and perhaps in the very near future. But, before you get too excited, ask yourself what you are doing to prepare for it. What is your relationship like with yourself? Are you acting like your own best friend?

Are you focused on what makes you happy or are you expecting someone to come in and sweep you off your feet?

If the former is true, then it’s because you’re not focused on what you want in life and making it happen for yourself. That’s why you should never just accept what comes from a man. He needs to deserve a spot in your life. It is important that he works for it, but that means you need to work on yourself just as much.

You need to make yourself happy – that should be the first priority in your life. The more you love yourself, the more likely you will be happy in a relationship in the future.

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Weekly Tarotscope For Gemini: The Chariot

If you are feeling like your life is just going around and around in circles, then it is time to start feeling more adventurous. This will allow you to grow and enjoy living in a new way. Keep an open mind and be young in spirit! This will help you keep your life fresh and exciting!

It’s time for you to step out and try something new. It might be something that you always wanted to do, but were too afraid to try. This will help you become more daring and take on more risks. This new sense of adventure could lead you on a path to finding someone really special.

Sometimes in life, the risk is definitely worth the reward, so what are you waiting for? There isn’t much you can lose, but a hell of a lot to gain!


Weekly Tarotscope For Cancer: 8 Of Wands

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Be patient and don’t run into a situation just because you feel like it. You need to be a bit more cautious about the people who you allow into your life. Falling in love feels exhilarating, but sometimes it is just hormones.

You need to practice controlling your impulses to avoid making a big mistake in your life. Look before you leap, especially when something seems too good to be true.

If it looks good to be true, it probably is. Take your time to ponder on your decision and make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your life. Don’t put your heart on the line just because you are feeling lonely.

Take it slow and don’t give in to any unnecessary pressure, you don’t have to be in a relationship just to feel happy. You can easily be happy on your own.


Weekly Tarotscope For Leo: The Devil

There are times when you need to be naughty to be nice. Sometimes, however, it is fine to indulge in some of the naughtier desires in life and give in to your carnal side. What is life without a bit of naughty pleasure? You should embrace this side of yourself sometimes as well.

You may have some kinks that are just part of who you are as a person, there is no need for you to deny them because that only leads to repressed feelings. Just be honest with them and do not feel ashamed of what you sometimes desire.

It is normal to feel that way. You should never feel ashamed about it. Accepting yourself for what you want in life can lead to a lot of freedom and self-love.


Weekly Tarotscope For Virgo: 5 Of Cups

It is time to look around and see how much you actually have in your life. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try to look at what is truly important to you. You might be a lot more fortunate than what you give yourself credit for.

It’s normal to go through ups and downs in life, but never get stuck in a cycle where you think that life is always bad and that you have so much misfortune that you don’t see the point of moving forward. This is simply not the case and you need to find a way to pick yourself up from this place of misery and loathing.

Show your resilience when times are tough because these are the moments that’ll help you heal and grow. Stop looking at the negative and start seeing all the positives you have in your life.


Weekly Tarotscope For Libra: 7 Of Pentacles

Remember that every single thing that you have done in your life was once a seed that was planted into fruition. You once had nothing, and look how far you have come. This takes all the patience in the world, but it will always be worth it.

This is just the beginning of it all. What else would you like to see come to be in your life? This can be anything from your creativity to your job, or to your love life. You can literally manifest anything in your life, you just need to believe and keep patient.

You have already achieved so many things in your life, but what are some of the parts of you that you are neglecting? And why aren’t you going for it? Make it happen!


Weekly Tarotscope For Scorpio: 2 Of Cups

Love is definitely in the air and a real possibility for you, but that means it’s time for you to start moving on from things you are holding onto from the past. There are still many parts of you that need to heal before you can finally feel happy and have a relationship with someone new and worthwhile.

Pouring deep love into yourself will lift your vibration and make everyone sit up and pay attention to how wonderful you are as a person. Doing so will also help you feel more like a person worthy of love. It is pointless entering a relationship if you expect the man to be your savior. You need to be your own hero.

Remember that romantic love comes down to how much self-love you have for yourself.


Weekly Tarotscope For Sagittarius: 6 Of Cups 

If you’re yearning for something that you used to have, be careful not to get swept up in nostalgia. Mercury’s retrograde is on its way next week and this time can be used productively to help you to let go of old memories.

You need to think carefully about going back to an old relationship before committing to it. If it’s something that you genuinely want to pursue, then go for it. But just be careful that you’re not just entertaining it because of the way someone once made you feel. It isn’t always worth it.

You deserve better than this, don’t let your feelings of loneliness cloud your judgment and have you making bad decisions.


Weekly Tarotscope For Capricorn: 9 Of Cups

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, things can be too good to be true, unfortunately. Being a skeptic doesn’t mean that you are negative or cynical, just that you have enough respect to not take things at face value. And it definitely pays off to be cautious at times.

It’s important to always trust your gut when it comes to relationships. There are many red flags that can indicate a potential relationship isn’t that good for you, after all, so be aware of these signs before you make a final decision to give your heart away to someone.

Try your best not to wear rose-tinted glasses. See the person in front of you for who they truly are, this will save you from a lot of heartbreak.


Weekly Tarotscope For Aquarius: Strength

It takes a lot of courage to be open to love someone. It’s not an easy thing to do because it takes a lot of work to be happy in a union. Sometimes the risk doesn’t always feel so worth it, especially if you have been left broken-hearted in the past.

You need to start working on your shadows so that you can have the best relationship with yourself as well as a potential future partner. It is about being able to accept all of the things that are in your life that are not working for you and to do something about it!

This commitment is something that you need to keep on your mind forever. You need to commit to working on yourself every single day.

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Weekly Tarotscope For Pisces: The Emperor

What qualities do you look for in a man? Are you looking for someone who is capable of taking care of you or someone who is a little more unconventional? Knowing what you want in a relationship can make it a lot easier for you to manifest what you need.

Every woman has a divine masculine type that she finds appealing. And this is probably the part of yourself that you ignore within you. Yes, there is a divine masculine living inside of you, and it is about time that you pay attention to that side. This can help you to heal any kind of pain you feel towards men and help you have a better relationship in the future.

Make time exploring who that person is within yourself, and how you can integrate it with your divine feminine.

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Love And Blessings

I just want to thank you all for supporting me and for reading my work. I hope that every single one of you enjoys what I provide and that it gives you a sense of meaning and support when the world can feel like a really lonely place.

Hope that you have a great week and that you know that there are many happy moments in the future. Just keep believing in the magic of the world and know that the possibilities for your life are endless and full of exciting things to come.

Don’t give up on finding love, and never give up on yourself. You will find happiness and peace when you take the time to care for yourself first. Loving yourself is truly the secret – I don’t care how cliché that may sound because it is simply true!

What is your Zodiac sign and what is going on in your life right now? Do you have a special man in your life that you are constantly thinking about? Please let me know in the comment section below! I love hearing from you girls.

I am so proud of all of you and I hope that you enjoy reading these messages and that they bring meaning to your life because each and every one of you bring meaning to my world!

Have you ever considered doing a VIP consultation with me? This is a sure way to help you get the love life you have always been dreaming of! Hurry, because I only have a few spots left and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on a thing.

Wishing you so much love and blessings.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

24 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscopes For January 3rd – 9th

  1. Hi Ann thanks for your emails I really appreciate your writing,so useful for me that I knew a man just 2 months ago on a date site, he is a cancer man buț I still didn’t meet him for various reasons. He lives a bit far away from me 3 hours by train, he is so kind gentle sweet, we text and talk by phone every day, I think I’m really into him but I don’t know what to do because I really want to meet him and I think him too. Don’t want to put pressure on him tho. What could I do? Thank you Manuela

    1. Hi Manuela!

      Ok with a Cancer man, you have to let him know you really care about him. Once that’s established, you can tell him how difficult it is for you to make a trip to him but you would love it if he could find time to come visit you. That’s not pressure. That’s letting him know you want to be more than you two are now. If he really does want to see you, he’ll move mountains and make it happen. Check out my guides on Cancer Man Secrets for more tips! I wish you all the best.

  2. I fell for a man that lives in another State, we have not yet met because of his 3 business he has to take care of, We became engaged o Christmas Day. I have no info. on him because he is afraid of the internet, and he won’t call me!!! Everyone say’s he’s scamming me but I was scammed out of over $50,000 over a 7 month span. : ( This man is not scamming me I know it in my heart, He hasn’t asked me for anything, no money even. He’s got a trust issue because his wife left him and small son for another man. I’m hanging in there because we are supposed to be married in June. I guess if that doesn’t happen I will part ways because I will then know something isn’t right. He is a Sagittarius, a very sweet and sincere man!!! Not ready to give up o him yet!!

    1. Hi Sharon!

      Wait… you got engaged to him but you haven’t met him yet? I think you need to know that until you meet him, marriage shouldn’t be a consideration. Yes, it does sound like he’s playing you. If he won’t call you and won’t come to see you then he’s not really out for a serious relationship with you. You say he’s not scamming you but if he isn’t doing what it takes to make this relationship succeed then he’s not serious about you honey. A man that loves you and wants to marry you will do everything he can to travel to you… busy or not. I do hope you figure it out honey. Please stay safe!

  3. Yes, I do have an amazing man in my life who is always on my mind. Never thought I would fall for a Virgo but this Pisces is head over heels for him. Right now it’s a long distance relationship (he’s in Texas and I’m in CA) but we plan to remedy that this year. Trust me, neither of us can wait!!

    1. Hi Deborah!

      Virgo man is easy to fall in love with. He’s a dream partner. Take your time and enjoy the process with him. He loves taking it slow and getting to know you fully. If you’d like to know more, you should check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets! It may benefit you in the long run. I wish you all the very best!

  4. I am Grateful for your work.

    You gave me hope last year wen I felt lonely and insecure about my relationship with my husband.

    I am an Aquarius married a Picis, and your work has taught me about how does his mind work and why I feel apart from him some times.
    I hope we have a wonderful marriage, better than the last 15 years.
    Thank you very much for everything and I hope you have a wonderful 2022 too.

    1. Hi Nelly!

      I’m grateful for you and your feedback. I am VERY happy to hear that you’ve been working on it with your Aquarius man. How wonderful! If you ever want more useful tips on the Aquarius man, check out my guides on Aquarius Man Secrets. It could give you more information that you find helpful going forward. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  5. Happy New Year🎉 I’ve been a widow it will be 16 years. There is truly someone and I have my heart set for we probably would have been more advanced with one another because of people’s jealousy and people’s lies they’re jealous of both of us because we are both sincere people and it hurt our friendship and I’m praying that we could somehow reach back to each other. He’s also a Pisces we are seven days a part. He wants told someone that he could feel me and his spirit and I also feel him at times but because of negativity being told to him about me and pushed him away my heart hurts so bad because of people’s jealousy I haven’t seen him in a while. But on Friday I passed him in traffic and I kept my head straight I didn’t even look at him because I believe the mistake I also made was chasing him in the beginning the past couple years so I felt like I have to act like he’s not there and maybe he will somehow I feel and find out the truth but I’m a beautiful person I was so attracted to him because he was a gentleman to me I run into him at the store or at the little carryout and you’re always open the door for me and say hello. We have never spent any time together and that is my hope I know that he’s for me because I feel it in the spiritual Ram

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      Reach out to him and say something like “can we start fresh without anyone else’s input?… Just me and you”. That may spring him back into action. Why not go for it. I think that if you two are that good together, I cannot imagine him walking away from you. Give it a try and see what happens. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      Aww Thank you so much sweetheart. I am so happy that this provides you with information you can use. If you ever need anything else, you might try purchasing a consultation with me. I’d love to hear from you and see what is going on. Wishing you all the very best.

  6. Anna

    Just want to say I always look forward to your readings each week. They are helping me be the best version of myself

    1. Hi Kelly!

      How wonderful! Thank you for writing and letting me know that they are helping you. You deserve happiness and my goal is to help you get there where you belong! I’d love to do a consultation for you sometime if you’d be interested. I’ll keep an eye out for you. I wish you nothing but the very best!

  7. Hi Anna.

    Happy New year.

    Thank you for all the emails. I always have them.back in my head every day. I kind of using them as manuals. After I moved out from my passive aggressive narsistic psychopath with PTSD Capricorn 19.august 2021,this have helped me extremely much. From being on the bottom of my life,to pick and build myself up again,I have really got energy from you. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Ellen!

      Happy New Year to you as well (even if it is later). My pleasure helping you sweetheart. I just want you to be as happy as you can be. I am SO glad you were able to get away from a toxic person. You don’t need that in your life. You need healthy love. I wish you all the very best the universe has to offer you.

  8. Anna,

    Blessed for your insight, love and support. Each day is a blessing and with your help, I can look at the positive aspects. I can’t agree more- self love and acceptance are the most important of all.

    Thank you for everything!

    1. Hi Lindsay!

      Blessings to you as well sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoy the tarot scopes. I enjoy writing them for people just like you. I wish you all the very best Lindsay!

  9. Hello Anna,
    You are wonderful!
    I like and I read every day in the morning the horoscope and believing in it.
    Thank you, and I wish for a good year!

    1. Hi Mirela!

      You are wonderful yourself sweetheart! Thank you for writing in and I’m glad that you enjoy reading the tarot scopes. I love writing them for clients just like you. I wish you nothing but the very best!

  10. Hi Anna!
    There is one special man,who I am thinking about a lot. He is Virgo man and I think, I’ll need help to make a real connection between two of us. I know, that he has feelings for me, but I’m not sure how much I can tell him about my feelings, that i don’t scare him away.

    1. Hi Nina!

      Virgo men are wonderful as long as you have patience with them. If you know he has feelings for you then you need to let him know that you also have feelings. They want to know up front and as soon as possible so they can take it from there. It won’t scare him away honey. Give it a try! I wish you all the very best! Oh and you should also try reading my guides on Virgo Man Secrets also as it may reveal more that you find useful.

  11. I l love the readings you do every week . and i take notice of them , Thankyou Anna from the bottom of my heart because they give me hope and understanding about myself and love , This man in my life hoping we can be together ,

    1. Hi Patricia!

      Aww I am so happy you enjoy the readings sweetheart. It’s clients like you that make me so happy to write them. You are so very welcome! Stay tuned as there are more exciting things in the works with the tarot. I wish you all the very best!

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