Weekly Tarotscope for May 8th – 14th

Dear Sweethearts,

I am thrilled to welcome you to this week’s tarot love readings! As we enter the second week of May, the energy is electric and ripe for transformation in matters of the heart. With a mix of intense emotions and strong desires, we can expect some exciting developments in our love lives.

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Additionally, I encourage you to explore the weekly love horoscope for May 8th to 14th, available on my blog. The horoscope outlines the astrological transits of the week and gives us a sense of the overall mood and energy that will be present in our love lives. It’s a great resource for understanding the influences at play and making the most of the opportunities that arise.

Now, let’s turn to the tarot cards and see what they have in store for us this week. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of your heart? Let’s begin!

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Aries – Page of Pentacles

This is actually a fabulous time to write a love diary and put in your hopes, dreams and aspirations when it comes to either dating or relationship goals. Written goals have an amazing way of focusing our attention, and this can transform ideals into realities. So, sometimes when you have a clear strategy and you write it down, it manifests.

It’s very important to be positive, whether you’re looking for love or in a relationship that you hope will improve or grow stronger, as that can definitely happen as long as you have a clear idea of what the ideal will look like. Often in life, we feel dissatisfied, but it’s very hard to improve things when we haven’t clarified the source of our dissatisfaction.

So it’s time to look at what’s wrong with your relationship or your previous relationships and then develop a clear strategy to avoid those same hurdles and to move forward using mindfulness and meditation.

Taurus – Ace of Cups

Thoughtfulness is the magic ingredient in love this month. With the Ace of Cups, it’s all about being subtle; it’s having a little bit of mystery in the relationship and doing things that are quite intangible yet which show your love. So key examples of this could be: a little bit of extra compassion, going out of your way to do something that you wouldn’t normally do, or just being an extra good listener. This is what really counts, and it’s what can improve and deepen a new relationship, or it could be make-or-break for an existing relationship in order to take it to a new level or to turn it around.

It’s also about being very aware of the subconscious signals you send or emit. Very often, if you have a negative thought or an angry thought about your partner, even if you bite your lip and say nothing, your body language or your demeanor can emit a certain vibe that you don’t realize, and your partner can indeed pick it up.

So sometimes, just thinking more positively about your partner and dealing with your anger in a productive way can help improve the relationship because you can avoid emitting negative vibes, and this is quite powerful. It’s a simple tool to improve relationships, but very effective.

Gemini – Seven of Swords

The theme of this particular card is secrets and lies, there are times in all relationships when we fall into the trap of deception or telling white lies, and these inevitably come out. However, it’s essential for Aquarians to remember that we are all sinners and no one is perfect, so it’s essential to keep things in context and instead take a broad view of someone’s character and not to judge them on one lapse in their judgment, as long as it’s only one.

During this month, it’s important to give people second chances, but these shouldn’t be five or six chances; there is a lot of wisdom in saying ‘leopards don’t change their spots’, so if you are dating someone who’s a bit of a leopard, time to walk away.

In both new and existing relationships, you tend to be a little bit evasive this week. You don’t particularly want to be put on the spot; if you are dating, you may take a rain check on a date and prefer to spend time with some friends or even by yourself.

In marriage, you’ll definitely want to put important conversations on hold, don’t feel guilty; there are times when we want to hide from things rather than face them head-on, and so this is totally normal, and others should understand that.

Cancer – Chariot

Yet again in a reading for Cancer, we have a card signifying strength. So once more, your power in relationships stems from your ability to stay self-controlled, project strength and project power. So once again, it’s important for you to take the lead in important matters in love, don’t take a back seat, don’t be passive, and use this time and your willpower to do things that can positively influence the relationship and its direction.

Right now, it’s important to be stoic and resourceful when it comes to your relationships. The issues and problems that you face are not necessarily easy or simple; however, with a little bit of courage and optimism, they can easily be resolved. It’s all about attitude, so right now, your attitude is everything, don’t shy away from challenges, face them head-on, and you will receive inspiration and be able to turn negatives into positives.

In terms of the single life, use your charisma to make an impression on a new guy.

Leo – Seven of Wands

This card indicates that there might be some competitiveness in a relationship. If you are dating, you may be competing for a guy with another woman who is vying for his attention, or alternatively, if you are married, you may feel that someone is flirting with your man and that you have a little bit of competition.

This can sometimes be healthy for the relationship, it’s important to maintain an even keel and not be driven into jealousy, but it can be a spark you need in order to change your strategy and up your game in love in order to keep the competition at bay.

What this card is telling us is that we should never be complacent in love, we have to keep working hard at relationships, and that means we must work hard at communication, affection and understanding because we let ourselves down if we slip up and take things for granted. Don’t consider your relationship a fait accompli, rather than an unfolding story.

In some relationships, there can be a little bit of animosity because you are competing with your partner in terms of competing for your children’s attention or maybe to do with each other’s career success, so make sure that this competitiveness doesn’t ruin the passion.

Virgo – Four of Pentacles

This is a good card for success in the material world, and many of your projects should now be nearing a successful and financially rewarding conclusion. There may be good news in the pipeline about money, and that can help your relationship and encourage you to make decisions with your partner that involve investing for your future.

No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re more likely to be able to appreciate what you have and feel satisfied and fulfilled. However, it’s very important not to settle; you should remain quite positive about searching for new opportunities, as this is not a time when you should rest on your laurels, even though there is the temptation to do so.

This is definitely a week to examine the true nature of your relationship with your partner; often, a focus on the financial side or on material things could mean that your relationship is not particularly satisfying and you’re looking for other things to fill the gap.

So right now, you have an opportunity to reconnect with your partner in more meaningful ways or alternatively change the way you go about dating so that you meet someone who can fulfil you on an emotional and spiritual level.

Libra – Death

Now while it sounds rather frightening to receive the Death Card, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. What it actually means is that it’s a time for some purging, letting go and cutting something out of your life. So the death card is actually a very positive prompt to move into new territory and to get rid of anything that you feel is holding yourself back.

So this is an ideal time to cut ties with a previous partner who could be bothering you or for whom you still have some feelings that are unresolved. So this is an excellent time to achieve closure on a relationship and to maybe do a little bit of a social media purge to make sure that certain people from your past or past relationships are no longer impacting your daily news feed and thus your mood.

The other major message of this card is to have no fear. Fear can be a huge stumbling block; sometimes, it’s rational, but most of the time it’s either irrational or blown out of proportion.

So improving your marriage, your relationship, or your dating prospects is all about embracing an extremely positive and hopeful frame of mind and letting go of the negative, draining energy of fear. Most of what we fear never even happens, so don’t worry, and remember that worry solves not today’s problems but it depletes tomorrow of its strength.

Scorpio – Queen of Pentacles

This is a very earthy grounding card. The key in love right now is to use your practical and down-to-earth skills in order to bring security and balance to the family. You are the anchor right now, so it’s important for you to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

You should be a voice of wisdom and also a sensible influence that doesn’t get involved in drama and it’s not overly emotional. Both your partner and other members of the family may need you to be a bit mothering, so this is quite a demanding time in your family and relationships because people need your guidance and your support, and they can sap your energy.

So while this can be a month which helps you to feel really needed and appreciated within the family sphere, it’s also important for you to have downtime and relaxation, because, as I say, it’s demanding and you can end up a little bit depleted and exhausted.

So make sure you get right away from family and your partner and have some fun with people with whom you can let your hair down and don’t have to be in the mother role all the time.

Sagittarius – Nine of Pentacles

You are exuding self-confidence, and you are quite self-assured; however, because you Sagittarius sweethearts are feeling rather self-sufficient and not needy, you may not be as inclined to seek out a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you may want to spend a little bit of time doing things independently. This is a great week to go off by yourself and do something that is immensely satisfying but really personal, something that you don’t necessarily want to share with others.

In terms of your work, it’s an ideal time to strike out alone, start your own business, become self-employed or go freelance because there’s an enormous amount of satisfaction to be gained from solo pursuits. Even if you are in employment, you could get the buzz from doing something yourself or by having a little bit of a side hustle.

During this phase, you can benefit from the increased level of trust that you have worked on with a partner. If you and your partner have excellent communication, you should find it easy to get the space you need. However, if you find that your partner is reticent about you doing your own thing, it is a big indication that there’s something lacking in terms of trust and communication, so it’s a good signal in terms of what you can work on in the coming weeks.

Capricorn – Two of Pentacles Reversed

This card indicates that you feel a bit stretched, you have a lot of conflicting priorities and the saying, “You can’t win them all,” definitely comes to mind. So, it’s very important for you to know how to prioritize and to have a clear agenda to stick to.

It’s very important to let everyone know that you are busy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to them eventually or that you don’t care, so get a memo out to your partner, your family, your friends or your children that you totally get it and you’re concerned, but you’re also a little bit inundated. The key to this month is good communication, so even though you can’t be on top of everything and you can’t solve everyone’s problems, you can still communicate with people empathetically.

Given this is a really busy time, it’s important for you not to over-promise or bite off more than you can chew, so when it comes to your partner, yes, you want to spend time together, but you don’t want to arrange anything really demanding on a weekend that’s going to stretch your finances or exhaust you further.

You and your partner should be careful about spending as this could be a week of some significant outgoings.

Aquarius – Three of Pentacles Reversed

This card indicates that while you may not necessarily want to take the advice of your partner, you should take time to listen to it, acknowledge it, and at least appreciate it because this goes a long way to show respect in the relationship.

Aquarians tend to be quite good communicators, but this month communication is really a challenge, so you have to be patient and try to use the various disagreements in your relationships as an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding rather than a bone of contention on irritation.

Teamwork can be a real challenge this week, but if you and your partner can pull together rather than working at cross purposes, it can do an enormous amount to strengthen the relationship, and it may even help you to regain a certain passion. So sometimes, working together at a project, even if it doesn’t feel that natural or it’s a little bit difficult, it can have hidden gems of value that you will uncover as you do it.

Pisces – Four of Swords

During this week, it’s a mixture between work and relaxation. It’s very important to give yourself a chance to recuperate so you don’t need to have your foot on the gas all the time. A little bit of passivity is rather important, so don’t be a workaholic or allow others to put pressure on you. It’s quite okay to have periods where you are inactive and quite receptive to information coming towards you without actively seeking it.

In your relationships, it’s important for you to be a tranquil oasis of calm, and sometimes calm means not giving an opinion, not engaging in debate, and not being forced to make a decision. So the key in your love life is: take yourself out of the ring or out of the battle and be an observer. Put the ball in your partner or boyfriend’s court and relinquish responsibility for the situation.

Very often, there’s more power in what you don’t say, rather what you do say. Thus in all relationships, use this as an a period to watch, observe and get a deeper feel of what’s going on with your partner by observing their reactions, but not by egging any situation on.

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Wrapping Up

My lovely readers, I am so grateful that you took the time to read your weekly tarot. I hope it has some bearing on your current circumstance and can assist you in making better decisions for the coming week. Love is dependably around the bend, remember it!

I am indebted to each and every one of you for having the faith to return to this location repeatedly. I do everything for you! I wish for each of you to share your blessings and talents with the world.

Don’t even think about doubting yourself because you have so much to offer! You have this young lady, your life will go starting with one strength then onto the next.

Please take a look at this entertaining product! A tarot reading using three cards for each and every one of you! Isn’t that incredible? I would be delighted if you looked into it!

If it’s not too much trouble, additionally let me in on what sign you are and what is happening in your life at the present time. I find so much meaning in my life when I hear from you all! Much thanks for your affection and backing, it means everything!

Wishing you so much love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Anna, it was great Taro readings for both me and my partner. Insightful and hopefully this will give us more tools to work in things. Thank you

  2. Hello Anna, once again thanks for your mails.
    You are 💯 right, patience is needed.
    😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  3. Thanks so much for all the readings, I have gained an understanding of my Aquarius partner. He is bad with communication it’s only been a year since I’ve known him. However I’ve learned to be patient with him because I am really in love with him.

    1. Hi Jabulile,
      A woman who comes across as emotional and pours her heart out may unintentionally deter him. He doesn’t like to talk about emotional topics, even when he’s in love. The topics that typically work for breaking the ice during a date may not work so well with an Aquarius man. Even worse, these topics may backfire!
      It’s best to have an idea of the types of things an Aquarius man loves to hear. This way you can keep the conversation exciting and interesting. Aquarius men lose interest easily so keeping their attention engaged is essential.

  4. Hello Anna, I’m not getting your e-mails anymore of the weekly love and tarotscope readings. I would like to get them, but I don’t think I’m not subscribed 🤔

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