Weekly Tarotscope For November 28th – December 4th 

Hello, my darling readers, welcome back to the weekly Tarotscope, this time from November 28th – December 4th. Don’t expect any sign changes this week, but we do have a notable change in direction for one planet.

Jupiter is finally in forward motion and this is the first full week of direct movement after being in Retrograde for months. If blessings and ease have felt somewhat stunted or if you have felt that it’s difficult to express your more philosophical side, this could be the cure.

Mars continues a trine to Saturn for the entire week, blessing us with the best possible manifestations of these two (sometimes) difficult planets. It’s easier to do the right thing and to be responsible and brave. 

Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn, which presents opportunities to become an ‘authority’ on certain subjects. You may find yourself in situations that call on you to speak carefully or less in general. The sextile allows you to recognize these scenarios to take advantage of the intel. 

Mercury (can you believe all the action this planet is getting?) is in a square to Neptune, which can muddy your mental waters. Neptune is a planet of dissolution and cloudiness. It amplifies feelings of confusion but also empathy. Mercury is a precise planet that doesn’t like vague concepts usually. 

This combination can create a mental fog that you attempt to overcome. It can also cloud your judgments somewhat, so double-check before making big moves. 

Venus and Mercury oppose Mars this week, which can be a mix of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ outcomes, depending on where this aspect lands in your own chart. 

Oppositions force an interaction from you; in this case, it could be involving your loved one or partner. It could be feeling so passionate about them that you feel you must express it and let them know and act on it with them. It can also look like a buildup of frustration with them that also demands to be addressed. 

Venus in a sextile to Saturn could be the remedy for any explosive engagements between you and another this week. This alignment assists you in eliminating unhelpful relationships that don’t support your growth. 

Venus in a square to Neptune can create a victim narrative within partnerships and relationships. Monetarily it can mean a loss of funds for some reason. The best way to prepare for this alignment is to keep your eyes peeled for any potential pitfalls, but without becoming paranoid. Striking a balance is required here.

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Weekly Tarotscope for Aries: The Tower

Aries, the Tower is a card that is rarely welcome to those that know anything about Tarot. The Tower represents a downfall of some kind. This card will absolutely rock the foundation of your life. But there is a productive reason for it: to see what remains standing after the earthquake. 

This feels like tearing off a bandage you didn’t even know you had on. As such, you’re shocked and are acutely aware of the absence of something that made you comfortable. The Tower indicates that you didn’t actually need the things that crumbled, no matter how nice they felt to have around. 

My advice is to process the issues as they come. What comes after the Tower is the Star, a card of rejuvenation. It shouldn’t be long before you accept the inevitable and choose peace instead of resistance, which allows new joy to spring forth. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Taurus: Nine of Swords

Taurus, the Nine of Swords symbolizes a period of potential stress and worry. With Venus’ (your planetary ruler) aspects to some stern planets this week, this doesn’t surprise me. This card pictures a person in bed at night, weeping; nine swords hang on the stone wall beside them). This is a card that brings awareness to layers of guilt that have been repressed. 

The main focus this week should be to acknowledge where you’ve gone wrong but don’t hold yourself hostage over things that are long gone. You’re not the person you were five minutes ago, let alone when those things happened. Your evolution has made you someone new, but you’ll only enjoy yourself as a new you when you let go of your past circumstances and decide to let yourself off the hook. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Gemini: Queen of Wands

Gemini, last week you received the Two of Wands and keeping in the theme of fire, initiation, and spirit that is represented by the suit, you’ve received the Queen of Wands. This is a fortunate card since it represents stepping into your feminine power while also embracing your assertive energy. 

On my card, the Queen is covered in symbols of fire but a Moon (representing water) hangs behind her. This is telling me that the reason that this fiery femme is so confident and why she takes initiative without fear of failure is because she acknowledges and works with her emotions. She is powerful, but she would never ignore her vulnerable side. 

This card tells me that you’re becoming someone who expertly represents duality, just like your sign represents. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the apparent ‘opposites’ within you. You must exist in a state of flow!


Weekly Tarotscope for Cancer: Justice

Cancer, the Justice card is neither good nor bad, but it’s always fair. This card signals that you should be looking at your life to act in accordance with what brings you to ‘center.’ This can mean cutting out something (Justice is pictured with a huge sword, which is double-sided, and always lands where it is meant for) or adding something to your life to reach a balanced state. 

Justice is a card of Karma, and the three planets in Sagittarius currently rest in your house of Karma. Karma is also neither good nor bad. It is 100% fair. The benefit of Sagittarius in the house of Karma for you is that you can assimilate and extrapolate the greater meaning behind Justice’s verdict. It’s time to look inward and align your words, actions, and beliefs. Anything inauthentic will be brought to the scales of Justice. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Leo: The Sun

Wow, Leo. I’m floored by this draw because the Sun is the card that represents your planetary ruler. It’s highly associated with your sign, as a result. Not only that, but the Sun in your chart is in the house of creativity, children, entertainment, romance, and celebration. You’re absolutely in your element, and the Sun feels like it’s shining on your life. 

This is a time when you could be EXTRA fertile. The Sun, Leo, and the fifth house have strong associations with birth and children. If you’ve been trying for a baby then this could signify a lucky period indeed. 

The most important thing for you to do right now is to express yourself. I don’t mean small talk or vapid internet interactions. I mean create the life you want. Pursue your joy. Bring your desires to life. That’s the vibe this week, Leo dear. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Virgo: Page of Cups

Virgo, I love to see that you’re embracing your emotions after a tough period a couple of weeks ago. The rejuvenating energy of the Star last week seems to have imbued you with new emotional vigor. The Page of Cups combines the elements of air and water. You are able to be dynamic and mobile while still acknowledging your emotional needs. 

You know better now what your emotional needs entail, and now you are embracing the idea that someone actually can understand these needs. Emotional growth in the last couple of weeks has allowed you to envision happiness even after the storm. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Libra: Ace of Pentacles 

Libra, last week your card was the energized and hopeful Ace of Wands. That pioneering spirit and capability seem to have manifested positively this week, as the Ace of Pentacles is one of the strongest cards of manifestation in the Tarot. If you haven’t been receiving signs that what you desire is on its way, then I bet you’ll begin this week. 

Also, consider that manifestation as a practice is about mirroring your inner world to your desired world. You have created an internal energy of confidence and faith. Your connection to a power outside of yourself is strong, and so as a result you can expect changes in your physical reality based on your passions and strongest emotions.  


Weekly Tarotscope for Scorpio: Ace of Cups

Scorpio, the Ace of Cups tells me that you’re being truer to yourself, which always makes me happy. You’re listening to that inner drive. You’re opening your heart up to receive love and emotional fulfillment! 

You have a tendency to close yourself off to experiences in intimacy with others due to fear of exposing your vulnerability. This week you’re learning to rush forward with an open mind and your heart on your sleeve. Maybe you’ll get hurt, but you know what? At least you’re experiencing life as it was meant rather than slipping into patterns of suspicion. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Sagittarius: Queen of Pentacles

Sagittarius, Venus in your own sign seems to be influencing your view of the material world. You may have considered physical objects just accessories for your spiritual life, but now you may realize that spirituality and the physical world are tightly intertwined. 

As a result, you’re manifesting like crazy. Your connection to Spirit is what makes your physical life so fertile and rich. You may welcome new ideas to make money, build a nest egg, or make improvements in your home or family. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Capricorn: Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles can signify having built up a safety net. You have put in the work, and you have done what others wouldn’t in order to get to the point of security that you’re currently at. But despite this, you might not be feeling all that secure despite what you’ve built up around you. 

This card signifies insecurity that lingers from a time when all of your needs were not met. You’re hiding yourself from the world and using the quest for security as your crutch from engaging in other ways with the world around you. Consider this as this week rolls through and triggers various fears surrounding your internal world. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Aquarius: Four of Wands 

Aquarius, the Four of Wands symbolizes an influx of joy, partying, celebration, and appreciation for all of your blessings in life. This is unsurprising to me because of all of the planets in your house of blessings and receiving appreciation. It’s a period to show yourself some love, especially as Venus forms an opposition to Mars in your house of romance. 

Perhaps all of your inner and outer work is paying off in the type of person you’re attracting. Finally, someone interesting who sees what a catch you are. The involvement of Mercury in this opposition adds a meeting of the minds that really emphasizes your natural intelligence and drive. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Pisces: Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands pops up after a period of good fortune. Perhaps you’ve been flexing your inner peace and joy so openly that others are beginning to wonder if this Zen and sweet persona is real. As a Pisces, you may feel easily injured by these faulty assumptions by others. 

The influx of planets into your house of notoriety, legacy, and life direction is ultimately the source of the judgmental eyes on you. What I recommend is to simply move forward in your most true-to-you way. Don’t amend your behavior for others. If they can’t handle the power you’re stepping into, then that’s on them. 

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Wrapping Up

This week is a whirlwind of energy as Mars forms oppositions and Neptune stirs some obscurity and confusion into the pot. 

Thankfully, Sagittarian energy generally handles things with grace and optimism. 

You can embrace the incredible benefits of Sagittarian energy by being open to new experiences and being willing to see beyond what your physical eyes can see and into the world of possibility.

With all of that said, Sagittarius isn’t a very ‘romantic’ sign. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you aren’t receiving romantic energies from different sources. 

When my readers ask about the romantic potential ahead of them and what the Tarot says about it, I’ve got a truly impressive spread that my readers rave about that details the love potential upcoming for you. 

Check it out right here to know more about romance specifically in your life in the near future with my friend’s free three-card Tarot draw. 

I can’t wait to see you all here next week to go over some of the energies as December comes through. 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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