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Weekly Tarotscope For October 3rd – 9th 

Hello, my loves! Welcome back to your weekly Tarotscope for the week of October 3rd to the 9th. The Astrological weather this week is going to be preeetty eventful. But the last few weeks have been super restorative for most of us, so I’ve got faith that this upcoming week won’t be too draining.

Some signs may experience spiritual transformation on a grand scale. 

Mercury first opposes Neptune this week, which can cause Neptune and Mercury to struggle in reconciling their opposite demeanors. The attention to detail of Mercury can drive us crazy when Neptune enhances our sensitivity to minute details.

Your ability to understand and draw conclusions about the world around you may be clouded and vague. This means that you can get taken advantage of if you’re not paying attention. However, this transit also adds a hypersensitivity to the emotions of others, allowing you to strengthen bonds through your willingness to comfort others. 

Mercury then forms a trine to Pluto in earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. This is an intensely stimulating alignment that lights your senses on fire. You’re able to perceive the hidden side of the situations that present themselves to you. Your capacity for insight and mentally transformative experiences will be expanded. 

Finally, Mars forms a square to Neptune this week, potentially obscuring access to our instincts when needed. Or perhaps your instincts are strong but you’re unsure what direction they are coming from, so you scatter your energy needlessly. 

This transit can fuel paranoia in those that have already been given reason to be suspicious. In an effort to find stability in knowing, we can point aimlessly at innocuous things, seeing them as confirmation of our fears. 

Instead of falling through that trap, consider simply asking the individual face to face. This will either confirm or contradict your suspicions. Neptune’s energy at its most useful represents faith in self and others. So, deciding to trust the answer you’re given completely without question is the key to finding peace.

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Weekly Tarotscope for Aries: Seven of Swords

Aries, the last couple of weeks have shown us your spark and your first steps in following it. I know you’re independent, dear Aries, but it’s time to choose collaboration and reconsideration. 

Perhaps last week you rushed far enough to realize that you need additional tools to get where you’re going. You’re at a point where you’re ‘making it up as you go along.’ This works with some things, but with other topics, you’ll want to get some real help. 

You’ll miss valuable steps if you take a cue from the least common denominator of where you want to be. Take inspiration from those who are living the way you want to live, and not the way you’ve been told you ought to live. 

This card indicates that you’re not integrating all the information but you’re still moving forward. Going very fast without integrating all factors around you into your direction can have you zooming right past where you were supposed to take a turn. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Taurus: Queen of Swords

Taurus, last week you were riding the wave with the King of Cups, but this week, the Queen of Swords wants you to stand at attention. The figure on the card last week had closed eyes, but this week we’re seeing the eyes of the Queen as well as a pair of huge eyes in the sky behind her. 

Whereas last week it was possible to stay in the realm of feel-good indulgence in love and comfort, this week is asking you to wake up. The sword that the Queen holds stands at attention. 

You could be seeing only that which poisons your experience of the world if you lean into the Mercury opposite Neptune energy. But Neptune’s energy is dreamlike and Mercury’s is very much in the now. 

Reconciling a desire to remain uninformed clouds your senses this week. There is something you really need to see right now. It could get ugly, but if you close your eyes to that which disturbs you, you’ll be unprepared to defend yourself.


Weekly Tarotscope for Gemini: Three of Swords

Sweet Gemini, your planetary ruler (Mercury) in opposition to Neptune could do a number on your emotional state this week. The Three of Swords represents heartbreak and sadness. 

The Hermit card from last week brought you into the wilds of your soul. This week the space and silence of your time alone led you to realize how you are or have been a victim in your life. 

You could feel immobilized as Neptune’s melancholy and diffused influence restricts access to some internal resources to lean on. You may see no solutions to this and no end to this pain. 

You must fully understand and integrate the feelings that you’re presented with now. This means you must feel all the nooks and crannies of this energy that you’ve found yourself in. Allow yourself to perceive how big the hole that has been left in your heart is. 

A trine to Mercury from Pluto can assist you in the healing process. To heal, you must clean out the infection first. Pluto brings a sense of cleanliness to the wound. It’s not healed, but it’s never been in a better position to begin patching itself up. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Cancer: King of Pentacles

My sweet Cancer doll, you were the Star for the last two weeks. The girl on The Star card pictures a woman who absentmindedly watered the plants around her while returning some water to the body she got it from. This week’s card pictures a man who sits in a lush garden with his eyes closed in peace. 

The space and refreshment that you’ve allowed yourself recently have been manifesting in the world around you. You’ve carved out a space for yourself where you’re secure and safe while your blessings continue to grow. 

The figure on the King of Pentacles holds a flower wand and balances a pentacle as it hovers above his fingers on his right hand. A cow image is placed on his chest. This is a representation of how matters of the spirit (Wand, Star on pentacle) manifest in the world around us. 

You’ve been using your internal resources well, and now you’re reaping the benefits. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Leo: Queen of Pentacles

The World card last week brought you to a place of true neutrality after a setback. This week, you’re able to once again feel gratitude for life in general.

On my card, the Queen of Pentacles gently cradles her pentacle while petting a sleeping cow to her left. Her left hand on the cow indicates that fertility and abundance can’t help be rest by her side. 

Her right hand holding a symbol of spirit and magic (the pentacle) indicates that she’s created this life by incorporating magic and spirit into her daily life. 

The wisdom and awareness of The World card indicate that this week you know about the abundance and delight that surrounds you. 

The figure on the Queen of Pentacles has a soft smile and closed eyes on the card. She doesn’t need proof of the blessings that surround her. She simply knows they are. Know that blessings are already in your life and then, all of a sudden, they’ll become obvious to you.

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Weekly Tarotscope for Virgo: Four of Swords

Virgo, last week you were asked to find a truth of some kind. The truth is sharp and emotionless. The way that you found out may have deeply hurt you. In choosing to understand and be fair to yourself, perhaps you depleted yourself. 

The Universe respects your pursuit of truth, which is why you’re being directed to rest. You can do the work of integrating the changes brought by the cut of Justice’s knife, but not today. Allow yourself to heal from the wounds that clarity allowed you to finally see with the Justice card. 

You will have to continue to address questions that come from your newfound knowledge. But integrating information can only happen properly after deep rest. So, allow yourself the time to integrate and understand the potentially hurtful truth that you’ve determined.


Weekly Tarotscope for Libra: The Hierophant

Libra, last week, the Four of Swords represented a need or desire to rest and wait. This week, what you’ve been waiting for will reveal itself to you, as the Hierophant appears within your life. 

You need to take a rest as indicated last week could be because being stuck in the gravity of the world you can see and touch is draining after a while. We have to incorporate energy from something bigger than ourselves. 

On my card, the hierophant appears as a floating figure that extends from ground level, over the trees, and above the sky to a spirit realm. On the hill in front of him, two people look up at him in awe. They appear to be monks, who perhaps just finished a session of deep meditation. 

In connecting with the world as it is now (like in meditation) and accepting it as is, you can fully see past the mundanity around you right to where the Universe leaves its marks. 

Look beyond the everyday world. Don’t look for anything – just be willing to see beyond it in general. This allows you to see the glory that dwells there as it enters your line of vision. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Scorpio: Nine of Cups

Scorpio, last week, you had to make a tough decision that perhaps forced you to cut something off or leave it behind you for good. This week, appreciate what you’ve been able to keep for yourself. 

The figure on the card has nine chalices suspended above and below them. This person wades further and further out into deeper water and the direction of the Sun. The colors are warm and orange on this card, but it’s apparent that it’s not a dry area. The person on the card is allowed to bask in the Sun while also immersing themselves deeper in the water. 

No sacrifices must be made this week. Enjoy what it is that you do have. The cold and distance of last week have you searching deeper and deeper within others and yourself for something meaningful. You have your cups facing up in preparation for more blessings, but you’re also taking advantage of the many resources and comforts around you. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Sagittarius: The Chariot

Sagittarius, what an excellent card for someone of your adventurous disposition. The Chariot driver on my card has closed eyes but a firm grip on the reins. The reins are wrapped around two lions, a white and a black one and they straddle a crack in the ground. 

The Chariot driver has allowed two very different sides of himself to have equal say in the direction that he’s going. He’s going on blind faith. But his lions look as though they may each step into the crack between them. 

Are you allowing the right values to rule your life? If you’re leaving others in favor of following your intuition, who are you looking for?

A veil was pulled between yourself and reality as you hung in contemplation. This week, you’re making movement, hopefully, based on discoveries about how to connect with your highest potential self. Is it possible that your highest self lies within the crack in the Earth you’re straddling? Or is it in learning balance by maintaining careful control of yourself around the hazard? There is no right answer, only the one you choose.


Weekly Tarotscope for Capricorn: Four of Pentacles 

Capricorn, just because you see a lack that leads others to failure does not mean you’ll fall into the same trap. You have trained your mind to see lack when, in reality, you’re surrounded by abundance. 

You could be clutching onto what makes your life comfortable at this time. You’re covering your weak spots to avoid being taken advantage of. If you’re truly being taken advantage of, then this is savvy of you. But if Mercury’s opposition to Neptune has simply stirred the pot within your mind, then you’re wasting time and energy.

Just because you feel threatened does not mean there is a threat. The person clutching their worldly possessions on my card looks back with contempt at a dead tree in a field. Perhaps taking this as a sign that there were not enough water or resources to go around, this figure holds his possessions tightly. What he isn’t seeing is the cloudy sky behind him and the lush greenery under his feet. 

It could be that you’re not interpreting the world in an accurate way. Fear and scarcity cloud your perception, perhaps. There is water all around you, and plenty to go around. Look for reasons to relax instead of reasons to hoard. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Aquarius: The Hermit

Last week you initiated a journey, propelled forward by inner drive. The Hermit’s energy this week indicates that your passion and lust for life last week have led you to a quiet space where no one else is. 

This path isn’t for someone looking for the same-old-same old. But you were never meant for that and you know it, Aquarius. The Hermit is still on the path, but he pauses in his journey to consider past and future hardships. This is not a discouraging look per se, more like a sober moment of union with reality as it is, was, and will be. 

This week, Aquarius, you see how alone you are on the path you’ve begun down. But alone isn’t bad in this case. Consider who we’re talking about. A self-identified Hermit would probably revel when they’re alone. 

The card that I have features the Hermit standing still on a long path, looking backward at how far they’ve come. The fact that they are on a path at all indicates that the Hermit could return if they wanted. You’re not doomed to long periods of loneliness. But you’ll have a lot more to offer upon your return if you give yourself time to blossom in a more open space. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Pisces: Page of Swords

Pisces, the Page of Swords is calling for you to gain some perspective. You’re meant to zoom out and take a wide approach when perceiving and interpreting the world around you this week. 

Perhaps the loss represented by the Death card last week has you maintaining distance from others and yourself. If you don’t examine or acknowledge yourself or others then it won’t matter to you when they ‘die’ (used figuratively here to indicate when they leave your life or your perception of them is called into question).

It’s okay to lean into your survival mode at this time. You’ve seen what a lack of diligence can do, and so now perhaps you’re separating yourself from the people and things around you. Sometimes you need some distance while your subconscious mind processes a loss.

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Wrapping Up

This week forced some pretty crazy energy to come forward, and in the cards this week, I feel as though I’ve seen some signs benefiting from good seeds that have been sown in the past which have prepared them for this. Other signs I see are acting out coping mechanisms in response to the energy the planets have brought this week. 

A few signs are showing interesting story arcs that I can’t wait to see more of next week. I’m grateful for the readers who trust me to provide for their spiritual needs. 

Perhaps the lack of Venus aspects this week has you thinking that there’s nothing to report on in regard to romance. 

Think again!

I have a reading for you to receive to reveal the truths about your love life. Whether you’re wondering who your lover is, if they’re being loyal, or what needs to happen before you meet your Soulmate, this reading can address it. 

I’m so excited to see you next week, but until then, trust in the Universe, my dears. 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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