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Weekly Tarotscope for March 27th – April 2nd

Hello, Beautiful Souls,

It’s time for our weekly Tarot love readings, where we delve into the mystical messages of the cards. But before we begin, have you had the chance to explore the free three-card Tarot reading that my dear friend Angel Adams has graciously allowed me to share with you all? The remarkable accuracy of these readings has garnered awe-inspiring feedback, so don’t hesitate to uncover what the cards reveal about your love journey.

This week, we’re in for a thrilling ride as the celestial realm showers us with transformative events that deeply impact our lives. Mercury conjunct Jupiter supercharges our ability to communicate, while Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus sets the stage for electrifying romance and unconventional love connections.

As spring unfurls its vibrant tapestry, it breathes new life into our surroundings and our very souls. The blossoming of nature mirrors the awakening of our hearts, inviting us to explore uncharted territories in love and life.

So, get ready for an extraordinary week ahead as we unravel the insights of the Tarot to guide us on our love-filled journey. And always remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most accurate and comprehensive message.

Wishing you all love and light!

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AriesEight of Cups

This tarot card suggests that this April is ripe for renewal or transition, so it’s time to reassess your breaking point or your ambitions for love and relationships because this aspect of life needs focus and direction.

It’s important to shake off old habits, attitudes and preconceptions and get ready for a new paradigm in love and your family life. It’s time to get ready for a new phase of growth, and that means embracing maturity and responsibility.

It’s important not to ‘put up and shut up’ because it’s vital that areas of dissatisfaction are recognized and a concerted attempt is made to address the situation.

It’s important to understand the true purpose in your relationship, but if you can’t fathom whether there is a real purpose to your love union, maybe something vital is missing, and that knowledge can help clarify things for you.

It’s important to forge new directions in your relationship because safe spaces are actually traps.

This week some soul-searching needs to be done.

TaurusThe Magician

This is a complicated but revealing week. The power of your attitudes and thoughts to create positive outcomes and find innovative solutions is key.

Taurus must tap into your full potential right now, no half measures; you must strive to be your very best and not get held back by false paradigms. You need more flexibility in relationships and are very impatient with meaningless routines and restrictions.

This is an excellent time to be persuasive and canny; the best way to achieve your aims in life and get more compromise from your partner is by being strategic and smart. It’s not about aggression or assertiveness; it’s about playing smart.

If you are looking for love, you should take action and engineer circumstances where you are likely to meet someone who’s going to be a partner in your future. Be thoughtful about dating: you don’t go looking for chocolate in a liquor store, right? If you want a certain kind of guy, hang out in places where that sort of man is likely to be.

It is also still important in love to make sure that no deception or illusions are at work, within your own subconscious or your partner’s. Work hard to draw out the truth and repel pretenses.

GeminiKing of Pentacles

This week your track record in love matters, so you are judged on what has gone before. Thus if you have a track record of being really straightforward and honest, your partner will rely on that. Unfortunately, you can also be judged on past mistakes, so that is something to bear in mind.

In the last week of March, teamwork is very important and you and your partner may reach the fulfillment of a certain task, venture or family goal, and it’s time to put up your feet, relax and congratulate yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This may be a week when you invite friends and family around to celebrate a special achievement or accomplishment; there is a sense right now of life being sweet and of good karma coming your way.

If you’re looking for love, a new romance may be evolving really slowly; you may not feel that you’re being swept off your feet exactly, but you should not despair, continue down the path and persist because you are not barking up the wrong tree.

Cancer9 of Cups Reversed

This week you may feel that your expectations are not quite being met in terms of your relationship or romance. You must remember to be patient and tolerant because it’s quite possible that your partner has some other things going on in their life, which is depleting their emotional energy or distracting them. Don’t take your partner’s silence or aloofness personally.

Events this week may also contain the clues that you and your partner have possibly pursued the wrong path and need to get back to the drawing board. It is vital that you don’t flog dead horses, know when you have made a mistake, admit that to each other and to yourself internally, and then work on correcting things.

It could be that your expectations were a little bit unrealistic, and you tried to go too far too soon, or perhaps you were not actually pursuing what was closest to your heart. So now it’s time to set about a new path with your partner, a path that is more authentic and that you can both fully get behind.

In romance, you and a partner may have to have some important conversations just to set the slate clean, and so that you can move forward again. Any disappointments are the result of small mistakes that can be easily corrected as long as you put your ego in your pocket.

LeoPage of Swords Reversed

This month less is more in terms of romantic communication, and you should let your body language and affectionate, thoughtful gestures – like giving each other massages, being more punctual or cooking dinner – do the talking.

This is not necessarily a good month to have conversations or to try and come to final agreement on prevailing situations, because there’s a lot of flux, and you’ve yet to have all the necessary information. So don’t put pressure on each other to reach conclusions.

In terms of both marriage and new romance, it’s very important to think things through and not act hastily. Right now, pro and con lists can be very helpful in organizing your thoughts and helping you not to come to the best decision. This can be quite an excitable time when you feel impetuous, but doing things on the spur of the moment doesn’t always lead to the best outcome.

Don’t commit to anything now that your heart is not in, rather, be honest with your partner about your true feelings, and if necessary ask for a little bit of extra time.

Remember that everyone likes to know where they stand, so even if you have to give a partner a definite maybe, it’s better than giving a ‘yes’ and then breaking a promise.

VirgoKing of Wands Reversed

This is definitely a month where you need to be the partner who comes up with the ideas, and who’s also a motivating and positive influence.

Romance and sex both need creativity and the spark of innovation. So it’s all about doing things you haven’t done before, and that could mean different sorts of erotic literature or props to spice things up in the bedroom.

It’s very important to get beyond assumptions. Very often, in the early or medium stage of relationships, people say what they think the other person wants to hear, and it’s now time in relationships for Virgo to get beyond that to the heart of the matter. Find out what really makes each of you tick, particularly sexually, and this may be a great week to share sexual fantasies together.

In new relationships, it’s really important to be aware of power hungry partners who are selfish and ruthless, so beware of the charmer who appears very successful and forthright, but who’s ultimately controlling and even mean.

LibraSix of Pentacles

Six of pentacles indicates that if you are in the market for a new romance, you may meet someone suitable through a friend or family member. This is a good time for blind dates or introductions through your single friends, and you should not neglect an opportunity. It’s important to speak to friends and family about your romantic aspirations so that they know where you stand because they might be thinking that you are doing just fine being single, but if you let them know you are open to suggestions, that could be very helpful.

In marriages and in long-term partnerships, you may have to support your partner this month, particularly financially. Your partner may be struggling between jobs or starting their own business, and they would appreciate a little bit of extra support while they get on their feet.

Money does tend to be an issue in many relationships, and therefore discussions are needed about how to allocate the budget, and you should try your best to stick to the budget in order to reduce arguments. Often there are conflicting priorities and needs, so it’s important to have agreements on where to cut spending so that you can come out on top of your finances.

Compromise is the key factor in helping keep relationships on track this month.


The Judgment card indicates that you have to come to terms with what you are really looking for in a relationship. Right now you are presented with many opportunities, but there’s also confusion and tricky choices in love. However, if you can understand yourself well enough to clarify in your own mind what it is you’re looking for, this will help smooth your path through this rather unpredictable time romantically.

This is also an excellent time to change your approach to relationships. It’s a good time to take a step back and be less emotional and less reactionary; sometimes, the best thing to do in relationships is to do nothing. Often in life, we feel that we must react, make a statement or do something proactive, but sometimes the key and the magical tactic is to do nothing, to just sit back, wait, see and observe.

This can be a make-or-break period for new romances, so if you have decided that what you want out of life is very different to what a current partner wants, it’s now a good time to make that break because with a little bit of honesty there can be an amicable split.

In all your relationships, the key is being totally honest with yourself about where the relationship is and making some tough decisions about what you need to do next.

SagittariusSix of wands

The key this week in love is keeping your private life private. Keep your love and personal life separate from your professional life. This card does not suit romances with the boss or with fellow colleagues, because this can only complicate matters and introduce a lot of competitiveness into the relationship.

If you are looking for love, the key right now is to be patient, and not allow yourself to be anxious or judgmental simply because you haven’t found the right one. Everything in life has a time and a place, and nature is full of natural rhythms, and you can’t force nature, just as the song goes, “You can’t hurry love!”

It’s very important not to doubt yourself in relationships, and by same token don’t allow your partner to sow seeds of doubt into your mind. It’s quite possible now that you may feel more negatively about the relationship or, you could feel you have failed to hold up your own high standards in the relationship, but it’s more important to pick yourself up, and move forward in your typical Sagittarian way, rather than get bogged down in self-recrimination, so keep moving.

CapricornTen of Swords

This week you need to watch your back, the keyword is betrayal! Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is going to betray you, but if you have been in a relationship that hasn’t been going well, and you have had an inkling that your partner may not have been faithful, this is a week where you need to tackle that issue and move away from the relationship. Under no circumstances should you accept dishonesty and a lack of trust in relationships.

In good relationships, ‘betrayal’ simply means that you have not stayed true to the various commitments you have made or to your mutual goals, and it’s now time to get those back on track.

This is the time when you and a partner should be especially careful about your finances, and it’s particularly important to get your money saving goals back into gear. This is a good month to knuckle down and be a little more frugal.

The boy scouts’ motto ‘be prepared’ is very apt. So this is definitely a week where you should fix the roof while the sun is shining, and that will solidify your relationship with your partner and stand you in good stead for the rest of the year.

AquariusAce of Pentacles

This card represents a fantastic week for a new love relationship, something that is quite exciting and may present itself within your work or career. It’s likely that you will meet someone at work or within one of your interest groups, and you and a new partner will quite quickly develop goals together, and this can help to get the relationship off to a great start.

The chemistry in a new relationship that starts this week is particularly powerful if you are new to that particular workplace or that particular career because there’s something about being shown the ropes by a new partner that is particularly romantic.

If you’re already married or in a committed relationship, there may be an opportunity to start a business or expand a business with your partner. It may be that your spouse is very supportive of a new work-related goal that you are involved in.

Even if you aren’t in business together, this may be a great time to revamp your home in order to improve working from home or purchase a new home together.

PiscesSun Reversed

With this card, it is important to cultivate optimism right now, the motto is ‘nothing is going to bring me down’ and your song is “when the going gets tough the tough get going.” This may be a week when you need a pit stop, but it’s important to get back in the saddle – as it were – and keep moving forward, even if you are reluctant to do so.

It’s vital to maintain a positive attitude, you don’t always have to know the exact route to the destination, but sometimes it’s really important to keep moving, because when you’re moving, it’s easier to spot opportunities and new routes to travel. So this is definitely a time when you and your partner should not be deterred by obstacles, because these can easily be counter acted if you put your mind to it, even if it takes a little bit of time.

So the key for you and your romantic partner, is to say, “What’s the rush.” Just remember, whatever you are doing, have fun doing it and don’t obsess about the final destination or completing your project, because you have far more time than you think. It’s more important this week to ponder or meditate on your route forward, rather than obsessing about the pace

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My Final Wishes

I’m excited to welcome you to another magical week filled with endless possibilities for love and joy.

I’m deeply grateful for each one of you who trusts and supports me on this path. My purpose is to serve you with my whole heart and to share the blessings and gifts that have come my way, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. You are capable of achieving boundless success and fulfilment, so never doubt your worth and potential for even a moment.

Embrace your inner strength, and watch as your life flourishes with every step.

In addition, I invite you to explore the delightful offering of my friend’s Three Card tarot reading, tailored specifically for you. It’s an incredible resource that I’m thrilled to share with you.

Lastly, I’d love to hear about your zodiac sign and the happenings in your life right now. Your stories and experiences bring immense meaning to my life, and I’m honored to have your continued love and support.

With abundant love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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    1. Dear Aminata,
      Depending on how things ended, you’re going to need to be light, airy, easy, and uncomplicated in order to get his attention back. One of the ways you can do this is by appealing to his dreamy side.
      If you already know what he likes and what he dreams of accomplishing in life, you can play on this. Try to talk to him about those things and be optimistic about it.
      I hope you will get him back!

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