Weekly Tarotscope for March 13th – 19th

Hello Sweethearts,

Here are this week’s tarotscopes. Before we start let me remind you to check out the free three-card Tarot reading my friend Angel Adams gave me permission to share with you?

I’ve heard some awe-struck reviews attesting to the accuracy, so I encourage you to take a peek at what the cards have to say about your love life.

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Aries – The Devil

The card for Aries this week is ‘the devil’, which sounds quite disconcerting, but there’s nothing to fear because what it signifies is the secret enemy within yourself, and what this card calls attention to is the tricks our own mind can play on us. Thus it’s important that you understand which forces are within your control and which aren’t, and it’s very important not to allow yourself to be plagued by vague worries and fears which come to torment you, because these can drain your energy and make you less effective.

This week it’s very important to understand how being positive and proactive in controlling things around you in helpful, but it’s also vital to understand the timing as nothing in love or life in general can be forced right now, you have to be perceptive, sensitive and bide your time.

In new relationships, a certain amount of skepticism is required and while you shouldn’t be too paranoid, it’s very important to ask yourself if you really have full information and understand the intentions of a new person that comes into your life, and it’s also important to be aware of power hungry and over ambitious types.

This is an excellent time for a little bit of sexual fantasy to pep up your love life and your marriage. It is important to rebel a little bit with your partner and break away from the norms and routines in order to add a bit of spice to your life.

Taurus – Seven of Swords

The key theme in love this month is: secrets and lies. It’s important to be a little bit reticent about oversharing, especially in new relationships. The idea is not to be deceptive, but to have strong boundaries and this week, strong boundaries have a lot to do with keeping your own counsel and knowing win to share and when to keep something to yourself.

In relationships this week, there’s often a feeling of pressure, almost as if you have to make a decision, have to do something or have to say something, but this is a false perception because you have much more time than you think. Thus it can be a mistake to act in haste, so take your time to mull over things and ask for a little bit of space if necessary.

You may feel frustrated in love, as you may feel a partner is a little bit detached or evasive, but this is an excellent time to just take a step back, let the dust settle and reassess things. It’s not a good time to be confrontational, or try and force the situation as everything has its unique time and you cannot force the pace.

Gemini – Four Swords Reversed

This is a week when there is a lot going on in terms of both your new and permanent relationship, but tempers can flare and there can be a lot of tension and even conflict. However this conflict can be quite creative because it injects a dynamic energy that allows the relationship to grow quite quickly. If you are in a new relationship, things can move fast and this gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about your new partner, and the potential the relationship has, even if sometimes you get at each other’s throats.

It’s very important, in your relationships, to pick your battles wisely as you don’t want to become competitive and develop a desire to win at all costs, because this can damage understanding. Know when to walk away when an argument has ceased to be constructive.

If you’re in a relationship where you are beginning to see the true colors of a person emerge and they are showing, either spiteful vindictive behavior, then take heed and don’t think this will just blow over, it’s probably a warning sign.

Cancer – Lovers Reversed

For Cancer who are single this month, it’s very important to achieve closure from any recent relationships that have broken apart or fizzled out. It’s important for you to face up to the consequences of your own actions, and then it is very important for you to let go and not to carry forward any guilt or self-recrimination into a new relationship.

In some cases, you may begin to feel that you have rushed a decision, simply because you became impatient and frustrated, so it may be the time for you and partner to go back over some old ground, just to review whether you guys really made the right choices. It’s never too late to correct a mistake, and the last thing you and a partner should be doing, is compounding a mistake by doubling down. So this week it’s time to have the courage to admit where you are wrong, because it’s a perfect time to get back on track and create some positive momentum in a different direction.

This is an excellent month for you and a partner to bury the hatchet and then do a gear shift and start off in a different direction.

Leo – Five of Cups

This week it is important for Leo to be wary in terms of the financial decisions you make with a partner. Often passions run high and things seem like a very good idea in the heat of the moment, but you need to take a step back and assess whether you are getting carried away

It’s important for Leo to be the wise head in the room, often situations this week become heated in both an excitable and passionate way, and your normal sense of responsibility can go out the window. So while this is an excellent time to do activities in relationships, or with your partner that require a lot of courage and daring, it’s also a time to keep your feet on the ground and have a little bit of conservatism and common sense.

The key to success right now in love is learning from your mistakes, owning up to them and being able to take time out in the relationship to be honest with yourself about the patterns that you tend to repeat, and the attitudes that cause those patterns. Then you should work on yourself to try and address the triggers and the compulsions that cause you to be self-defeating in both new and existing relationships.

Virgo – Strength

This week there’s nothing that Virgo cannot achieve when you show determination and endurance. It’s very important to be patient in love, change is possible but it doesn’t happen overnight and you need to cut your partner some slack. You are successful in love when you maintain your calm, your integrity and you stay focused on what needs to be done on a practical level without getting drawn into drama.

Your power in love right now is in your ability to be reassuring and consistent, these are the qualities a partner is most looking for in you. So while it may not be an exciting time or passionate time as such, it’s a time when the key building blocks of a relationship can be laid, and the foundations reinforced via you showing a lot of strength.

A new relationship that comes about now with an older person can be very successful, and this is definitely a good time to form a relationship with someone who’s more mature, experienced or someone you work with.

Libra – Nine Wands Reversed

The message for Libra this week is not to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. In terms of the progress you have made in love and new relationships, there’s a lot to be proud of and a few challenges shouldn’t destroy your confidence in the solid foundation that you have been setting. In all your relationships, success is on the horizon, you just have to stay the pace and stay strong.

It’s possible that a partner may be feeling a little bit low, having doubts or a crisis of confidence and it’s very important for you to show positivity and bring your world-renowned Libran balance to the table.

Keeping everything in perspective is vital, don’t get drawn into a whirlwind of drama or self-questioning, stay the course, trust your instincts and don’t throw in the towel.

This is not the time to walk away from a new relationship, even if there is a setback, as the turning point is coming.

Scorpio – Death Reversed

While this week itself is not the ideal time for actioning a new start, it is certainly a good time to start thinking about a new phase, a new approach and a new chapter in all your relationships. In terms of romance, it’s a good time to go back to the drawing board, to think more clearly about your priorities, wants and needs, and then to reflect on whether your current clique or social circles are capable of providing you with the sort of people you really want to have a relationship with.

In existing relationships, it’s vital to be forgiving. This is an important time to adapt, to accept and let go of anything physical or emotional that is holding you back as this needs to be purged. This week may actually be an excellent time to throw away old letters, correspondence or delete emails connected to a past relationship. It is only when we are prepared to let go that we can welcome in things that are new, positive and take our lives forward.

In long-term relationships, this is a time to forge a deeper bond through compassion and true understanding. Therefore it’s an excellent time for conversations that don’t revolve around routine, the children or day-to-day matters, but which rather focus on getting to the heart of what’s really on both your minds.

Sagittarius – Five of Pentacles Reversed

This week it is very important for you and your partner to get a grip. It’s time to question your priorities especially when it comes to finances and spending, this is definitely a time where they are more outgoings than incomings, and things are getting out of hand because you both have low impulse control. While this can be an excellent time for the fun side of a relationship, and while you both are feeling rather spontaneous and there’s a lot to look forward to, it easy to shirk responsibility and certain priorities and goals can be missed.

This is not a time to take your eye off the ball, it’s easy to be distracted and it’s also easy to lose focus. Thus in terms of relationships, keep your eye on your goals and be aware that things that are left undone now can trip you up later.

Be careful to avoid white lies or exaggeration, sometimes it seems in the heat of the moment that things really don’t matter, however you may find that your partner gets a little bit upset or questions you later on about something you did in the heat of the moment, so it’s important to stay awake to the potential consequences of what you do.

Capricorn – Seven of Wands

During this week Capricorn have to watch out for competitive and willful behavior in relationships. It’s important to work with your partner, have discussions and come to agreement in a reasonable way. You are really impatient right now and that means you want to rush head long into things, but this could be seen by a partner as a little bit bossy and controlling. It’s also important not to be proud, you should have confidence in your ideas and express them to your partner in a positive way, rather than becoming overbearing and then very defensive when a partner reacts to you.

This is a really positive, confident time for Capricorn and you can make great strides in improving your love relationship, or making plans together. However, it’s important to keep your partner on board with what you are doing and consult them. It’s easy to get carried away and impatient, but don’t forget, more haste less speed! Take time to focus on teamwork with your partner and use your energy to encourage a spirit of cooperation.

Aquarius – Eight of wands reversed

This is an excellent week for spontaneity, it’s the ideal time to take a little trip away with your partner and the element of surprise is everything. Surprise gifts or outings out can do a lot to lift your spirits and inspire you and your partner. If you are single, this week is a good time to strike up a relationship with someone online, or you may be lucky enough to meet a new colleague on a work trip, and romance may blossom.

The key in all relationships however, is patience. Relationships that start right now can move very quickly, however that pace can quickly diminish, and this is when you have to bide your time and keep the faith in the relationship while the deeper emotional aspects develop.

In love, it’s important not to put pressure on your partner, slow down and don’t bombard your partner with information. You are often quite highly strung and have a lot of nervous energy, and it’s important for you to deal with that rather than projecting it onto your partner. Be careful that you don’t behave in a way that causes your partner to be anxious, confused or to feel emotionally exhausted simply because of your demands for change, attention and conversation.

Pisces – The World Reversed

This is a fantastically creative week for Pisces, so it’s wonderful for all those of you who are pursuing artistic and musical projects, but it’s also fantastic for increasing romance by attending events, movies, concerts or having candle lit dinners. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of post Valentine’s romance this week, so it’s time to get out the little black dress and a nice pair of heels and do something a little bit special.

It’s very important to be open minded in relationships, this is a time to go with the flow, embrace the unexpected and have a free-spirited attitude. It’s certainly not a good time over-plan, and if you’re attending a date, don’t be over prepared, be spontaneous and take things as they come. Don’t forget the use of humor to deal with relationship problems and issues.

This is a fantastic week to explore more meaning and to gain more contentment via your relationships, but at the same time they are challenges that should be dealt with humility and humor and in a relaxed way. It’s very important not give into any preconceived notions and ideas, take things as they come.

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My Final Wishes

I hope that this reading brought you some greater depth and understanding to whatever you have going on in your life right now! Thank you for trusting me with your vulnerabilities. 

Thank you my dears, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Remember to consult our excellent tarot reader to gain clarity and insights into your partner’s emotions.

Please if you have any thoughts then leave them in the comment section below. I really look forward to hearing from you and what you have got going on in your life right now!

Wishing you so much love and happiness

Anna Kovach 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscope for March 13th – 19th

  1. I have over the last week been struggling with the thought of detaching myself from a very special friend because I thought I felt him distancing himself from me/us. After reading his (virgo) then my (libra) readings, I have changed my mind. It has reminded me of how much we love, respect, lean on and support each other and now is the time for me to bring the balance, acceptance and positivity. Thank you ❤️

    1. Hi Josey,
      Libra is a cardinal sign and this makes you enterprising, ambitious and sometimes domineering. Luckily he is a mutable sign which makes him adaptable and imaginative.
      Although Virgos are known for being overly critical, they are good at molding around the spirit and needs of their partner.
      So, if you have a Virgo man at your side, he is likely to let you take the lead and support you tirelessly in everything you do. Best of luck to you both!

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