Weekly Tarotscope For October 10th – 16th

Hey there darlings, welcome back to the Weekly Tarotscope for October 10th through the 16th. Such intense transits definitely translated into the cards this week! I could barely contain what they had to say to some of the signs. 

Mercury’s movement into Libra can have us collectively seeking mental stability and balance. It’s time to internally recalibrate as the sign of the scales balances out our headspace. Libra is also a sign of marriage and partnerships, so keep an eye on the people who stimulate you mentally. If you’re not already partnered up, then they could indicate your ideal mate.

Mars in a tense square to Neptune can trigger some inner rage and suppressed emotions for some signs. I saw this in some of the signs with Cups energy this week. You can lean into the calming effect of water instead of focusing on the raging seas around you. But sometimes seasickness is required, and we just must let go of what we’re trying to hold back. 

The Sun trine Saturn solidifies our best qualities into our personality. Whatever you’d like to portray and embody long-term is exactly the role you should ease into this week. 

Mercury opposite Jupiter brings an optimistic attitude but with potential frustration. Skimming over details is a risk during this transit, so double-check your work. There can be a tendency to rest on our laurels under this energy, but Saturn’s influence may ask you to put your best foot forward. 

Venus trine Saturn has the capability of solidifying and crystalizing relationships that are meant to be. This transit is a celebratory time for long-term couples! This is also a good time to practice authority and autonomy to great effect with those you love. 

But how does the tarot play into all of this? You’ll get a take-home message about how the Universe needs you to approach the issues as they arise! Check out your Sun or Rising sign’s message below to navigate the upcoming energies of the week.

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Tarotscope for Aries – Eight of Cups

It’s hard when you put in a lot of effort going in one direction just to find out that you really ought to have double-checked. You’re realizing that your efforts aren’t best used in the direction you’re going. Rather, you’ll have to cut your losses and double back. 

You may be emotionally invested in a project but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good investment of your resources. You may find that all the love and care that you put into someone or something is just not paying off. 

You charged forward during Mercury Retrograde, experiencing boundless energy and a desire to do something with it. But perhaps this week is best used to get back to your roots and reevaluate what you desire from a grounded position with the help of Venus trine Saturn. 


Tarotscope for Taurus – Five of Cups 

Taurus, this card typically represents sadness and loss of some kind. The traditional card features a figure facing three cups that have been tipped over. There are two standing cups behind the individual. In the background is a river with a house on the other side. 

This card is a card of loss and hurt, potentially from excessive defensiveness associated with Mars square Neptune. You’re looking at your losses with such grief that your back is turned to what actually is going right around you. 

Taurus, lean into the trine from Venus to Saturn. Make yourself responsible for your own happiness by seeing the beauty that is all around you while slowly letting go of what was upsetting you. 


Tarotscope for Gemini – Six of Wands

Gemini, the Six of Wands symbolizes victory and adoration. You’re seen as a potential hero as you ride through the crown on your steed. The question is, are you coming home, or leaving on a new journey? The answer to this switches the context drastically. 

Considering the trine from Venus to Saturn, I wonder if you’re being celebrated for your contributions. Your energy and engagement in life pleasantly entangle everyone in your path. You’ve been impressing others with your current projects and life direction. 

This is a time to culminate skills and friends to assist you as you reach the passions of your ultimate goal. You’ll thank yourself later for taking advantage of others’ willingness to help you out and ensure further victories. 


Tarotscope for Cancer – Death 

Cancer, what in your life needs to be let go of? With Venus in a trine to Saturn in your house of figurative ‘death,’ I expect that an old label you once had is falling away. Many of my clients believe that Death is a bad card, and I’ll admit, this is a potentially uncomfortable experience. But I urge my readers to see this card as a gift. 

The figure on my card is a skeleton holding a scythe, but the blade is pointing the wrong way, towards himself. The figure is on a horse, and they gallop into (or out of) the water. A Sun is either rising or setting in the background. 

The Death card’s imagery tells me that you’re being asked to merge part of yourself with another person, perhaps in a romantic way. This soul merging can signify the death of your previous relationship’s labels or rules. 


Tarotscope for Leo – Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups arises when you’re surrounded by options! Your mind is taking in all possible routes at this time, but you may be hanging in suspense. 

Are you paralyzed by the choices at hand? Are you letting opportunities pass you by because you’re not just putting your foot down and deciding to pursue them? 

This period of abundance can fool you into thinking that all options are always available – sometimes they’re not. I encourage you to narrow your options and then make a plan of action. 


Tarotscope for Virgo – Five of Swords

You’re torn this week, Virgo. This isn’t surprising with your planetary ruler opposing Jupiter. This triggers an intense and honest look at your insecurities. Your mind feels secure but feels threatened by the hidden emotions that boil under the surface. 

My Five of Swords card features Saturn prominently in between two parties separated by vertical space. This indicates some sort of boundary in your mind (since Swords represent thought). Do you keep walls up around challenging internal experiences?

While it serves its purpose, it might unintentionally threaten relationships that trigger your hidden emotions. You must decide if your sense of security or your sense of potential with your partner or those closest to you is a bigger priority. 


Tarotscope for Libra – Five of Wands

The Five of Wands is a transitional card where some of the most chaotic aspects of the Wands suit come into play. This makes total sense considering the mixed planetary energies within your own sign this week! Mercury entering the picture this week further stirs the pot. 

Last week’s Hierophant energy seems to have broken up into a more barbaric display. Venus and the Sun may feel out of balance with Mercury’s less heartfelt and more critical approach. 

Libra, you desire peace and harmony over almost anything else, but within yourself, a battle may rage this week while you adjust to a major shift that has kicked up some internal dust that you’ll have to wade through. 


Tarotscope for Scorpio – Queen of Swords

Scorpio Queen, the Queen of Swords card indicates that you’ve had to distance yourself from emotion in some ways recently. There is nothing wrong with this. Your shrewd, cunning side is predominant currently. 

You’ve been made aware of where you need to cut out some connections that have left you bloodied and broken. It’s been made clear to you what isn’t working in your life, that’s for sure. So now you know exactly where to place the first swing of your sword. 

You’ve been taking note of how you’ve been treated by others recently, Scorpio. The Queen of Swords wants you to take a good honest look at those around you and ask yourself if they deserve to make the cut. 


Tarotscope for Sagittarius – Six of Cups

Sagittarius, you’re future-minded, always looking forward to the blessings that are arriving. Your faith in a great future can sometimes distract you from how this moment is pretty amazing too. The Six of Cups asks you to remember what brought you the good things that surround you right now. 

The Six of Cups signals contemplation and a reconnection to the basic facts of life. Reality exists in the now, and the ideal future you longed for last week or last year might be happening now too. It’s hard to recognize that possibility when the current you can see so much room for improvement. 

You and your partner should take a trip down memory lane together this week. Reminiscing about the origins of your love and reconnecting to those feelings will reinforce your relationship with one another. 


Tarotscope for Capricorn – The Emperor

What an appropriate card for you this week, dear Capricorn. As your planetary ruler forms beneficial trines to the Sun (featured prominently on my version of ‘The Emperor’) and Venus. Though the image of the Emperor looks scary and stern, on my version of the card he shields a lamb on his lap with his left hand. 

This demonstrates exactly how others are perceiving you this week, Capricorn. You have your sh*t together and others are taking note. But even though you’re obviously the king of the hill with all of the opportunities in the world open to you, you haven’t lost touch with your soft side either. 

Your potential to show your strength and toughness is countered by your obviously well-meaning and ethical side. You know just when to use strength and how much. This is exactly why people are drawn to your confident aura. 


Tarotscope for Aquarius – Queen of Pentacles

Last week your experience was represented by the Hermit, and I’m enjoying the way you’re progressing out of Hermit mode. 

My version of the Queen of Pentacles is out in the woods, with no one else in sight except for a very comfy-looking cow that snuggles up to the Queen. The Queen smiles and is overwhelmed with love for her companion. 

Relationships can look and feel like all kinds of things, Aquarius. The Saturn trine to Venus can represent finding a unique brand of love that does not appeal to most but works perfectly for you and your partner. 

Relationships that provide happiness and harm none are good to go. Always lean into what brings you joy over what makes you feel alone. 


Tarotscope for Pisces – Page of Swords 

Pisces, the Page of Swords indicates a lot of ideas since Swords represent fast-moving action. Your thoughts are going a million miles an hour, but this doesn’t mean much if you’re not translating this into action. 

The Page of Swords can get too caught up in the planning stage and end up stagnant, despite a lot of really great ideas. He really represents the Pisces’ mutable energy. 

This is a good time to lean on your laurels as you’re overwhelmed by thoughts and anxieties. The Page requires a cloudless sky to come to a clear understanding, which is why I advise taking some time to let your mental dust settle before pursuing a certain direction.

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Wrapping Up

Every week I try to share the love I feel in my heart for you all. It’s your love of my writing that brings me back time and time again.

Knowing I’m helping make some sort of difference in your world makes me radiate with the very best of energy. I thank you so very much!

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