Weekly Tarotscope For January 16th-22nd

Hello ladies!

I hope you are having a brilliant week.

Things are looking up now that Mars has gone direct and Mercury will soon no longer be in Retrograde. The year may finally feel like it has finally started! 

Now that the energies are moving, life can finally progress at a normal speed. Keep reading to find out what guidance you need from the Tarot this week:

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Weekly Tarotscope for Aries – Death

An auspicious week calls for an auspicious card. Just goes to show how transformative and life-changing this year will be for you. It’s going to be a big week for you. 

Despite the fact that endings can be particularly painful and intense, this week also marks a new beginning. Leaving something behind is part of starting something new. 

A new chapter in your life can bring about a lot of growth, change, and rejuvenation. When you find your feet again, it may feel like a transitory period, so take some time to reflect and pause. It’s time to let go of things that don’t belong, and make way for new, fresh energy. 

You can’t stop life from going on, so don’t resist the inevitable changes. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Taurus – King Of Cups

An older and kind gentleman may make his way to you this week bringing you new love. He might not be what you’re expecting, but he’s what you need. In other words, you need to keep an open mind and let go of any expectations you may have. 

There is no guarantee that love will arrive in the package we expect, which is why we should just go with the flow and let the Universe handle it. It can be hard to be alone without a partner, but you need to let go and trust that the Universe will bring you someone amazing. 

You don’t have to work so hard to find someone amazing; just sit back and let them into your life. It can seem that the harder you work towards something, the less trust you have in the Universe’s plans to bring you happiness. 

Let go of your own ego, and enjoy your life instead. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Gemini The Hermit

To hear the ultimate truth, you need to step away from everything and listen to your own inner voice, which is a calling from within. 

By letting go of all the distractions in your life and going within, you can gain so much wisdom. Taking a time-out and being alone without outside influences is the theme of this week. 

To connect with your inner knowing, sometimes you need to withdraw from the outside world. Make the most of the light that is within you and allow it to lead you to where you are meant to be. A time of spiritual reflection and renewal is what we are experiencing at this time. 

By going within, you will be able to get the guidance you need to move forward in the right direction. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Cancer – Queen Of Swords

There are ups and downs in life for every human being, but to a certain extent we can control our attitude in order to deal with these ups and downs. There is a direct correlation between the way you see things and the way you perceive them.

I would like to encourage you not to be too nitpicky and fault-finding with yourself and your partner this week. There is a lot of power in the words you use, so you should be very careful how you use them, especially when you repeat things to yourself, because sooner or later, you will believe them. 

It is important to take a look at the negative thought patterns that you have and try to change them into something more positive this week. This will definitely be an adjustment, but trust me, the best way to get through it will be to stay positive and keep a positive attitude.


Weekly Tarotscope for Leo – Two Of Pentacles

As it turns out, this is going to be a week where you are going to be thinking a lot about your finances. Do you ever wonder if there is a connection between how you see yourself and how much money you have in the bank and how you feel about yourself and what you think of yourself? It is evident that there is a connection between the two, which can have a profound impact on all aspects of your life. 

In fact, you deserve even more than you would have ever imagined, but it is up to you to start believing in yourself so that you can achieve more. In order for you to see real changes in yourself and in your life, you need to take action at this point in time. All of it begins with you. 

Do things that will help you gain more confidence and don’t be afraid to ask for what you think you deserve. It is important to understand that you are in high demand and that people need you more than you need them. The time has come for you to start getting what you deserve. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Virgo – The Hierophant

When it comes to playing by the rules and being traditional, there is something really beautiful about it. As we get older we realize how important it is to keep these customs and traditions alive in our lives as they make us feel safe and secure in our day-to-day lives. 

I would like to know what kind of rituals you follow in your daily life. The ritual can be as simple as something you do every day, such as a cup of coffee in the morning or writing in your journal at the end of each day. You should try to maintain these small moments in your life because they can contribute to the creation of a sense of safety in your life if you keep them going. 

Take the time to be intentional about your rituals and give your mind, body, and soul the attention they deserve. Despite the fact that some people think routines are boring, they can actually lead to a great deal of freedom in your life if you follow them. In order to achieve the best results in life, you need to be consistent with what you do. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Libra – The Lovers 

There may be a situation this week that requires you to listen to both your head and your heart. The idea of love can be complicated sometimes, and you can’t rely solely on your feelings for someone else, you have to think about whether or not it is realistic. 

In my opinion, love is actually a choice. Every day you have to decide whether you’re going to love your partner and be there for them because it is really easy to just walk away from it if there are other temptations. 

Make sure you think through your decisions very carefully before acting with wisdom. Do not make any mistakes you will regret. You decide what to do about love, so remind yourself that it is a choice. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Scorpio – The Hanged Man

There may be some delays this week that may make you feel frustrated and limited in your ability to accomplish your goals. In some cases, though, a delay can actually be a blessing in disguise if you change your attitude towards it.

Take this opportunity to review everything you know and take a pause in your progress. Readjust and pivot, and who knows, you may decide to abandon this whole situation altogether. 

As a result of this, you will be able to learn how to let go and let God. I believe that it is important to realize that you do not always need to be in control of everything in your life, and being in limbo offers a lot of lessons to learn. It is important to understand that surrender is a great lesson to learn. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Sagittarius – Two Of Wands

There is a possibility that you might feel a push/pull sensation this week. There are times when you want to go it alone, and then there are times when you want to work together. In some cases, however, you might just be feeling restless and bored, and need to find something worthwhile to spend your free time on in order to occupy your mind. 

A feeling of dissatisfaction with your life is probably a result of the fact that there is something missing from it. In order for you to feel fulfilled and happy in life, what about your life needs to be changed? If you want to add a little excitement to your life right now, then perhaps you need to try something new. 

There is no point in looking for this in someone else. This sense of satisfaction and fulfillment must be found within yourself in order to achieve it. You will never be completely happy if you keep looking for other people to fill your needs in order to make you happy. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Capricorn – Five Of Cups

Feeling regret in life is so normal, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Even if you don’t believe it, everything is exactly as it should be. When something goes wrong, you can’t blame yourself, it’s just not possible. 

Things don’t always work out the way you planned in life. There will be times when you feel disappointed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, blaming yourself for everything is a dangerous path to take. 

Be open to new possibilities and opportunities and don’t let your bitterness hold you back. Stop letting the past control you and make peace with it. It is time for you to move on and live the life of your dreams. We are just around the corner from a new beginning. 


Weekly Tarotscope for Aquarius – The Empress

Now is the time to start treating yourself like a queen. It is only a matter of releasing your feminine power into the world. Your birthright is to be a powerful woman, so don’t be afraid. 

You have a wide range of options at your disposal. There is so much raw potential and creativity within you. It is just a matter of being open enough to accept these blessings in your life. It’s time to start believing that you are worthy. 

It is only from within that true acceptance and love can be found. Taking care of yourself will lead to a better outer world. You must create life where there is none; it all begins with you!


Weekly Tarotscope for Pisces – Ace Of Pentacles 

It is imperative that you keep your eyes open this week in order to discover the possibilities of undiscovered treasures in your life. If you keep an open mind and view life from a different perspective, you will find that things can go so much better for you.

As soon as you start to believe in the possibilities life has to offer you, it will be a lot easier for you to cope with everything that comes your way. Make sure that you dream big and recognize that everything you’ve ever wanted is indeed possible if you dream big enough. 

Don’t let anything in your life get in the way of the things that bring you joy. This is where you need to start; the more joy you experience, the better the things in your life, including people, that will attract to you. Make sure you keep your head and your heart open at all times! 

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My Final Wishes For You 

I hope this week brings you exactly what you need and that my reading has given you the push to follow your dreams. You are so worthy and so wonderful! Never doubt yourself and what you deserve. 

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If you have anything to share with me then please leave a comment in the section below. You know how much it means to me to hear from all of you lovely ladies!

Wishing you so much peace and love,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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